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Putting the “con” in conniving…

Posted on: October 19, 2015

Carson Eyes Closed

I tried to find a photo with his eyes open, but…

For those of you tuning-in for MB’s weekly affirmational activism, she is pulled seven ways from Sunday with work and travel.  She will be back next week, but not to worry, she will be popping in with comments and keeping an archangel’s watchful eye upon us.

Before I begin, I have to check-off some mandatory disclaimers.  First, Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon and from all reports a fine one.  Second, he was a pediatric neurosurgeon, so extra points there.  Third, by all reports he seems to be a devout Seventh-day Adventist.  Fourth, he seems to be a sweet, soft-spoken, thoughtful human.  Fifth, and perhaps most importantly, he’s a platinum-certified, tra-lah-lah-lah cuckoo crackpot.

Just for the record, numbers one through four do not make number five impossible.  I’ve known plenty of brilliant people who enjoy howling at the moon.  In all fairness, number five seems to be somewhat conclusory so I suppose I should offer some supporting rationale.

Here are some of the things, in summary form, the good doctor has professed:

  • Obamacare is worse than slavery, America is a Gestapo state;
  • He’s never seen a bullet-hole uglier than a gun law;
  • Gayness is a choice because prisoners are raped and come out of prison all “gayed up”;
  • The Big Bang theory is a fairy tale and evolution is the work of Satan;
  • There’s no racism in America;
  • There’s no war on women, but there might be a war on women’s insides (I don’t even know what that means);
  • Planned Parenthood is an orchestrated plot to kill black babies; and
  • A devotion to Cleon Skousen, an activist author described by the conservative National Review, as an all-around nut job.

Obama careThe choice of Skousen as a philosophical beacon for your world view is bizarre to say the least.  Skousen believed “agents of communism” had “penetrated every echelon of American society—including some of the highest offices of the United States Government.”

In addition, Skousen maintained that the Founding Fathers were direct descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel and contended that a global cabal of bankers controlled the world.  Among other things he also hated abstract art and thought of it as a nefarious plot.  I could go on with quotes from Skousen about “naked pickaninnies running about,” but why – you get the picture.

At this point, you probably think this is just a post about trashing Ben Carson.  Admittedly it does do that, but there’s more to consider.  Carson consistently polls second in national polling behind Forrest Trump and in the IBD/TIPP poll that many consider to be the most accurate, Carson is first with a seven point advantage over Trump.Carson Liberty Counsel

And the kicker, the 20% of the Republicans who support Carson ponied up Twenty Million Dollars last quarter – that’s $20,000,000 – the largest fundraising haul of any Republican.  Here’s what he did with it – spent over $11,000,000 on direct mail, online fundraising, and various other money-raising gimmicks.  In other words, his burn rate for fundraising is around 60% — so for every dollar some unsuspecting, but believing, rube sent him, sixty cents went to bilk that same person or some other unsuspecting rube out of another dollar.  This shakedown rate puts him in spitting distance of the Michele Bachmann/Sarah Palin Hall of Shame for Shakedowns.

One Nation BookSo after a $20 million haul, what does the good Doctor do?  He temporarily suspends his campaign.  To do what you ask?  To go on a book tour and sit in some latte scented corner of Barnes & Noble and read to converts.  With this decision he joins the pantheon of Ron Paul’s “buy gold” newsletter, Huckabuck’s cinnamon diabetes cure, and the grande dame herself, Sarah Palin’s single-handed defense of Christmas.  Why does it surprise so many Republicans when their Foxy time is punctuated by so many of the very same people to whom they contributed during the campaign?  It is unsurprising that the campaign was little more than an audition.

Ben Carson is a grifter, perhaps not a grifter by design, but in practice.  By analogy, white collar criminals don’t commit muggings, but they are common thieves nonetheless.  Carson’s con is book sales begetting higher speaking fees begetting enhanced pundit value begetting greater celebrity begetting additional influence begetting more book sales – the life-cycle of a professional grifter’s con.Carson 2013

Carson is not unique in his con, but I have chosen to focus on him because of the rather crass manner of how he appeared on the national political stage.  In 2013, Carson chose to get up in President Obama’s grill at the National Prayer Breakfast – a non-political event that has been around since Ike’s first term.  Never before had anyone had the temerity to violate its nonpartisan heritage until Carson used it as his successful Fox audition.  That my friends is not a good and pure heart – that is the heart of a grifter.

