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Lazy Weekend Music: Working On the Playlist, Chilling Out

Posted on: November 20, 2015

Good weekend, Widdershins.  This has been another in a long list of tough weeks, standing head and shoulders above many other tough weeks.  The situation in France is bad, the situation here is getting worse with regard to current attitudes toward refugees.  David Vitter managed to actually throw his spouse under the bus again with his hyperbolic statements toward Syrian refugees currently living in Louisiana.  Seems that the 14 of them are under the auspices of Catholic Charities, whose general counsel is none other that the long-suffering Mrs. V.  Further, all Syrians are not Moslem – they have a significant Christian population.  The Right-Wing noise machine would probably advise to screen them, and just deny admission to those of the Moslem persuasion, despite the fact that such an action is likely unconstitutional.  I actually believe that some Americans would just as soon send troops into the Middle East than take in refugees.

All things considered, this is a good time to take a deep breath and turn our thoughts to something a bit more pleasant.  Thanksgiving will be upon us Thursday, so we might as well get started in assembling tunes for the occasion.  Post plenty, please, as we need several hours of reminding that there is much to be grateful for on an ongoing basis.

Maybe, just maybe, our RWNJ friends will remember the spirit of the first Thanksgiving and take a step back.  Maybe we’ll all remember that money would be better spent feeding and sheltering the homesless, as opposed to destroying everything in sight.  Maybe some day all Americans will have reasons to be thankful.  Doubtful, but I can dream, can’t I?

This is an open thread.


(1)  Thankful – Josh Groban

(2) Alice’s Restaurant – Arlo Guthrie

(3) Homeward Bound – Paul Simon

(4) Mashed Potato Time – Dee Dee Sharp

(5) Sweet Potato Pie – Ray Charles and James Taylor


70 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Working On the Playlist, Chilling Out"

It can’t be Thanksgiving without a Turkey Song rendition.

That’s how I feel about Alice’s Restaurant. My family and friends suffer through it annually.

Here’s a suggestion, given that the Republican Party is now being led philosophically by Donald Trump and Ben Carson via the politics of fear, I suggest we begin calling them, “Refearlicans.”

Trump’s “deportation force” can be known as “Gestrumpo”.

@3: Works for me.

Sometimes, there are no words to add…

An actual Tweet from Sarah Palin:

Sarah PalinVerified account


Blessed are the piecemakers?

@6, nicely done!

Of course I don’t know what will be done for next week when it’s Thanksgiving but I guess that’s another week and another time so.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

@9: One of my faves.

@5, shameful. I don’t think Jesus would appreciate that clown woman speaking for him.

@6, LOL!

Trojans got their butts kicked. They’ve had a terrible season. Like the rest of L.A. sports.

Love the Peanuts gang.

Fredster, how is the LA gov race coming?

annie I was going to say I wasn’t even going to talk football.

For the election, the polls just closed 10 minutes ago. But I was reading one article and a troll put up that polls just closed and vitter was leading…except he posted it *before* the polls closed. Someone commented to him this way (and I love it):

Foxtards love to produce Fox Facts. It’s like the joy of potty training. The more fiber you eat, the more Fox Facts you produce.

Getting ready to go over to a nola teevee station to see the live streaming of the election results.

I hate to say this because I think he deserves another year if he can make some offensive changes…but

At 8:16: Edwards 58% Vitter 42%

@17: As wwe have spoken, what an awful idea for LSU. However, as an alumna of a different school in the conference, hot damn!

@18: Is the Nungesser running for Lt Gov Billy, the president of Placquemines parish?

@20: He was.

Some folks are not calling the guv’s race yet, but Edwards won!!!! 🙂

Go to hell bitter-vitter! 👿

Oh and lookie here! Vitter says he’s not gonna run for reelection to the Senate! I think he realized he would lose that one too.

@22, Congratulations Fredster — Louisiana has made up for the stupidity of Kentucky voters. Vitter is going to need some “Pamper”ing tonight — pass the talc and praise the whored.

Sorry about the football game.

