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Republican CCD…

Posted on: October 14, 2015

Meerkat Tribe 2

This is a picture of the Republican Caucus shortly after Kevin McCarthy’s announcement he was bailing out on the House Speakership.  Attentive bewilderment seems to be the optimum description of the GOP these days.

It appears everyone and their dog is reaching out to Paul Ryan begging him to climb up on that Speaker’s cross and sacrifice himself.  He’s the same zombie-eyed, Granny-starver who has never worked a day in the private sector that is touted as the Republican expert on the private sector.

The fern is the one in the background...

The fern is the one in the background…

Ryan’s the guy who came under the spell of Ayn Rand courtesy of social security survivor benefits who now decries the immorality of the “urban culture” focusing on government entitlement programs.  And most importantly, he’s the guy who has infected proposed federal budgets with so many magical asterisks, the budgets resemble measles-ridden failures of Rubella vaccine trials.

Ryan is seen as the wonkiest of the wonkees – “Hey, Hey, we’re the wonkees and we got some monkeying to do!”  Ryan isn’t alone in the clay feet club.  There’s the youngest of the Mario Brothers – Marco Rubio – who has conjured a tax and budget plan of ponies and rainbows.  There’s Forrest Trump who has produced a tax plan creating a deficit of over $10 Trillion.  And we are still waiting, waiting since 2010, for the Republican Party to propose anything resembling a health care plan.

Paul RyanThe Republican Party has become an amalgamation of post-policy séances overseen by the likes of the Freedom Caucus.  We wrote about the infection called the Freedom Caucus a couple of weeks ago and rest assured, they haven’t gotten any better since then.  If there was enough chalk, the Freedom Caucus would be drawing an outline on the sidewalk for a CSI autopsy of the GOP.  The members of the Freedom Caucus exhibit self-aggrandizing narcissism only seen in mirror factories or bacchanal orgies.

This self-centeredness of the Freedom Caucus has resulted in the effective takeover of the House of Representatives, but it isn’t the only place where Republican open-mindedness has resulted in their unimpressive brains rolling out of the head.  Let’s look at the Presidential field.  The obvious candidate as the poster person for form over substance is either Forrest Trump or Carly Fiorina – both of whom are sensational self-promoters as long as reality is on holiday.

Never being one for the obvious, let’s take a look at someone who raised $20 million last quarter – none other than the squint-eyed neurosurgeon, Ben Carson.  While I’m sure Ben Carson is a good man who is inspirational to us all – he needs to have his head examined. Carson Cartoon

Remember, Carson’s number one qualification for notoriety is being the first person to ever politicize the National Prayer Breakfast by haranguing a President.  Because of that utter lack of decorum, he was immediately hired by Fox.  He was given a platform to comment and opine on any subject – be it foreign policy, the historical accuracy of the Flintstones, or his ideas around nuclear proliferation that are informed by the Book of Revelation according to the “end times.”

When it comes to politics, Carson is as crazy as an outhouse rat.  If his story about the Popeye’s restaurant is true, that of a vegetarian going to a chicken joint for fries, and telling a gunman to shoot the hourly employee behind the counter, I have a difficult time believing anyone in good conscience can say he never saw a bullet hole uglier than a gun safety law.

Carson has no idea what the Constitution says or what it means, he’s uninformed about Congress, has no idea about economics, believes in conspiracy theories then passes them along giving them validity, and is absolutely clueless without biblical analogies.  Yet, he is consistently second in national polling.

Meerkat Tribe 3The Republican Party has turned into the Frightwing of American politics.  Having been cowed to Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity, and Levin, the only functional organization of the GOP are radio and television schedules.  The likes of Ben Carson are what you get as a result.  The Republican Party is a policy-free zone – it isn’t even a pesky afterthought.