When you combine the poll numbers of Trump, Carson, and Fiorina (her con is promotion through ever-increasing failure) you have over 50% of the Republican Party supporting these grifting cons.  Not a day of government service among them.  Not a whit of mission beyond feeding an unquenchable ego.  And most importantly, because of the Foxification of the media, no one to call their con what it is – one long scam.


Take this conversation in any direction you might like.  Enjoy your Monday!



100 Responses to "Putting the “con” in conniving…"

Oh, he isn’t the first to do a book tour disguised as a prez run. Think Herman Cain and Mike Huckabee, Soon Carson will be the scientific commentator on Fox.

And the name of the show, “Science through Deuteronomy with Ben,” who puts the “ads” in Adventist.

From the M.J. article on Carson and Skousen:

Skousen listed dozens of the goals of the commies and their useful idiots, including pushing free trade, promoting coexistence with the Soviet bloc, capturing “one or both of the political parties in the United States,” winning control of schools (“use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda”), and infiltrating the press

weaken American culture by degrading artistic expression (and substituting “good sculpture from parks and building” with “shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms”), and present homosexuality as “normal, natural, and healthy.” What’s more, he claimed, they wanted to discredit the Bible…

The only thing I saw missing was adding fluoride to the drinking water, but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere.

In a 1962 book, Skousen decried homosexuality and insisted, “Every boy should know that masturbation may be the first step to homosexuality.”

If that’s true then more than one boy has taken the first step down the lavender highway. 😆

You would think that seeing Carson’s name tied in with Glenn Beck would be enough for the average thinking person to say “Wait..what?” but apparently not so much.


@4, when I saw that quote about masturbation being boys’ first step toward homosexuality, I immediately thought it was amazing there aren’t more generations of marathon runners.

@5, did you see the part about Skousen having been a professor of Romney? That explains many things.

He’ll be ripped apart. They’ll be digging up the Anita Hill hearings tapes soon after he announces.

Henry added that observers should look to Saturday’s Jefferson Jackson dinner in Iowa as a potential announcement event.

Wonder if Hillary had plans to attend the J/J dinner?

@8, Mo Brooks should not be allowed out of his cage without someone with one of those pole nooses around his neck. If Mo Brooks and Steve King had a baby it would have to live underground due to the paranoia.

@11: Why wait? Let’s have a preemptive impeachment. That’s the ticket!

@9, I don’t believe he’ll do it. He’s in a distant third right now and he will never be more popular than he is the hour before he announces.

@8: I’m pretty sure the high crimes and misdemeanors have to be committed while the Prez is in office and not for incidents that may have occurred before becoming President.

Mo Brooks’ district runs from Florence Al east toward Scottsboro and includes Huntsville. Huntsville is home to the Univ. of Alabama-Huntsville (the nerd school), the Marshall Space Flight Center and Redstone Arsenal. You would think there’s enough brain power there to not elect someone like Mo Brooks, but then…Ben Carson.

@12, according to some of the craziness I’ve heard from Mo Brooks about gun control, he is liable to climb into his “way back machine” and go back several generations in the Rodham family to make sure and take care of the situation.

@14, just because Huntsville calls itself the “Rocket City” doesn’t mean there’s scientists voting.

@13: They’ll turn on him like rabid dogs, except maybe for #socklessdeadintern and #drunkmika.

From Mo’s bio on his website:

He graduated from Duke University in three years with a double major in political science and economics, with highest honors in economics. In 1978, he graduated from the University of Alabama Law School.

Duke should ask for their degree back and if not possible ask that he not publicize the fact that he went there.

@16: That’s sad isn’t it? I thought it might have been a beacon of sanity in the state.

If you are wondering, the Westboro Baptist Church did a drive-by protest of Kim Davis today. They invested 30-minutes and then moved on to protest other illustrious Appalachian sinners. Yesterday, they were protesting sinners in Louisville — there’s more of them so it took all day.

