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Democratic debate Nov 14th 2015

Posted on: November 14, 2015


Bad image-too male centric (sorry)

Put this in the “things I didn’t know” category but there is a debate between the Democratic candidates tonight.  Here are the particulars on it:


Saturday, November 14, 2015
CBS News Democratic Debate
9pm ET (8pm CT, 6pm PT)
Live Stream:
Aired On: CBS
Location: Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa
Sponsors: CBS News, KCCI, the Des Moines Register
Moderator: John Dickerson
Candidates: Clinton, Sanders, O’Malley
If anyone wishes to comment on it, here’s your space for it!  I may be watching football or sleeping…haven’t made up my mind yet.  😆

36 Responses to "Democratic debate Nov 14th 2015"

The timing of this debate is just terrible, but Hillary looks great.

Chat, I had exactly the same thought. I thought they should have postponed it. Hillary looked wonderful and had the appropriate demeanor.

We only saw a small segment of the debate, hubbie & I. We thought the moderator, John something, was trying to hammer Hillary, and we thought O’Malley a) used a lot of words and said a lot of nothing, and b) was really whiny.

Fredster, sorry you didn’t get much action today. Not much at Uppity’s either. Its a very depressing weekend.

@4: No biggie. Maybe someone else will do better than this the next time. Or perhaps there won’t be a mass bombing attack in Paris.

Sorry folks, I went to see Spectre tonight and just got home a few minutes ago. Watching the end of the debate right now. Hillary looks great. O’Malley just looks and sounds lost to me — he looks like he is trying to think of some nouns. Bernie just seems to be going a Larry David impersonation — granted a good one.

What was that deal with Major Garrett there at the end? It was like CBS was your great uncle telling you, “I’m a hip trendy techie, I’m on the Line, here let me Twitter at you.”

I did catch one point where Hillary discussed single payer health care. She said that she kept waiting for the revolution to come, and still has the scars to show for it.

I watched MSNBC’s wrap-up — in a word — uninspired. I turned it over to Fox and as only Fox can do because they are so “fair and balanced” they now have Huckabee analyzing the Democratic debate. Really?!

Yish. That must be choice.

Thanks, chatblu, that New Republic piece lifted my spirits.

Hey all. I was out all day yesterday – went to see a Broadway show. I’m glad Hillary did so well on such a sad and terrible day, but am not surprised. As the New Republic article states, there is no one better prepared and informed on foreign policy matters than Hillary.

This comment has nothing to do with the horrors of what has faced Paris this weekend.

Having watched all three networks’ Sunday shows, this is what strikes me: For the last thirteen or fourteen years, France has been the butt of every Conservative joke where a cowardly chump has been needed. Remember freedom fries? Derision has been Conservatives’ viewpoint of France.

Now with the attacks of Paris, suddenly that same France presents a new avenue for criticism of Obama, Hillary, and Democrats at every turn. Every Conservative is now declaring themselves a Parisian in spirit and solidarity with the French people.

Is there no end to the means these sorry excuses for humans will go to score points? Have they no shame? When you use the dead bodies of innocents to opportunistically leverage political points, that party has disqualified itself to hold office. Being wretchedly immoral must be a new family value.

@14: It will be interesting to see the conservatives’ reaction if France decides to do this, specifically Article 5 of NATO’s charter which says:

that an attack on one member of the alliance is an attack on all of them. A response is based on the principle of collective defense. The article has been invoked just once in NATO’s more than six-decade history: after the attack of September 11, 2001.

To be honest I had not realized that France had rejoined NATO. That apparently happened in 2009. But, they put a few stipulations on their rejoining the alliance:

France also attached several conditions to its return to the command structures:

• maintaining full discretion for France’s contribution to NATO operations;

• maintaining its nuclear independence: France decided not to join the NATO Nuclear Planning Group (NPG), which determines the Alliance’s nuclear policy;

• no French force is placed under permanent NATO command in peacetime;

• non-participation in the common funding of certain expenditure decided prior to France’s return to the command structures.

A writer at Vox says Hillary won the debate in Iowa. Some other folks at Vox even say that Hillary dominated the debate and they have some nifty charts to show that.

But a writer at HuffPo says that the Bern won the debate and that he “swept” the online polls afterwards.

