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Posted on: November 5, 2015

Remember the sound of the Enterprise doors closing on Star Trek?  I don’t really know how to spell it, but phonetically it might look like “shhhffffft”.  If you weren’t a Trekie, here’s the sound:

That is the sound I hear when I think about today’s political reality.  It is a political reality built around farcical notions allowed to run rampant behind the closed doors of the conservative infotainment echo chamber.  The persistent lack of oxygen is helping the delusional atmosphere.

As the Republican primary field foretells and the Kentucky gubernatorial race proved we have climbed aboard the Crazytown Express.  With the overwhelming amount of homogenized information available via cable and the internet, along with the dwindling amount of local political coverage, almost every election is now nationalized. My way

For example, here in Kentucky the Republican Governor’s Association dumped $2.5 million during the last ten days of the election.  Each and every ad featured a heavily colorized picture of President Obama with a voice over of “Obama’s War on Coal, Obama’s War on Healthcare, Obama’s War on Kentucky…”

Even the national Republican Attorney General’s Association (who knew there was such a thing) ran millions in ads proclaiming the Democratic candidate Andy Beshear (son of popular Gov. Steve Beshear) might as well be Andy Obama.

Fredster tells me that the same thing is happening in Louisiana on behalf of the diaper-sporting, prostitute-enthusiast David Vitter.  Let there be no question, the nationalization of elections is convenient and cost-effective for organizations like the Koch sponsored Americans for Prosperity and ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council).

One dog limitSo what is the evidence of this foreboding magical thinking of the Tea Party and conservatives?  For instance:

Consider that out of the last six Republican Speakers or would be Speakers, two had to resign for extramarital affairs, one just pled guilty to federal charges arising from pedophilia hush money, two were crippled by rebels in his own caucus, and the sixth has just taken the oath of office to be second in line to the Presidency.  Shhhffffft – close the door on these facts since Republicans are the party of family values who are ready to govern the country.

Consider that the economic policies of the Obama Administration are an abysmal bust from top to bottom — Shhhffffft – the door closes on the fact that from inheriting an economy hemorrhaging 750,000 jobs during his very first month in office, over Eight Million jobs have been created – double those created during the Bush years.

Consider the languid job market being derided by conservatives, when – Shhhfffft – the Republicans have blocked each and every jobs creation bill in Congress for the last 7 years.

Consider the same message spouted by Daddy Bush, Bob Dole, Dubya, John McCain, and Mitt Romney of glorious days ahead just if we cut taxes on the rich while abolishing entitlement systems – Shhhffffft – when cutting taxes on the rich has never, ever, worked, neither at the federal level nor the state level. Gotcha Question

Consider the “major-go-to-pieces” over the Republican debates.  When the mean, nasty moderators of the “lame stream media” asked about things like the impending budget deal, it prompted a “Debate Summit” and produced 47 conditions/exceptions for the thirteen guys to participate going forward – Shhhffffft – those 47 exceptions are exactly 47 more exceptions than these 13 guys support to save the life of a mother in case of an abortion need.

Consider the seven years of ongoing angry disbelief at the outrage of having an Afro-Kenyon in the White House raised by a single mother and who pulled himself up by the bootstraps – Shhhffffft – but there is no disbelief, just adoring admiration of Ben Carson or Marco Rubio with similar stories.

Consider the rampant voter fraud across the country requiring new voter ID laws, reduced polling places, reduced polling hours, and fewer polling places – Shhhffffft – when the incidence of voter fraud was just 400 instances in over 350,000,000 million votes cast.

I could go on with examples of the myths perpetuated by Fox and talk radio that now, within the hermetically sealed echo chamber, are accepted as fact, but dwelling on such things is tiresome and anger-making.

The solution is simple:  Democrats have got to stop being bed-wetting, teeth grinding, weak-kneed wimps.  It is time to step up and stop pandering around the edges of economics, race, immigration, civil rights, access to reproductive health care, guns, police misconduct, the environment, fair taxation, college debt, government-funded R&D, and all the other items on the so-called “liberal agenda”.

whats-neocon-for-hypocritWe have forgotten that campaigns are more than just getting the most votes.  At their very essence campaigns are about educating people to the issues.  When voters are given a choice based upon facts, the progressive/liberal agenda will always win.  It is just that simple.

