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Racist Christianity…

Posted on: November 18, 2015

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Aaron Sorkin rewrote the season premier of The West Wing.  Sorkin surreptitiously caused brains usually in neutral to engage by asking this question:  Islamic extremism is to Islam as __blank__ is to Christianity.

The answer was the Ku Klux Klan.  It is an apt analogy.  The KKK has as its basis a perversion of the Bible while its founders claimed validation through various southern Christian churches.  Therefore, if we are to tar the whole of Islam with the actions of jihadi, why should we not tar Christianity with the actions of avowed racists?

If the title “racist Christianity” made you angry — good, it was meant to.  Now imagine you are a Muslim and for the past fifteen years the first reaction to any act of violence in the world is a question as to whether or not your sisters and brothers in faith were responsible?  No matter how it is rationalized, such smug nativism is execrable.

The political shorthand of labeling jihadists as the face of Islam is once again leading the shameful bigotry parade.  It does little good to point out it was Dubya who first refused to stain one of the world’s great religions with a provocative tag serving no purpose other than to anger.

Across the country, at least thirty Republican governors have declared their states to be Syrian-free zones going forward.  By so doing they might as well have put out their bigotry welcome mats.  Since 9/11 we have assimilated three-quarters of a million refugees – not one has been charged in a terrorism incident.  But now that we have reawakened to the scary nature of “otherness”, it is the Everest of irony to consider those on the terrorist no-fly list can and do buy guns without a hint of background checks.

Now that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and the rest of thick-headed know-nothing crowd have taken their eyes off Mexicans for the moment, they are now camouflaging their intolerance as a fear of refugees.  They have learned all too well that while religion might be the “opiate of the masses,” it is fear that drives the addiction.

This political season is going to be particularly ugly if there is a domestic attack.  The Sorkinesque dilemma is this:  Will we have the strength to resist the lure of the jihadists’ savagery?

Dear People of France

Fortunately, we have someone deemed peerless in credentials, knowledge, and experience to guide us through these times and that person just happens to be a woman.  As for those turning their backs on refugees by hiding behind fear draped in gossamer religiosity, I have two words – get frocked.

Have a great Wednesday and take this conversation in any direction you might want.


37 Responses to "Racist Christianity…"

Way back at the time of the 2003 invasion of Iraq I said it was wrong and there would be hell to pay and sure enough, there is. The Paris attacks are not the end of it. What is going to happen next and how long will the sequelae go on? When and how will it finally end? Also, it seems very unfair that France is paying such a heavy price for this. Weren’t they “surrender monkeys” or something for not going along with the US?
Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest.

@1, Bran, don’t be sorry for that because I think you are saying what a lot of us are thinking. Just like you say, I’m not hearing any of the neocons talk about freedom fries to go with their Franco-burgers.


Also, it seems very unfair that France is paying such a heavy price for this

Branjor I have to wonder if part of the reason is still partly a “hangover” from French colonial days in Africa in Algeria and to a lesser part in Morocco?

Off topic but Hillary got the endorsement of SEIU and thanks them.

Speaking of xenophobia and those who play up to it, the whoremongering uh fun-loving Senator from La. is really getting desperate here. Happily though, he’s stepping on his own toes in the attempt.

@6, all these xenophobic bigots better hope we, as a country, never decide to send the biggest cowards into war first as test dummies for IEDs.

NBC and MSNBC have hit a new low in their overarching commitment to siphon off fear-hungry Fox viewers. Without any hyperbole, this is what has happened in the last hour.

At around 5:30 EST, the cookie baker who lives in a tree, Chuckles Todd went on at length about not showing the ISIS video because to do so would play into their terrorism plan. Mind you, this new one is just a rehash of a seven months old April video.

Chuckles, after a commercial break where I’m sure he checked the oven, comes back and starts fluffing the video and runs it. Just five minutes before he said to do so would make MSNBC an ISIS accomplice.

Now, looking at the 6:30 national news, Lester Holt is leading with the same stale video.

Integrity is a thing of the past with these people, but may they continue to be happy in their quest to be Fox-lite.

