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Activist Monday: Prepping for THE Debate

Posted on: October 12, 2015

How I’m Feeling Today

Good Monday, all! It’s good to be back, albeit with a slower, sadder heart these days. RIP, Alex.

One thing that is pumping some adrenaline into my leaden veins is the thought of Hillary and the Dems together on the debate stage on Tuesday night. I have always thought Hillary is at her best when debating, as her clarity of thought and speech, depth of experience and ability to think on the fly are highlighted in this forum. While you don’t get to showcase these skills much during a campaign, relying more on pre-packaged speeches and personal charisma, you do need them every day when governing.

After all, what is the American presidency? I see it as an exercise in planetary-scale problem-solving. And who do you want in that job? My answer is, someone who thinks and speaks clearly, has the experience and proven ability to solve the problems, and who can adapt to change easily and quickly. This is why my choice in 2008 was Hillary rather than Obama, since he gave a great speech and had loads of charisma (or most people thought so), but showed no signs he had the ability, experience or inclination to solve any problems at all. And so it was…he managed to somehow adapt the Heritage Foundation’s Romneycare to a national level and take some of the worst parts out of it, but despite having a year and a half of a Congressional majority to back up any policy he wanted to push through, failed to take the initiative to address any of the nation’s larger issues. Terrorism is worse; income inequality is far worse; women’s rights to control their own reproductive destinies continue to be successfully eroded; the “jobless recovery” goes on (despite what the massaged unemployment figures state); we continue to have horrible issues with gun violence despite repeated attempts to address it politically; institutionalized racism continues to be as intractable as ever (see the many police murders of black men this year); and as the Pope has been pointing out, Washington fiddles while the planet burns. And some of the measures he favors will actually worsen the issues we’re having, such as the TPP and the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Well, it’s water under the bridge now, and we can only hope that Hillary will have a chance to solve some of these problems starting on January, 2017.  Meanwhile, what will happen in Tuesday night’s debate? Well, all five candidates (did you forget there were five? :-)) are prepping furiously. It truly amazes me that Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley are taking themselves this seriously. But they are, Blanche, they are!

Mr. O’Malley is hoping the chance to sell his executive experience and liberal policy prescriptions, including breaking up commercial and investment banks, to a prime-time audience will give his stalled candidacy some fresh momentum.

For Mr. Sanders, the debate is an opportunity to widen his appeal and persuade skeptical Democrats that he would be a viable nominee. Aides say he needs to flesh out his big policies but also talk about incremental achievements he won during more than two decades in Congress.

“He understands he has to introduce himself to a big audience that doesn’t know about him,” said Tad Davine, Mr. Sanders’s senior strategist. “He needs to demonstrate a capacity to be president.”

To prepare, he has been meeting with policy experts and reading briefing materials, particularly on foreign affairs and military policy, but also the economy, and running through possible questions with advisers.

“I am studying hard,” Mr. Sanders said in an interview last week. “There are hundreds of possible questions that can be asked and we’re trying to figure out what they are, and how you can give a response to an important question in 30 seconds or 60 seconds.”

Yes, Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders are going to have some tough going against Hillary. They are weak in all the areas she is strong in…and they aren’t Barack Obama, so they won’t be given a pass by the Democratic Party when they whiff on important questions.

Martin O’Malley has some obvious drawbacks. He was the mayor of Baltimore, who failed to address that city’s institutionalized racism in the police department – in fact, many voters blame him for increasing it. And, I’m not sure where he differs all that strongly from Hillary in terms of policy.

As for Bernie, where do I begin? Well, he is used to the Senate floor, where you can take a long time to explain your points – and, he doesn’t really have any achievements to speak of, or any important governing experience. Unfortunately this is fairly common for Senators, which is why it was important for Hillary to take the SOS job to show she could solve problems at a national and global level. It’s also why Senators don’t usually become President (again, unless you’re Barack Obama). I think Bernie’s most telling problem, though, is that he’s not a Democrat – and his policy prescriptions reflect that. He’s a Socialist, which is mostly fine by me, but it’s not exactly a majority Party in America. How can he really claim to represent all Americans, when most don’t agree with him? His idealism isn’t tempered with the pragmatism that comes with decades of in-the-trenches know-how.

