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Lazy Weekend Music: High Times

Posted on: October 17, 2015

Happy Friday, Widdershins.  The week has come to an end, and this one has been entertaining, to say the least.  A second Repub has admitted that the Benghazi committee was purely motivated to destroy the Democratic front runner – truly a great use of public dollars.  Yep, a committee that has gone on longer than the Pearl Harbor investigation, longer than the Warren Commission, longer than Watergate, basically longer than any other committee that one may think of, has no purpose other than character assassination.  Good stuff, Congress.  Just disregard the fact that the economy is grinding, the debt limit is looming, and the infrastructure is crumbling.  Spend even more time and money on those bloody servers – that’s the ticket, y’all.

We also got to watch Hillary Clinton mop the floor with her fellow debaters, and to hear Bernie Sanders tell the world than the American people were tired of hearing about the damn emails.  It was great to read posts published in Huffington, Salon, and Politico which admitted that she was the clear winner.  Of course, there were other posts that claimed a Sanders victory (echoed by Frank Luntz and Fox), along with some other focus groups.  That said, there’s no getting around the fact that Hillary absolutely sparkled.  I haven’t seen her look that good in years.

My home state is also looking (again) at medical marijuana.  The last ballot initiative failed by a few points, and measures are in the works for the question to come up again.  I honestly believe that, if it does, it may well pass.  There are a lot of medical applications – chemotherapy tolerance, multiple sclerosis, neuropathies, Chron’s disease and seizure control to name only a few.  Colorado has blazed a trail that is easy to follow, and has clearly shown the positive financial implications of eventual progress to open sales.  Now, I personally think it will be quite some time before any state in the Dirty South follows suit, but medical marijuana would be excellent.

Therefore, I suggest that our week-end playlist pay homage to chemical enhancements, even if most (if not all) of us never indulge.  Personally, I’m still on a post-debate high thanks to the sheer joy of watching HRC in action. The tunes are out there in merry proliferation, so add yours to my playlist along with anything else that strikes your fancy.

(1) Let’s Go Get Stoned – Ray Charles

(2) Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

(3) Rainy Day Women #12 and #35:  Bob Dylan

(4) One Toke Over the Line – Brewer and Shipley

(5) Puff the Magic Dragon – Peter, Paul, and Mary



31 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: High Times"

Great idea Chat, but you always have great ideas for weekend rejuvenation.

This is an investment because the clip is over an hour, but if you have something else to do, put it on and enjoy the best of “Woodstock”. I loved the movie “Taking Woodstock” and I stumbled across this clip.

Ah, yes. As a part of The Generation, Woodstock tunes are always welcomed. Peace, y’all.

This may not be an actual song about drugs, but it’s the Dead. The high is implied.

I believe that I see a reefer in the skeleton’s left hand. I really like The Dead.

Too much football on.

Just a reminder, Tracy Morgan is hosting SNL this evening.

@7: Thanks Prolix. I’ll want to catch that.

Ugly win, but a win no less:

So how do you like your gator? Mike the Tiger likes his as Gator tartare

Gator tartare. How do you like your gator? #lsu #lsufootball

A post shared by Mike, LSU's Live Mascot (@mikethetiger_lsu) on

Nice win. I’m amazed that people continue to fall for the Les Miles fake field goal, but it seems to work every time.

@12: Isn’t that amazing since he did it to them before?

Hah – took me a second to get that musical notation.

Don’t have any tunes to add to the mellow ones listed here but will just say that the vision of a blissfully zoned-out TeaParty is so very soothing. Alcohol can make folks mellow or it can make them mad, but I’ve never, ever seen anyone run amok while high.

Medical marijuana is an obvious win, but I’d go one further: legalize political marijuana!

Now, there’s a concept. Image, if you will, a pot-fueled filibuster……….

The mind boggles.

but in a good way 🙂

@14 and 15: The take-out and delivery places around Capitol Hill would make a mint. 😆

SNL started out with a great skit making fun of the dem debate. Larry David plays Bernie. He was great.

annie: That really was a great skit.

Imagine a pot-fueled Republican debate…………..

@21, I think Carson is high.

@19 & 20 That was so Bernie.

@21 I did and I’m still laughing.

I think among the filibusters, the D.C. takeout scene and the image of goofy, giggling Republicans on stage on national T.V., there’s gotta be an SNL skit in there somewhere.

What a little cannabis could do for the Benghazi committee……….

@23: Perhaps an updated version of Olympia Restaurant with take-out? (No coke, just pot.)

Oh, yeaaah! All those entitled and newly ravenous congress critters converging on ….NO COKE, JUST POT. Love it! (‘Course the laid back Dems would already have their edibles stashed – they know the score 🙂 )

Just fifteen minutes under deadline for the weekend, but have to add this one to the playlist:

Like “Truckin” the high is implied but also: “To Mary Jane…Best wishes, Martin” H’mmmm.

Widdershins, check out the latest @ HillaryMen. New stuff on ghazigate. Or gowdygate?

@27: annie, that is sooo damned disgusting! I’m glad the Dems on the committee made that public. Gowdy is going to look like even more of a fool than he is.

@27 and 28: That is spectacular.

I’ve been told that medical marijuana could help my symptoms but it will never be legal here, at least in my lifetime. Unfortunately, I’m too sick to get to a state where I might have access to it. There must be so many other people in the same situation. It’s criminal.

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