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Activist Monday: Merci Beaucoup, Justin Trudeau

Posted on: November 9, 2015

Pour Chatblu

Good Monday, everyone! Amongst all the American political cray-cray so well-documented by my fellow Widdershins last week, a story came out that made yours truly say, “Ooh la la!” The prime minister of Canada made a strong statement for gender equality last week when he announced that his cabinet would be comprised of 50% women.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made headlines Wednesday when he announced that half of his Cabinet ministers are female, a decision he justified with the simple explanation that “it’s 2015.” The move won him international praise and more than a few swoons.

Canada isn’t the first country to take steps to increase women’s representation in government. The countries with the most female lawmakers have made major strides on issues such as education, labor force participation, and paid leave. Each of the countries below has either a parliament or a ministry that is at least 50% female, while women make up only 19% of the U.S. Congress and only four of Obama’s 15 cabinet members.

“We know that companies with more gender balanced leadership teams significantly outperform companies with only men at the helm,” says Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, CEO of Twenty first, a consulting company that focuses in building gender-balanced businesses. “Why wouldn’t this be even more true at a country level?”…

Sacré bleu! Why indeed?

The story goes on to list other countries that are kicking American *ss when it comes to effectively supporting the striving, struggling and successful (yes, I love that sound bite from Hillary as well. Just perfect.). Not surprisingly, this includes Sweden and Finland…but also, Rwanda. Mais oui, ladies and gentlemen – we are behind Rwanda, thanks to its commitment to the 30% solution.

However unhappily it came about, the new female legislations helped pass laws allowing women to own land and open bank accounts. A quota introduced in 2003 mandated that 30% of all government roles be reserved for women, and only women can vote for these women-only seats. Fittingly, it’s women who have felt the benefits. Rwanda now has a lower maternal mortality rate than other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, and 87% of women are in the labor force– compared to 57% of the women in the United States, according to International Labor Organization data cited in the Clinton Foundation’s No Ceilings Report.

It is so very important to change the political conversation in America. Our Congress is basically a non-functioning body, stuck between extreme right-wingers, moderate right-wingers, and semi-liberals. The extreme right-wingers are bent on pursuing an agenda of handing the rest of the country’s wealth over to the top 1%, while making sure that women and non-Christian, non-white males are suppressed to the greatest extent possible. (Hmmmm…and I thought transferring wealth was a BAD thing, according to the wingnuts!) The moderate right-wingers are being steadily sidelined by the wackadoos in the “Freedom Caucus,” and the semi-liberals are vocal, but outnumbered. This makes the stalemate amongst the opposing viewpoints difficult to overcome. Add that to the lackluster-to-nonexistent opposition put up by our “Commander” in Chief, and you have a government that does very little but bloviate, posture and preen.

Since 2008, I have felt that just “electing Democrats” will not change anything. To truly move this country forward, I think we have to elect female Democrats, AND we need a President who is also a woman. Because we are not Canada, Finland, or Sweden, and apparently don’t care to replicate their successes, we cannot count on a male President being enlightened enough to make his cabinet 50% women. (The only one to come close was, unsurprisingly, Bill Clinton.) A Hillary Clinton Presidency is the only way we will start moving towards equal female representation in government, and the only way that women’s rights will ever take their place as human rights in America.

Until that long, long, LONG-awaited Inauguration Day in 2017, merci beaucoup, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for being one of the few international leaders willing to step forward into the 21st century, and provide his people with a Cabinet that is set up not just for gender equality, but for success.

This is an open thread.


46 Responses to "Activist Monday: Merci Beaucoup, Justin Trudeau"

Wonderful post MB And who knew..Rwanda?

The Repubs have their next debate tomorrow night on Fox Business channel 9 pm Eastern. Fighters for the main card are Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Rand Paul. The preliminary bout is Secondary: Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum.

Should we try to do a live blog? You know someone is going to say something outrageous.

Excellent post and 100% agreement. Ignoring evidence has become such a hallmark of the right-wingers even factual evidence no longer matters. Just like you said, we need a game changer and that is Hillary.

Do y’all ever notice that no one, no wingers, no Freedom Caucusers, no perpetually wrong pundits like Kristol, Barnes, or Will ever question Hillary’s qualifications? Their ciriticism is either temperament or philosophy — both are nothing but opinion criticism, just like what happens everyday in the vast majority of corporations and businesses.

