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Lazy Weekend Music: Primal Scream Therapy

Posted on: October 2, 2015

Happy Friday, Widdershins.  We’ve made it to the culmination of (yet) another difficult week.  John Boehner had laid his burden down, and the balance of the Repubs in the House are conspiring to ascertain that Hillary Clinton grow old testifying in front of one bogus committee after (yet) another.  The media is off the chain in their drooling hatred for her, and have elevated Bernie Sanders to near-knighthood.   More of our college students have been injured or killed thanks to our 45th school shooter of the year.

Your posters here at TW have been up to their kneecaps in challenges as well. We are wading our way through individually, and some of us have found our way through the darkness.  I know that I appreciate the supportive comments that y’all made during my recent speedbumps.  After all of this, I have decided that what we require is a good, loud, group primal scream.

For those too young to remember, primal scream therapy was trés chic during the 1970s.  PST was introduced by Arthur Janov, with a working hypothesis that neuroses were created by childhood trauma.  If we were to be able to recreate the trauma and experience the pain in a theraputic setting, we could then respond to the pain rather than repressing the feelings and thus shed the accompanying neurosis.  This was really hot stuff at the time, and attracted the likes of John Lennon, Roger Williams, and James Earl Jones.  Sadly, results were statistically unmeaningful, and the therapy was quickly discarded.

Okay, so psychiatrists no longer advise this, but that does not make it useless.  Honestly, I spent much of my life being reminded to smile sweetly, keep my voice modulated, and remain a proper little lady.  Fair enough, but just this once, let me lead The Widdershins in a loud primal scream.  Are you ready?  Deep breath…….

Let ‘er rip!

Please post any songs, movie clips, what have you that help us with today’s therapy.  Otherwise, it’s an open thread.

(1) Shout – The Isley Brothers

(2) Primal Scream – Motley Crew

(3) Screaming Night Hog – Steppenwolf

(4) Shout – Tears for Fears

(5) Screaming and Yelling – Carole King

(6) Anything with a screaming goat – 


70 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Primal Scream Therapy"

Does it have to be a scream?

I always liked Albert Finney’s line in Network. I’m mad a hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

@1 and 2: Screams are in the eye of the beholder. Network works for me.

RealKim: Whatever your heart desires…throw it in here!

An update for our readers:

Our blogmistress MB has been away due to a family situation. Her mother-in-law had an accident and fall and is not expected to make it through so please send some kind thoughts, wishes, prayers, whatever to her and her hubby.

I really do want to get a glimpse of this show. Probably a glimpse will be sufficient…I mean, Lea Michele.

It’s Britney, bitch! (oh that was so yesterday….she’s moved on)

So where’s the shouting?

Here’s you some gospel shouting music

@12: Similarly:

@13: I have actually attended that.
@14: Great choice.

It’s a wide spot on a crossroad in Sampson Co, NC.

@2: Peter Finch 🙂

Keep telling me that Hillary is in trouble. This rally at a local commu nity college was announced Tuesday, and pulled > 1200 people.

@19: Shoot! Had to register to be able to read the article.

AMazingly, the Sun-Sentinel estimated the crowd at 1200, our local Fox station at 700. Quelle difference!

Sorry about the game chat. 😦 Crack open the Scotch.

I hate Ala-gd-bama. I just knew that after they lost last week they would be loaded for bear today.
I’ll show myself out now.

@24: I have to say I was amazed and shocked. They have not been this pulled together all season.

THE Ohio State University football team gloated over their narrow victory on our field. They are so classy, just like their a**hole fans when they come to town. Gawd, I hate them with a passion.

Being an IU football fan is like being a Cub fan. It’s even worse when you are both an IU football fan and a Cub fan. You might as well never get out of bed.

At least no IU basketball players ran over any fellow teammates today. Not yet, anyway. The night is still young.

Wallowing in misery.

Beata, the Hoosiers did stay in the game pretty much through the entire thing. I was flipping back to them and thought they might pull it out.

The best therapy is on the other side of the bathroom door by Shelley Duvall, whose character’s name is quite appropriately “Wendy” Torrance.

Yeah, but it was still a loss. It’s like eating a dry tasteless tofu nothing burger year after year while THE Ohio State University eats juicy steak.

I’m sorry to hear about MB’s mother in law. Very sad. As far as the “Hillary is doomed” narrative well, that seems to have mostly stopped. We’re going to have a debate in a week and a half and we’ll see from there how it goes but she got positive press from her statement about the Oregon shootings. Bernie’s number’s don’t seem to be going up and now that Biden is probably not going to get in. Well, I guess he could get in but darn the date has been pushed out until the end of October first part of November. He’s going to miss the first debate. If he can’t be bothered to show up for the first debate then he should just go ahead and announce he’s not running but he’s not going to because he likes the attention. If he actually decides to run in like December everybody is going to be so pissed at him he’ll end his quest in Iowa for the 3rd time.

Chat, the WordPress intertubz is constipated again and it won’t let me “like” your post so consider this my formal “liking” of your post.

We were rooting for Beata’s and Chat’s teams today, and we thought Beata’s was going to win. Huge bummer! We have been at hospital everyday with my sis-in-law, who is in her final stage with her cancer. Trojans aren’t playing today apparently.

Hillary just won another huge union endorsement, the big teachers union. I heard that when she addressed their board, which has around 127 (?) people on it, that they were blown away by her. Fluffpo, with their terrible writers, keep pretending that’s she’s on her way out. She’s just getting started. She also has a lot of the super delegates already.

