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Let’s do the Time Warp again…

Posted on: October 21, 2015

In preparation for tomorrow’s theater of the absurd at the Benghazi Bijou, I thought some preparation might be helpful given the stakes and the cast of interlocutors.  Since it is theater of the absurd, there will be a complete rejection of reality while embracing fantasy and all the possible contrived catastrophes flowing from it.

In the Rocky Horror Picture Show, there is a line in Time Warp that says, “It’s astounding, time is fleeting, madness takes its toll…”  Madness has indeed taken its toll upon the Republican Party since they have abandoned all manner of logic, fairness, decency, and ethics surrounding the Benghazi events.Lights 9.11

There is a time warp caught up in this madness being directed by Trey Gowdy and it is this:  There are two tragic events both carrying the date of September 11th, but they are separated by eleven years and a great gulf of hallucinatory mythology.

Let’s compare the two tragic events.  September 11, 2001, was a singular, unique terrorist event.  Its scope and breadth is unique by all standards associated with terrorism.  It occurred in the financial capital of the world at the crossroads of cosmopolitan civility.  It was foretold by more than a half-dozen intelligence warnings.  The most sophisticated nation on the planet with the most powerful military in the history of mankind could not stop the attack.

September 11, 2012, was one of 501 attacks against U.S. diplomatic facilities between 1998 and 2013.  Those attacks occurred in 70 countries and resulted in the deaths of 586 people, of which 67 were Americans.  During the Bush administration alone there were 166 attacks that killed 116 people, including 18 Americans.  The 2012 attack occurred in a dusty diplomatic outpost some 400 miles from the capital city of a failed nation-state lacking organized law enforcement.

bush yearsThe divergence in the amount of study afforded the two events is staggering.  While there were tertiary studies concerning torture and intelligence, there was only one all-encompassing National Commission empaneled for 9/11.  By contrast, there have been at least eight committees investigating Benghazi.  A single Commission for the most potent and deadly attack on American soil since the Civil War opposed to eight committees to investigate one isolated attack out of 500 similar ones.

Another notable difference between the two events, no one dared fundraise off the September 11, 2001, tragedy.  Conversely, September 11, 2012, has been a gold mine for Republicans.  It seems significant dollars can be ginned up when blame is encapsulated into an ad such as the one aired during the Democratic debate where four dead Americans made accusations from the grave.

That blood money was welcomed until the connections came to light of the various associated players.  Those same dollars became radioactive when it was disclosed Trey Gowdy was the beneficiary of not one, not two, but three donations from the PAC airing the controversial ad.  Even more galling is the treasurer of this gutless, dock-headed PAC was also the treasurer of a fundraising committee personally associated with Gowdy.

Then there’s the money having been spent for this political witch hunt.  The latest incarnation ramroded by Gowdy sports a price tag of $4.5 million.  There have been seven published reports costing additional millions of dollars.  Those reports have been led by nonpartisan notables like former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mike Mullen, Ambassador Thomas Pickering, and Republican House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers.

The Intelligence Committee Report was textbook in its efforts to seek camouflaged obscurity.  While it completely exonerated the Obama administration and in particular, Hillary, how was the report released?  The answer: In a Friday night news dump and in particular, the Friday night before the Thanksgiving week holiday.  While it got little to no coverage, here is what it specifically found:adayinthelife__

The CIA and the military acted properly in responding to the 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya.  The report concluded there was no wrongdoing by Obama administration officials.

Debunking a series of persistent allegations hinting at dark conspiracies, the two-year investigation determined there was no intelligence failure, no delay in sending a CIA rescue team, no missed opportunity for a military rescue, and no evidence the CIA was covertly shipping arms from Libya to Syria.

Immediately after the attack, intelligence about who carried it out and why was contradictory, the report found. That led Susan Rice, then U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, to inaccurately assert that the attack had evolved from a protest, when in fact there had been no protest.

But it was intelligence analysts, not political appointees, who made the wrong call, the committee found. The report did not conclude that Rice or any other government official acted in bad faith or intentionally misled the American people.

There is one area that the Benghazi Committee dare not study.  You can rest assured there will be no investigation whatsoever into the draconian budget cuts House Republicans made to security at our embassies, consulates, and diplomatic outposts around the world.