So what is Our Girl doing to get ready? Polishing the titanium in her pantsuit, of course, with mock-debates and other exercises. Of primary (pun intended) importance is how she will take on Bernie, who is very popular with the Obama flank of the Party. (I refuse to call them “left-leaning,” since in 2008, they ignored the mountains of evidence that Obama wasn’t the liberal hero they claimed to want.) Here’s what she’s going to be doing on Tuesday night when comparisons to Senator Sanders come up:

Mrs. Clinton is…prepared to explain why her positions are the better choice, aides say. For instance, Mr. Sanders is proposing to make public colleges tuition-free, extending the nation’s commitment to free K-12 education through university. Mrs. Clinton wants families to contribute what they can, but would enable students to go to public colleges without taking on debt. Mrs. Clinton also might look for opportunities to spotlight areas where her record or positions are more liberal, such as gun control and immigration.

“She needs to be aggressive in providing a contrast with Sen. Sanders without going over the top,” said Jim Manley, a Democratic strategist. “A lot of people will be tuning in to the campaign for the first time ‎and she is going to have to show them that she is ready to fight for their vote.”

For myself, I am hoping for a respectful, yet passionate Hillary on Tuesday night. That’s the woman I know and support for the Presidency of the United States; and if all goes well, she’ll show the world everything we see when we look at her.

This is an open thread.


168 Responses to "Activist Monday: Prepping for THE Debate"

And people poked fun at her about the “vast right wing conspiracy”. Seems it’s even vast-er than we ever suspected.

All the newspapers, magazines, and web sites would have a lot more room for their fiction-based content if they would just short-circuit their endless Hillary derangement screed with this more factual account:

Hillary Clinton got out of bed today. Now feel free to roam about fantasyland.

Alternatively, how about a Hillary Clinton MadLibs?

@3, that teevee show is already running in tandem between 8:00 and 11:00 each and every night on Faux. You get the secret decoder key by subscribing to Murdoch’s twitter feed.

I truly don’t believe that Hillary is going to have any problems with the debate at all. Let’s face it: it’s a been there done that for her. But omg…Don Lemon? Will he ask about disappearing aircraft and aliens?

Prolix, to paraphrase, since you are a braver man than I Gunda Din, go check out the hotair website and their comments on the debate.

@5, I think Don Lemon is just fielding the social media questions — in other words, he’s going to be Facebooking, tweeting, instagramming, and checking out the Abercrombie ads.

@7: and don’t forget probably setting up some hookups on Grindr while he’s in Vegas because what happens in Vegas…

Hillary will do great as usual. Her only downfall may be that her policies are so detailed – so wonky – they’re hard to relate in a short answer.

Bernie says “free college” – I believe paid for by taxing certain hedge fund transactions, last I heard. Hillary wants “affordable” college – low interest government loans (like we use to have), loan repayment after graduation based on income, students required to work 10 hours a week, relief for those already struggling under college loan debt, etc.

Bernie makes it sound so easy and so “free”.

@9: If she gets wonky they’ll say she’s trying to obfuscate. If she’s short and brief they’ll say she’s using “shopworn phrases”,soundbites or some nonsense like that.

O’Malley seems to be a good speaker and should do well in a debate. He needs to stop with the constant whining about how they ALL want more debates but the DNC won’t let them and it’s all Hillary’s fault. When talking about Hillary, he is very snide. Of course, it could be because she’s beating the pants off him in his own home state.

GAgal: If he tries the snide stuff in the debate it will blow up in his face.

It doesn’t matter what Bernie says in the debate. He isn’t electable. It only matters how Hillary does, and I am with Fredster…she’ll kick *as.

@13, it has been overlooked (surprise, surprise) but Bernie applied for conscientious objector status during Vietnam. He made it to 26 without being called up so he won the lottery. No matter what we may think about that War in retrospect — if John Kerry, a certified war hero with 3 Purple Hearts could be swiftboated, the Repubs will “supersonic canoe” the Bern.

He’s not just unelectable, he is toxic. Undoubtedly, Hillary will fire up the Tea Pot crowd, but Bernie will dial them up to spontaneous immolation.

@14: Interesting! I did not know that.