All this shouldn’t come as a surprise.  I see the Republican Party suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder.  CCD is what kills otherwise thriving colonies of honeybees.  The central focus of the Republican Party has been a deep, all-consuming, hatred of Barack Obama.  It has been their reason for being for 7 years now – their sole organizational purpose.  Take that away and it is like the death of a queen for a beehive.  The drones and the workers have no direction, no reason for being, and they lose all focus.  That is what has happened to the Republican Party.Bee, we are taking you with us

When the only direction comes from fomenting anger by mean-spirited media imbeciles, it is a poisonous, caustic FlavorAid recipe not unlike that served in Jonestown.  The purest signs of this toxicity are Trump, Carson, and Fiorina.  The hatred they represent is just jealousy rolled up in a heaping dose of xenophobic ignorance.  Like CCD, there is no known cure – you just have to let it run its course.  I’m willing to do just that.

This is an open thread – enjoy your Wednesday, the day after the night before Hillary once again demonstrated her fierce superiority and overall awesomeness.



49 Responses to "Republican CCD…"

Yeah baby, yeah! Oh man, I cannot wait till Hillary starts stomping on that beehive. Did you hear her taking on those tired Republican tropes about “big government” last night? No other Democrat has done that in recent memory. She is more than ready, and she showed that definitively last night.

Just imagine the contrast between the irresponsible policy-free Frightwing versus SuperWonk Hillary. When you strip out the fluff of the Republicans, it is cut taxes, cut government, and start wars. None of which has ever worked — not once — ever!

Fantastic post Prolix!

Using the analogy of CCD for the Repubs was perfect. Well that and huddled meerkats.

I thought meerkats were appropriate for the GOP since a group of them is called a “mob” and they live underground.

One of the links in your article goes to a politico piece about strange times for the repubs. When Charles Pierce has some whacko stuff to talk about he loves to use him some Sister Rosetta Tharp. It works here too.

Here’a another well-worn topic. This is an example about the food chain in the Frightwing.

Remember hair farmer and part-time clerk Kim Davis. Remember how her attorneys were saying the licenses she was allowing to go out of her office weren’t worth the paper they were written on — bogus — worthless. This defiance kept the check-writing bigots happy and fired up. The same group that Matt Staver and Liberty Counsel depend upon for their six-figure incomes and the six-figure incomes of their family members.

Well, guess what? The ACLU called their hand on treating LGBT families different in terms of marriage licenses. And wouldn’t you know it — what are the chances — miraculously the Liberty Counsel lawyers now say that the licenses are indeed valid, good as gold they say.

If these Liberty lawyers are what they eat, they must raise, butcher, and eat a whole lot of hypocrite.

@6, that is hilarious.

I think if Biden does decide to jump into the race it’s only going to show him being an interloper at this point.

Beata had a good suggestion as to what he could do when his term is up.

Prolix@7: Staver is going to try to wring every cent he can out of that situation. At least he’ll have the FRC to fall back on.

@10, I’ve always thought Biden was a ploy to divert the email brouhaha — I think he’s going to be Secretary of State during Hillary’s first term.

Well…he might have blown that opportunity.

@13, we all know that Joe has no governor joint between mind and mouth — secretary of state seems to have been on his mind.

@14: True about mouth and mind but that wasn’t the best way to phrase things.

@15, Undoubtedly.

That’s what I kinda worry about with him as S.o.S. This would go over great in Mumbai or New Delhi. 🙄

I read today that he is still considering entering the race,

Don’t judge me, but I’m watching Tweetie right now. He’s is basically delivering a saliva-filled fellatio fest for Bernie. Get this and it’s almost a direct quote:

Everyone thinks Hillary won even my producers and the people I work with. I remember back in 2000, I thought Bush won the debates. I was right then. I’m right now, Bernie talked about class warfare and that is what people want to hear even if he is a socialist.

Someone needs to send Tweetie back down in the coal mines and let him play parakeet for the next 13 months.

Well of course Tweetie is entitled to his opinion but talking strictly about the debate there’s no way Sanders won it. He had some bad visuals and like Warren, he’s a one issue person.

Let him consider away. However, there’s no place for him to fit in. As veep he’ll have to take Obama’s side on Keystone and TPP. Most or all of the Left are against them. Is he going to badmouth Obamacare and some of the issues with it that need to be fixed? Paid family leave? Hillary has already covered it.

Prolix, excellent and funny writing as usual. Love your words about Eddie Munster and the Freekdom Caucus. And your take on the terrible trio made me shriek with laughter.

