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Activist Monday: Miffed About Movember

Posted on: November 2, 2015

I, Pathetic Female, Can Participate In Movember. You cannot.

Good Monday, all! As unbelievable as it seems, it’s November, and this means, at least for me, that my work inbox begins to fill up with exhortations to support the fight to improve men’s health by…growing a moustache. Here’s some sample text:

Movember is a fundraising movement working towards improving men’s health.

The prime way to participate is to grow a moustache, starting today (Nov 1), with judging on Nov 30.

But you don’t HAVE to grow facial hair to participate! There’s a movement challenge too. And we need the help and support of our mo-sisters.

Please read all about Movember here: and then sign up!

While I am more than willing to help my fellow humans obtain and maintain good health, I admit that this particular call to action makes me slightly…miffed.

After all, it’s not as though growing a ‘stache is a viable option for yours truly. And frankly, it doesn’t make me feel good that my male colleagues tell me that there is a “movement challenge” too. If you look at the site, you’ll see there is one, very masculinely-dressed, woman depicted in the Movement area…and the “challenge” amounts to “moving” every day. “No movement is too small [for you laydeez, it’s implied]!” So all we weak “mo-sistahs” have to do to participate, is commit to move once a day. You know, like every single human does? Every day? Not just in November?

It just strikes me strangely. It seems like the idea is that for those of you too, well, genetically disadvantaged to participate in the REAL fun, don’tcha know…we men will  give you a tiny little concession and let you pretend you’re helping. There. Don’t you whiners feel better? Now, back to demonstrating my masculine superiority – er, commitment to my health – by growing facial hair!!

I mean, what if we wimminz demanded that men did something they physically couldn’t do in order to support our fight against breast cancer? Like, oh I dunno, document the length of their menstrual cycles or something? No, that doesn’t make any sense…but neither does asking men to stop shaving to improve their health. What benefits does that have? Preventing the tragedy of razor burn?

November is a great month. The World Series, Football, Thanksgiving, and at least this year, spectacular fall foliage in the East. I would love to see it also be known for activism to promote men’s health which doesn’t belittle and exclude women. Ah well….maybe next year.

This is an open thread.


20 Responses to "Activist Monday: Miffed About Movember"

Oh my, what can I say? I have had a mustache since I was in college.


Good article over at HillaryMen about the Republican implosion that seems to be going on. Heh.

Well, I’m at the stage of life when I can grow a mustache (and a bit of a goatee) and I’m not happy about it-not one bit.
Don’t you just love the word “goatee?” Goatee and toupee are just such funny words.

@3: Wasn’t going to say anything but the momster used to do her share of plucking above that upper lip and on the chin also. 😉

That movement sounds absurd. I didn’t even get it at first read. Actually, I’m not sure I get it now. Whatever, dudes.

Here’s something else thats weird and pointless like the “Movember” movement: Jeb Bush wrote a book about his emails and, predictably, it’s boring.

@2, Fredster, that article is great!

Google-phoning, sorry for typos:

If it was one month out of the year? Eh, I’ll let it slide. But the lil metro-millenials are keeping them all year, and this beard is carrying a “waaaaah-I’m-such-a-man,-no, really-look-at-my-grizzly-adams-beard-and-I’m-growing-it-for-balls” cause ….ugh.

If you didn’t bring down the 10 Commandments from Mt. Sinai, survived a shipwreck on a remote island for a beard-growing amount of time, etc., just cut it off and donate your time and money to helping men, especially older men, get screened and tested. Pay for their exam, get them treatment, volunteer at a cancer center, anything-except growing that rats nest on your face.


@8: Well said SM.

Well if you thought Movember was bad (I don’t see the point in it), then you should go check out this here thing. I have no idea what it’s about nor what the inspiration for it is. Further, I don’t know how and don’t want to know how one arranges to get the photo. o_O

@5 & 8 — I don’t get it either, but the true selfless, leadership moment would be doing something for someone without calling attention to oneself for doing it. Putting away a razor so you can pompously puff oneself up is the antithesis of altruism.

Why not just a random act of kindness? It doesn’t put any hardworking shaving cream making folks out of work.

@6, why, in the names of Jobs and Gates, would anyone in their right mind or even unright mind want to read the emails of Jeb!? If these Repubs had a sudden fit of self-awareness, they would grab the nearest mirror and stare at themselves until the awareness passed.

@6: Oh dear Lord. Even the review of the book was boring.

😆 Go check out The Rude Pundit for today. He takes on the Republicans pouting about their debates.

Ahmad Chalabi, Dubya’s favorite exiled Iraqi who was given millions and millions by the CIA for fabricated WMD info and was then discovered to be working for Iran, has died. He was 71. He was used as the architect for Cheney’s ironclad case for invasion — he was a fraud, but a filthy rich one courtesy of our tax dollars.

Oh yes…Chalabi. I’m sure he died in very comfortable surroundings.

Time to pack it in.

RIP Chalabi, aka “Curve Ball,” IIRC.

SM77 and Prolix, yes!! The movement itself is stupid and self-congratulatory. I truly can’t believe that senior leaders at my company are exhorting us all to join. I am trying to figure out the best way of explaining to them that activism on behalf of men’s health shouldn’t exclude women.

And Sweet Sue, I understand! As you said, facial hair on women is not exactly desirable, although some of us have it in abundance. 😊

Fredster – nutscaping?! Good gawd. Why are men so proud of their packages? It’s crazy.

MB@19: That one (I hate to even use that term!) is beyond anything I can understand or comprehend.

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