One final comparison demonstrating how morally bankrupt this entire process is and has been.  While a random embassy attack could never be foretold with any consistent accuracy, there is an undeniable, unmistakable effect of deliberate, peremptory war.  As has been uncovered, the inevitable march toward the Iraq War began in the very first National Security Council meeting in the first week of the Bush administration.  By some estimates, the lies underpinning that colossal mistake cost a half-million lives and Two Trillion Dollars.

whats-neocon-for-hypocritConversely, the lies associated with the Benghazi weren’t committed prior to or on September 11, 2012.  The lies associated with Benghazi began two years later on May 8, 2014, the day the Special Committee was created.  Those lies will continue tomorrow.

Be not afraid my Widdershin friends because the curtain will eventually come down and the house lights will erase the suspension of belief associated with this fanatical absurdist theater.  Unfortunately, as they sing in Rocky Horror it is too late for the damage already done since the madness has indeed taken its toll.

Enjoy your Wednesday.  Martial your strength for tomorrow and send good energy to Hillary.  Feel free to take this conversation in any direction you might like.

Given the season, here’s the Time Warp video from Rocky Horror for good measure.

128 Responses to "Let’s do the Time Warp again…"

Biden not running.

@1, and it was the right and best decision.

Earlier this morning, I wrote in the previous thread that I thought Joe Biden would decide not to run. It was a gut feeling. Then came the announcement. He made the best decision for himself, his family, and the country. I wish him peace.

“It’s a jump to the left……….”

From the WaPo article:

The PAC raised nearly $800,000 from January through June, according to its most recent federal disclosure. Most of that has been spent on direct mail and consulting fees — including $31,520 to Backer’s own firm, DB Capitol Strategies.

Nice little piece of chump change for the guy’s business. I wonder exactly what they did for the $31k?

September 11, 2012, was one of 501 attacks against U.S. diplomatic facilities between 1998 and 2013. Those attacks occurred in 70 countries and resulted in the deaths of 586 people, of which 67 were Americans. During the Bush administration alone there were 166 attacks that killed 116 people, including 18 Americans. The 2012 attack occurred in a dusty diplomatic outpost some 400 miles from the capital city of a failed nation-state lacking organized law enforcement.

That would fit in nicely in an opening statement by Hillary. Oh and be sure to include the attack on the barracks in Lebanon under Raygun.

Don’t guess we’ll ever know if Joe and Barrack had one of those mano a mano talks they so frequently have (according to Joe that is) and what the outcome might have been.

Beata@3: Well he can leave with his head high now. One of the talking heads said that the minute he announced, all of that good will he’s received would go out the window. And that’s probably true.

@6, in researching this post, I kept wondering this: If the attack on Benghazi was indeed planned, why Benghazi? Too often we take for granted that even though they might be wild-eyed terrorists, there is a plan.

In answer to that question of why Benghazi I found an allegation of the CIA running a clandestine torture center at the Annex Compound where the second attack was focused. I only found one reference to the CIA torture detention center, but it does stand to reason why Benghazi was a target. Of course, the U.S. can’t admit to either crime — CIA outposts conducting snatch and grab renditions or torture.

If indeed the CIA Annex was the real target or if it was a target of convenience after the initial demonstration, the security failure was not one of the State Department, it was a failure of the CIA.

What supports this theory is that the Republican Intelligence Committee admitted and exonerated the Administration and Hillary in no uncertain terms.

Of course it just makes the Republicans look all the more opportunistic knowing it wasn’t the State Department, but the CIA and knowing that such secrets can’t be disclosed.

Here is a map showing the main compound in Benghazi as well as the Annex.

@10: Prolix, my bad. I was trying to embed that map image for you and it’s not working. Grrrrr. I’ll keep trying.

got it added now. I had to put it into our library and add it from there.

Thanks Fredster. I’d never have figured it out.

@13: I think it had to do with the way the file was placed on wiki that we couldn’t do just an embed of it. Why dey do dat??? 👿

The leader of the Republican Party, Jabba the Limbaugh, proclaimed that Paul Ryan was a squish RINO. I’d love to be a fly on the wall of that meeting with the Freedom Carcass.

So if you move it into the library, you can select it and paste that url in?

