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So is everyone recuperating from their holiday repasts?

Posted on: November 28, 2015



So, did you brave the crowds and go out to be mobbed by the Black Friday hordes?


No problem, unwind here with ten wonderful hours of elevator music.


Sit back.  Relax.  Enjoy!


I’m going to add something here about the coach of my favorite college team, Les Miles and the LSU Tigers.  After eleven years at LSU, the monied “boosters” (and the A.D.?) have decided that a record of 7-3 (8-3 if they beat Texas A&M today) this year isn’t good enough for LSU football and Miles must be fired/replaced.  One of the reasons I’ve been sort of absent the last day was because I’ve been trying to read everything I could on the situation.

There’s that and then I also had a dental checkup on Wednesday and the hygienist, in her exuberance to absolutely, totally clean my teeth, broke off the filling on my #25 incisor.   As a result I’ve been left with a lower front tooth that looks like an arrowhead and made it very difficult to eat my smoked turkey breast and I had to forget it on the pecan pie.  The dentist couldn’t add me in Wednesday afternoon to fix it right then so I have not been a happy camper.  But back to my favorite coach:

Miles, who is 131-50 overall in 13 years as a head coach, has compiled a 103-29 record at LSU, which includes a remarkable 56-24 record in SEC regular season games. Miles is the fastest coach in LSU history to reach milestone victories of 10 (11 games), 20 (24 games), 30 (35 games), 40 (48 games), 50 (63 games), 60 (76 games), 70 (87 games), 80 (98 games), 90 (113) games), and 100 games (126).

However, that apparently means nothing when you can’t beat Alabama.  As an ESPN sportscaster said today “There are LOTS of teams out there that haven’t beat Alabama.”.

So with that mind, do go check out this site which has “A Salute to Les Miles”.  It has a selection of gifs of Miles’ “lighter moments”, shall we say.  Check it out; you’ll get a chuckle or two out of it.  If I’m not around much today it could be because I’m celebrating the team giving Miles a win in his last LSU game or I’m drowning my sorrows that the Tigers lost Miles’ last game in Tiger Stadium.




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For us non-football aficionados, your explanations and those of Chat are very welcome. Y’all make it understandable to me and that isn’t an easy task.

On a lighter note, the Governor’s Cup is coming “home” to Athens.

chat I don’t know how much lighter of a note you can get that ten hours of elevator music.

I stand corrected.

@4: I mean, there’s elevator music and then there’s general anesthesia. 😉

Fredster, that 10 hours of elevator music was a close second to Michael Jackson’s use of propofol.

The gifs of Miles are great!

@6: I played about 6-7 minutes of it. I heard some of what sounded like Bossa Nova music, some nice vibraphone and then I started nodding off. 😆

I think my favorites of those clips was the Harlem Shake and the one where he’s tilting and twisting. I remember that news conference and he was talking about either an extra point or field goal that looked like it was gonna go out and then veered “just enough” to make it good.

Congrats, Fredster. If Crazy Uncle Les is leaving, he’s going out in style.

@8: Well I have a feeling it’s still going to be the same outcome because of the rich bastards that are chomping at the bits. One thing for sure, I doubt they get Jimbo Fisher. He’s met with the FSU prez to say he was staying and he just whipped Fl so I doubt he’s making any changes.

However I hear that fella at Missouri might be available.

Congrats to TW teams that won today!

IU’s football team won their Old Oaken Bucket game against Purdue, thus making IU “bowl eligible” for the first time in years. Apparently IU will be going to the Foster Farms Bowl. Silly me, I’d never even heard of the Foster Farms Bowl before. No doubt this is because it was formerly the very prestigious Diamond Walnut Bowl. Yes, a bowl that used to be sponsored by a bag of nuts is now sponsored by a chicken. Needless to say, I am so excited that my alma mater will probably be playing in this thing, I can barely contain myself but I will try.

Bowl games are the greatest. I totally bliss out Bowl Week – I watch them all.

Beata@10: Congrats for the victory and for the bowl game invite! On the bright side, you aren’t going to the Birmingham Bowl which used to be the Papa John’s Bowl and before that there wasn’t a bowl.

Oh! Just checked out the Foster Farms Bowl. At least it’s in a good city – San Francisco.