You have to credit Hillary’s critics with being reliably clueless. At least they never surprise us with original thoughts.

@2, My guess if their lips are moving there’s something crazy coming out of them. Carson might be the most talented of all, he’s capable of lying even though he’s sleep-talking.

Here’s a weird hypothesis — what do y’all think: The use of the hinky poll by Fox to determine participants is suspect. It kicks Huckabuck and Christie to the kids’ table. Here’s my thought — Huckabuck is cover for Fox and Ailes is wanting to make Christie the inevitable establishment candidate. Here’s why: Putting Christie at the kids’ table gives him the ability to shine. They got rid of Lady Lindsey all together since he would be competition for the limelight. The grand idea is allowing the kids’ table to catapult Christie like it did Fiorina.

This scenario is why Christie isn’t too upset about being relegated to coach. Make sense?

@4: Interesting thought there about Christie and the kid’s table. When I saw the poll from Investors they were using I thought Whaaa??? But what you say indeed makes sense.

I want to see Carson kvetch some more about being picked on worse than anyone else evah!

Here’s some food for thought: Yeb! says if he could time travel he’d go back and kill baby Hitler.

I feel safer already.

@7, I wonder if Yeb! has the self-awareness to realize that there are children of a half million dead Iraqis, when asked the same question about time travel, are saying they’d go back and kill a baby Dubya.

@8: 😆

A question brought up by someone commenting was “If Jeb goes back and kills baby Hitler before he becomes bad grown-up Hitler would Yeb! be killing an innocent?”. Another asked if that would be violating his “pro-life” stance.

Live blog sounds good! Let’s do it. I can’t wait to hear who else the Republicans would time travel to kill. 😀

Sounds good to me. I think they ae doing the Edwards/Vitter debate the hour before that so I’ll be able to overdose on debates. 😎

@10, since they are neither scientists nor do they believe in science, it appears someone did time travel and kill Galileo.

I have the repeat of Lawrence O’Donnell on right now and he’s discussing the kill baby Hitler question and answer. 🙄

Someone posted this on the kill baby Hitler article.

Good article as usual over at Rude Pundit on Ben Carson.

Excellent post, MB! The Canadians seem to be very excited about their election. My oldest niece married a Canadian a few years ago and loves living there. She is trying to get dual citizenship for herself and her kids. I’m glad Rwanda is finally moving forward.

Colbert has two women senators on tonight, McCaskill and Klobeshar (sp?). They are talking about how few women senators there have been in our history.

There are talking about all the things the women have accomplished. Also, the women on both sides get together for a “civility dinner” every now and then.

Yes! More women in government!

@17: I know there have been occasions where the widows of a sitting Senator or Congressman have been appointed to fill out the rest of the late husband’s term. I recall them as being place holders until the next election until the menz could run for the seat. The widows were not expected to run on their own. How sweet.

I just thought about the fact I better try to find the Fox Business channel. I don’t think I’ve ever watched it.

Yeah, Fox Business Channel? No idea where that would be.

I just read the latest HillaryMen, about Trump & Carson and the nuke buttons. I don’t know which one is crazier.

Chat, I hope you start feeling better soon! You are missed!

Excellent post, MB. I have a second cousin who lives in Canada. I’m trying to convince her to adopt me ( she’s a year older than I am ) so I can get citizenship.

I’ll be here for the live blog.

@15: Great article by Rude Pundit on the hypocrisy of Ben Carson’s supporters. It’s a must-read, IMHO.

That Mercedes-Benz ad is rather ironic given the role the company played in WW2.

Thanks Socal and Beata! I adore Colbert. I need to start DVR-ing him. And Canada is a lovely country from what I have seen and heard. I hope that adoption goes through, Beata! 😊

Prolix – If only they could kill Newton, too. They could then add gravity to the list of realities they routinely ignore.

Have you all been reading about the football players’ strike at Mizzou? They’re striking to force their President to resign (which he just did). The players feel he hasn’t taken enough action on racist incidents on campus. Funny how when white people’s pocketbooks are affected, activism about racism seems to become more impactful.

