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The week that was…

Posted on: November 7, 2015

It’s the weekend Widdershins.  We’ve made it through another week and what a week it was!  It is as if the world, all 5,000 years of it according to the ticket stub from the Noah’s Ark Theme Park and Dinosaur Rental, has turned on its head.

The Speaker of the House is no longer orange and “orange you glad.”  Under relevant experience, new Speaker Paul Ryan listed having driven the Oscar Meyer “Wienermobile”.  While a Republican inside a wiener is usually the opposite of what’s normal in Washington, Ryan’s experience will come in handy when taking the Tea Party troglodytes on field trips.

There was a crazy governor’s race in Kentucky where the winner won by pledging to make a half million poor people losers by taking away their health insurance.  In perfect Kafkaesque logic, it was as if the voters had prosthetic legs and had grown tired of walking.  To cure the problem, they decided to throw their prostheses into a wood chipper, but forgot to first take them off.

Jeb! Bush had a trying week.  First, he lost his exclamation point somewhere on the downhill slide from 8% to 4%.  Next, he changed his slogan to something with the word “Fix” in it and most pundits thought “fix” was perfect since that is where the campaign finds itself.  Finally, Jeb!’s daddy has a new book coming out that explains his deep regret at not having broken the rule of “no child left behind” on family camping trips.

The week ended on a much more optimistic note.  The Democratic Forum last night was a successful, civil, and sophisticated policy discussion.  While all three candidates were light years ahead of the Republican version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Hillary’s star beamed.  Her line that stuck with me was this:  I want to be President for the struggling, striving, and successful.

So in honor of Hillary’s eventual ascendancy, let’s have some music for the struggling, the striving, and the successful.

Chat will be back next week after her Georgia Dawgs dine on some Kentucky Wildcats this weekend.  As always, take the conversation in any direction you might like.

Struggling Man from The Walking Dead










53 Responses to "The week that was…"

This is my favorite version of the Stephen Foster classic.

Maura O’Donnell has my grandmother’s Irish face. My grandmother was the 13th of 14 children and saw more than her share of struggles.

@ I meant O’Connell, not O’Donnell but they are probably all related anyway.

Prolix and Fredster, it was fun doing the live blog with you last night. You were both in good form so I cannot pick a winner.

It’s a stunningly beautiful day here. We are going to the stadium to enjoy some football. I hope everyone has a lovely day and all our teams get a “W”.

@5, sorry to have been scarce today, but the electricity has been down all day due to relocating utilities. Last night was fun and you brought plenty of out loud belly laughs from me.

Hope you enjoy the game.

@1, I really like that. It is getting a bookmark.

Congratulations Chat — 27-3 the Dawgs dined mightily upon Wildcats today — a near perfect four quarter meal.

Thanks, Prolix. They needed this badly.
Back to couch I go…….

I’m in the midst of all kinds of college football today so I’ll be back later with a video. However, I saw this one of our (not so) great leader in La and thought it was funny as hell.

for the struggling and surviving from a previous La. guv.

Beata@5: enjoyed last night with you too. ❤

@1: That is beautiful.

@14, LOL — always a gentleman that Vitter is.

@15: True. But really, what’s he gonna say?


On this day where Ben Carson is being lionized by the Right without regard for having conjured a good deal of his past from wholecloth, this story surreptitiously appeared last night as a box checked in defense of the media’s ethical violations.

To quote from the story:

A top expert in classification procedures called the reported determination about the disputed emails “an astonishing turn of events.”
“It’s not just a mistake,” Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists said of the initial “Top Secret” claim. “It was a transformative event in the presidential campaign to this point. It had a potential to derail Clinton’s presidential candidacy.”

From the front page of the NYT, to almost a thousand stories and mentions on Fox, to a ritualistic devotional each morning by #socklessdeadintern and #drunkmika — it has all been baseless and calculated. There has never been an investigation by the FBI of Hillary, it has always been a turf battle between competing agencies for which one has the “bestest and most diligentest” spy wannabes protecting secrets that are regularly printed in the newspaper. And now even that has been shot full of holes.

So there you have it, a male ironclad liar versus a perpetually, baselessly vilified woman. Which one will garner the more sympathetic coverage?

Sorry for the interruption, now back to regular weekend programming.

@16, Vitter might claim she was part of a phone prayer tree.

(sigh) I’m afraid I may be crying into my cocktails tonight.

There are still 12 mins. left in the game but…

I’ll have cocktails for one, instead of two.

Fredster, we are so sorry about your game! What a shame. Ecckhh…Bama. Love the pic @ 21, btw.

Our game is tied at half time, boring game with Arizona. It seems we are always playing an Arizona team. Its so boring to play the same bloody teams year after year. Laker thinks the Trojans should leave the Pac 12 and make their own deals and play whomever they want. Interesting idea.