At least it’s not the Independence Bowl which is sponsored by Camping World (?) and is in beautiful Shreveport La. Prior to this it was sponsored by the Duck People. Bleh.

Last year we went to the Belk Bowl, which sounded just awful. Turns out it was a hoot, plus the players got $450 gift cards to Belks.

Okay I just heard on ABC/ESPN that after the game LSU announced that Miles would still be the head coach next year. I’ll have to see if I can read it someplace before I believe it.

@14: Was that legal? Someone contact the NCAA!!

@13: We might be playing Annie’s USC team in the Foster Farms Bowl. That would be a fun game. It’s a Big Ten vs. Pac12 match-up.

@17: That’s a good thing, isn’t it? Fredster wants Miles to stay?

Beata yep I want him to stay. He’s a great recruiter and if they can work on a couple of things with maybe some new coordinators I think the issues are fixable.

Okay I love it when they do these animated gifs and they are playing at something like triple speed.

Les looks like he’s being carried off at a trot here by the team. LOL!

Fredster, just to add some depth and enrichment to the leadership of LSU, here’s a fun fact to know and tell:

F. King Alexander was the president of Murray State University in Kentucky from 2001 to 2005 his predecessor being his father Kern Alexander.

Enough said.

And just to put things in perspective — no team playing yesterday had a 21-0 lead in the first half only to be beaten by the end of the game 38-24. Being a math whiz — that’s a difference of 38 points and 3 points in a little more than a half. The team with the astounding lack of wherewithal to remember scoring is a good thing, not just in the first half, but throughout the game was U.K. The team scoring at leisure during the second half was Louisville.

Given the difficulties with math, you can now see why U.K. spent $125 million to make their stadium smaller.

Prolix@22 I remember when he was selected as chancellor, there was some concern because the Board of Supervisors would not release any of the info they used to evaluate the candidates and because Alexander had come from a much smaller Cal State Long Beach. I had forgotten about the Murray nepotism.

@23: I just saw some of the “highlights (?) of the game. I did a double take when they got to the 2nd half.

Les says this is the secret to winning ball games when no one expects you to win and also the way to survive a back-stabbing A.D.

@26, Hey Les, how do you take your grass?

Mulched and pureed thank you very much.

Well, this Thanksgiving was not without holiday drama, alas. However, hubby and I had a few precious days without working, which was amazing. True to Prolix’s Monday post, due to the effects of stress, I could literally feel my brain slowing down by the end of the day on Wednesday.

Today is going to be all about football, writing tomorrow’s post and getting ready to kick off my travel to Texas again. I hope everyone stays relaxed and elevator-ed out.

P.S., Fredster – sorry about the tooth. That is just wretched.

I am amazed that there were cooler heads in BR than in Athens. Mark Richt has been fired at UGA after 15 years. God help us.

@31: No doubt. The first holiday after a death in the family is difficult. My best to hubs.

@29: MB I’m getting more incensed about the fact that the dentist wants to charge me for the mistake his hygienist made. No doc, you fix that tooth free of charge on my end and take what you can get from the ins. company. 👿

@30: To hear the sportswriters tell it, it’s awful…it was a popularity contest about “liking” the awful coach and a big mistake to keep Miles because nothing will change.

I’ve yet to read (and probably won’t) one piece by any of them that said that they did their dirty little part by spreading and repeating all of the innuendos, the gossip, the leaks and the rest.

Sorry to hear about Richt but perhaps Kirby Smart will go to Ga now instead of South Carolina.

Fredster, congrats re: Les Miles. Laker was looking him up last night. He has an amazing record.

Bummer about your tooth. I had a crown put in last month and have had tmj ever since, which has caused me some utterly vicious migraines on the same side of the head.

Beata, that would be fun! Hubbie says we’re playing Stanford next for a playoff game. Stanford beat Notre Dame last nite in the last 6 seconds.

annie@34: Yep, he has had a great record. Now, much better earlier in his career but he has still been decent in a very competitive division. I think they are 8-3 because we had that first game cancelled. Otherwise it would have been 9-3. Then if they win their bowl game they will be 10-3.

That’s terrible about your crown! Have you been back to the dentist to have him try to adjust your bite? It could be something with the way the crown is hitting other teeth. I’d certainly check it out.

annie, I caught the last minute or so of that Stanford/N.D. game. It was great.

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