Conversely, when weak, uninspired Democrats like Jack Conway allow the hermetically sealed echo chamber to go unchallenged, the fact-free zealots win just as they did Tuesday.  The failure to take on this magical, fantasy thinking has real world implications – like health care for about a half million poor people.

For what it’s worth, hermetically is a derivation of the word “hermetic” coming from the name of the Greek god Hermes.  Quite fittingly, among other things, Hermes was the god of thievery and trickery.  If such a fact was shared in the Republican echo chamber you would hear one large collective Shhhffffft as the one remaining door to reality slid shut.

Sorry for this post being late, but real life got in the way as it sometimes does.  Take this conversation in any direction you might like.




138 Responses to "Shhhffffft…"

I love that in that first cartoon the man has a “map of the world” on his wall and it’s a picture of his neighborhood’s intersecting streets. 😆

At their very essence campaigns are about educating people to the issues. When voters are given a choice based upon facts, the progressive/liberal agenda will always win. It is just that simple.

But then it falls upon the electorate to listen honestly. Because otherwise, they will be filled with the screed of the right shouting about the “librul media”.

@2, the “librul media” is another construct of the echo chamber. When 70% of conservatives look to one news source that has run over 1,100 “news” stories on Benghazi in 20 months, it is brimming with hypocrisy to become incensed over a “librul media”.

I meant to put this article in the post, but didn’t. It is a good read: The wingnut myth that refuses to die: The one simple reason why there’s no “liberal media conspiracy”.

Prolix, amazing article, and love all the detail you put into it. The cartoons are great.

The democratic party needs to step it up and start fighting fire with fire. Like more election support with town halls and other types of events, preferably with a celebrity thrown in for good measure. And tv spots with regular people the wingnuts can identify with, like (as I mentioned below) a veteran, or a mom with a bunch of kids, or a sickly senior citizen, telling why they don’t agree with the repub candidate and how their policies hurt them, and urging people to vote dem.

I don’t know…do they do ads like that in the middle states? Here in So Cal, I only see attack ads about state races. The national candidates don’t need to spend money here.

Its a tragedy that its gotten this bad, I don’t remember it being this way when I was young.

@4, California is so blue I doubt the RGA or any other national organization would put money out there. KY used to be that blue, but now the Repubs see an opening and with that comes the money.

Both Rand Paul and McConnell nationalized their elections. Unfortunately, it is easy because of the race factor. I’ve heard the figure of about 15% of KY voting on the basis of race. In a state where the registration is approaching parity, that is enough to win elections.

Bevin won his race by 9% which is a huge margin considering Conway was expected to win by at least 5%.

I agree on the need to retool with credible spokespeople. Dems have to get over the timidity they’ve exhibited for the past 15 years or so.

Hillary seems to be the one to lead the way. No man has had the cajoles to take on the gun industry like she has.

I just think back to 2000. Al Gore wimped out. He should have demanded a recount of all of Florida and not just four counties. An independent study has found he would have won. If he had had the spine to do that just think what the world would look like now? The Middle East would be different for sure. The housing bubble might not have been so drastic as to bring down the world economy. We would be farther along with renewable energy. And maybe, just maybe, 9/11 might have been disrupted since there were warnings from the Clinton Administration available from day one in the Bush years. There are real world consequences.

And maybe, just maybe, 9/11 might have been disrupted since there were warnings from the Clinton Administration available from day one in the Bush years

And that should be placed fairly at the feet of Dubya and Condi.

@6, given Poppy Bush’s book, he might have the exact same opinion.

Laker & I watched Hillary on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. She was amazing! (of course!) And I thought Kimmel was very good also. He did a funny little skit with 4 little kids, talking to them about America having a woman president. He asked them if they thought we should have a woman prez and the two girls said yes and the two boys said no. Then he introduced Hillary to them. I hope you guys got to see it.

Yes, its heartbreaking to think of what might have been. I read Richard Clarke’s book when it first came out. They were determined to go into Iraq. Tons of dough for all their cohorts.

Damn I forgot about Jimmy Kimmel! The good thing is that they put a lot of his stuff up on youtube so maybe it will be there in a day or so.