@18, Mo Brooks, like Ben Carson, is an example of something I’ve never been able to understand: How do you go to school, get a degree, make a career out of the science, and then declare the science is bogus. Did Ben Carson tell his patients’ parents right before he cut into their skulls that evolution is the work of the devil? If he did, those parents need to be subject to termination of parental rights.

@19: Oh that’s too damned funny: WBC telling Kin Davis to do her job.

@19 & 20: Oh the stupidity…it burns!

Okay, Hillary is gonna be at the J/J dinner in Iowa. Do I really believe Biden is going to make his announcement there? Hmmm…

@9, Ed Henry is just giving Roger Ailes his afternoon stiffy.

@23: For whatever reason I had thought Ed Henry was with CNN. When I looked at another article and saw who he was with, I thought “oh hell, it’s probably Fox b.s.”.

Great post, Prolix! Maybe a little scary! Good God, what a loon! I don’t get why the rethug party lets so many nutcases run on their ticket. It reflects on all of them.

I think the journalists are getting fed up with Biden’s people always teasing them with rumors of his impending announcement. There are two new posts on Vox today that are critical of Biden. One criticizes all the rumors, and the other makes the case that there is no good reason for Biden to run at all.

@23, ewww! That is not a picture I want in my head Prolix!!!

Oh good grief! Jim Webb is thinking of running as an indy:

@27: As Fredster would say – quick! Hit the eyewash key.

Oh, good lord. Biden is supposed to announce in 48 hours but then he’s going to announce at the JJ dinner in Iowa? Of course, it is Ed Henry the one who’s always shopping conspiracy theories about Hillary. It seems the only people that want Biden to run are Republicans.

@25, Annie, it is my bet there’s someone with an initial of Koch or initials of Roger Ailes recruiting an affirmative action escape lane for the Republican Party. 999 Herman was 2012’s and Ben Carson is this year’s.

@27 & 29, sorry, but Ed Henry sold his soul to Fox and like a really seedy street walker, he went for a $20 and pocket change.

@28, bully for Jim Webb, him running as an independent means:

1. He’ll have all the time in the world to talk at the debate since he’ll be in a room by himself;

2. He’ll only draw votes from the Republican party where he should be running in the first place; and

3. As an independent he’ll have plenty of time to make snuff films about killing people and grinning about it.

@33, LOL!
@34, so true!

I wrote about Biden at Skydancing earlier today. I’m too tired to completely rewrite it but I thought it might be of interest here.

This morning, Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-PA) sent this message via his Twitter account:

“I have a very good source close to Joe that tells me VP Biden will run for Prez”

If this information is true, Brendan Boyle is an interesting choice for the Biden “leak”. In 2014, Brendan Boyle defeated Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law, former Rep. Marjorie Margolies, in Pennsylvania’s 13th District Democratic primary. The Clintons campaigned for Margolies.

My guess is that Boyle’s “very good source close to Joe” is Rep. Bob Brady (D-PA), Biden’s long-time friend from Philadelphia who has been pushing for Joe to run. Brady was Boyle’s major political supporter in his 2014 race for Pennsylvania’s 13th District seat. Brady is also the guy who stole the Pope’s water glass.

The Ben Carson for President story is really sad to me. Carson was a brilliant neurosurgeon who specialized in pediatric cases. He did amazing work at Johns Hopkins, including performing surgeries that had never been done successfully before. He should have stayed at Johns Hopkins to do research and teach the next generation of brain surgeons. But he’s a terrible candidate with crazy political ideas. What a waste of a great neurosurgical mind.

No one has to agree with me about this. It’s just my 2 cents.

@37: I didn’t mean Prolix’s story about Ben Carson is sad. It’s very well written as his posts always are. I meant the path Carson has chosen to take by running for President is depressing.

I wanted to clarify that. My brain isn’t working very well.

@33: I’ve missed the tawk shows this evening but I did see some other references to Biden announcing soon, implying the announcement is for a run.

If he wants to go out as a loser that’s fine with me but when I see the polls he’s third and as I said before he would have to defend a lot of Obama things that aren’t that popular like Keystone and the TPP.

Beata@37: That legacy for Carson would have lasted a lot longer than his Prez run will. That’s a total shame.