Question is, how do women strike? That old “Lysistrata” idea is coming back to me. 😇

@24: MB, that was a parody thing…film school submission.

@22: Good luck with the adoption Beata…sounds like a plan.

R.I.P. Allen Toussaint, on tour in Spain.

@28: That is a beautifully done rendition. Very sad to hear of Toussaint’s passing.

Beata: I didn’t know that Allen had written the song “Southern Nights” made famous by Glen Campbell. Allen’s version is extremely mellow and sublime.

@30: Ah, that is simply gorgeous. I am in bliss now. Thank you for posting it.

MILWAUKEE (The Borowitz Report)—Arguing that the voters have tired of “gotcha questions,” the Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson said that he hoped Tuesday night’s debate would “focus on the real issues facing this country, like finding the lost city of Atlantis.”

“The American people don’t want to hear personal attacks,” Carson told reporters. “They want to know which candidate has the best plan for locating Atlantis and recovering its storied treasures.”

Carson said that finding Atlantis was central to his plan for reviving the U.S. economy. “We could start paying down the national debt with one jewel-encrusted trident,” he said.

As part of his continuing campaign against the mainstream media, Carson said that he would resist all attempts by debate moderators to get him to disclose his actual name and occupation.

Beata said: Ah, that is simply gorgeous

Wasn’t it? This is my first time hearing this version of it.

@32: LOL! Now there’s a plan!

On the Interwebs, I saw some photos of Ben Carson superimposed in front of Stonehenge, the Great Wall of China, and Easter Island giving bizarre explanations for each. I don’t know how to post them but they are funny.

Well would you just look at this. Ole Ben was right. These “anomalies” are, in fact, the granaries inside the pyramids! Who knew???

Colbert did the funniest thing about the pyramids. He said they had recently unearthed an ancient diagram of the pyramids which proved Carson right–it was one of the stupid American food pyramids that they taught us in school (thanks us gov for all the obesity and alzheimers!) that shows a bunch of grain and bread on the bottom portion of the pyramid.

I’ve watched the kiddie table debate — if this is a precursor of the main debate, heaven help us all. The Fox questions boil down to:

Now candidate, we all like having sex, but what I want to ask you is this, during organism, do you yell out Ronnie, Gipper, or Dutch? You have a minute and a half to answer.

Summary of the debate:

Chris Christie — Hillary, Hillary, Hillary — she’s bad, she’s evil, she’s a mean woman. I know nothing other than verbs and the name Hillary Clinton — she is coming to get you, she is worse than the Candyman, she killed the Candyman because he wasn’t ready for Hillary, I am ready and I’ll slap her and sit on her and make her eat worms.

Rick Santorum: We need to keep the daddies out of the cabbage patch so the mommies won’t have to go to the vegetable hospital 9 months later. Daddies are bad, really bad, terrible people, and we need to make them stay with the mommies and the children.

Piyush Jindal: Everybody else sucks. I mean sucks — really sucks. They suck so bad they are almost Democrats. I’m the only good Indian American who has run a state that is filthy rich with oil money into the ground from whence the oil comes.

Huckabuck: Got me — his wife is named Janet and because his wife yells at him, he would fire Janet Yellin.

Lou Dobbs’ fossilized remains have found a shallow resting place on Fox Business Channel. I wonder if he knows where the grain is stored?

@37: I watched the kiddie debate, too. That summary is almost verbatim.

@38, Lou Dobbs went almost 30 seconds without saying, “I hate me some immigrants!”

Bret Whatshisname just said Huckabee had the best clothes at the kiddie table.

@41, LOL.

Did you see — each time Christie was asked a question, he would lean back and then go back and forth on his feet like he was winding up for a pitch and then he said, “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.” If Hillary’s name was Marsha, Christie could have been on The Brady Bunch.

I’m going to put up a new post for the live blog so that pages won’t have to load so much. I’ll come back when I get the page running.

@42: Ha! Christie had his lines well-rehearsed. His eyes looked enormous, that’s what I kept noticing.

Rubio’s ad was sponsored by BabyGotPac. He scares me! Boo!

Jeb’s ad tried to make noise but all I heard was snoring.

New post upstairs for the live blog.

@37, thanks for the summary, Prolix. I have no doubt it is 100% accurate. 🙂

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