Prolix and I were discussing the possibility of live-blogging Maddow’s Democratic Presidential Forum tonight. She can’t make it a debate because of rules the party made. So this will be a one-on-one thing in front of an audience. You can read a description of it here.

So..y’all wanna do this? It’s scheduled for Maddow’s regular broadcast time.

What is her regular time? And would I be seeing it as the same time as you guys? We’re going to a club to see a show around 7 or 8 pm our time, but I’ll gladly join in if I can.

annie, her live show is at 9 eastern, 8 central and so I guess 6 Pacific time. Normally on Fridays after her show is when we all go to jail for Lockup for the weekend (or most of it). During the week they do a rebroadcast at 11 central and again at 3 a.m. Since it’s a live thing I guess it would be 6 your time. Do you have the tv guide on your teevee? You can check the listings to see.

Oh my I’ve got to crash for at least a few hours. Sorry.
Email me if you want to.

Here’s a skit that Jimmy Kimmel did last night with 4 little kids and Hillary. It’s very cute but also a bit disturbing. Neither of the boys think a woman should be President. Have we come a long way, baby?

@8 and 14, I watched Kimmel and Hillary was great. It was so very telling that the little girls wanted a “girl President” while the boys didn’t. Makes a strong point for parents to rethink stereotypes.

Okay, here is a perfect example in keeping with the echo chamber theme from just this morning.

What if Hillary and Bill had used a CGI credit card for liquor store, ITunes, home and car repair purchases. Or Hillary had called Machu Picchu an elaborate Incan StairMaster. But, it is no big deal and understandable that Rubio used business credit cards for personal purchases and Ben Carson calling the pyramids “elaborate grain storing barns.” Hillary would be burned at the political stake for either act.

@11, is anyone interested in a live blog block party for tonight’s Rachel Maddow South Carolina interview-athon?

@17: I’m game. Not as fast at commenting as I used to be but I’ll give it a try.

Among other things, I’m interested in how O’Malley will try to make some noise now that it’s a three person race.

@18: If I were advising O’Malley, I would tell him not to sing. That kind of noise he doesn’t need to make.

The time for the Hillary/Bernie/Marty interviews starts at 8:00 P.M. Eastern. I’m guessing 7:00 Central and no idea about Pacific. I’ll do a little research and be back.

@19, Beata did you see the “Bad Lip Reading”? It was hilarious. I’ll find it for you if you didn’t see it.

Sorry my west coast friends, but you are delayed until 8:00 P.M. for the candidates forum tonight. I looked it up on some magic site that was a real hassle to figure out — where’s the TV Guide when you need it?

@17/18/22: Well we can just keep going on this post and do our comments here. We’ll have at least the three of us. I really do want to see what Maddow is going to ask.

Oh and in case you didn’t know (and I didn’t) today is Nat’l Hug a Lawyer Day.

In an observance that may have escaped the attention of most people, including attorneys, Friday has been designated National Love Your Lawyer Day by the American Bar Association – 14 years after it was created by the Fort Lauderdale-based American Lawyers Public Image Association.

I’ll give a lawyer a hug as long as they don’t try to make it a billable moment. 🙄

Well, I’ll try to be here at 5pm (my time) to hang out.

annie is it 5 or 6 your time? (If you’re going to try to be here, I don’t want you to miss with the time!)

This may be pretty good tonight after all. It seems that Bernie may be going to get a little pissy about things.

Losing some steam in both national and early state polls, Bernie Sanders has gone after Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton a little harder every day this week. Yesterday, he made clear that he will not go quietly and plans to really take the gloves off.

Oh annie, Prolix looked up some stuff and this may happen when you are in the middle of the plans you had.

I looked up the times and it is delayed on the left coast. It won’t run until 8:00 PST out there. So if they are going to watch, they’ll have to stream.

I guess you could try to stream it as Prolix says.

The latest John Bel Edwards ad. “okay, you want to tie me to Obama then I’ll tie you to the hookers”.

@29: Man, that’s a good one! I love it.

I’ve got a headache almost as big as Trump’s ego but I’ll do my best to participate in the live blog tonight. Expect some typos though. My vision isn’t very good right now.

@30: Oh me too. I think it’s great. I mean, what is Vitter going to do to respond?