@13: She should be able to handle this with ease.

On the front page of the WaPo today: 1001 mass shootings since 2013.

Yet we do nothing to regulate guns. There is something horribly wrong with this country. We are addicted to violence and our ability to inflict it on others.

So we’ll watch the debate, then get back to our regularly scheduled tooth gnashing.

Sounds good to me!

@16: Let’s hope that’s a question in the debate tonight.

Oh my…thank you Walmart, and further, thank you for this happening in Alabama. 😆

@20: Oops.

@22, his unused podium feels cheap, tawdry, and sullied. In its depressed state, the podium is likely to hit the Vegas strip and before the evening is over find itself in a wedding chapel about to be married to an Elvis impersonator’s microphone sporting mutton chop sideburns.

I read at crooks&liars today that the Stop Hillary PAC will be running an ad during the debate tonight showing Ambassador Stevens grave. What disgusting slime.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble 🙂

Oh how nice it will be to participate in savory intellectual debate. I can think of no others to share this moment of reunion.

OMG! La, it’s great to see you,

I took a double take on username “GAgal”. That was really close to my username, way back, on hillarydotcom. I was Gaygal on there. :hehe:

You too, Chat! Good to see my foot, anyway? My nails are sun-dried tomato red for the occasion.

Just want to say that I believe 1000% in our chosen Democratic presidential candidate, Secretary of State, Senator of New York, accomplished attorney and awesome FDR Democrat and feminist in charge Hillary Rodham Clinton, let the games begin!

And despite all that has been said about us Hillary holdouts, I must say that I am also very proud of our Democratic candidates as well. Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley are great statespeople and are doing great work. However, I just don’t think that they have enough experience like Hillary does.

Oh wait, am I having deja vu again?

OMG it is on! La-t-da and SM77 are here!

@30, Hear, hear!

Nice commercial for “Suffragette.” Do they know their audience or what?

FYI all, I have a meeting at 9 pm. I hope to leave and come back.

:Waving: with heartfelt hugs and kisses, MB.

Right back atcha, La!! It’s so great to see you and everyone here tonight.

Chafee looks like a slightly befuddled professor.

Leather pants, Sheryl Crow? Well, it’s Vegas.

And there you have it — CNN makes the move for Fox’s viewing hostages. The national anthem, next will be the Pledge, followed by prayer, and then jello on lettuce.

LOL Prolix! It’s 8:45 and no debate. Sheesh.

@40 If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding. 🙂

Anderson Cooper is wearing Rick Perry’s smart glasses.

Madama B! I’m in the place to B!

You know I would be with you tonight rooting our girl to victory. She’s the only one that can do this.

I am actually on my porch right now, cuz I don’t want to be inside, so I’m on my CNN app phone thingy and I’m enjoying it cuz I can at least be outside without being bitten by mosquitoes. Come on Hillary!

Lincoln Chafee: I am ethical unlike Hillary. I was Governor of a toy state.

There are gay men all over the country left sweeping Anderson’s hideous tie.

Jim Webb – I wrote bills and fought in the wars. I was born a poor black child.

Jim Webb: Can you smell my feet from the smelly boots I’m always wearing?

Martin O’Malley: With my freakishly large ears, I can hear a gnat fart from 30 miles away.

46 – yes, even Jim Webb’s tie is better. 😄

O’Malley: I am ethical unlike Hillary. I know how to steal.all.of her lines.

Yeah, we are clicking back and forth between the Dodgers-Mets game and the debate. Dodgers 3 – Mets 0.

Bernie Sanders: I know what’s wrong with America and I will grump at you until it’s fixed.

Argh I have to leave just as Hillary comes on. Be back soon!!

“Maybe, Just, Maybe. MJM countdown.

Hillary looks great!

Anderson, “An Easter egg called and wants its tie back.”

Someone wake up Lincoln — he’s on.

I’m a block of granite — so is a tombstone — hmmm, don’t think he tested that line.