It wasn’t the score they were projected to win by (penalties and meh defense) but I’ll take the win.

Prolix@32: It seems that wordpress is the word Hillary didn’t know the meaning of: FUBAR.

Beata@30: Y’all did one thing: I’m betting the Buckeyes drop from #1 in at least one of the polls.

annie, I checked the schedule and this is strange but it looks like USC plays this coming Thurs. the 8th.

Ga6th: Indeed it’s time for him to do it or get off the pot, but as you said he’s loving the attention.

annie, sorry to hear about your sis-in-law. I hope they are making her as comfortable as possible.

Aw hell, I’m just gonna say it: Look at this shit here. Grrrrr 👿

Fredster, yes, USC is playing Thursday, which means they’re only playing once over a two week period.

@38, we are trying to make her comfortable but she needs a stent to drain fluids and they are dragging their heels on it. We’ve been fighting it all week. I feel like they’re too cheap to give her some relief, like since she’s dying anyway, why should they spend the $. Disgusting.

@39, Now that is one strong reason for changing an endorsement. Bernie Sanders went to a public school.

What makes me think if someone traced that addy back, it might lead to: A. An Einstein summer stock one-man show; B. The Sanders campaign; or C. A sad example of the results of meth addiction at Great Cuts.

@40, that is so sad Annie. Over time you will come to realize your family’s advocacy is making a difference. Just being there makes a huge difference.

annie@40: Is there a patient advocate where your sis-in-law is hospitalized? Not trying to be nosy but does she have private insurance? You all are probably doing this but have you asked *who* made the decision and what the basis for the decision was? Whoever made this decision I would want the name of the next person above that in the chain. I know that y’all are doing everything you can to help her with this to give her the comfort she needs.

@41: Well lookie here:

As a child, Hillary Rodham was a teacher’s favorite at her public schools in Park Ridge

She attended Maine East High School, where she participated in student council, the school newspaper, and was selected for National Honor Society. For her senior year, she was redistricted to Maine South High School, where she was a National Merit Finalist and graduated in the top five percent of her class of 1965.

I’ll got with choice C.

Annie@40: I am so sorry to hear about your SIL. I agree with Fredster: call in the hospital’s patient advocate. Tell the patient advocate that your SIL needs a stent right away. Make noises like you will be contacting an attorney ( you don’t have to do that, just act like you will ) if her end-of-life medical needs are not addressed. Say something like, “We don’t want to have to contact our attorney about this negligence on the part of the hospital but we will be doing so if the stent is not put in immediately.” Patient advocates are employed by hospitals. They care more about covering their hospital’s ass in a possible lawsuit than they do about patients so you have to act tough and make threats. If the hospital doesn’t have a patient advocate, do the same thing with the head nurse on the unit or a hospital social worker. This is not the time to play nice with the hospital if your loved one is suffering.

Peace be with your SIL.

@40: Is hospice involved? They are the best resource, but they frown on procedures. If so, disenroll from hospice, have the procedure and re-ennroll.

Chat@47: That is very good advice. Unfortunately, hospice can be a block to getting a patient the procedure(s) he or she needs for comfort because they believe it will artificially prolong life. I had to take my mother off hospice as she was dying. They were making her situation worse.

Exactly my point.

@47-49: And that seems so strange. If hospice is involved it seems like they would be supportive of the stent if it is something that would provide the person with greater comfort or easing of pain.

@46: Oh I forgot about her being on! That *was* a good sketch.

Well, we haven’t called in hospice yet, because one of her nieces is a hospice care giver and she decided to take time off and flew in to take care of her aunt, which is really sweet. Also, there are a lot of us that want to help (my in-laws are a big family). My SIL is still in the hospital and supposedly they are going to finally do the stent tomorrow. There have been so many of us there bugging them, that hopefully they understand that we are not giving up.

I used hospice for my Dad and they were great.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes.

Did you guys see this? Marco Rubio has an “adopt a staffer for a day” for $250 in his online “store”:

Also, several journalists are speculating that the Vatican Ambassador “ratfucked” the pope into meeting Kim Davis. Here is one of them:

annie: So glad to hear about getting the procedure for your sis-in-law! Also, I”m glad she as a big support system in place there. That helps because people can share the things that need to be done.

@54: Wait for Wednesday’s post. 😉

Beata: I am completely surprised at *THE* O.S.U. holding on to the #1 ranking in the polls.

@58: I am not surprised. I really hate them. Did I mention that before?

It is funny, considering tht we dropped after beating an opponent by 42 points the week before.

Reminder: Hillary will be holding a live town hall in New Hampshire on the “Today Show” Monday ( tomorrow ) morning. ( Thanks to Still4Hill for the info! )

Thanks, Beata.

Isn’t OSU one of the ncaa’s pets?

So glad the Saints beat Dallas!!!

Urban Meyer is.

@62: I had to turn off the “Today Show” town hall after about five minutes. Savannah Guthrie started in with the email questions and I was gone. Maybe it got better later, I don’t know. Someone else will have to report on that.

Nobody wants to hear about emails. That’s the beltway cocktail weenie BS. At this point Hillary should just say I’ve answered those questions a million times already and move on.

@67: While Savannah Guthrie was asking the email questions, the people at the town hall looked totally uninterested. No doubt they wanted to hear about REAL ISSUES!!! Issues that matter in our lives!

Ga6thDem, Hillary should say exactly what you wrote. Further discussion about emails will get her nowhere. It’s time to move on.

Something lovely to take away bad energy:

A fitting end song.

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