@16: Exactly. Normally in a post you could just click on “add media” and pick it from the library. However to add it in a comment you have to have the url where it’s located, which in this case would be:


I think we lost some comments somewhere but I found them. 😉

@15: Was that on his radio show? I guess it’s awful to say but I’d love it if this all blew up in their faces with them not even being able to agree on Ryan.

@19, yep, he was pontificating on his sacrificial goat rodeo radio show.

Prolix, does he even have that much of an audience anymore? I read somewhere that one radio network had dropped him but that was some time ago.

Prolix, this post is brilliant. I think you submit it around. And send it to Hillary’s campaign site.

Fredster, I have been calling the nutters the Freekdom Caucaus, but like your Freedom Carcass better.

Ooops, meant to say “should submit it around.” Its so good, its a shame other people can’t see it.

annie I’d love to take credit but that was our resident wordsmith Mr. Prolix who coined that phrase.

@21, his radio network is dwindling, but that isn’t a good barometer for his influence in the head size of the a$$hats of the Tea Party, neocon, knuckle-dragging, pudding-heads. Limbaugh could be on a radio station with candle power and they would ferret him out.

He has, at best estimates, about 11 million listeners, but listeners are those who listen in for fifteen minutes within any given hour. One of the reasons Limbaugh ratings are down is because his listeners all along have been listeners who are on and off listening because they are in cars or trucks working.

The other thing is people are tiring of talk radio as a format — especially the bombastic rantings of someone like Jabba the Limbaugh.

@22, thank you Annie, that is very nice of you. I appreciate that I really do.

@25: That’s interesting. So fifteen minutes out of an hour. Interesting.

Prolix, another very informative post. Well done.

I’m not going to be able to watch tomorrow’s whatever but I have no doubt Hillary will be brilliant. I hope Widdershins who do watch will leave comments so I can read them later.

From Milbank’s piece today about the staff of the Benghazi Committee:

Perhaps alcohol is to blame for the clumsy pursuit of Clinton. Podliska (fired staffer) told the New York Times that committee members had started a “Wine Wednesdays” club and drank out of glasses imprinted with the words “Glacial Pace,” a reference to complaints about the leisurely investigation from Rep. Elijah Cummings (Md.), the panel’s top Democrat. GOP staffers also formed a gun-buying club. The slow pace leaves the strong impression that the panel is trying to extend its probe as far as possible into the 2016 election cycle.

@28, it will be a big day. If I had to be in the shoes of either Hillary or Trey Gowdy tomorrow, I’d be wearing sensible heels.

I’m sure folks will be posting all day — if “Star Wars” broke Fandango Monday night, these hearings are likely to break WordPress tomorrow.

prolix@9 Soon after the Benghazi attack, when it became known that this was a CIA facility I knew this would turn into a big clusterf*ck. When do they ever take the blame for their mistakes?

What I can’t understand is not why they were there or what they were doing, but how could the CIA be so stupid, incompetent and downright negligent to have Amb. Stevens in their facility, so far from help, with very little security (personnel wise and unsecured building too) on September 11th of ANY year? Security for the CIA comes out of their budget, not the Embassy budget.

This is from 12/13 CIA officials testimony. It says this is where the “stand down order” came from. The CIA.

Great post, by the way!

@31, Georgia, according to the 9/11 Commission Report, Amb. Stevens was cautioned against going to Benghazi by his security team, but opted to go nonetheless. It was a bad decision and fate took advantage.

I remember reading Al Franken’s book back in the aughts, I think it was called “Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot” or something like that, and it said that his fans call themselves “dittoheads”.

If they don’t bother listening to the whole show, sounds like they’re not the devoted army Jabba claims they are.

@33, Annie, they are disgruntled, angry, middle-aged white guys stuck in cars going on sales calls or service calls. Just like all angry, pessimistic and negative souls, they go through life thinking everyone and everything is out to get them. They think people get up in the morning thinking about ways to make their lives more unbearable. They hate government. They have no clue about how it works, but they hate it and everything it represents. Everyone, but their fathers and their poker-playing buddies are stooooopid. Everyone is their enemy who doesn’t subscribe to the same xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, phobicphobic set of beliefs.

There you have the Limbaugh demographic. To shorten it, I could have said, “Just imagine the worst aspects of the Tea Party and you’ll have it.”

@29: So I’d like to know if the GOP staffers charged the cost of imprinting their wine glasses to the committee itself and hence to us the taxpayers. If so, then perhaps docking their paychecks for the cost is in order.