Beata, lovely song choices. I am more interested in my Irish heritage lately (my older sister is also), and I recently dragged out my pix of my Cherokee great grandma and her Irish husband. They had a farm in Oklahoma. He must have been an interesting (and liberal) man, to marry a native woman back in those days. I’m going to ask my mom about him right away.

The lead singer of the band we saw last night was Irish, and has the most charming voice and accent. I love listening to him.

I thoroughly enjoyed your snarky banter last night. This morning I noticed that fluffpo acted like it was a bad to so-so night for Hillary and that Bernie was brilliant! Do you guys think O’Malley is gunning for VP?

Do you guys think O’Malley is gunning for VP?

That thought crossed my mind several times.

My thoughts on the Bama/LSU game courtesy of former Saints coach Jim Mora.

@27, ouch!

They had us every which whey they could Annie. Try to open up some space for Fournette to run and their front 7 took care of that. Harris the QB tried to open it up in the air but the coaches didn’t make that many calls for it and he threw for his first interception. This is the 5th year we’ve lost to them and I’m beginning to believe the team thinks they’re jinxed and its spooking them.

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Presidential candidate Ben Carson has issued a dire warning that President Obama’s cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline has left the United States with “virtually no place to store grain.”

Without the massive pipeline, Carson told Fox News, the nation’s network of silos is woefully inadequate “to store the bounty of grain that we soweth.”

Carson said that as President, he would seek additional places to store grain, such as “the hollowed-out heads on Mt. Rushmore.”

“A nation’s greatness is measured by its ability to store grain,” he said. “I will return America to its former grain greatness.”

Just in case you missed it — Trump’s ego, if possible, runs a distant second to that of Ben Carson’s robust sense of self, self, self.

@30 😀

I saw that news about Hillary come through my feed as well. I absolutely knew she didn’t do anything wrong. She had every right to be defensive and claim that Republicans are Democrats’ enemies. Of course, she is a wimminz so she is not allowed to show aggression in any way….

Interestingly, this is why she once told Bill she’d never run for office. She knew she had this within her, and that it wouldn’t be well-received.

When Bill Clinton first proposed to Hillary, he told her, “I want you to marry me, but you shouldn’t do it.”

The future president told the future first lady-turned-senator-turned-secretary of state-turned-presidential candidate that he wanted her to get into politics instead.

“Oh, my God,” Hillary responded. “I’ll never run for office. I’m too aggressive, and nobody will ever vote for me.”

@30: ROTFL. That grain thing is gong to follow him forever now. To paraphrase from Dr. Strangelove: We cannot allow a grain storage gap.

Not to ballyhoo my own comments, but be sure and look at the pictures of Dr. Carson’s home — last time I checked, humility is a virtue and overarching pride is implicated with an impending fall.

@31: I saw that article. And to think that they gave Obama such grief for being self-centered.

@34: I especially liked the painting of him and his pal Jebus. 😎

@35, and Carson is now the victim claiming that no one, not anyone, has ever been vetted by the media like this. Let’s see if there aren’t some trigger words — birth certificate, Benghazi, Vince Foster, Whitewater, Monica. Ben, do those words strike a cord?

Ben, do those words strike a cord?

And continuing the victim role, he would say “who me?”.

I liked the Ben and Jebus picture so much I saved it, cropped it and I’m putting it here for all to enjoy.

@39: Come on, now. Don’t we all have a picture of ourselves with Jebus somewhere in our homes? Mine was taken when Jebus and I were crowned King and Queen of my senior prom. I’ll never forget that wonderful night. It changed my life forever and made me the person I am today.

@40: ROTFL!!!

I think I remember reading about that prom.


@39 & 40, now honestly, who does that? Let’s say for the sake of argument, someone gave it to him. What would possess a highly educated person to hang that in your home to greet visitors? Maybe they were out of all the dogs playing poker oils? Or maybe dogs playing poker offends Adventists?

@42: Maybe it was a paint-by-numbers that he did himself and he’s just real proud of it.

@42: Someone who never took Art Appreciation 101?

R.I.P. Gunnar Hansen, aka Leatherface.

@46, wasn’t he up for the part of John Boehner in the movie?

@47 – I didn’t know Jeebus was going to play John Boehner in the film, “Speak, and Ye Shall Find an Orange.” It was my understanding that He was too busy actively advising Republican presidential candidates to begin an acting career. I suppose the Son of G’d has many career options.

@48, Jeebus should take a word of caution given the problems Jeb! is having stepping into the docksiders of Poppy.

Michele Bachmann: Time is short, Jesus is coming soon.

Donate to me now since tomorrow might be too late.

Bachmann: Jus look at my eyes and see how b.s. crazee I is.

How did Michelle restrain herself from running this year? She’s got all the qualifications that matter to Republicans of the wingnut ilk.

@52: Put that on your list for Thanksgiving of things to be thankful for. 😉

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