Seeing all those very talented people up there the really isn’t anybody that is going to bring our country together that can bring the big tent of D the African American both that is so crucial and swing states at ticularly Florida it is not going to happen with Bernie Sanders as much as I love him and I respect him. The point is there are only two purebred Democrats on that stage and it’s Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley. Bernie Sanders has always identified as a socialist and the rest of them are rhinos , that their party has kicked out because they were too socially liberal. Oh well. None of them have the experience that brings the true democratic spirit together other than Hillary, and I’m still here rooting for her.

Yes, I really like Hillary’s look.

By the way, please forgive my ridiculously bad grammar in these posts. I am speaking to the Google phone and hoping it’ll translate as well as my thoughts are. Of course I’m having a cocktail dammit !

I noticed Bernie copied Hillary re: helping small & medium businesses after his ridiculous capitalism rant.

Cocktails are good!

Hilary Go Adam Go Adam with all you got I swear it is not going to be pretty for these guys. None of them have the experience with the Latino people, African American population, and all of the women, children, that her policies and her fight has not helped in this country we all benefited from it. So get over it Obama bots now Bernie bots. if bernie is so wonderfully for his state and the way that they do things in Vermont then stay there. I’m a Masshole. With a lot of family in New York State and City, by the way.

Bernie: “With Syria you’re talking about a quagmire within a quagmire…”

Hubbie: “wow. That’s deep.”

Madama B, I sure hope you can read my comments and laugh, seeing that this Google microphone is understanding what I’m trying to say, because, OMG I am NOT going to be on the laptop right now. In other words, go Hillary.

And none of the other candidates have the foreign policy experience needed, desperately needed, for anyone to be a President of the United States. After Hillary maybe Bernie Sanders but Bernie Sanders does not have any foreign policy experience. I don’t think he’s in he’s had any experience outside of Vermont. With all due respect to him, of course.

Jim Webb looks like he’s waiting in line for a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Then he gets called on and he looks pissed.

Jim Webb to China: Get off my Sea!

@60, cocktails are good things.

@68, LOL!

Hillary looks great.

I wish they would address the issues of the overreach and misuse of power of the intelligence alliance communities.

Bernie on our greatest security threat…climate change. Did he understand the question?

Hey y’all! I’m here.

Bernie I respect you, I think you are a great man, but you are a very micro level person for a very macro level job. The other guys ditto. Can we just please let Hilary do her damn job and kick ass along the way?

SM I am on a Kindle. I understand!!!

Finally back. Go, Hillary!

Well, of course, Jim Web, skirts it with the catch phrase, cyber warfare. He might as well had said “for us or against us.” Last I looked we were part of the Five Eyes.

SM-65: I use that google deal for texting. big thumbs-small keyboard = bad.

Hillary on email and Benghazi: Get over it!!!

Oh Christ in a sidecar; here comes the server and emails.

Go Bernie!!! He just supported Hillary and is slamming the media!!!

Thank you Bernie on the email stuff!

Don’t double down Anderson. Come on you @ssh0le.

Good one Hillary!!!

Brownie points for Bernie on “email gate.” Enough already.

Talking about ties, what’s that thing around Chafee’s neck?

Anderson is annoyed that no one wanted to play his game. Poor little rich boy.

Good question Fredster! I think the color is puce.

Jim Webb: Me loves the little black children — give me a break!

Hillary said “a new New Deal”! Swoon.

Gloria Vanderbilt’s son has a lot of nerve asking about the 1%.

I laughed out loud, heartily, on he was “born a poor black child.”

@88: Looked like something from that came from the kid’s mouth in The Exorcist.

Anderson is such a d$ck. He really dislikes Hillary.

Oooh Hillary wants to.send the big banksters to jail!!

Hillary: Wonk it out gurl!

As the non Caucasian latinoamerican single divorced mom, that I am and proud to be and raising gorgeous wonderful independent woman, by the way she just got word that she made national honor society today, thanks to the wonderful public school system, thanks to the support and love of our democratic County in this very purple state of Florida and this is a long run on sentence thanks to Google, the only person that has experience and love and feel for black labs, for Hispanic lives, for women’s lives, for children’s lives, those that the mothers choose to have, is Hillary Rodham Clinton.!!! None of those other guys have cared enough space maybe Governor O’Malley, but his time passed, but too late.

I still wished she would have sent Dick Cheney to jail.

Oooh Hillary just smacked them on ethics!! She’s doing great.

