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Lazy Weekend Movies: Trick or Treat

Posted on: October 31, 2015

Boo, Widdershins!  It’s All Hallows Eve,  and am I ever ready to put the past week behind me.  This week’s detritus scored a considerable lift from the epic, excruciating Republican debate – which is, of course, being blamed squarely on the effete liberal commentators from CNBC.  The RNC has notified NBC that they have severed all ties, which leads me to believe that further debate moderators could be of the Sean Hannity ilk.  Remember that the usual suspects from Faux News were thought to be way too tough during debate numero uno.  Can’t wait for the next one, which should feature substantial questions such as “When did you first discover how much you love this country?” and perhaps “Name fifteen ways that the liberals are ruining America”.  This should be fascinating.

For the weekend, however, we will put all that behind us and enjoy the holiday.  I am particularly fond of Hallowe’en because my Fundie friends swear that it’s the devil’s holiday.  In a few hours, legions of costumed children will be banging at my door.  My candy is prepped and ready so that I might spend the rest of the day watching football, but as the darkness grows outside I’ll turn to scary movies.

Scary movies run the gamut from psychological thrillers to blood and gore.  My preference is closer to the former than the latter, but feel free to post any that curl your hair.  Otherwise, it’s a wide open thread.

(1) Psycho (1960) 

(2) Carrie (1976) 

(3) The Birds (1963) 

(4) Rosemary’s Baby (1968) –

(5) Wicker Man (1973) 


47 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Movies: Trick or Treat"

Ah, horror movies. I wish I had the ability to watch these. I have been blessed/cursed with far too vivid an imagination.

I am not sure what is more scary, though – “Rosemary’s Baby,” or the idea of the Republicans finally closing the circle on their alternate universe and having their debates chaired on Faux News by their conservabot enablers. Let me say that if they do this, they have pretty much declared themselves ready to secede from the United States of America, and this will backfire on them most drastically. The “mainstream media,” owned by about four people at this point, will not be kind, and neither will Joe and Jane America.

What I wonder is, what will their angry, armed supporters do when they realize that they truly are the out-of-touch and despised minority? This is their greatest fear – that even though they are white, Christian, male and straight-ish, they will no longer be just handed the power that they feel is their Gawd-Given right. Other people, some not even male (GASP! NOOOOOOOOOO!) are standing in their way, and when challenged, they’re not just retreating in fear the way these uppity wimminz should be.

These Tea Parties are stubbornly refusing to accept reality, and they are armed and dangerous. I truly do fear what will happen when they finally understand that the fake “Leave it Beaver” 50’s in their heads is never coming back.

I told you I didn’t need to watch scary movies. Happy Hallowe’en, y’all.

Yep. Horror movies seemed appropriate.

I can’t say this is a horror movie, but it sure scared me.

Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn and Alan Arkin.

@1, MB, I hope the Repubs do it — the RNC has now become irrelevant — the conservo-tainment complex of talk radio and Fox has taken over — let them run a conservative pageant like what they are proposing and the independents and less than rock-ribbed Repubs will all vote for Hillary. This election, without even knowing their nominee, is going to be a Goldwater/Kennedy landslide. The Republican Party is no longer a viable political organization.

And don’t watch this one alone, The Strangers.

Ok chat, lakerwade thought you would have a spooky song post up today, since weekends here are usually about music, and he spent some time last night picking out what he considers to be a spooky song. So I’ll put it up anyway, hope thats ok. In any event, its movie-ish.

I’ve never been into horror movies either, like MB. I had nightmares from watching scary stuff as a kid, and just avoided horror films after that. When I was a little tot, I watched this famous Twilight Zone episode with my much older sister and cousin (they were babysitting me) and it scared the crap out of me and I had nightmares about the gremlin for years. Now it seems hilarious:

Damn! That wasn’t the one I meant to post!

@9: I don’t think there’s any problem with putting a spooky song up.

