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Lazy Weekend: Playlist for the Commitee

Posted on: October 23, 2015

Happy Friday, Widdershins.  We’ve waded our way through another week, and need to unwind promptly and forthwith.  We’re going to try something a little different today in that we are feeding into the week rather than disassociating ourselves.  Therefore, we can harness some of the energy that has been so negative and create a playlist for the Benghazi Committee.  I’m certain that everyone would enjoy sending them a musical tribute or three.  Maybe, just maybe, we can turn these negatives into some mirthful positives, so let them rip, Widdershins.

Otherwise, we have a completely open thread here, so take the music and the conversation wherever you would like.

(1) Repetition – The Kinks

(2) There, I’ve Said It Again – Bobby Vinton

(3) The Same Old Song – The Four Tops

(4) Same Old Story, Same Old Song – BB King

(5) No, No, A Thousand Times No – Beatrice Kay



66 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: Playlist for the Commitee"

Okay one non-musical tweet concerning “The Committee” and its fearless leader.

I’d like to dedicate this song to all of the Republican “Benghazi Boys” on the committee: Trey, lil Jimmy “buzzcut” Jordan, lil Mikey Pompeo, and Pete and Lynn. Gosh guys, y’all sure showed that Clinton woman, didn’t ya?

And isn’t it just terribly sad when one of your own refers to the committee and its members this way?

Erickson continued to defend Gowdy, but later took another shot at Reps. Susan Brooks (R-IN), Jim Jordan (R-OH), Mike Pompeo (R-KS), Martha Roby (R-AL), and Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) calling them “a carnival road show of back bench congresscritters playing to the cameras.”

Here’s one for Susie and Martha from the committee.

Well Rude Pundit has his post up about the Benghazi hearings and he basically said “so the bullies had Clinton answer questions for 11 hours. Meh.”

Good for him.

Oh yay! College football tonight: Yale at Penn.

Donald Trump was asked about Hurricane Patricia coming across Mexico, entering the Gulf of Mexico and then affecting the SE coast:

“I’ve got to tell you, these Mexican hurricanes, they’re not sending their best, it’s a total disaster, OK? We are going to build the most amazing hurricane wall to keep them out of our country. Believe me, people are going to be very, VERY impressed by this wall, that I can tell you.” – Donald Trump

Stolen from

Hey y’all, don’t forget that Hillary is going to be on the Maddow show tonight.

@8: I missed it. Was she good?

@9: Yeah, pretty much. I’d like to see it again because I missed parts of it. Of course I don’t know when that will happen because it’s Friday and it’s Lockup Weekend on MSNBC. 😯

I win:

Run, run, lost boy, away from reality. Neverland is home to lost boys like me:

And this one is for the Hon. Martha Roby (Crazy AL):

Prolix, you are indeed on a roll there.

@9, Hillary has gotten so much better at just being relaxed and at ease with the interviewer. Rachel asked some really hard questions and Hillary wasn’t defensive at all.

One difficult question was about some of Big Dawg’s legislation that has taken two decades to eradicate. She said, “When they were enacted, they were defensive, in essence, rear guard actions to thwart worse outcomes.” She actually said, “I’m not defending the actions, I’m just explaining them.”

The candor and forthcoming nature will serve her well in this campaign. I think she has mentally prepared herself for “just being herself,” and having the confidence that people are going to “like her enough”.

It was a full hour and it was a successful interview for both of them.

@11: Yep. You surely do.

@16, I almost added the exact same song, but I had already been somewhat musically prolixous.

@19, LOL — so true, so true!

Sooooeeeeyyy! c’mon Hawgs!!

@15: What Rachel and some others don’t realize is that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was actually a step forward in some ways.

I didn’t see anything Clinton did at that time as being any step back as Rachel referred to them. Maddow really knows you can’t judge the actions back then by the viewpoints of today.

@23: Does anyone really understand that people must be judged by contemporaneous standards?

@23 & 24, I think the questions were good because they are exactly what the O’bots said and Bernbots are saying. I think Rachel probably did a real service by giving Hillary an opportunity to give supporters ammunition to counter Bot-o-mania.

At the end of the day, I think those issues are more excuse than a reason. IMO, both Bot incarnations are more contrarians than adherents to principle.

Wow – Beata’s Hoosiers are nipping at Sparty’s heels.

@25: I understand what you are saying Prolix and I agree it’s more excuse than reason.

When I worked a a Navy Data Center, there was a young enlisted woman who was a lesbian who was stationed there. Now, we all knew that she was gay and this was when Don’t Ask was in effect. At one point Vickie got “frocked” from seaman to P.O. 3. so a few of us (including the Master Chief and Sr. Chief over the center) took her out for drinks to celebrate. There was a really obnoxious drunk there at Vaughns who kept giving her a hard time and coming on to her. It was really getting bad and she was trying to keep her cool. Finally the Master Chief said “Look: she’s gay…she’s not interested”. I was sitting there and my jaw dropped. I knew she was a lesbian and we had gone out a few times to a couple of bars, including a women’s bar. Vickie never said anything either way after he said that. Now I guess she could neither confirm or deny what he said, I don’t know. When I was leaving that job I asked him about it and he said “She’s a good sailor and that sh!t doesn’t matter. But remember I wasn’t on duty when I said that.”. Still, I would think that was an improvement over what was in effect before Don’t Ask went into effect.

@26; I just saw that…amazing. And congrats to Arky after that forced march in 4 overtimes.

@29: Love it! I saw one somewhere and downloaded it. I’ll have to put it up here, maybe after the game.

Oh Gawd…the gumps won.

