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Back to the future…

Posted on: November 12, 2015

Tuesday night’s debate defined a new term for me – helicopter child.  It seemed as though Marco Rubio never allowed ten seconds to elapse without mentioning his Cuban parents.  His ancestry hovers with drone-like precision over just about everything he says.  His helicopter childishness also extends to his sugar daddy, billionaire Sheldon Adelson, the Macau casino magnate. Out a Time

But Rubio has skills.  He’s glib, well-rehearsed, well-trained in the ways of the media since that unfortunate hydration incident, and just ethnic enough without scaring the white folks to get to that magical, but illusive 40% Hispanic vote.

Unless he is kneecapped by the other immigrant hating Cuban/Canadian Ted Cruz, Rubio could be the nominee.  Even if he isn’t, he previewed the Republican theme for 2016 – this election is about the future.

The future – a noun meaning things that are yet to come – things that have not yet happened – things that are unseen and surprising.  Let’s take a quick look at how unsurprising the future looks to these Republicans.

The future economic plan of Republicans is to once again cut taxes on the rich and corporations, end all semblance of regulation, and sit back and watch the good times roll.  Let’s see, that’s been tried again and again and it has worked exactly – NEVER.

The future of monetary regulation is to tie our currency to a gold standard once again.  Now that’s a plan, abolish the Federal Reserve and empower Glenn Beck and the gold coin peddlers to set the world’s currency rates.

The future of energy regulation is no regulation and abolition of all green energy initiatives.  As Rand Paul so eloquently stated, we should be burning more coal – a technology first utilized 3,000 years ago.

Time Travelers WifeThe future of reproductive rights is the abolition of Planned Parenthood and women’s health clinics wherever their sinning ways are condoned.  The rosy future painted in the Republican world is one where lucky women have only marriage sanctioned sex, in the missionary position, with loving, providing husbands as if their lives depended on it – because without exceptions to abortion it does.

The future of the IRS is somewhere between Cruz’ postcard and the three pages of the Fiorina plan.  These conservative cockle-warming ideas essentially move all revenue production – every last cent – to the backs of workers.  The talk of a flat tax on business is nothing more than a politically palatable name for a value added tax on consumable goods, meaning, businesses will pay absolutely nothing.

The future of environmental regulation is repealing any action taken by Obama on clean water, clean air, or land management.  While on the way to this Republican idyllic dystopian nightmare, we will be required to burn effigies of Richard Nixon – the President who first signed environmental legislation.
Edge of Tomorrow 2

The future of our foreign policy is more action and less talking.  In fact, there will be no foreign policy only a trillion dollars in military expenditures.  When we create that military, everyone will love us or we will invade them, take their oil, disband their government, dismantle their social institutions, and install a new government to our liking.  Wait, that sounds vaguely familiar.

The Republican future means repealing healthcare reform and consumer protection.  That is a future where it will be easier to go bankrupt when you get sick without hampering the unsung heroes of the free market – debt collectors.

That’s a small sampling of the future according to those who aspire to be the Republican Presidential nominee.  Here’s my hope – I hope the eventual nominee is articulate, tireless, and robust in his advocacy of this Republican inspired future.  It will just make it all the easier for Hillary – just think of all the ads inspired by Back to the Future.

Enjoy your Thursday and take the conversation in any direction you might like.




49 Responses to "Back to the future…"

Great post!
This election cycle truly frightens me.

Thanks Sue.

It’s amazing no one tells these people, “Been there, heard that, got the tee shirt that says, ‘I’m bitter about it too.'”

Why would anyone think these things are good ideas?

Prolix, don’t you think Marco Rubio’s shady financial dealings going back more than a decade ago will be his downfall? There’s so much “there” to be found. Or will the media and/or GOP voters give him a pass?

Excellent post, btw. I meant to say that first! This song seems like the perfect background music for it:

@3, there was an article today about that very issue. He released a bunch of old Amex bills showing he paid back about $7K, but there were quite a number of other billings that were questionable, but had never been questioned by the FL Repub Party.

Here’s the fact checking article after he released the Amex statements:

This article was interesting about everyone being somewhat chary about attacking him.

I also read that the audience at the Milwaukee debate was heavily salted with Rubio supporters courtesy of Scott Walker. Walker, like everyone else who has ever met him, dislikes Ted Cruz, so Walker has thrown his lot in with Rubio. Both Rubio and Cruz are ruthlessly ambitious. Cruz is smarter, but Rubio is probably more desperate since he doesn’t have anywhere to go since he’s not running for reelection.