Congrats on the game with Cal!

Thanks Fredster, hubbie is glad but doesn’t think its a great win since Berkeley isn’t that great of a team. He has asked me twice if Trojans are really playing the Red Tide next year! I think it sounds great, although we’ll probably get slaughtered. Kiffin will have his revenge!

Here is what I was trying to post:

annie@13: Hey a win is a win. 😆

As far as the game next year, I’ll send you the link that lists the game.

“My name is Talky Tina.”

I wouldn’t offer this up if it wasn’t unique, but I’ve never seen an article from a straight news reporter, who does not do opinion, to ever post an article like this.

This is on the KY’s governor’s race. Matt Bevin is the Republican candidate and he just can’t help himself for lying. You know he’s lying when you see his lips moving. He can’t tell the truth.

Bevin is a rich, rich, rich hedge funder who resettled in the state and is bringing us hill jacks into the 21st century by helping us out by offering to be our governor. He first offered to be our Senator, but Mitch McTurtle thought better of it.

Bevin has forgotten that video cameras record both images and sound. He’s a train wreck on the way to a dumpster fire with three wheels flat.

This latest encounter is amazing. If you have the time, partake in the craziness.

BTW — American Pharoah did it again at the Breeder’s Cup (the horse race, not Kim Davis’ coffee mug).

BTW — American Pharoah did it again at the Breeder’s Cup (the horse race, not Kim Davis’ coffee mug).


@16: Prolix that article was hysterical. It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to look someone in the face and say they’re lying about your lying. Sadly it seems that’s a trait that seems to be endemic with the Republicans.

@16: Prolix did you happen to see the link that one commenter put in, about a Krugman article on grifters?

@19, it does take some nerve, but throughout this campaign it was catch as catch can with his proposals and anything he was quoted as saying. He got Medicare and Medicaid confused, then said he wanted to drug test recipients of both programs, then swore that he didn’t say that, then said he knew the difference between the programs, but still wanted to drug test both sets of recipients.

Testing Medicare recipients for drugs, for the ones I know, would be like testing a pharmacy — you would have to have a screen on a screen to drill down to illegal and illicit drugs.

The guy is buffoon and a typical high end, executive sales guy — reality is what I say it is at any given moment in time.

@22, Annie, first they are going to take him back to Churchill Downs to, believe it or not, give him a retirement party. Instead of a gold watch, they will probably give him a gold halter.

He’s going to live out his years at Coolmore — Ashford Stud — quite something. It really is one of the prettiest farms around.

So true.

Ah, that’s nice about American Pharoah. I think they’re retiring him now for breeding. We went to see Bridge of Spies tonight. We liked it. Am really glad we didn’t have to live our adult lives through that period.

@19, yes, I read that and bookmarked it. He’s really right — if you want to know priorities, follow the money in the proposals — that is what makes Paul Ryan so scary.

Bevin and Vitters both fit the description as grifters.

@22: He got Medicare and Medicaid confused, then said he wanted to drug test recipients of both programs, then swore that he didn’t say that, then said he knew the difference between the programs, but still wanted to drug test both sets of recipients.

Wow! Yeah that would help with the geezer vote. o_O

Bevin and Vitters both fit the description as grifters.

Heh. I’ll have something about the good Senator this coming week.

I can’t the embed to work, so here is the link for Coolmore — Ashford Stud.

Somehow I screwed up the numbering of the comments — sorry everyone.

@27: Those pictures of the farm are beautiful.

I was going to try to do the embed for you and then decided it looked okay the way it was so I cancelled it. The numbering thing might have happened then.

@29, here’s a video tour of Ashford Stud. The grounds proper start at about 6:30. Notice the cushioned, rubberized entries to the barns — just like human assisted living, horse farms guard against slip and falls.

@31: That’s a lot of horse flesh and $$$s there. The grounds and bars are fabulous.

That horse farm is gorgeous. Hubbie wonders how much $ American Pharoah will get for stud?