Yes, but it puts Tenn out of the East. Oddly, we did better scoring against Tennessee than Bama did.
Tennessee will be no joke from here.

Hubbie says the red tide won. That’s too bad.

Okay, I’ll be back after the game. Have to watch this one on the laptop.

Wow – an unheard Kinks for this Kinks fan! Thanks, Chat.

Tried to find a publishable video for Sue Medley’s “Forget you (and the horse you rode in on)” but that canny Canadian seems to allow it be only downloaded for a fee.

Can’t argue with her – artists must live – but found this gem, after Chat reminded me of my fav raves:

@32 and another yes but is that if Bama had lost they would have been a 2 loss team in the West which would have helped us out and maybe give us some breathing room should we have a loss in the games coming up.

This game tonight has been a mess so far. Lots of rain which is making ball security an issue for both teams. I told ya chat that WKY is pretty good. We’re only ahead by 7 at the half.

@35: I am a huge Kinks fan. I’d love to hear Sue, but Glee will help us out.

@36: We have played WKU, and yes, they are good. LSU is a better team. And you’re right – rain can be a huge factor.

@37 Kinks were the only band I ever saw live that wore out their audience. We were trying to get a fifth encore, but just didn’t have the energy. Ray Davies & co. (like Hillary!) just seemed to be channelling the Energizer Bunny.

@27 Fredster, thank you for posting that. It’s realtime stories like this that should and hopefully will change the course of legislation.

We have played WKU

Oh and so did we, forget now when it was.

@39: The young girl Vickie was just a sweetheart and was really, at that time, wanting to make a career out of the Navy. She obviously couldn’t say anything to that drunk other than “nah man, I’m not interested” or similar things but the obnoxious drunk wouldn’t listen. Master Chief was sort of a burly guy so when he kind of said that with a growl the drunk backed off.

Oh and thanks USC! 🙂

John Chavis wanted soooo badly to go to TAMU from LSU with his vaunted defensive strategies. Well…one of the LSU writers for has referred to his defense as the John Chavis School of Mime and Interpretive Dance. Kinda looked that tonight against Ole Miss.

Well now I can go check out the election results from La. and see how well or badly David Vitter did.

@44: Let me guess…..hmmmm……despite being the poster boy for everything that the “party of family values” claims to be evil, Vitter emerged victorious and moves forward. Am I warm?

@41 Fredster, I’ve seen a lot of those scenarios. “Just not interested” should work but that kind of creep seem to have lost their hearing.

Good for your Master Chief for backing her up and getting the drunk to back off.

@35 Thanks,Chat! Can’t remember after this long if the lyrics are the same, but the spirit’s sure there. “Forget them” and all they rode in on.

PDXPat@46: Well he looked after his sailors, that’s for sure. Now for us civvies that also worked there, mmmm…maybe not so much. I had heard that he had really wanted the entire ops part of the data center to be all military but he couldn’t get it. And that was fine with me because I was just there to get some experience in an area I didn’t have and they supplied it for me.

@45: Actually, in the raw numbers, Vitter got less than 25% of the vote. The Repub vote was split between three candidates.

Let me see how this pastes in:

Scott A. Angelle 214907 19.87% R
“Jay” Dardenne 166553 15.40% R
John Bel Edwards 444061 41.05% D
David Vitter 256105 23.68% R

I’m not sure how many of Angelle’s and Dardenne’s voters will go for Vitter in the runoff. If a lot of them sit out the runoff, John Bel may have a chance. I saw that the Dem Guv’s Assoc. is going to send staff to help him. I commented “to hell with the staff – send money!”.

That’s a healthy Democratic response.

@50: Well the combined Repub numbers are larger, *but* how many of the Angelle/Dardenne voters will sit out the runoff is one question. Another is will any (and how many) cross over to vote for Edwards if they think voting for Vitter is just too odious.

The other thing I want to see, and this will take a few days to get the #s, is what was the black turnout in the election.

There’s a month to the runoff election and believe me it’s going to be ugly. In his victory speech Vitter was already making comments trying to tie Edwards to Obama. Someone needs to remind him that Obama is not on the ticket.

What is the percentage of AA residents? The percentage may be reflective of Dem votes.

From an A.P. reporter who covers LA politics.

Voter turnout, according to Secretary of State’s Office, was a dismal 38.5 percent.

Edwards definitely needs a GOTV operation.

@52: They are about one third of the population I believe. Don’t know the % of registered voters.

The S.o.S. will have numbers in a few days.

What Vitter’s theme/meme will be in the runoff:

Almost forgot! Here’s that photo/image I saw and saved.

@56 – Awesome pic Fredster!

Let me update that “Forget You” a bit for all our friends in the Benghazi partisan bullyfest – er, “investigative committee.”

@mb: Wasn’t that a great photo?

Another caption could have been “I’m comin’ for you Trey Gowdy and your entire posse!”.

White elephants! Very good photo.

MB, there’s just so many ways to forget those fools, isn’t there?

arrgh! Comment-fu is on the blink – that was another left bracket snort right bracket after elephants that dropped out.

@59 & 60, Pat, I hadn’t noticed it before, but is your avatar a strawberry with a Trey Gowdy hairdo doing the Benghazi shuffle?

@61: She’s a cousin to my gravatar, Olive.

Pat@60: Best way to do a comment like this is to use * or ” like
*snort* or “snort”. If you use < wordpress is going to think you're trying to do something with html.

@61 *snort!* Sure looks like it, doesn’t it.

But even if Chat’s is Olive, don’t you DARE call mine Trey (or even très).

@63 Thanks, Fredster. I’ll try to get my aged brain to remember that this time (I remembered you’d helped before, but lost the mental yellow sticky with the info)

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