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Lazy Weekend: Calm and Serene, Calm and Serene

Posted on: October 9, 2015

Good day, Widdershins.  We’ve come to another weekend, which is traditionally the time to lay our burdens down here at TW.  These have been some difficult times here as well, with almost everyone associated with the blog experiencing varying degrees of personal challenges  So, we spent a weekend weasel stomping, then moved on to Primal Scream Therapy.  Now it’s time to collect ourselves and move forward.

Long years ago, I took a Transcendental Meditation class.  The session always began with sitting comfortably, breathing deeply, and thinking “calm and serene, calm and serene, calm and serene……”, etc.  In an effort to help us all regroup, I think that it’s time for some music that will help us all arrive at some more relaxed plane than the one currently in use.

So, post your tunes, your suggestions for relaxation, or anything else that you might find noteworthy.  I’ll dim the lights and fire up some aromatherapy candles in an effort to give this a push in the right direction.

(1) Canon in D Major Johann Pachelbel

(2) Peace Train – Cat Stevens

(3) Athair ar Neamh  (Father in Heaven) – Enya

(4) Both Sides Now- Judy Collins

(5) In My Room – The Beach Boys


57 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: Calm and Serene, Calm and Serene"

Just what the doctor, or nurse, ordered. Chat, love all of those songs. We have the same mindset today. We are heading off to the beach, which is very soothing to us.

Your #4 selection…I used to refer to that as the bi-sexuals’ theme song.

Great idea Chat. Sounds for the soul — just what the abbess ordered!

@2: It’s one of my all-time favorites.
@1: Rest up, Annie. Y’all have earned it.

Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly
Into the mystic

Great choice, Beata.

@12: I haven’t heard that before. Very nice.

I am soooproud of my LSU Tigers today. After the horrible flooding in South Carolina it was determined it would be too much of a strain on the infrastructure in Columbia to play the game there and it was moved to Baton Rouge…with about 3 days notice.

LSU is not only giving the gate receipts to South Carolina, but LSU also sent their already chartered (and paid for) jet to pick up and fly back the Gamecocks team. The LSU band also learned the S.C. alma mater and fight song which they’ll play in pre-game activities. Many billboards went up in the Baton Rouge area telling the Gamecocks and their fans to make B.R. their home for the day.

Class act Tigers and Baton Rouge; class act!

@14: That is a very impressive response by the Tigers and Baton Rouge. You and all the LSU fans should be proud of them.

Thank you Beata. 🙂

I think it was a case of having been through the nightmares of Katrina/Rita (and LSU having to play a “home” game elsewhere that year) in La, the La. folks could empathize with the South Carolina folks. And I’m more than willing to bet that the LSU tailgaters, always generous with their sharing, were offering heaping bowls of Jambalaya and other goodies to their guests. 🙂

@14, class act! Coqs de combat de bienvenue!

Prolix, we’re so nice we let them get 24 points on us. 😯

I’m sitting here rooting for Chat’s Dawgs. ABT — Anybody But Tennessee!

45-24 LSU

Prolix, I’m seeing that. chat is hiding behind her couch right now.

The only thing about the UT/GA game is I *hate* the Verne and Gary show. Bleh.

I hear Rocky Top in the background.

Someone call the Justice Department — there’s about to be a hate crime in Lincoln, NE. NE is going to roll their coach up in a fodder shock and set it ablaze. Another loss in under a minute — today, with only 9 seconds left, they lost. I have no idea the last time NE was 2 and 4.

@23: They gonna get one of those big combine things and run him through it.

Oh chat…that was a heartbreaker. 😦

Chat, I was with you — it was the agony of an undeserved defeat.

Chat let us know what you see or hear about Nick Chubb. It looked awful on tv.

Calm and serene, calm and serene…….

@29: Ominously quiet. The worst part is that it was an uncalled late hit out on bounds.

Prolix! Your Wildcats are #2 in the SEC East!

I only saw it on replay so I didn’t know that. Keeping fingers crossed.

@24, to paraphrase “Fargo” — “Is that your Coach in the chipper?”

@30, a sure sign of the apocalypse!

We’re watching the Cubs vs. the Cards. The Cubbies are finding new ways to lose even when they are winning. Gotta love ’em though. Maybe they can hold on to this one.

@33: In that case I need to shower, wash my hair and shave. Wanna be ready for the big event!

@32: You betcha!

Our back-up to our back-up QB today was the drum major. He did a commendable job but we lost anyway.

@Beata: But did he also lead the band at half time?

One of the things I love about the New York Post is the amount(fixed typo) of bullshite Edward Klein can come up on Hillary. It’s amazing.

Told ya Chat that I needed those eye drops. 😉

@39: He’s pretty “Unlikable” himself.

Fredster, that is just lovely, what LSU did for the SC team. Southerners are really kind and generous.

Chat, so sorry about your Dawgs. Hubbie had a couple of comments about it, but I forgot what they were! Trojans aren’t going anywhere this year, and Hubs still complains about their letting Coach O go.

Love all the songs. Into the Mystic is my favorite Van the Man song.

Here’s a song in honor of the LSU people:

annie said: Hubs still complains about their letting Coach O go

Yeah, but he wasn’t “classy” enough for Pat Hayden annie. However he fits in just fine with the other coonasses in south Louisiana. 😆

@42: That’s a nice song. Thanks.

annie I loved this from the Salon piece:

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, the Republicans were boring and small-minded but not especially crazy.

annie when you have a chance check your email.

Serenity NOW!

Sorry guys, this is about where I am today. Need more Enya.

Mad, it’s good to see you. Are you and hubs holding up? Try some Lindsey Stirling:

Thanks, Ladies! Ahhh, I feel better already. We’re doing okay, I guess. Going back to normal activities does help.

Off to catch up on work and emails. Enjoy your peaceful and football-filled Sunday, all!

Beata, I love the songbird!

@mb: I had sent u a text before checking here, so *nevermind*. 😉

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