From the “fact checker” WaPo article:

We don’t make a judgment call on whether Rubio should have made personal charges, or whether some of the charges the party paid for should have been considered as “party business.” But what readers should remember is that Rubio’s total charges — about $160,000 total on the corporate card — were relatively small compared to other state party officials who ran up $500,000, even $1.3 million, on their party cards

You don’t make a judgement call. Okay, but isn’t judgement what it’s all about in selecting a President? And the argument that he *only* charged $160k compared to others doesn’t wash either. “He’s bad but not as bad as this one?”. Well “this one” isn’t running for President.

I know y’all may be getting tired of the state guv’s race in Louisiana, but here’s some news about John Bel Edwards’s fundraising. He has raised over $4.5 million since the primary. That can buy a lot of political ads in a state the size of La. I think the momentum has changed and no matter how many sleazy ads Vitter is airing, they don’t seem to be working.

@7: I’m not tired of the Louisiana race at all. It’s fascinating and important. If a scumbag like Vitter can be elected, after the dirt that has been proven about him, we’re all in trouble as a country. Good to see that Edwards is raising a sizable amount of money.

@5: Wonderful. There’s no crook like a desperate crook with pockets full of casino money and Scott Walker’s support.

@8: Thanks for that Beata.

I don’t believe that Vitter’s idea of trying to tie Edwards to Obama is working very well. He’s run one ad that shows Edwards next to the state Dem party chair at the Democratic convention when they were announcing the La. delegation cast their votes, yadda, yadda. So what? I mean, he’s a Democrat…he was at the national convention. Big deal. This is not like the Senate election where Landrieu lost by being tied to Obama.

I also saw that early voting numbers are running high. I’m not sure what to make of that or which group is turning out. I may check the S.o.S. website to see if they have released any numbers on it or if they even can at this point.

Also, interested the LA governor race. I read today that Vitter is endorsed by those “Duck Hunter” morons. I so hope that John Bel wins.

Great post Prolix!

Earlier today on Skydancing, I posted this 2010 Tampa Bay Times article that details the rise of Marco Rubio’s political career. The article shows that Rubio’s shady financial dealings pre-date and go beyond the Florida GOP credit card “saga”.

Well I’m sure that endorsement by the Ducky Guys will just send him over the top. Actually no it won’t, because people are p*sssed that they are getting tax credits from the state to make that show.

Feeding Time Productions LLC, which produces the show, has submitted expenses for its first four seasons that would qualify it for $11 million in credits once approved, according to state data. That includes $4.6 million for the fourth season, or $415,000 per episode. None have yet been certified.

Louisiana offers movie makers credits for 30 percent of in-state spending and allows them to be sold to brokers.

Film-production companies set up as limited liability companies don’t owe corporate taxes in Louisiana. Most therefore sell their credits to someone that does. They are also allowed to sell them back to the state for 85 cents on the dollar.


Chris Hayes did a segment on the LA governor’s race. Man, that sure is ugly down there. Vitter is getting hit all over the place it seems. It couldn’t happen to a nicer person—not. The LA governor’s race is kind of like the entire GOP at this point. They’re all shooting at each other. Right now all the guns are aimed at Rubio. I don’t think he’s going to survive both Bush and Cruz gunning for him because it’s not like Rubio is all that well liked by the GOP base in the first place.

@Beata: I was wondering what you were trying to put in there.

@Ga6th: I was watching the streaming news from back home and saw a new Vitter ad where they’re trying again to tie Edwards to Obama. It said the ad was sponsored by the Repub Guv’s Assoc. or something.

Their last one didn’t work so what makes them think this one will is beyond me.

A University of New Orleans poll shows Democratic state Rep. John Bel Edwards with a 22-point lead over Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter in the governor’s race, the latest of surveys showing a double-digit advantage for Edwards.

In the poll of likely voters, defined as those who have voted at least three times in the past five statewide elections, Edwards leads Vitter in almost every demographic group — including age, race, gender, and political affiliation.

@14: That was hilarious. 🙂

@14, that is great! I never seem to watch Kimmel. I should.

Fredster, John Bel has to win to make up for us lame Kentuckians who lost the governor’s race to a certified Tea Bagger who has gone back on his promise to release his taxes after the election, but swears he will make good on his promise to kill Kynect. There’s a bit of incongruity there.

@16: Fredster, I don’t understand. Did I put in a bad link?

