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Things for which I’m thankful…

Posted on: November 25, 2015

Pilgrim on a platter

Happy Thanksgiving Widdershins.  In keeping with our stress-reducing holiday theme, let’s engage in a little positivity and optimism.  In no particular order, here are some things for which I’m grateful this year – I hope you will add your own.


I’m thankful…


  • For the three percent of climate scientists who believe climate change isn’t really a thing since it would be weird if one hundred percent of scientists were in agreement on the subject.
  • For Donald Trump providing an aspirational goal for poor racists.
  • For Ben Carson proving that being intelligent and being informed are worlds apart.
  • That the videotape of George W. Bush at a mosque six days after 9/11 and him saying, “Islam is peace,” is again making the rounds.
  • For dash-cam cameras and body cameras.No cook
  • For actor and philanthropist Leonard Nimoy proving the elegance of intellect.
  • For seeing another Triple Crown winner in American Pharoah and that his owners spelled Pharaoh wrong.
  • The Affordable Care Act survived the Supreme Court.
  • For the grace and dignity of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church of Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Love bested bigotry in Obergefell v. Hodges.
  • John Boehner can smoke and drink without the pesky interruption of having to obstruct government.
  • To again celebrate France.
  • The American public will get to know Ted Cruz.I got this
  • For Adele because she’s just plain awesome.
  • I will get to see the first female President and her successes.
  • For the safe little world MB has created for us here as well as Chat’s and Fredster’s wisdom and good nature.

And if you are reading this, I’m thankful for each of you and your families.

Have a great Thanksgiving and feel free to take this conversation in any direction you might like.


25 Responses to "Things for which I’m thankful…"

LOL! Great list, Prolix! To again celebrate France…yes, France brings so many good things to the world. I find that whenever I buy a French made product, it is superb…cheese, wine, perfume, skin care products…when they do something, they do it really well.

Also love the funny little pictures in the post. Where do you guys find these things?

Where do you guys find these things?

We cannot divulge the manner in which we obtain our pictures, nor where we get them from. 😉

I am thankful that Piyush ended his presidential delusions. However, I am not thankful he chose to drag the State Police with him and it cost the taxpayers of Louisiana over $400,000.

@2: If we told you, we’d have to kill you, and I’m non-violent – so don’t ask.
(Hint – the Googles)

I’m thankful that I’m old enough to remember when IU played great basketball. Sadly, those years are over but I have many happy memories of that time, shared with family and friends.

Mark me in the unsurprised column:

A substantial portion of Republican voters oppose the Presidential pardoning of turkeys per Frank Luntz via Twitter.

If more turkeys find their way to the frozen food aisle in our our groceries, perhaps the Republican primary field will be winnowed down appropriately.

@1, Thanks Annie. Here’s an interesting fact — the more discerning, the higher expectation of excellence, and the more intolerant of inferior products and services are all characteristics of communities where there is a higher quality of life in terms of amenities, the arts, restaurants, etc. In those communities, there is a collective sense of “I expect more”. That is one of the reasons France is so exceptional — the French don’t tolerate mediocrity. Many Americans see it as snobbery, but truly it is an expectation of excellence.

One of the best ways to measure it in a community — is one simple question: Have you eaten really good bread this week? If the answer is yes, you have found a community where discernment is practiced and excellence is expected.

Sorry to have rambled.

@4, Fredster, would this be your thanking: I’m grateful Piyush is term and self-awareness limited.

@6, oh Beata — those years were good ones indeed when any school to the south of Indiana was a serious rivalry grudge match. Of course there are still bench warrants out for Bobby Knight in Kentucky, not because he did anything wrong, just because he’s Bobby Knight.

I think I remember Bobby Knight. Is the the tempermental basketball coach that threw chairs and stuff?