Prolix said: They hate government. They have no clue about how it works, but they hate it and everything it represents

Which is kinda sad because if they are on those roads everyday perhaps they don’t realize that the repair and upkeep of said roads come out of the money in the Highway Trust Fund. Granted that the money comes in part from the fuel taxes we pay but those taxes go toward something called the common good.

This is fascinating. Got it in an email from a pro-Hillary group Correct the Record.

@35, that’s funny you mention the cost, the Benghazi Committee has spent over $2.0 million this year — more than about a half dozen other committees combined. Welcome to the fiscally responsible Republican leadership.

@39, from the very first moment, in the first 30 seconds, she won. Gowdy was angry from the get-go — unreasonably angry. The only possible reason for him to act so shamefully is that he was playing to the wingnut crowd who wants nothing more than a pound of flesh. Gowdy is putting on a show so that he can satiate the wingnuts and give them their ticket price.

@38: In light of that amount maybe the staffers feel that the cost of the wine glasses is just chump change.

I missed the opening stuff but I saw him just a few minutes ago and yeah he’s acting angry and like a spoiled child who had his toy taken away. I do hope the Dem members of the committee decide to walk out en masse after her testimony as had been mentioned elsewhere. I’d love it.

Today’s committee hearing provides a nominee for wikiquotes:

When it comes to jumping the shark in politics, never underestimate the ability of lead-booted Republicans to overestimate their long jump ability.

As seen on a tee shirt worn by a very well-fed shark, who like the majority of the Republicans on the committee, was “great and white”.

Jim Jordan is an asshole.

I like that tee shirt. 😉

@44, Jim Jordan is the herpetic sore in the middle of the hemorrhoid on the asshole.

Speaking of time warps, am I the only one starting to have flashbacks of the Anita Hill inquisition of over 20 years ago?

At least this time the Dems seem to have the woman’s back, and there’s no Biden in sight (thank dog!)

Prolix@45: OUCH!

@46: Yep, they are standing up for her.

Now…how to describe Peter Roskam?

Roskam – another Arlan Spector understudy.

He’s not letting her finish a single response to any of his barrage of accusations.

Make that “ridiculous propagandistic barrage of attacks”

@PDXPat: You go gurl! 🙂

@50: Not to mention “bombastic”!

Someone remind me again about what Gowdy said about this hearing not being about Hillary or her emails.

@51 Thanks Fredster!

@52 That too!

“First of all, I want to thank you for your patience”
Now that gurl (Sanchez) goes!

Oh, my God! That idiot from Alabama is grilling Sec. Clinton on “was she ALONE! all night” Cue the scarlet letters…good grief.

@55: Oh Pat, please don’t pick on the southerners…we try…we really do. And so far I haven’t heard her say “Roll Tide!”. 😯

That congressthing from Alabama matches the congressthing from Ohio perfectly. “I have nothing of value or relevance to say in this hearing, so I’m just going to fire off one stupid accusation after another and not let you get a word in”

Oh, never mind. Rep. Smith from WA (yay!) is saying it and much better than I could.

@57: She definitely deserves a good slap.

You’re right Pat, Smith is doing great.

@56 No, no, not -all- Alabamians! Not even most. In fact, just her!

And she’s probably from Ohio anyway.

So she wouldn’t even know to say “Roll Tide!” 🙂

@57, Smith is now one of my fave raves. He’s been really good today. All of the Dems have been admirable and really stand-up folks today.

I just can’t believe the Repubs had nothing, absolutely nothing, going into today.

Smith is just calling out Jordan again.

And she’s probably from Ohio anyway.
Oh maybe Massatuusettes. 😉

So she wouldn’t even know to say “Roll Tide!”
Maybe she’s an Aubie fan.

Rep. Adams nails it again – points out that the one inquisitor who kept grilling Sec. Clinton on her saying that the video was the cause of the attack attributed to her something she had not actually said, and points out that he (inquisitor) kept ignoring her answer.

@63 Nah, not even Auburn. She’s obviously Jordan’s soulmate. He’s ranting on again now, BTW. Quelle jerk.

Why Mass.?

I’m not sure that Barney Ruble looking fool Jim Jordan has the sense to know which way from up.

@65: Oh Gawd…that might make her a Buckeye. Ewww.