@prolix: Thanks on the election.

On the game, what will make me angry is that if they fire Les Miles it will cost over $20 million to buy out his contract and that of his assistants. I’m sure there are wealthy LSU fans/alumni who can do that, but were they also contributing to the educational institution when it has had hundreds of millions cut from the budget by Jindal? I truly wonder about that.

However, as an alumna of a different school in the conference, hot damn!

I’m not sure I understand how Les’ firing would benefit the eastern division of the conference.

@24, didn’t Miles win a national championship for LSU?

@25: Eastern teams play LSU from time to time.

In keeping with our Louisiana focus this evening:

BATON ROUGE (The Borowitz Report)—Just days after withdrawing from the 2016 Presidential race, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal said that he would return the seventy dollars raised by his campaign.

Speaking to reporters in Baton Rouge, Jindal said he was proud that his campaign war chest “came entirely from small donors.”

“This wasn’t a campaign financed by fat cats,” he said. “We raised all of our funds from nine small donors, for an average of $7.78 per donor.”

He bemoaned the high costs of running a political campaign in the current environment, however, and acknowledged that his staff was never able to acquire the replacement toner cartridge that they needed.

@27: Well yes, our permanent Eastern Div.opponent is Florida.

I dunno. I saw someplace the 2016 schedule is already out but haven’t bothered to look for it.

@24: Yep he did and a conference championship plus a couple (I think) of division championships. But it’s “what have you done for me lately?”.

@28: I don’t feel sorry for the little turd in…the…least.

Same goes for bitter-vitter.

Actually I’m waiting to see how long before it’s announced that Vitter and spouse are separating. I mean, with her connections it’ll be easy to get an annulment from the church. 😉

Okay, I’m gonna go read some of the sports articles on and The Advocate.

Ya know chat: if they fire Miles I hope LSU goes back to a couple of seasons like they had under Curley Hallman or Gerry Dinardo. 😉

“I put the hoodoo and da voodoo on you know who!”. And Donna Edwards says “yeah, you rite!”.

@33: Thing is, that’s exactly what will happen. It will mess up recruiting to no end, and you’ll have current players transferring as well., It always destabilizes things..
Of course, it makes for some entertaining bowl games, when teams catch up with former teammates……

@36: Oh there will be no bowl games for LSU if they get a Curley or Gerry.

They should give Les one more year and let him work on a “new style” offense instead of the run it up the gut Bo style. Saban saw the needed change and got Kiffin. Les can do the same *if* he’ll listen.

@35, if Edwards needs help expanding Medicaid, he can get help from the Kentuckians out of a job when Ky’s new governor kills Kynect and Medicaid expansion as his second act as governor. He has declared his first act will be proclaiming Kim Davis as a saint and Ky’s first land-based bearded manatee.

Yay for Lousiana! Bel Edwards seems like a blue dog, but any dem is better than a creepy rethug like Vitter. I’m so glad.

Trojans got their butts handed to them by the Oregon Ducks and are now 7-4 with one game left to go. It looks like they will replace their interim coach.

I thought you liked Miles, Fredster? I think schools are spending waaay too much $ on football. 20 mil if he walks away?

@38, LOL! I thought I read someplace that they are trying to do a recount of the KY gov election…is that true?

@40, unfortunately Annie, that isn’t true. Even if they were to call in the Kentucky super-counting apparatuses by using both fingers and toes, the difference was almost 10%. Even by KY standards that is insurmountable. Edwards demonstrated how it needs to be done — come out fighting and never quit until the last little air bubble like in “Fatal Attraction” gives way. Conway was a milquetoast who tried to steep himself in weak tea far too many times on too many issues.

annie@39: I like Miles as a person and coach. However, coaching “styles” are changing and Les needs to change with them. Not many schools are playing the run it up the gut style of offense.

The $20 million would be to buy out his contract this year. I read somewhere that the number drops after Jan. and that number also includes the ass’t coaches’ contracts too. I hope that doesn’t happen because I’d hate to lose Coach O.