Oh Beata, don’t worry about typos. I can correct mine when I see them but if I couldn’t, it would be amazing the number of them that get by me.

Fredster, I posted John Bel Edwards’ new ad at SkyDancing. I wanted to be sure that Dak and everyone there saw it. I gave you credit.

@29, I saw that John Bel ad on MTP Daily. It is just the kind of thing Dems should be doing. Wimpiness might get you a hamburger on Tuesday, but it won’t win elections against a scorched Earth, take no prisoners policy of the Repubs.

Beata@34: Okay great! No problem with that. The more that see it, the better.

Prolix@35: Exactly so. Whatever could he say about it? (that people would believe, that is)



    7:00 PM CST, 8:00 EASTERN!

I just saw that looking at the tvguide onliine. Hells bells!

We have an update on part-time clerk and Cousin Itt hair double Kim Davis.

She lost another round of appeals today along with her less than hug-able attorneys Liberty Counsel, but Matt Bevin, KY goober-elect, announced today that his first order of business, through Executive Order, would be to remove clerk’s names from marriage licenses statewide in honor of the pietistic Kim Davis.

His second order of business would be the two of them stripping down to bras and panties and having a tickle fight.

@40: Well I’m not giving those attorneys any hugs at all. 😡

Okay, I have my adult beverage of choice ( Strawberry Banana V-8 juice ) and I’m ready to blog this puppy!

O’Malley has no placards in the crowd according to Tweety. I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for Marty but my mother always warned me not to mistake pity for love.

Rachel is basically saying she is going to be infected with hystoplas-Tweety and will be interrupting the candidates.

I liked the rulez.

The candidates will be “interviewed” on stage separately by Maddow. O’Malley will be first, then Sanders, then Clinton.

I hope she doesn’t do it as rudely as tweety.

Glad she’s axing about Dems in the south.

I thought Marty said steakhouses were important. My bad. He said “statehouses”.

He’s not giving specific answers for southern (centrist) Dems.

I hope Clinton explains she coldn’t take position on Keystone because earlier she was S.o.S. and couldn’t be political. No points O’Malley.

I thought steakhouses too and was going to cheer. MORE STEAKHOUSES!

Beata when I reference “southern Dems” I include IN because y’all have so many centrist Dems too.

Marty talking about Keystone and then turning it into a more general argument about climate change. “We’re the party that actually believes in science.” Wants clean energy jobs corps.

@50: We’re inbred hicks, too, and proud of it!

I’ll give him points on college ed, incarceration etc. don’t know if it’s true or not.

Great point on the for-profit prisons.

Maryland is a very solid Democratic state. That’s a big reason why O’Malley can claim success there.

i love this with the cards!!

Beata: (sigh) I miss being in a Dem state.

O’Malley is very personable. Getting good applause. Owns a kilt. Chat will appreciate that.

Prolix, you around?

@59: yes she would.

Hmmm…auditioning for veep maybe?

Drudge, Fox, Breitbart headline: Democrat O’Malley wears dresses, claims kilt, but we know the truth.

@58: I’ve never lived in a Dem state so I don’t know what I’m missing.

O’Malley has a tinge of the Carson closed eye syndrome.

@63: Many years ago for me. We had Edwin (the crook) Edwards. and then Blanco.

@63, I used to live in a Democratic state, but the zombie apocalypse ate the brains of 51% of the people so we are now baby Jeebus lovin’ saved Repubs.

@62: Splutter.

@64: Maybe he’s having “deep thoughts”.

Prolix, I’m glad you’re here. I’m not adding much of substance to this discussion tonight.

“Shame on us. We shouldn’t send them ( the military ) into wars we can’t pay for.” ( I think that’s what he said. ) Must close Gitmo. It’s contrary to our values.

Watching O’Malley makes me want to call up Alex Trebek and buy insurance.

Oh she zinged him!

@69: I was thinking of buying a car. The ones on Marty’s lot look very shiny and new.

What he was thinking in the picture is, “Who’s going on the beer run and is there any pot left?”

I’m getting tired of the stuff about Hill’s comment on Republicans as enemies. She was right.

@68: Well neither am I Beata…don’t sweat it.