I have to say, I think the “Presidential Pardoning of a Turkey” is silly. I think our prez should have more important things to do. Once when Obama was doing it, his daughters stood by and looked bored or rolled their eyes or something and the faux news nation went apeshit and spent days criticizing those nice girls

@11, yeppers, Bobby Knight was known to be a bit mercurial in his coaching style. On more than one occasion, his inner interior decorator moved him to rearrange the chairs in IU Assembly Hall.

@12, there was an article today that said the pardoning of the turkeys was the worst political tradition we have. Turkeys have been so unbelievably bred they can no longer procreate and they can’t live in the wild. It would be like me being told I had to live in the land of skinny jeans.

Okay, here’s some turkey porn:

In the 1940s, farmers started using artificial insemination to select for the turkeys with the biggest breasts. The practice took off, and today’s turkeys are so big they have trouble standing upright and have lost the ability to fly.

@15, It’s scary how badly our corp agra has screwed up our food. Well, I bought a small organic turkey thats not supposed to have hormones or antibiotics, blah, blah, but I don’t know if it was artificially inseminated or not. Good lord, what a thought.

I am thankful for all of you, who keep my little world a viable and safe place! You have kept me as sane as I get throughout all the political craziness and ennui of the past 7 years.

I’m also thankful for France. I will never forget the times I have visited there, and hope to return again someday soon.

I’d like to add theatre to the list. I saw “An American in Paris” on Broadway last weekend. It was the best thing I’ve seen in a long time…and I go at least twice a year. The dancing was phenomenal, the singing was good, the book was terrific, and the production was out of this world.

I join my blogsister in thanks for TW. Y’all layer my life with support and new dimension on an ongoing basis.

I am grateful for family and friends, for the everyday heros who work tirelessly to make the world a better place. My friends are nearing retirement age if not already there, but we spent many Thanksgivings at work with a stop at Denny’s for s turkey sandwich on the way home.

I have no problem with pardoning the turkey, but I also believe that we should be commuting a lot of prison sentences at the same time. We have gone medival in our approach to jurisprudence, and it has begun to show.

I’m ready to enjoy the three F’s of Thanksgiving: good food, good friends, and football!

Well-said as always, Chat! Have a lovely day, all.

In the 1940s, farmers started using artificial insemination to select for the turkeys with the biggest breasts. The practice took off, and today’s turkeys are so big they have trouble standing upright and have lost the ability to fly.

Poor things.
I saw an apparently escaped turkey a few years ago on a neighbor’s lawn. It was able to fly to the roof.

@20, Bran, I saw a picture of a 1940s turkey as compared to a 2015 turkey — it looked like a before and after picture only in reverse.

@17, theater is a good one — I’ll amen that.

@18, Chat, I’ll amen the pardoning and restoration of rights to formerly incarcerated folks. The outgoing Governor who created Kynect just restored the citizenship of thousands before the new Jindal/Christie/Walker wannabe takes over on December 8th. He gots a lot to do, but after making Kim Davis the patron saint of KY bigotry, followed by taking healthcare away from a half million people, then crapping all over the state retirement plans, he might then have time to rescind the rights restoration order as his number 4 on the great to do list.

@23: I never got that whole rights forfiture thing. You either have or have not satisfied your debt to society. Pick one, and stick with it, but you should not be out if you cannot vote. I can see if they get out early and have a year or so in the way of probation time, but afterwards give them back. I have spent any number of Saturdays working in a city park in Ft. Lauderdale with the ACLU to help people fill out the wad of forms provided by the state to start the restorstion of rights process.

We’ve all had lots of food for’s some politics for thought:

I think this is a very interesting article, and I have been wondering about the very points this guy makes about the refugee crisis. (Full disclosure: my Greek grandfather came here as a persecuted Christian refugee back in the ’20s):

From the article:

“More generally, the President should instruct his immigration officials to examine agency practice to ensure that victims of religious persecution receive the special consideration to which they are entitled by law. He would probably discover that this would inspire wider public support for his desired policy of welcoming more refugees to our shores.”

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