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Republican Walk of Shame…

Posted on: November 11, 2015

Good morning Widdershins.

After a night of crazy fun listening to the caterwauling of the clowder of feral cats known as the Republican candidates, let’s take suggestions for last night’s best waste of our collective time.

Republican Group Picture

It could be Marco Rubio saying:

Welders make more money than philosophers.  We need more welders and less philosophers.

This was a great line by Rubio, the youngest video star from the Mario Brothers’ fame, but it’s totally off base.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage of welders is $37,420. The median wage for philosophy teachers is $63,630.  I can see why Republicans would rather have fewer philosophers — people who study laudable societal and personal goals of what we should strive to be.

Or it could be the statement that seems to be a favorite “fluffing statistic” at these debates.  It is always guaranteed to make conservatives have to sit five minutes longer until their nether tingling passes.  During the last debate Rubio used it, but last night Jeb! used it:

We have to recognize that small businesses right now, more of them are closing than are being set up.

This is stale statistic derived from a Brookings Institution report tracking data between 2008 and 2011.  More recent data shows the trend changing in 2012 and in the past two years, business starts began to exceed business deaths.

Or it might have been noted somnambulist, West Point could have gone, teenage friend stabbing, mother claw hammer hitting, pyramid barn expert, and former surgeon Ben Carson’s statement:Ben and Jebus-cropped

We also must recognize that it’s [Syria] a very complex place.  You know, the Chinese are there, as well as the Russians, and you have all kinds of factions there. 

Chinese in Syria?  Really?  Not according to any news report, not according to the military, and not according to the Chinese.  So if there are Chinese in Syria, count it as a remarkable dietary leap because Sweet and Sour Pork must have been reclassified as halal.

It might have even occurred during the kids’ table debate where Gov. Huckabuck said:

We’ve lost five million manufacturing jobs just since the year 2000.

Just like any snake oil salesman, Huckabuck gets the “tip of the fact” correct, but didn’t mention it was during the tenure of George W. Bush that almost 5 million manufacturing jobs were lost.  Since the darkest days of the Great Recession (another Dubya production) manufacturing has made a recovery under Obama.  

It goes without saying, if Hillary had made any of these mistakes, it would have occupied the news cycle for a week and spurred three Congressional inquiries.  Let’s not dwell on the negative though, what are your nominees for last night’s best lines?

Mess of CatsHere are my three in reverse order:

3.  Piyush Jindal telling Chris Christie he was going to give him a ribbon and a juice box.

2.  Mike Huckabuck admitting his wife Janet yells at him so he has to fire Janet Yellin.

And my number 1 was when Forrest Trump bragged about his relationship with Putin since they both appeared on 60 Minutes on the same night.  His brag was, “We were stablemates…”  This was my favorite of the evening because thoroughbred trainers often put jackasses in barns as stablemates.  I’ll let you decide which is which in this instance.

Share your favorite lines or take the conversation in an entirely different direction.  Your call.

Have a great Wednesday.




14 Responses to "Republican Walk of Shame…"

Only three Congressional inquiries?

Haha! More good laughs! And Beata put a funny youtube of Fallon making fun of them at the bottom of the last thread. These idiots are comedy gold!

I’m baaacckkkk!

I hate Charter communications. My internet connection would go out from the router and when it actually started trying to…you know…connect someplace it ran into a brick wall or something.

I watched some of the debate but it wasn’t much fun because I couldn’t make flip remarks to highlight (?) the debate.

What I really missed was being able to stream the guv’s debate between Vitter the whoremonger and Edwards the West Point graduate. Apparently they got some good licks in. Maddow even had a clip of it on her show. I checked the LPB site and they are going to replay the debate but don’t know if I’ll b able to stream that or not.

Here’s the clip from Maddow.

@3: This is a long clip – about 17 minutes. Rachel gives a lot of lead-in which I covered in a post. The “good stuff” starts at around 12 minutes in..and oh it is good!

