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Activist Monday: Suck It, Hillary Haters

Posted on: October 26, 2015

Good Monday all! It was a good week for Hillary Clinton. Not only did she fully demonstrate her Presidential fitness against the foaming cretins in the Benghazi committee; but also, Joe Biden decided not to throw his hat in the ring after all, ending months of rumors that he would jump in and ZOMG!111!!! steal away all of Hillary’s support.

Biden announced last week that he wouldn’t get in the race for the Democratic nomination in the White House’s Rose Garden, alongside Jill and President Obama.

“I came home and Hunter, our son was upstairs with mom, with Jill. And I walked in and I said, “You know, I just don’t think there’s time,'” Joe Biden said. “I’ve just decided, “I don’t think we can run the kind of campaign we have to run to be able to win.” And I remember Jill just got up off the couch, gave me a big hug, and said, “I think you’re right.””

Jill Biden said she was disappointed that he decided not to run and that she believed he would’ve “been the best President.”

Well, I guess Jill has to say that, but…no, he wouldn’t have been the best President, and frankly, I feel he had zero chance of winning. The Vice President’s poll numbers, post-debate, show this to be a fairly safe assumption.

HRC vs Biden

And most Democrats agree that Joe’s chances of winning were slim to none.

Had he entered, Biden would likely have seen his sky-high ratings fall back to earth after incurring the scrutiny and criticism faced by an actual candidate. Clinton saw even stronger ratings than Biden’s as secretary of state, but became dramatically less popular once her campaign kicked into gear.

And Democrats, despite their esteem for Biden, don’t believe he was especially likely to nab their party’s nomination. Just 14 percent think he would have been very likely to win the primary had he entered, while 35 percent say he would have been somewhat likely to win and 41 percent that it’s somewhat or very unlikely that he would have prevailed.

I understand that the Powers That Be were worried about Hillary prior to the debates, but I confess to being confused as to why they suddenly felt Biden was their savior. I’ve never thought there was anything particularly likeable about the guy, and in fact, I think he’s about as phony as those big white choppers and spray-on tan. “Middle Class Joe” indeed – the last I heard, a net worth estimated at $2.3 million wasn’t middle class. And there is always his propensity to open mouth, insert foot.

I suspect that Joe’s appeal was enhanced not just by his inflated popularity ratings, but by the fact that he has that prized scrap of flesh between his legs. I suspect that there are still those in the Democratic Party elite who strongly dislike Hillary, due to her uppity wimminz-ness, and wish desperately that there could be someone else they could use to tank her candidacy, like they did in 2008. And I suspect that these people are going to experience yet another disappointment in their pathetic, envy-filled, woman-hating lives. Because you know what, boys? Hillary Clinton WILL be the next President of the United States. So you can just suck it…and give up the Guy Love already.


44 Responses to "Activist Monday: Suck It, Hillary Haters"

MB, great post. “Foaming cretins” is good! God, what a spectacle that was. I’m still happy about how well it turned out for Hillary! I watched the two youtubes you posted. That Indian accent thing was pretty bizarre. He did say the dopiest things sometimes, didn’t he? Plus, as Uppity said, he’s one of the “old boys club”. We don’t need that now. I hope he enjoys his retirement.

And yet there are still some out there who don’t believe that Hillary can win the general election and then try to use the discredited summer Quinnipiac polls to try to prove it.

Of course the writer of the HuffPo piece, H.A. Goodman (?) was previously going to support Rand Paul. Go figure.

Disclaimer: Commenting from Andriod phone that hates me, so please forgive errors.

“I suspect that Joe’s appeal was enhanced not just by his inflated popularity ratings, but by the fact that he has that prized scrap of flesh between his legs.”

May I add, “dangly” to this quote? LOL!!! Good God, that has to be last time I read MadamaB and eat dinner at the same time, LMAO!!!

Happy birthday Hillz!!!

It’s redemption time and October 2015 is the time that should be name “The Reckoning” for all of us Hillary Holdouts, and she did not let us down one single bit!

And as “likeable” as Joe Biden is to the bro-crats, there’s a new cool dude in town who’s taking away that support Joe could of had, but even adding Bernie’s and Joe’s numbers doesn’t beat Hillary.

You know why?

None of these other candidates have ever full track records with, embraced or connected with, or even acknowledged the populations that WIN Democratic elections: Women, Latinos, African-Americans. Hillary got us, she’s got all of us in her corner. 🙂

Thanks, ladies and Fredster!

Chat, interesting indeed. Could Marcotte actually be finding a clue about sexism and how it plays a part in the Bern-bots’ Hillary hatred?

MB, you are on fire, …”foaming cretins,” and “he has that prized scrap of flesh between his legs.” I agree with all your points and second them.

Here’s my question: Joe Biden’s interview last night on “60 Minutes” made clear the story line of Maureen Dowdy’s allegation about a “death bed” scene was not true. I’ve been waiting all day for one person, one talking-head, to ask the question: Should the public editor of the NYT investigate Ms. Doody pants — in other words, does the public editor have a duty to investigate Doody?

No one is asking that question or the companion questions: Why would Ms. Doody make up such a story? What does she stand to gain other than crapping on Hillary? I suspect the answer is that there is nothing to gain other than crapping on Hillary.

Perhaps Ms. Doody should be given a vacay from the op/ed pages — preferably permanently.

You may now return to regular programming.