@38: We got what you meant so not to worry. You did fine. {{{HUGS}}}

Okay, I’ve solved a mystery — at least a mystery in my own mind. For the record, there are lots of those.

For the life of me, Trey Gowdy reminded me of someone — I just couldn’t place who it was. It occurred to me tonight — it’s the mean aliens from “I Am Number Four”. They could have used Gowdy as the model for the makeup artists.

The best I could do was a Bloopers Clip. The Gowdy aliens, or Gowliens, start at about 1:00 minute in.

@37, Beata, I agree with you. The world would be the better for Carson staying where his talent flourished instead of being lured by the magnet of celebrity.

It is a good life lesson to share though — even for someone as accomplished as Ben Carson, the reality show lure of celebrity and ego is overwhelming. I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on the Kardashians.

@41: Best character in that clip was the beagle.

re the Kardashians…you can bet Khloe K was very disappointed when Lamar Odom started coming around. The rumor is that pimp mamma Kris was offering sacrifices to the dark gods.

@43, in the movie the beagle was also an alien type of Hell dog.

From annie’s comments about Biden and articles on Vox. Here is the article about why it would be difficult for Biden to get the nomination. And here is the article about the continuing rumor mill on his announcement.

And here is a nifty chart of the Biden timeline timelines.

@44: That’s a damned shame the beagle is a devil dog. He’s still cute but being a devil dog makes me wonder if he’s house-trained.

Watching the replay of Maddow right now and she says Hillary is going to be on the show Friday.

I’m pretty sure there’s one show on MSNBC she won’t be making any appearances on. 🙄

@43″ Fredster, I love you to death but from all accounts, Khloe has been a loving wife and devoted friend to the-seemingly-lost cause that is Lamar Odom.

Again on Maddow right now…the appearance that Hillary made at the Alabama Democratic Conference, I didn’t see a lot of publicity covering this before hand. I probably wouldn’t have been able to get a ticket to it in time anyway.

@48: Sue, I stand corrected then. I made the mistake of lumping all Kardashians together. And that was snark in regard to mamma Kris and sacrifices to the dark gods

@47, if I had the stomach for it, I’d watch the #socklessdeadintern and #drunkmika just to hear them kvetch about Hillary being on TRMS. #sockless will make some snide comments, but #drunkmika will be more cautious since I’m sure she doesn’t want to be fired yet again.

@51: In this early a.m. (now yesterday) I flipped through and caught #socklessdeadintern ranting once again about F.B.I….investigation…criminal. What started it was Obama’s comments on 60 minutes that national security was never in jeopardy because of Hillary’s server.

ADDENDUM: I just really wish someone would call him out on his b.s. He just really needs a public shaming.

@52, this is where we miss Jon Stewart.

@53: Amen to that brother Prolix.

@37, well said Beata. It is really a shame.

@42, good points about the lure of fame and money, but the Kardash clan didn’t have anything else going. No brain surgeons in that bunch.

@54, ditto what Fredster said. Maybe the new guy will work up to it.

annie@56: I haven’t even watched his show yet. My bad. 😦

Fredster, its better than what I expected. He’s young and seems a little nervous, but he’s cute, has a pleasant voice and is sticking to the old format, which is nice.

@58, Annie, I agree, it is better than what I expected. I think the naivete of Trevor Noah works on some level, but I truly miss Jon Stewart’s clarity and ability to deliver a clear synopsis of an issue.

I agree that sticking with the old format was a good choice. I also like the feigned indifference of the “correspondents” — very funny.

annie and prolix: I’ll have to make a note to catch the midnight-central rebroadcast tonight. That’s the way I usually watched when Stewart was on there.

Jim Webb says he’s taking his toys and going home because no one let him talk enough.

However, here’s a graphic from the NY Times that shows the candidates’ speaking times. He wasn’t that far behind O’Malley and was way ahead of Chafee.

Well Joe which way was it ? Pick one version or the other…you choose.

The latest HillaryMen post says all the msm outlets are back to bashing Hillary and that NONE of them picked up on the story about gowdy screwing with Hillary’s email (making a redaction on one of them and then releasing it to make it look like she was receiving and sending classified emai–and then missing the name he redacted in the subject line).