Hillary rocked last night. I so want to see her take on the rethug candidate. I looked around the usual suspects and most people think Hillary won hands down, except for a few…especially at the Bernington Post. I really think a lot of Bernies support is coming from republicans pretending to be “progressives”. I think Rove is hard at work pushing that scam.

@4, agree with you, but the meerkats are a whole lot cuter.

Re: Biden, I agree with Fredster and Beata. I think he and his family would be best served if he retires and takes on fundraising for treating brain tumors.

Hillarymen has a post up urging him to endorse Hillary.

@21, all good points.

@22, thanks Annie. I think the “Rude Pundit” said it best today. He said, “The Republicans should be $hitting blood today at the thought of Hillary Clinton being the Democratic candidate.”

An actual quote from the AP today:

“A former meerkat expert at London Zoo has been ordered to pay compensation to a monkey handler she attacked with a wine glass in a love spat over a llama-keeper.”

Those two meercat pictures were priceless! They conveyed more than a thousand words the lost and shivering Teaparty caucus.

That London Zoo expert has potential as a consultant for said caucus.

@28, now that is a great idea Pat. Instead of building cages for said animals, I propose taking Trump’s Great Wall and putting it around Idaho and calling it all good.

@26: Oh, but no. Faux News stated clearly that Bernie won the debate, hands down.

@30, before it is all said and done, Roger Ailes will be running a telethon for Bernie over at Faux. There is no better story line for the “grumpy uncle” crowd than a draft dodging communist who needs a comb.

On the telethon, Karl Rove and Frank Luntz will waddle through another bogus focus group consisting of Civil War veterans and Hannity will do an expose on Bernie using genetically modified maple syrup on his pancakes at IHOP.

@29 And the ex-zookeeper can have her old job back, fresh glass in hand. Wins all round.

@30 Gives legs to those speculations that a lot of Bern-bots are Repubs in disguise, doesn’t it?

@32, on the Bern-bots, Republicans and flash-frozen O’bots from 2008 — like those sea monkeys you can regenerate by putting them in water. I just wonder how they keep their little keyboards dry.

Well, apparently everybody thinks Hillary rocked the debate except for Tweetie and Fox. Fox has their viewers convinced that Bernie is going to be the Dem nominee apparently in order to keep their hopes up that the GOP might win in 2016. Tweetie seems to definitely have a woman problem if you recall his behavior from back in 2008. Hey, Tweetie I love how you think you understand how us in the rest of the country think but in all honestly you are pretty clueless. You have been in Washington way to long to understand the electorate in this country.

Tweetie must have gotten some marching orders from the higher ups because previously for this election cycle he would gush over Hillary and never talked up the server/email thing like the other talking heads there.

@27 & 28: Hilarious! Both of y’all. 😆

@29: Perhaps they can do an airlift and pick up a few like Louie Gohmert and others and just drop ’em behind that Idaho fence.

@37, think of the savings, the guards could carry potato guns.

So did anyone catch Maddow earlier? Wondering if it’s worth watching the repeat or just move on to AHS-Hotel.

Prolix: Or just suffocate them with…wait for it…FREEDOM FRIES! It’s Idaho after all.

@26 Oh wow, Rude Pundit does have a great post over there. Y’all go over and check it out. A link is over on the right.

@42: Going through the two Times articles he links to, but his was great. But now, we know for sure that these hearings are just going to be a load of steaming bullshite.

The Atlantic article which chat put up above has a link to this article in the Times. It’s quite good.

I’ve been waiting to see if there would be a youtube clip of this moment and finally – YES!

Hillary lifts a well-manicured finger up just a bit and flick.

That moment was so priceless. Lincoln “What Party am I” Chafee as the ethical standard-bearer for Americans? Not even worth discussing. 😄

@46, what a waste! A perfectly good, garish mind you, but good enough couch cushion died for that thing he was trying to pass as a tie.

I know Prolix! Still, it was several decades old. That’s a thousand years in couch time. 😉

@47 & 48: Oh gawd I would not even want that for one of the throw pillows on the couch. Well maybe, if I could throw it away.

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