And here’s a little info about that writer:

1. I’ve written content that ended up in a #1 selling hip-hop album.
2. I’ve landed articles on the front page of Reddit.
3. I’ve directed, and starred in, a movie about online dating.
4. I’ve produced music videos about entrepreneurship.
5. I’ve been quoted in Forbes and the New York Times and featured on the front page.
6. I’ve published 40+ articles for the Huffington Post. At least 10 went viral.

Color me not impressed Brian, mmmkay?

@16, hearing that Bernie dominated the online polls is like saying, “Its dark outside so the sun must have gone down.”

The online polls are populated by the “click to think” crowd so enamored by Bernie or put another way, so afraid of scary lady parts.

@15, I really don’t think it matters what Obama does at this point, the Repubs will take the opposite tack no matter what. Obama could vaporize the entirety of ISIS tomorrow and the Repubs would be critical of why it took so long.

Military matters during Dubya’s term were sacrosanct, that is ancient history now.

But, but Prolix: I guess they have to reach for what they can. 😉

Chat, thanks for the New Republic link.

Fredster, huffpost has become the Bernington Post. He is their whole agenda, and they are going to promote him til the cows come home. (Or until the Dem convention) I will check out Vox.

What happened with football this weekend? Hubbie watched a little, but we have had a strange and sad weekend.

@18, yes, they are such hypocrites.

Prolix, did you like Spectre? We saw it a few days ago.

What happened with football this weekend?

Ugh…I don’t even want to talk about it. Bad…just bad.

Fredster, thanks for the Vox links!

@21, Annie, I like the Bond genre, always have. I also like Daniel Craig as Bond, probably my second favorite Bond after Connery. Spectre was long, but I don’t think there is another Bond movie with the absolute spectacle of it. The thousands upon thousands of extras — that opening sequence alone must have had a thousand people in it.

When you consider the over the top production of these movies trying to top themselves, it is little wonder Daniel Craig said he’d rather take a bullet than do another.

Don’t you think Lea Seydoux looks angry — she’s really pretty, but she looks pissed off all the time.

@22: It was a bad weekend all around. We had a big home game and lost in double OT. It seemed weird to even care about things like football.

@24, yes, Seydoux did look angry all through it. I did like her hair, makeup and clothes though.

Agree the spectacle, stunts, effects were amazing. I thought all the actors were good. The story itself, I thought was kind of…meh.

@25, agree with you, Beata. Its a rare weekend around here (in the Fall) with no football talk, but yeah, hard to care.

We have the news on and they just said that France launched air strikes against Syria.

Our friends from Paris (couple with 3 kids) just texted hubbie that their whole clan is safe, so we are happy to hear that. He said that email and texting was spotty all weekend.

annie@23: No problem. I think it’s just so funny to see that HuffPo opinion piece being diametrically opposite of the two Vox pieces, which, by the way, also backed them up with some evidence (the charts) and some logic. But hey, I haven’t “landed articles on the front page of Reddit”. o_O

Beata@25: Panem et circenses

annie: Glad your friends are okay.

Hey, remember when the French were “cheese eating surrender monkeys?”
Now, according to the wingers, they’re our besties.

I’ve always liked France.

@Sweet Sue: The times they are a’changin’.

Kisses, Fredster.
French ones 🙂

The Syrian refugees don’t know how lucky they are. 😛

@34, LOL!

Oh annie, I’m serious.

When Alabama passed this anti-immigrant (that meant Mexicans) bill a couple of years ago, the police thought they had to pull over *any* Hispanic looking person to determine their status. If the cops suspected someone was here illegally they had to arrest and hold them until their status was cleared up. There were tons of people who refused to get on the roads. Also, teachers were required to determine the “status” of kids in their classrooms! And naturally, the entire stupid thing backfired on them:

On November 16, 2011, police in Tuscaloosa stopped a driver for not having the proper tag on his rental car. Normally, this would have been a minor citation. But the driver did not have a license on him, only a German ID card, and that triggered what was supposed to be HB 56’s most powerful weapon against illegal immigration. Under the law, police were now required to arrest the man, haul him to court, and detain him until federal immigration authorities determined his fate, no matter how long that took. As it turned out, the driver was an executive at Mercedes-Benz. The European car giant was one of several foreign auto companies in the state whose plants provide thousands of much-needed jobs.

The incident was soon followed by another traffic arrest involving a Japanese Honda worker. Together, the auto blow-ups sparked an outcry from the business community, who feared companies would pull out of the state. Pouring salt on the wound, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran an editorial inviting Mercedes to move their operations to the “Show-Me State” instead of the “Show me your papers” state.

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