I was flipping through the morning shows this morning to see if anyone was covering the news about Trey Gowdy, who took it upon himself to redact an email to make it look like Hillary had outed an intelligence source. (Then stupidly emailed it to the committee and left the name in the subject line) Not a peep.

Ed Klein was on promoting his book. I’m paraphrasing here:

Joe: So Ed, what do you think? Does the committee have anything here?
Klein: Well, my son is a diplomat and these things do happen (blah, blah), so no I don’t think there’s anything there.
Joe: So now what? (meaning do they fold the committee, say there was no wrong doing, etc.)
Klein: What they REALLY need to be looking into is the Clinton Foundation.
MEEEka: (straightens up, with a new gleam in her eyes) Oh, really?
Klein: Well, yeah. Look at all those speeches Bill Clinton gave for $500,000 a pop.
MEEEka: Were they with countries the State Dept was working with at the time?
Klein: Oh YEAH.

And so it begins…

annie@64 HA! I was having trouble getting my comment to post, but I can see we were thinking about the same thing!

MEEEka: Were they with countries the State Dept was working with at the time?

Answer this one #drunkmika: What countries doesn’t the State Dept. work with? DOH!

All you need to know about Ed Klein:

tabloid writer and gossip columnist

@65 & 67, I’m not sure #drunkmika could point out the world if she was sitting on a globe. Of the world’s 196 countries, there are only three with which we lack diplomatic relations — Iran, North Korea, and Bhutan. So giddy up there #drunkmika.

@69: I knew North Korea for sure, Iran makes sense and Bhutan (?). That’s a new one on me.

I’d say we aren’t missing much by not having diplomatic relations with them.

@65 & 68: And I quote from #socklessdeadintern his royal self:

MSNBC’s Scarborough: I Unbooked Klein Because His “Sources Were Weak And The Book’s Relevance Was Less Than Zero.” Former Republican Rep. Joe Scarborough said on MSNBC in 2005:

And when I learned that Mr. Klein was booked on SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY, I asked questions. What were the stories? Who were the sources? And, most importantly, what was the relevance? After learning the stories were inflammatory, the sources were weak and the book’s relevance was less than zero, I canceled the booking. Why? Because it was the right thing to do. [MSNBC, Scarborough Country, 6/27/05]

Perhaps #socklessdeadintern has been sipping too many of #drunkmika’s vodka spiked lattes.

@70, Bhutan is the Himalayan Switzerland without the chocolate and yodeling, although I imagine the yodeling would be pretty spectacular.

@71: Now that would be an inconvenient truth.

What was that I said about needing a public shaming?

Maybe he had an old bottle of Hadacol stashed someplace.

I imagine the yodeling would be pretty spectacular.

With those mountains? You bet!

Disclaimer: comments are created from Google autotext, my phone hates me, so please forgive all typos.

Hoping all is well with everyone, just checking in, catching up on all the news, and what an embarrassment and joke that Dr. Ben Carson is.

I just can’t believe someone so gifted and so brilliant in his field is so f’ing clueless. I just don’t know how you betray how you grew up, where you grew up, the opportunities that you earned with your hard work despite the bleakness of the potential future, the knowledge that you’ve gained and earned rightfully, and just s*** on it spectacularly. Sigh.

But, I am, super duper happy that there is a sense of, dare I say, cohesiveness (?) in the Democratic Party, particularly after the first debate. Very happy that Hillary is not afraid to let her power, her knowledge, her charisma and her weaknesses, all at the same time, just…show. She knows herself and she’s not taking any cues from hack campaigners anymore. She is doing her thing and I love it.

Well, it’s official, Eddie Munster stunt double and Ayn Rand acolyte, Paul Ryan, has said if his overlords, the Freedom Caucus, will allow him, he will serve as Speaker of the House. You can rest assured he was serious about it because his widow’s peak got pointier.

@75, Amen to every word SM and did you take your phone out to the woodshed, because it seems to be working perfectly.

Another thing I found funny watching the talking heads this morning- they seemed genuinely perplexed as to why Carly Fiorina has dropped down to 4% in their polls. “Where is Carly? Why isn’t she doing interviews or events? What is going on with her?”