I think I saw Jim Webb’s hairstyle in a Great Clips magazine with a coupon for half price.

OMG. Jim Webb is about as whinny as Trump. They would make a good ticket together.

Chafee: I didn’t do my homework before I voted.

Had Hillary been President, Cheney would have been looking vampiric in Orange by now.

Black Lives Matter. Not Black labs. Google Phone, get it together.

Bernie: Where is my unicorn?

LOL everyone! Chafee, epic fail!

Bernie really doesn’t get how complicated public policy can be.

@104, LOL

Yes, it would have been great to see Dick wearing some orange around the Reverse SERE Training Guantanamo Torture Chamber he aided and abided.

Prolix, you said it so much better than I did! 😄

@104: I was gonna say I like black labs. 😉

O’Malley: Hillary is old thinking on comprehensive immigration reform. Instead, I want comprehensive immigration reform!

Webb: “I just swallowed a burp before I started speaking”.

Jim Webb: Me loves me some immigrants. So much so I married one.

Anderson: why are you asking about a state issue of college tuition?

Webb: I’m just going to keep talking until someone loves me.

Chafee: I just voted the way they told me to!

Anderson: Why was the camera off me for so long? Who are these other people asking questions?

@115: Gonna be a lonely night then.

NSA Surveillance Program. Shhhhh.

Chafee: Wars bad. 😦

There is some facility, somewhere, checking their bed count right now and seeing if Lincoln is missing.

Chafee: If only this couch weren’t around my neck I could speak clearly.

Hillary really needs to take advantage of “email gate” as defocusing political agenda and deal with the reality of evasion of privacy. And turn it into the serious debate that it deserves.

@123 LOL

122 and 123: LOL!

Where is nurse Ratched when you need her?

Hillary: Duh Anderson, I’m a woman!

Who smoked a doobie?

I don’t know if this Google phone hates me or what, but I did want to say and I don’t know if it has been said yet but I’m probably not gonna do this again on this phone. Hillary has a very strong bond in the Latino American community in the United States and in all of Latin America. She has forge great relationships with not only the children of immigrants like myself, but of the parents of those children that are born here. which by the way, if a Donald Trump were to ever happen, he would take my birth right away just because I was born from Latino immigrants. There to find a point or a. Or a, that was not in place in those naturalization papers that they filled out, and they would deem them illegal just like that if we were to let a man like that to take office. I am truly scared and frightened of the possibilities of our future in this country. Yes, Bernie Sanders, does have his credibility and the Liberals fear, but the only two people that I can say have something to back them up is Martin O’Malley for his state of Maryland, but the senator and the Secretary of State Clinton has so much more experience and credit above all and any of those other candidates. I’m a testament to it and frankly, I don’t give a s*** what anybody else says. If this phone is going to create a war with me I’m going to create a world with it. Google Hillary Clinton and her record in Congress and her history as a public person. She is the most qualified. Still is. Will ever be. Hillary for president.

Something tells me that Bernie is going to say, “I talk to dolphins and they tell me everybody is all wet.”

Martin O’Malley: I’m just like Bernie, only handsome!!

@130 – Bernie is like.a.Socialist version of Dr. Doolittle?

Lincoln’s slogan: You can’t spell Chafee without chafe!

O’Malley: Vote for me. I’m not named Clinton!

Here’s what I think: Jim Hensen is still alive and Bernie is one of his Muppets.

Jim Webb: Me hates China in the worst kinda way.

Wow! I can’t wait for Hillary to take on the Republicans! She is raring to go.

Yes, this Google phone hates me. Or you can just blame it on the alcohol at this point. Are you both I’m getting PTSD from 2007, yeah I’m not feeling too overly scared for Hillary. I think she’s going to do great she’s always been great. I know that she will defend the Democratic Party and the principles always. There are only two standing candidates that are too drunk Democrats remember that. Martin O’Malley and Hillary Rodham Clinton. The rest have been outcasts of their previous parties. At least marin o’malley and hillary rossum clinton, and noticed that I put marin o’malley first, just a given the credit that he is polling.3 percent nationwide, ballys he represents true democratic principles of inclusion. But so does hillary she only has experience out of all of those other people, to get things done and I am done with this train the consciousness google phone crappy saying that I hate and I apologize everyone was had to be exposed to it. I love you all and I’ll see you at the next update cuz hillary got this. !