@41, bummer.

Prolix when I put that tweet in I didn’t check the link. It goes to an Advocate article from before the runoff. However, I don’t see why he can’t do it.

@42, thats sad, but you’re right of course, everything changes. What is their wins-losses?

Prolix@38: Well I don’t know if he’ll try to set up a state exchange or not. I don’t think he takes office until 2016 – have to check that, but it would probably be too late for this year’s open season.

Annie@45: LSU is 7-3 overall and 4-3 in the SEC West. So even if LSU loses next week to A&M they would be 7-4 and 4-4…and still be bowl eligible. Probably won’t be a “great” bowl but with the way all the bowl games are changing, I don’t know anymore which ones are the great ones.

Gee, this kind of news would normally be enough to embarrass the United States. However recently, not so much.

Here’s a graphic representation of how the voting went in the governor’s race.

Edwards shows the way forward–a take no prisoners style of campaigning. Down with the Obama kumbaya garbage.

@38: No self-respecting manatee could not be offended by such a comparison. They are sweet, curious creatures who love people, and KD compares unfavorably. They are also better groomed, and somewhat more discerning in choosing their mates.

Yay, Louisiana! John Bel showed other Democratic candidates how to get it done. When you’re throwing out the trash, you have to be willing to get dirty.

In keeping with the weekend’s post theme:

@50 & 52, absolutely agree, but comparing Vitter to garbage is giving Vitter too many points.

@51, Chat, points well taken. My apologies to manatees because they are certainly more discerning in choosing their mates.

Here’s something that will curl your hair. Kim Davis’ husband, Joe, is talking about running for state representative. He is using a loophole in the law that fails to require candidates to sport opposable thumbs.

On behalf on manatees, I accept your apologies.
So, Mr. D wants one of them gubberment jobs as well? Isn’t it amazing how all of these folks who just loathe government can’t wait to become a part of it?

@56, daddy needs a new pair of overalls.

Prolix@55 said: Kim Davis’ husband, Joe, is talking about running for state representative.

Okay, time to bring back the literacy tests not only for voting but to be a candidate also.

(in case anyone thinks I’m serious: THAT WAS A JOKE!)

Oh my Lord! 😯

What are our Northern brethren in Mass. not feeding their folk?

@42, socalhubbie agrees with you, Fredster. He says that Stanford plays the “run it up the gut style of offense”.

@56, agree, these people hate anyone but themselves getting $ from the government. Very sad news for Kentucky.

Beata, that is a beautiful rendition of that song! Thanks! 🙂

annie@60: Well it seems to be working for Stanford, but I guess not in our conference, or rather, you’ve got to switch to another scheme when the run isn’t working well.

Probably won’t matter soon anyway. A “source” told that the buyout cost will not be a problem so Les could be gone after the A&M game next week. I hope every player there who can, will transfer out from LSU if that happens.

Oh Beata, that is indeed a great version of the song.

For everyone who commented about John Bel and his standing his ground and not taking any shite, here’s part of an interview with Trey Ourso who ran Gumbo Pac which supported Edwards. Of everything that was said in the televised debates, did you think there was anything that was key to Edwards’ victory?

Ourso: I think what people really liked was about the debates from John Bel’s perspective is he didn’t cower down to David Vitter. He stood his ground and he spoke the truth. David Vitter’s been a very successful politician for many years, mostly operating from strength and power and in many cases intimidation. I think John Bel Edwards earned a lot of respect from standing his ground.

@64, yes, Dems need to be more forceful if they want to appeal to conservatives.

@62, About Stanford, it does seem to work for them. They sure beat Trojans this season, but hubs says that was the game where Sarkisian was really drunk.

hubs says that was the game where Sarkisian was really drunk.


Lesson for college head coaches: Do not coach the game while drunk!

@61: Annie, here’s a video of the mascot change at Georgia on Saturday:

Aww, that was cute! Do you think the retiring “Dawg” was sad?

Nope. Going home to enjoy a well-earned retirement.

@69, that sounds perfect!

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