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WARNING: Fools Xing…

Posted on: October 15, 2015

Warning Congress in Session

Objects may appear larger than they are.  Dry clean only.  Do not remove under penalty of law.  Check with your physician to see if you are able to engage in sex. 

All words of caution by which to plan your life and livelihood.

Well friends, old Prolix has let you down.  I’ve failed to sound the alarm on the Freedom Caucus’ current plans for scorching the earth.  Their dystopian scheme is in the name of some phantasmagorical principle these forty Neanderthals chant while sacrificing otherwise unsuspecting goats.  So, if you know or care about a goat or even a randomized human, pass this warning along:  RUN!Cartoon

The destructiveness of this group’s demands has gotten little play in the national media, probably because the end of the world as we know it is still a whole twenty days away.  The Freedom Caucus, just like a crazed kidnapper, has issued a ransom note.  Their demands are Solomonic by design; thereby, literally ensuring fricassee de enfant.

The “Free Range Carcass,” because that’s what is going to be left if they get their way, has placed certain requirements on anyone who aspires to be the next Speaker of the House.  Primary among those ultimatums is:

No raising of the country’s debt limit without corresponding cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Let’s unpack that sentence.  These forty mouth-breathing, knuckle-draggers are essentially saying, “It’s Granny or your lives.”  These banana-brained hellions have ignored repeated efforts of explanation that the failure to make good on the sovereign debt of the United States would lead to a worldwide financial tsunami dwarfing 2008.

The political gambit is simple.  Without a bill called by the Speaker to raise the debt limit or even if there is a bill to increase the debt limit with these caveats, the President will never sign it.  These carrion feeders believe the American public is so woefully ignorant that they will blame the ensuing financial Armageddon upon Obama and the Democrats, thereby allowing these Frightwingers an unfettered reign.

Potential Speakers...

Potential Speakers…

Here’s a warning for them:  The Fox viewership filling their epistemic echo chamber only accounts for about a tenth of the population and although they are enslaved to that ten percent, the other ninety percent more than understand their myopic political terrorism.

So say we make it through the debt limit crisis on November 5th, thirty-six days later we face a government shutdown — like the last one didn’t cause enough pain or suffering.  The price the Carcass wants to extract from a Speaker-to-be is no funding of the government unless the Democrats agree to defund Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, and a host of other Democratic priorities.  This is essentially a 2.0 version of the Ted Cruz plan from the last time there was a shutdown.

If that wasn’t enough, there is another stipulation for the Speaker-in-waiting – no omnibus spending legislation.  Without being too eaten up with the wonk, this means that every aspect of government could only be approved by separate, individual spending bills.  Such a requirement would allow the Republicans to finance and increase funding for their priorities, like the military, while defunding or starving education and health programs.  If granny survives the debt limit, this will surely send her flying over the cliff.

The real sitting duck has a tie on...

The real sitting duck has a tie on…

To avoid this apocalypse, it is pretty simple.  Any candidate for Speaker of the House endorsed by the Freedom Creatures must be defeated.  The only hope is that John Boehner, in a fit of patriotism and animus toward these irresponsible fanatics, will turn to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to help elect a sane, mentally hygienic Speaker.

Folks, this “Shostakovitch” is about to get real.  Let’s consider ourselves warned.

Take this conversation in any direction you might like.


44 Responses to "WARNING: Fools Xing…"

You’re on fire, Prolix! We should imprison the Freedom Caucus for reckless endangerment of the United States of America.

@1, either that or rabies quarantine.

The only thing I can see is possibly Boehner cutting a deal with Pelosi and the Dems and those Republicans who have some sense into passing the needed legislation w/out the forty.

What’s really scary to me is that someone enough people in their districts are electing these asshats. 😯

Love the picture of the potential Speakers and Colbert being in there plus the caption for Paul Ryan.

Just to show how whacked out this “Freedom Caucus” and their ilk are, some of them are making noises that Paul Ryan is too far to the left. 😯

Paul Ryan is slightly to the right of Vlad Dracula. He’s in the family, though; hence the resemblance.