So do Anderson and Don Lemon have on matching ties?

Yes I’m back. Despite the fact that I have to get to bed very early now as I have to wake up at 5 in the morning, to drive an hour to go to the new job, get the kids to school, etc etc, the only candidate that speaks for women, women of any kind, is Hillary. No one else has mentioned the plight, the struggle, the anything of anything, of women for women by women except Hillary. And we are the b****** that keep these assholes in politics. Except I don’t want to vote for an a******. I want to vote for Hillary as I’ve always done.

SM: The google will win…I’ve been there.

Chafee: I dood it all!

Chafee: I declared war on my couch and I have this tie to prove it.

I think O’Malley’s daddy was Mr. Rogers.

O’Malley: Vote for me and in 34 years our country will get fixed.

Do I really sound this bad? I hate this phone and this Translator crap. Why does the autotext hate me so much? And must be a Republican. I’d normally don’t sound this disjointed or this whatever it is. apologies to all but those who know my writing from the past know that I am A born and raised grammarphobe, damn it. As far as I’m concerned the only one who is even spoken to anything that I can never stand up to will be Hilary number one first and foremost and always. God forbid, Martin OMalley who will never win anything other than mayor or governor of Maryland. the others I’m not too crazy about since they’re not true hardcore Democrats. I cannot exactly stand behind them in that regard, not even Bernie Sanders. and I like Bernie Sanders. I love his passion, I love his energy, but he hasn’t stood up for anyone like me ever. Maybe because I was from a state than a bird his, you he never did anything for. And that’s the difference. He stands for people he represents. And not always for our common good and that’s what confuses me about him.

Hillary: That’s very nice, boys. Now step aside and let the grown-up speak.

@147: Yeah you rite!

Poor SM77. That phone is messing with you!

We get it, girl. No worries.

I’m partial, but Hillary killed — she blew the others away!

Awww, this was great!

It makes me downright nostalgic for those TeeVee debates I used to watch with my engineer boyfriend back in the late 70’s, early 80’s, where they actually talked about policy. The civility was a not just a breath of fresh air, it was a monsoon.

Good, good show, Dems!

(I did mute the sound right after the debate ended – CNN’s gonna do its best to spoil this)

@147, well said!

Agree, Prolix and PDXPat! Hillary was amazing, AND it was so nice to hear about policy instead of listening to nasty, ignorant crazoids bending reality to fit their dark, terrifying fantasies.

Getting late here on the East Coast. Later, my lovely Widdershins! Thanks for joining the party!!

Widdershins, Madama B and all the wonderful widdershins, wishing you a good night’s sleep after tonight’s debate. I thought Hillary did great. Goodnight to all and hugs!

Thanks for the party!

That she did, SM, that she did.

Come back soon, LTD and SM.
In the meantime, even Politico cannot ignore the obvious:

After the debate I was eating and reading, trying to get a sense of what was being said about it.

I think it was obvious that Hillary was the winner in it, and I haven’t seen anything that disagrees with that.

“The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails,” Sanders declared

I hope #shoelessdeadintern and #drunkmika get the memo on that.

Welp…I just saw a clueless one who believes that Bernie won the debate and will win the election.

@160, ditto that.

@161, yeah I saw that. Clueless young ones. I did think it was cool when Bernie did that. But everywhere else I’ve looked, they say Hillary kicked ass.

annie, I just got a reply to an email from Prolix and I asked basically “well I wonder what the chattering class is going to talk about now?”. I think Bernie said what we all believe, whether supporting Hillary or whoever…ENOUGH!

@163: Oh yeah…she OWNED them. And I think it’s pretty clear that Biden should just stay out of the race.

Well, thanks to the Rude Pundit for mentioning this. It’ just so effing sick. I chose not to play the video.

Yeah, even the majority of the haters had to back down as Hillary owned the debate hands down.

The WaPo this morning declared her the undisputed winner. From that paper, that is huge. They also said her campaign is “resurgent” and that she put in a “stellar” performance. Duh!!!

New post up!!

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