Sanders’ up next. Will he poke Rachel in the face with his hands or get spit on her jacket? Place bets now.

Larry David is up next.

Bernie should be interesting. He’s been trying lately to slap Hillary down more recently.

@78: Spit on the jacket.

@75, I’m going for a big old lip pearl followed immediately by a jacket spitball.

Pictures of Bernie’s hair over the years being shown. They are impressive.

Bernie’s comb is still broken.

So is that Marty’s cup still on the table or did Bernie get a new one? We’ll never know.

@81: He needs more “product’.

Like your great uncle, do you think Bernie will grab Rachel’s nose and say, where’s your nose?

Bernie just doesn’t get it — BLM is more than just an economic issue.

Bernie do you play “pull my finger” with the grandkids?

Bernie, I was always against Keystone because I had a pet dinosaur and it would have been like digging up his goo and putting it in my HoverRound.

The flag of Exxon-Mobil flies proudly over the state capitol in Baton Rouge.

Imma gonna hope they do a bad lip reading of the Bern.

Bernie’s foreign policy is a lot like Rand Paul’s. They could call it, the “Hair Club for Zen.”

Rachel: Present company excluded? Bernie: Gimme some sugar honey.

Media drives Bernie nuts. If he had to deal with them constantly for the past several decades like Hillary has, he would be in a straitjacket.

Bernie looks like he would smell like a musty attic doused in Old Spice.


Bernie is not grumpy. Seriously.


@93 – He’d never survive.

@94: Don’t forget the mothballs.

Bernie is not grumpy. Seriously.


Breibart: In 1988 Bernie was involved in a three-way.

@100, it was with Che Guevara and Khrushchev.

@101: Hahahahahhaaaaaa!!

the guy with the beard in the audience just now: Hotty-toddy!

The lizard tongue is strong with this one.

working with McCain: OMG! Grumpy Old Men part deux.

Bernie struggling to think of 10 nouns now.


He’s wearing the same shoes in the picture that he is wearing tonight.

After Bernie’s segment, there are Boost commercials. Coincidence — I think not.

@110: But did they have one for depends for men?

I can’t wait to see what old picture of Hill that Rachel pulls out.

Hillary establishing her Southern creds very well.

President for the struggling, striving, and successful — great line.

@Beata-yes she did.

@Prolix fits on a bumper sticker.

Koch Bros. are deck stackers — one vowel change and it would be perfect.

Oh Hillz, no talking about Kock Bros. You won’t get an invite from #socklessdeadintern and #drunkmika.

Good points on the economy and who it’s working for and *not* working for.

Finally! Someone says 70% consumer economy. She gets it!

Hillary’s command of all the issues is so much more extensive than any other candidate, it’s no contest. ( I know I’m preaching to the choir here. )

She’s getting fired up! Good for her!

@120: You are totally right. When she debates whoever the Repub nominee is, she’ll wipe the floor with them.

I have to say, this is a so much more civilized format than the bloodletting of a debate. This is substantive policy — I’m getting that tingly feeling — me loves me some policy.

All the details, she can draw on her knowledge of them immediately. What a mind she has!

@124, everyone has always said she is smarter than Bill. They are right.

The crowd is with Hillary.

It’s the wedding photo of Bill and Hill looking into each other’s eyes. Nice.

I had that perm, too.

Hillary was the clear winner.

I need to go to bed, guys. Thanks for the live blog.

@128, was it a Toni?

Yes, Hillary was the winner.

Have a great evening.

I had gone to something else quickly.

124: Agreed.
As much as I like Steve Kornacki (in doses), I’m not hanging around to listen to tweety and him and Alex. Oops that was Joy, my bad.

was it a Toni?

I remember the commercials for those.

Tweety just said, “Bernie has the hots for Rachel.”

@134: And I’m sure Rachel is sooo interested.

Ah….the gumps are just soooo classy.

Guys, sorry I couldn’t make it. I did enjoy reading your comical commentary! We just got home half an hour ago and its now 1:30 am. Those maniacs played for 4 hours! My goofy son wanted to be up in front of the stage, so my ears are in a weird place right now.

Not to worry annie. Who knows, MSNBC may run it again. If I see that they’re going to do that I’ll put up a comment here.

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