@62 I can see why you like Smith. I have not been following politics much outside NC and had not heard of him before. He’s great!

@65: Just being a smart@ss which I have a tendency to do at times. ;-p

Smith is calm, cool, collected. Wait a minute…that’s Secret deodorant.

Westmoreland looks like he should be on a Sex Offenders list in Georgia.

He just said at the beginning, “I’m not interested in your emails.”

Right now he’s talking about emails.

Jordan and Gowdy’s idea of a hearing.

Now it’s the congressthing from Georgia is not letting her complete an answer. And making up the most ridiculous vile theories and demanding she account to him for those.

If enough Americans are watching, this could have the same effect that the Anita Hill inquisition did. I certainly hope so.

Schiff making good points here about her emails.

@73: The sad thing is most folks are only going to see the brief, excerpted 2 or 3 minutes at the most.

Sorry, Fredster, and Prolix, I keep leapfrogging over y’all. Not used to this here live blogging. Jim Jordan is Barney Rubble indeed.

But I’m very glad you’re here for it. It’s great to have real-time companions in outrage.

Oh, yay – Cummings refers to the NYT publishing lies on the front page and the retraction on at the bottom of page 36. And Schaif (?) from California gave a spot on summary before that, about the way the Rethugs grilled her.

No problem with the leapfrogging Pat.

Elijah just gave a rip roaring comment and Hillary just leveled them.

Gowdy is looking like the weasel he is.

Pompeo acts as if his cage has been rattled by one too many Kansas tornadoes.

Now Pompeo is reading the headlines from Worldnet — conspiracy central.

“Yes or no” (see raving roland above)

Pat, I’m really glad you’re here — the more the merrier when you are watching the craziness that we are all paying for.

I’m sitting here thinking how many school lunches could have been paid for with the bull crap being peddled today.

I was wondering when someone was going to talk about Pickering. Thomas Pickering is one of the most respected career diplomats we have ever had.

Elijah is preaching about him now. Good on Elijah!

@80: Hate to use the term but “ditto” Pat.

Prolix, how many more useful *anythings* could have been paid for.

Hell! They’re going to make her lose her voice so she wont’ be able to speak tomorrow on Maddow’s show! 👿

@82, Ken Starr wasted $70 million to find a stained blue dress so I’m sure Gowdy is trying to figure how much he can run up.

From Elijah: What Prolix said.

Trey Gowdy is a freaking fool. He’s an angry little common man.

@86: And with a shiny forehead too.

I’ve seen smarmy people like Gowdy who just made that response and face that I really…REALLY wanted to just punch the shit out of. (sorry about that).

For some reason, my last comments wouldn’t post. Still following, though, thanks again so much.

Oooh, she said “redact!” Way to slip that in!

She looks so tired. Punching’s too good for those tur…keys.

@89: Don’t see anything caught in the filters/spam or pending Pat.
Can you try to repost it?

Okay, a perfect example of Foxification!

MSNBC and CNN covered the actual testimony of the actual facts. Fox is running a dramatization of Benghazi based upon internet conspiracy theories.

I saw Terry Sewell, the lone (I think) Dem congresswoman from Alabama in the audience.

Adam Schiff (former DA on L&O!) on CNN right now.

I’m gonna watch football! 🙂

I don’t live in Schiff’s district, but I was really proud of him today. All the Dems were rock stars today. But our girl Hillary was absolutely fucking amazing. She killed it.

The rethugs looked utterly ridiculous. Gowdy sweating more and more as the day wore on. I wondered why none of his aides thought to tell him to wipe his stupid mug down every now and then.

@96, West Coast teams!!! 🙂

@97: It kinda looked like he had his sweating forehead and then on his lower face it didn’t look so shiny. Makeup?

@98: Yeah and S.F. is pitiful this year.

@92 I don’t know what happened. For most of those hours (!) I was able to type and hit “enter”, then all of a sudden my computer went into zombie mode and I had to close down the page and bring it up again. Didn’t save those comments and their moment has flown in any case, but it’s no big deal. Just glad to have the company.

@96 Now I think I get your and Chat’s strange fascination with watching a bunch of big guys bash into and stomp each other. I think the Dawgs might be good for a bit of catharsis right about now.