Beata, at first there was a google+ icon there. Then when I reloaded the page the video was there. No biggie, but I was wondering why i saw the google “g”+ thing.

Prolix, the 4th estate there in Kentucky should keep hammering him on his promise and if he reneges on it they should lambast him in the media.

@21: Oh, okay. I got the Kimmel video straight from YouTube. I was looking for a “Bad Lip Reading” version of the last debate but there isn’t one yet.

Oh look! Vitter even made an ad with Willie, one of the Ducky Guys. And he looks ridiculous in camo. Puhleeze!

That Kimmel Kartoon is hilarious. Can’t wait to show my guys.

Kimmel did a really nice job when he had Hillary.

It looks like the S.o.S. has released some numbers from early voting.

John Couvillon, of JMC Analytics and Polling, points out that early voting is up among demographic groups that are likely to support a Democrat — namely African American voters and those who live in urban voters — when compared to primary early voting.

From the primary election to the runoff, early voting has increased 47 percent among black voters and 30 percent among white voters. Early voting has also jumped in a number of the larger urban areas — Caddo/Shreveport (109 percent increase), Orleans (98 percent increase) and East Baton Rouge (88 percent) — according to Couvillon.

Not sure how significant this is, but, with those numbers in the metro areas I think this might be good for Edwards.

@26: Those numbers look like a very positive sign for Edwards!

@Beata: Oh I am just so hoping you’re right!

John Bel Edwards being interviewed after voting early today:

Thanks for that clip Beata!

I did find early voting numbers on the S.o.S. site but there’s no option other than a pdf to get them so it makes it very difficult to do a copy/paste. I wish they would also put them in either an xls or csv format. But the bottom line is that yep early voting numbers are high, and it does seem like the Dems are turning out more than the Repubs. I just hope that trend continues.

OMG! I will have to give credit where credit is due. Yeb! doing a chest bump??? Nah, got to say that Dubya would probably do it better.

Jeb Bush is the lamest candidate I have seen in a long time.

@32, isn’t that true? We were told all along that the smarter of the Bush litter had been nosed out of the presidency during Dubya’s term. Now I’m wondering if there is any such thing as a smart Bush — I think Poppy and Barbara’s smarts skipped a generation.

. Now I’m wondering if there is any such thing as a smart Bush
Um, Marvin??

@Sweet Sue: Is he the one that had the textbook or learning modules or whatever deal?

I’ve been following the awful tragedy in Paris. I hope they get those f*ckers. 👿

Stewart Parnell, a former peanut executive convicted for his role in a nationwide salmonella outbreak in 2008 and 2009 that killed nine people, was sentenced Monday afternoon to 28 years in prison at the federal courthouse in Albany, Ga.

Under a Republican administration, Mr. Parnell would have not even been charged. His crimes would have been considered the cost of enjoying the benefits of the free market.

As if any of the Republican candidates dared take a class in economics, they were never taught that the celebrated invisible hand has never dug a grave.

@37: Ah sweet justice. 🙂

Rude Pundit has another great post, this time on Trump’s actions and words last night.

Poor Paris. This is heartbreaking.

@anie: Yes it’s awful.

My friend is supposed to go to Paris on Sunday! I am very worried. I feel so horrible for the French people. Paris is such an extraordinary symbol of culture and refinement. It is devastating to see it and its residents suffer such senseless violence.

@42: Tell them to prepare for l-o-n-g security lines.

MB, Maybe your friend can postpone? It must be awful to have loved ones there, although, I heard that all major cities have stepped-up police presence at public places.

@44: With the borders sealed, the State Dept. website is advising people getting ready to travel to Paris to contact their airlines. It’s probably going to be a nightmare trying to get in and out of there for a few days.

So, maybe some of Dr. Ben’s miracle surgeries didn’t turn out to be so miraculous?

Fredster, is it possible that the Presidential candidate is Dr. Carson’s stupid twin brother?
I cannot reconcile his spectacular education with his moronic opinions.

@47, Sue, I don’t know about a twin brother, but I do know when you stir together a personality with definite messianic characteristics, the deference automatically afforded to surgeons, a heightened need for notoriety, and an ego slightly larger than Montana, the concoction you get is something that looks remarkably similar to Ben Carson.

The article Fredster linked demonstrates the maxim, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” It is upon that lack of judgment, Ben Carson now seeks to be President or at least a household name.

When you have your picture painted with Jesus and you are portrayed larger than Jesus, that just about sums it up.

Back to bed, But:

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