@5: Thank goodness. They have always endorsed her, but were flirting with Bernie.

I’ve been under the weather this week, so all this makes me sad & depressed instead of furious. Hopefully the rwnj’s won’t get their way.

NBC has really gone downhill. I remember when they dominated the 90s. The 90s seem like “Happy Days” now, don’t they?

The *mystery cartoonist* in La has struck again with a delightful one panel cartoon. Check Vitter’s forehead. You can right-click on it to view it in a bigger format.

Well, I hope the polls are right and Vitter goes down but I’m not holding my breath.

@Ga6th: I’ve got fingers crossed. I certainly don’t want a Kentucky surprise coming out of this.

@10, the 90s seem like ancient history — remember when people actually talked about policy without impugning motives or linage? Doesn’t seem possible in this Roger Ailes inspired world.

@14: Well remember when there were “good” Republicans that could work across the aisle?

I have to get off the ‘puter for awhile. I need to get my eyes away from the screen and give them a break.


You would think that Yeb! would know better than to suggest add’l U.S. ground forces in the Middle East and all the catastrophes that led to before. However, I’m beginning to believe this Bush is more than tone deaf.

HillaryMen has a good article up right now on Hillary, the Paris bombings and ISIS.

Bob Mann and Salon came up with a “Bobby’s greatest hits” video that is absolutely funny.

@19, that video is great — I guess it makes Piyush feel a little silly when he started his campaign saying, “We have got to quit being the stupid party,” and Donald Trump and Ben Carson are leading in all the polls.

Go figure.

Fredster, thanks for the links!

@20 and 21: I loved the pics of Obama dozing and rocking, Hill rubbing her temples and the rest.

This “ad” was put up on one of the La. blogs I read. I think this might be Jason Berry who writes the blog that broke the news about Vitter’s nola hookers and interviewed them. I think it’s kinda funny.

@23: OMG, that’s hilarious! I can’t stop laughing.

@Beata: Sorry…I was away, getting stuff for a holiday luncheon tomorrow.

Beata, I almost spat out my soda when I saw this the first time last night and put it here rather hesitantly. I wasn’t sure if it was too crude or not. I liked it but ya know..guys, crude jokes, yadda yadda.

The political network helmed by Charles and David Koch has quietly built a secretive operation that conducts surveillance and intelligence gathering on its liberal opponents, viewing it as a key strategic tool in its efforts to reshape American public life.

That’s from the article, but what is truly mind boggling, the Koch’s private CIA fashions themselves as the victims in all of this. Unbelievable!

Read more:

@24 & 25, that is hilarious. What I really like is that the strange faces he makes throughout the video don’t make sense until the last scene.

@26: Most disconcerting/

Prolix@26: So maybe that’s where Vitter got the idea of spending over $100k for P.I.s and labeling it as “legal services”.

And yes, about the last shot of that video.

@28 & 29, and everyone is just sitting around while these two billionaires are corrupting government to recreate it in a fashion more suitable to their anti-regulation, anti-worker, anti-tax craziness of non-sustainability. For my two cents, if there is a threat to this country, it isn’t coming from one-off, jack-legged twenty-somethings, it’s these two messianic cretins.

@Prolix, but, but…to hear #socklessdeadintern and #drunkmika tell it when they were practically fellating them on morning schmoe, they are just good, honest sons of Kansas. 🙄

@31, I’m really surprised no one has called #socklessdeadintern and #drunkmika out for the fawning interview after Koch Industries started advertising extensively during their show.

I caught part of the interview and quickly had to change channels because I didn’t want to start vomiting that early in the a.m. Whatever credentials #drunkmika *thinks* she may have on the left, she’s lost them totally.

@30, hell yeah! Is that really legal?

annie@34: Oh I’m sure it is, even if it’s just barely legal.

@34, the things that they will admit to are legal like surveillance of Democratic Alliance meetings and going through garbage, but it is what they are not admitting to that are truly shady and in all likelihood illegal.

Where’s the outrage? It looks as if politics has turned into such a blood sport that all is accepted as fair.

Watergate left a lasting dent in things.

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