@97, Annie, Gowdy could have used some of that talc powder on his forehead he had to be putting on his royally chafed red a$$ at the breaks. This bunch of rethug navel lint is now sitting back, drinking beer, and congratulating one another about how they treated Hillary.

They have the emotional maturity of sixth grade mean girls.

@91: Punching is too good – they should be weasel-stomped!

@101: And sadly the Dawgs are on their bye week this week. But yep it’s fun to watch these guys just beating h*ll out of each other and also the intricacies involved in some of the plays. I didn’t have an appreciation for that for a long time.

@103: LOL! Well I did say Gowdy had a weasel face.

@104 Right now, I’d just settle for the punching.

Just LOLed for real with a vision of those Repub inquisitors going out on the field as …wait for it.. The Weasels!

Prime stompin time. Heck, even Ga. Tech would do for that (or Wake Forest – heh)

My inet connection is obviously Republican. It’s updating in about 1/3 real time and torpedoing my comments.

I’m giving in now (unlike Hillz), will donate before signing off and check back tomorrow.

Some great comments from the above huffpo post:

“Bob Uhler · Rutgers University
Haha, Rush was trying to make a big deal of the Blumenthal e-mails. What do they have to do with the attack on the Benghazi outpost? Yeah, I don’t know either. This committee is grasping at straws, and the straws are outsmarting them.”


“Ross Cotterill
The Repubs look like they are peeing themselves with excitment when it’s their turn to put on their show. Only to be gunned down in flames with a few smiles and words from America’s first female president.”

@109, “The committee grasping at straws, and the straws are outsmarting them.” LOL

That is a good one about the straws. LOL!

Pat@106: Now you know that’s bad when you say Ga. Tech and Wake Forest and the Weasels. 😆

@106 – Maybe that should be how it’s settled – with a football game. Remember MASH?

@112 Coming back from Deep Sleep to remind you of the upset oh, gosh, 30? years ago now, when lil ole Wake Forest stomped those Dawgs.

My BF, a Ga. Tech. graduate, just -had- to call my sis’s husband, a forever Dawg, at 1 a.m. to ask “How ’bout them Dawgs?” That hangup was heard blocks away.

@113 Great idea, Chat.

I’d back Wake Forest vs. the Weasels any day (given that the Dawgs are on vacay now)

PDXPat@114: ROTFL! I’m sure there have been some post Iron Bowl calls like that. 🙂

The Rude Pundit has two great mini posts up on the Benghazi “hearings” and promises more tomorrow.

Randy Rainbow trick-or-treats Kim Davis.

Oooh, Rude Pundit ripped those dirtbags a new one. Remind me to check in to him tomorrow!

I’ve been looking at the huffpo comments on the article I linked above (not since then…I just got home) and there are lots of comments like this:

“Fred Nuguid
Thank you republicans for making up my mind about Hillary Clinton. Testifying before a group of angry white patriarchal males, Clinton exuded strength, poise, grace, charisma, nerve and talent. Never have I seen her more presidential than today. I AM VOTING FOR HER.”

This, from huffpo, which has been Bernie Central for months. There are hardly any comments about Bernie that I have seen tonight. Amazing. Those ratfuckers just made Hillary look superhuman.

annie: You know it’s gonna be good.

Those republican @ssholes will probably cause a 30 point spike for Hillary in the polls. 😆

@122, here’s hoping!

I was looking at twitter and made a tweet (?) I have no idea if I did it correctly. It’s kind of a manic environment.

Am I following you on twitter? I think I am.
Oh and did you watch the video with Randy Rainbow and Kim Davis? I liked the one in jail better.

“After much thought I have decided to end my campaign for president,” Lincoln Chafee said.

Sighs of relief were heard from thousands of motel curtains saved from senseless DIY tie-making.

@125: LOL!

Here’s a question: Why doesn’t someone cut down that tree where the cookie baking elf, Chuckles Todd, lives?

First, it was the debate. Then it was the Benghazi hearing. Now it is the Jefferson Jackson dinner speech that will make or break Hillary. What will it be next? Will it be if the chocolate chips form Hillary’s picture in one of his cookies? Or will he be checking his stools for pictures of Bush, Cruz, or Trump?

@125: Ah Linc…we’ll miss you so.

@127: Well, the poor guy has to make up something to use up his air time. He can’t seriously believe that the J/J dinner is going to hurt her. 🙄

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