Prolix, I had the same thought about nasty modo. I said a week or two ago that I didn’t believe the story anyway, as did many others. Modo should be raked over the coals.

@7, I wonder if they will run one of those little blurbs, “Ms. Dowdy regrets her error of making stuff up and being caught.”

@8, LOL! Like you said, I haven’t seen any media people mention it at all.

Prolix…MoDo has been going down the crapper for decades. 😇

But seriously folks…She is the Queen of Hillary Hatred. I think she gave up solid food a while back, and now subsist solely on her own bile.

@10, convenient that is — she never has to go out for or order in dinner.

@5: And of all people, Marcotte.

I really had to do a double-take when I saw that piece was by Marcotte. I thought “Really??? “.

@10 and 11: 😆

@7 & 10, The Erik Wemple blog at WaPo, asked the question today on whether Biden was focusing his correction on Dowdy.

And the NYT Executive Editor also said something to the effect, “Everybody else said it too.”

So is anyone else going to fess up to lying? Huh John, huh?

In a Sept. 14 edition of his MSNBC show “Last Word,” host Lawrence O’Donnell mentioned “Beau Biden literally on his death bed asking his father to run for president.” Reporter John Heilemann responded, in part, “He always wanted his father to run for president again, that meant a lot to Joe Biden back then, it meant a lot to him in that death bed moment which is true and did happen.”

@17, Heilemann operates in some kind of cosmic “free space” devoid of any semblance of reality based reporting. I saw him today actually say, “Trump is working toward saying Bush is low T. Low key is merely his way of working up to the insult of low T.”

Without sourcing I imagine he’s into a mind meld with Trump which makes it easier for him to write the inevitable see all, tell all, hear all, about the campaign.

I looked at the wapo links. So nyt is sticking up for modo? They don’t have a shred of credibility anymore. The commenters got it right though.

@19, the defense of the NYT editor is not a glowing endorsement of modo with the, “Other people said it too.” Just like you say, this election has been a chronic erosion of any credibility the NYT has left.

I wonder if nyt isn’t doing anything about modo’s article because maybe Biden did tell her that? Like Politico said this month? That would be kinda funny if true.

@18: I saw him today actually say, “Trump is working toward saying Bush is low T. Low key is merely his way of working up to the insult of low T.”

Like you said, a mind meld or something. Where oh where is the talking head who then asks him “So you know this how?”?


We just watched Colbert (the first 20 min). It was hysterical. He took on the Benghazi hearing (he said it was really a telethon for Hillary!) and then Chafee and Webb dropping out. He was brutal. Laker & I were dying of laughter. You guys should check it out.

@23: But it’s already run back here. 😦

Maybe I can catch it online.

Yeah, I was thinking it should show up either on youtube or the Late Show site.

@25: Oh yeah annie, probably somewhere on CBS on the web.

Ok, this doesn’t have the opening monologue where he takes on the Benghazi hearing, but it has the skit where he roasts Webb & Chafee:

Latest Iowa polls: Hillary 65, Bernie 24.
That is all.

Oh my gawd SoCal! That was awesome. I do so adore Colbert.

And Chat…nice stats there. 😊

@29, Operation SPF in full effect. Ignore the Bern. Sanders Poorly Friended.


Hillary is on Colbert tonight!!!!

@33: Thanks annie! That *was* fantastic and oh yeah, gotta set an alarm or something for the Colbert show!

There’s an interesting piece over at HillaryMen on Bernie Sanders, the berni-bots and their temptation to go negative.

I will have to DVR Colbert!

Game 1 of World Series, 3-3 in the 7th inning. Doesn’t get much better than this! Let’s Go Mets!!!

Am I the only woman who is appalled by the media coverage on the Bengahzi commission?

She didn’t break under unjust state-sponsored interrogation, so “it’s fucking win for her”?

How many women in this forum, how many women nationwide have been subjected to this extra-judicial torment and survived, only to have our “nearest and dearest” tell us “Gee, you didn’t get a court win, but you sure made them look bad, didn’t you? Now go pick up and go on with your lives” ?

That committee violated the law and wasted over four million of everyone’s taxpayer money. And the victim’s supporters’ are supposed to be celebrating because they didn’t also illegally put their target in jail?

Madamab, it could have been much worse but the media coverage still makes me literally sick. They are without any sense that one half of American citizens are in fact, citizens.

@38: Jeebus! Fourteen innings!! 😯

@39: The media does seem to have been complicit. Fortunately, she sailed through it.

@41 She has indeed weathered a sh!tstorm and all of her supporters should be glad of that. But to present it as a PR staged frickin’ GIFT? As a handout win by a legislative committee that would be illegal in any rational country?

WTF are they going to do next? Dunk her and if she doesn’t drown, declare *that* as a media frikin’ gift?

BTW, casting no aspidistras at you, MB, just fed to the teeth with the teevee sht.

From that WSJ piece:

“Hillary is kind of starting to dominate the Democratic side,” said Doug Deason, Mr. Deason’s son. “It’s pretty obvious that unless something happens to her with this email scandal that she’s going to become the nominee.” Mr. Cruz, he said, is best-equipped to face Mrs. Clinton in the general election. (As for Republican Ben Carson, who is surging in national polling, Mr. Deason said Mrs. Clinton would “eat his lunch.”)

Pretty sure the email “scandal” is done and over. And if Hillary would “eat his lunch” for Carson, she’ll enjoy Cruz with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. 😆

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