@4, that clip is amazing stuff. John Bel should double the rotation of the ad and use the line, “It’s where you live David,” in every speech between now and Saturday.

@5: Oh I agree with you completely. I don’t see that there’s anything Vitter can really do in response.

He may not want to say it, but people know what happened and it involved using the services of prostitutes. Having discovered he missed a roll call on a vote honoring dead service people is icing on the cake for Edwards. Then add in the fact that he p*ssed off so many other Republicans in the state along the way and it puts him in a really bad situation.

Watched the Maddow clip. You’re right, it was looong. She talks too much, or says the same thing over and over. Funny when she finally got to the debate at the end though. Fredster, is John Bel likely to win?

We’ve lost five million manufacturing jobs just since the year 2000.

That’s probably not the best timeframe for a Republican to use considering it was right before Dubya’s reign started.

annie@7: I think Maddow wanted to cover the background stuff that led up to that debate section. I covered most of that in the post I did. What I think is funny is that in his campaign expenses, Vitter listed over a hundred thousand dollars to a firm in Dallas for “legal expenses” and that investigator that got caught works for a part of that firm. He could have hired any firm in Louisiana for run of the mill legal stuff. But Vitter wanted that private investigator to snoop on his “enemies”. It’s almost Nixonian isn’t it?

I think John Bel has a fairly good chance to win. It will depend on getting the A.A. vote out and also how many Repubs will find it too odious to vote for Vitter. Republican voters need to not be stupid by voting for Vitter just because of the R behind his name He’s really a mean and vindictive person who doesn’t deserve the governor’s chair.

MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report)—In a potential stumbling block for his Presidential ambitions, a new study indicates that the average American can stand only four seconds of exposure to Senator Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican.

The study, conducted by University of Minnesota researchers during Tuesday night’s Republican debate, required subjects to be connected to electrodes to measure their tolerance for the senator.

Within four seconds of watching Cruz, the majority of participants begged to be released from the experiment, researchers reported.

In a more encouraging finding for the senator, when the same research subjects were exposed to Cruz with his voice muted, they could tolerate him for up to six seconds, the data showed.

According to the University of Minnesota’s Davis Logsdon, who supervised the study, the results portend “significant challenges ahead” for Cruz’s campaign. “It’s hard to get your message out if, four seconds in, people just start screaming uncontrollably, as many of our participants did last night,” he said.

A campaign spokesman for Cruz, however, was unfazed by the research. “A study conducted last summer showed that people could only stand Ted for three seconds, so we’re trending in the right direction,” the spokesman said.

Fredster, I think the back up info was very interesting, I just thought Rachel was too rambling in her telling it. Vitter sounds like a real piece. I sure hope Louisiana gets John Bel.

Here’s a video about last night’s debate:

@11, Excellent. I’m surprised they mentioned the middle class eight times.

@11 and 12: Gee they didn’t mention did they that the “middle class” is shrinking and in some cases (the “lower” middle class) dying off prematurely?

So, what’s eating less-educated Boomers?

One persuasive explanation, and one the researchers put forth, is financial strain. Jobs in fields like manufacturing and construction, which were historically filled by people without college degrees, have been evaporating quickly over the past 15 years. As I’ve written previously, less-educated people are more likely to be unemployed and to make less, so they struggle to afford things like therapy, gym memberships, and recreation that isn’t drugs. Without jobs, they may lack the social networks and sense of purpose that have shown to reduce mortality.

Nearly half of Americans in their 40s and 50s don’t have enough money saved for retirement to live as they’re accustomed to, even if they work until they’re 65. All of this is crashing down on Boomers, who were raised on the promise of the American Dream.

I’m sure none of them are too terribly concerned about it.

There’s another link here.

And thinking about my comment above, this is just so repugnant.

I wonder how close to homelessness this Mickey D worker might be if he lost his job?

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