He really does look like Eddie Munster.

@3, Fredster, these a$$hat districts might as well be called “Kardashian Stovepipes” — they have been gerrymandered to resemble a snake with osteoporosis. The only fear of these zealots is being primaried by someone who is more conservative, i.e. crazier and a$$hatier.

@5, what is whacked is that the Republican establishment is sitting on their hands while Ryan is being bombarded by the Kookamonga Caucus. Honestly, what would it take to satisfy these people? If Ryan can’t, I don’t have a clue what someone would look like that could satisfy them.

@6 and 7, Ryan is such a freaking fraud. He must have callouses from the hand jobs he gives the press because he’s nothing more than a pretty face hanging by an empty coat hanger.

Honestly, he has never worked a day in his life other than a short stint in the family business between public think tank, congressional office and running for Congress. The gall of someone who comes from a wealthy family who collected social security survivor benefits (he was entitled to them so I don’t criticize that), but to demonize what he terms “urban takers” is just morally bankrupt pandering.

If you have the time, read Krugman’s take — he calls Ryan a “con man” and he’s right. There isn’t anything special about Ryan other than the duration of his hiding the fact he’s nothing special. Get him off the talking points and he’s a limping pedestrian on policy.

Sorry I’ve been AWOL today folks. I had appointments that took the better part of the afternoon.

Prolix@8: Sadly true about the gerrymandering. And, so few states have a mechanism where the voters can try to set up a commission for redistricting the way California did with Prop 20.

@12, if we could only be so lucky as to have the Supreme Court stumble into again believing “one person one vote” was still important.

@13: Ain’t holding my breath on that one.

I read the Krugman piece, Gosh! Paul Ryan uses PowerPoint! Who knew these things?

Yay for my Saints! They beat the dirty birds of the ATL. 🙂

@14, Professor Krugman does not suffer fools gladly. Just a hunch, but I bet you could substitute “fools” for the singular name “Paul Ryan” and be within spittin’ distance of the truth.

Aubie the Auburn Tiger dined on a Wildcat this evening.

@17: May be, but the Wildcats gave them a run for their money. It wasn’t an easy win.

The republican party must really be a pack of sniveling old sissies if they have to let 40 dimwits dictate what every other congressman has to do. If they had a brain in their heads or an ounce of courage, they would vote in a normal human being, flip the freekdoms the bird and go about their legislating business. Too much to ask for, I know.

Okay Gang, let’s start a pool on just how long it will take before the Benghazi Committee, selectively, out of context, will leak stories about Huma Abedin?

I say, given the need to staunch the bleeding from all the Republican truth tellers (never thought I would ever say that) about the real purpose of the committee, the first leaks, gushing leaks, will be Saturday for the Sunday shows.

@22: that was such a boneheaded article, chatblu.
As I remember it, it was the Obama fans who acted like the Bernbros of today and, of course, there was no mention of the votes that the DNC just handed to Obama in 2008.

Chat, that article was so “full of it”, I couldn’t finish it. As Sue said, what about the votes the dnc handed him, and how they punished FL & MI (?), and the Obama campaign and the msm were full on misogyny.

Prolix, I was thinking of Monday, but your idea is better. I never watch the Sunday morning talk shows, so I never think of them.

@24, Annie, you are so much more sane than I am. I can’t “not” watch them — it is an ongoing oral flatulence festival.

Biggest Republican Perpetual Lie: The FBI is investigating Hillary over the email.

Truth: The FBI is investigating the security classification process at the request of the Inspector General’s office.

My head explodes each and every time a reporter allows a Rethug to get away with saying the FBI is investigating Hillary. There’s a “yoouge” difference.

@23 and 24: I especially enjoyed the part about the embittered PUMAs, a term coined by our SM.

Prolix@21: No Friday throw out the trash, news dump? On 2nd thought, maybe not. They’ll probably want trumpets blaring

Rude Pundit had an excellent piece yesterday about how some of his friends who apparently are Bernie-Bots just lost it when he said Hillary won the debate.