Golly gee willakers, what could it possibly be? Hmm… let me think. Wait… wait.. it’s coming to me…

@SM: Der google autotext is learning. that a good thing?

Prolix@76: And if he dares to make a deal with the Dems on anything they’ll have his Munster scalp.

@78: I heard Maddow saying something about that. Awww…poor Carly 😦

Okay…from the WaPo article:

A poll released Monday by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal showed strong support for Ryan among Republican primary voters, with 63 percent “comfortable and positive” about Ryan taking over the post. Twenty-eight percent said they would feel “skeptical and uncertain” if he became speaker.

Now I would like to see a followup poll that asks those same folks if they have a friggin’ clue as to what the Speaker does.

Well, Biden’s speech today was nothing short of a disaster. He praised Dick Cheney, took lowlife pot shots at Hillary and basically came off as a total jerk.

@Ga6th: Was that at the event at Georgetown? Do you have any links?

Prolix, check email when you have a chance.

Biden now remembers that he was in favor of the raid, before he was opposed to it. He also modestly takes credit for endorsing all Cabinet positions.

@86, I saw that. Unbelievable.

@75, SM, I’ve often noticed in life that people who are very gifted in difficult fields are really screwy when it comes to normal living skills.

@86: Well isn’t that special.

If you have a chance, go read Imust’s post over at Uppity Woman’s place.

Here’s another article, this one from Politico, on Biden taking shots at Clinton.

@86, there’s something different for Uncle Joe from the last time he ran for President in 1988. There are cameras everywhere. There is such a thing as digitizing videos making them available almost instantaneously. It’s not hard pulling up an obscure clip from 2012 where he said the opposite of what he said today.

There’s also something that is remembered by sick political junkies like me — plagiarism wasn’t his only sin — he made up stuff about his background. That will haunt him. His grandchildren are old enough to ask questions about such things.

I can’t see him subjecting his family to that — I may eat crow, but I don’t think he will run.

@92: As I said over at Uppity’s, if he does this then a lot of stuff that’s been just tucked away and stored in a closet is going to start coming out and hitting him in the face with it. Being nice to the man who lost his son won’t last. He’s basically auditioning for the job of leader of the free world. When he gets that call at 3:00 a.m. is he going to ask himself “What would Beau do?”.

Fredster I don’t know if it was the speech at Georgetown but I know that it was honoring Walter Mondale and as you see everybody is now covering the disaster. You know, nobody would frankly care about the nonsense he is spouting if there wasn’t all this “chatter” about him running. Changing his story on the OBL raid was incredibly stupid. I can’t believe even Crazy Uncle Joe was even that stupid. In one day he could have completely imploded a possible campaign. It will be interesting to see if the stupid “chatter” stops after yesterday.

@84: Joe Biden’s remarks were made during a day-long tribute to Walter Mondale which was held at George Washington University.

“In a sweeping day of tributes to Mondale, former staffers, foreign diplomats, sitting senators (including Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken), Biden and Carter showed up to talk about Mondale. They cited the wide range of his [Mondale’s] achievements, such as fighting the U.S. Navy on behalf of the Vietnamese refugees who fled by boat, working with Carter to appoint more black federal judges, and pushing the government’s spy agencies to be more open.”

Also from the above link, Walter Mondale speaking:

“One of the things we worked out earlier in my administration,” Mondale said, “what we agreed to do up front, is that I would not disagree with him [Carter] publicly. But if I really disagreed with him, I would go have it out with him alone, and we did that. Then we’d go out together on something.”

I always liked Mondale. He would have been a very good President.

Mondale’s views on Darth Cheney ( from the Star Tribune link ) seem to differ from Biden’s:

Mondale was also critical of former Vice President Dick Cheney, saying he took “things to the dark side” in how he handled national security after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. “He created a vice presidency as a sort of privileged sanctuary. He wouldn’t respond to subpoenas, he stiffed the Congress,” Mondale said. “I think those were bad days in the history of the vice presidency. I have kind of a harsh view of him.”

FWIW, I still think Biden will decide not to run.

Biden has just announced he will not run.

It’s for the best.

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