Fredster, looks like a really good game, your team vs Giants. Drew Brees looks great.

@33, Annie, tell Hubbie they haven’t set his fee yet — it’s TBA. Pharoah will probably cover about 150 “dates” per year, but the record for a season covering mares is 240 — that was one busy stallion.

The production is like some horse porn because they have to be so very, very careful that the horses don’t hurt one another doing the deed and believe it or not, breeding shed duty is one of the most dangerous for humans in the horse industry.

@33: Unfortunately I couldn’t watch it because the local Fox station decided to carry the ATL-dirty birds and Tampa Bay. 👿
So I had to follow it on and just keep updating the page for the most current comments. Arrrggghhhhh!!!!!

Pharoah will probably cover about 150 “dates” per year, but the record for a season covering mares is 240 — that was one busy stallion.

Dayum!! No even time for a quick smoke with that schedule. 😆

@36, oh, that’s not the half of it. To stay on schedule, because the owners have bought their “season” or “date” and paid up front, they are at the mercy of the mare’s schedule. They have a process to move that along with keeping the poor ladies under the “lights” so as to keep their “dates” with Mr. Goodpony.

The wheels are already coming off Ryan and Rubio’s Radio Flyer. From Breitbart yesterday about Rubio’s newest sugar daddy.

Rush Limbaugh has similarly warned that “the donor-class push” is to “get rid of Trump, and have Rubio or Jeb win the White House.”

Limbaugh predicts that, with Paul Ryan as Speaker and Rubio as President, in the “first 12-to-18 months, the donor-class agenda [will be] implemented, including amnesty and whatever else they want.”

@37: Sounds awfully complicated. I guess there’s no “get acquainted” first date in the process. 😉

Talking about that “donor class”, this is funny.

@35, what a bummer. We thought of you enjoying it while we did! We have the same issue with the damn Dodgers.

Prolix, thanks for all the info about the horse breeding! Hubs & I both spent quite a bit of time on ranches growing up, but were never around when the deed was done. Hubs uncle was actually somewhat famous in the horse world and bred horses and rode in shows and won a lot. Before he died some show horse org. gave him a lifetime achievement award and another one gave him a “banquet” in his honor. He was lots of fun, and we were just at the point of getting a horse for ourselves when he died in a freak accident. (He would have kept it and fed it for us.) He ran a big ranch for a famous old actor, for decades. Hubs spent his summers there as a kid and teen. They had cattle too, it was a regular working ranch. Hubs says the actor, his famous brother, and their other actor buddies would spend weekends at the ranch, boozing, smoking, and womanizing, just like you would imagine old cowboy actors of that generation. They would also ride and shoot. Hubs and his cousins would do chores in the morning and hang out at the ranch pool all afternoon.

@38, that sounds terrifying.

@41: Yes I was severely disappointed at not getting to see the game and I refuse to buy one of those NFL thingies where I can watch it on the laptop. They want a small fortune for that. No way.

@43, same with us. I don’t want to give in to their holding the fans to a ransom, so to speak. Hubbie switched us to Verizon Fios a couple of years ago so he could watch the Lakers. The Lakers immediately started their descent into “theysuckdom” and the fios is really a rip off. I don’t know, I wish the fans would all revolt together and boycott all sports that don’t let you watch for free on tv.

We are having the weirdest day. Among other issues, every time we click on Comedy Central, they have on a commercial for Jeff Dunham the comic. It’s for a special that they filmed of him giving a performance in Hollywood a few months ago. Anyway, they show him giving a joke, then the cam cuts away to a couple in the audience laughing–and the couple is my sister-in-law who just died this month and her husband!!!! All my inlaws are freaked out and texting like mad. Its surreal.

@44, that is freaky weird.

Agreed. That is bizarre.

I don’t even know what to think about this. The “regular” networks won’t tell them to shove it because they know that Fox will cater to their every whim.

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