Yesterday, after writing that Hillary Clinton won the debate, he was inundated with people trying to prove him wrong. “Sanders won every online poll and focus group,” they told him. Online polls have no scientific basis beyond who is moved to click on them. Relying on them to prove your point is like saying your Mom says you’re a good singer.

@29, the online polls would have looked differently if the parents of the Bernbots had smaller data plans.

You can look at all the usual sites and see the comments were all “flocked up” with clicking Bernbots. I don’t know if the flocks were coordinated, but they are using the Obot strategy and techniques.

And there’s nothing wrong with a strategic plan utilizing a significant online presence, but it isn’t definitive proof of anything.

Trey Gowdy didn’t attend Huma Abedin’s Benghazi testimony, he had a previously scheduled hair appointment. You don’t get that look without investing some time.

LOL at the smaller data plans.

I don’t know if the flocks were coordinated, but they are using the Obot strategy and techniques.

Isn’t that just amazing?

@31: Splutter – guffaw!

That Salon article misses a lot of the points about the PUMA movement and it wasn’t conspiracy theories. Most PUMA stuff was based on actual events like taking delegates from Hillary and giving them to Obama. It seems Ms. Marcotte has missed a lot of what went on back then.

@34 She was completely left out of this:

The famous VioletSocks post immediately following the treachery of the Democratic part on May 31st, 2008.

It’s a good read. I’ve InternetArchived it, so it shouldn’t go away anytime soon.

Also, reading back through those prescient comments, I relived my gut-wrenching reactions to the newly selected president’s bombing a country we had not legally declared war on, in a new techo-cowardly form: Obama authorizing drone-bombing was another version of Guantanamo Bay, Bush’s usurpation of the Iraq/UN inspection vote, Bush/Obama’s Habeas-Corpus-what-Habeas-Corpus? all over again.

Clinton stood fast against every one of these treacheries. Her AUMF vote was what most countries backed then: if Hussein didn’t agree to inspectors, then military intervention. But Bush declared war WITHOUT HER OR ANY OTHER SENATOR’S AUTHORIZATION before that inspection was completed (before, I seem to remember, it was even begun).

Good luck with Marcotte converting her cotton wool, moneyed, uncritical backing of an oh-so-underpriveledged-poor-black-man into criticism of Bernie’s backers. His grasp of issues and concern for them was on stage during that debate, unlike the free ride Marcotte and people like her gave Obama. Bernie did come through, but not as much as Hillary and certainly not as connected to most of this country.

H’mmm, seems labels like right-caret slash snark left caret are deleted by the blog automatons. That should have followed the oh-so-underprivileged extended adjective, if it wasn’t already apparent.

@34 & 35: Oh, absolutely. After that disgraceful R&B committee meeting on 31 May, 2008 I became an Independent after 4 decades of being a registered Democrat. I figured that everyone would be amused to hear that we are still considered “bitter”.

Pat@36: WordPress will try to see the carets as a form of html. It”s better to use the ubiquitous quote marks or an asterisk for your intended “special” phrase.

I vaguely recall Marcotte from back then, but she just didn’t make that much of an impression.

Oh dear Violet…I miss her so.

Pat@35: Went back and reread that and the comments. Wow! Lots of names from back in the day.

Aye yi yi! I knew we were going to cool down for the next few days but it’s in the 40s now with a wind chill! I may have to turn the heat on for just a bit.

Chat@37 – This bitter knitter found it hilarious. Sorry to run on as usual, but her blast from the past got me going about everything that label was stuck on to cover up.

Thanks, Fredster, for the style tip. I miss Dr. Socks, too – I’m very glad she left her archives up. Stay warm out there!

Hmmm, shocking that Amanda Marcotte, that light-brained third-waver, still does not get the point of the PUMA movement. 🙂 She was indeed “yelled at by PUMAs,” and deservedly so, for her ridiculously fact-free coverage of the 2008 campaign..

This is her attempted evisceration of Hillary in Rolling Stone earlier this year.

Looks like she is the one who is bitter. 😀

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