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Don’t cry for me, Aquavite…

Posted on: September 25, 2015

From Vox:Crying

John Boehner’s combative, difficult five-year speakership has been marked by many conflicts with Democrats. But his most bitter fights were with conservatives in his own party, whose opposition to his leadership spurred his decision to resign.

That’s evident in the statements members of both parties are making about Boehner today. Democrats like President Obama, Harry Reid, and Chuck Schumer are showering him with praise — as are mainstream, establishment Republicans. But conservatives — particularly some outspoken 2016 presidential candidates like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and even Marco Rubio — tend to be glad he’s leaving, with some sounding positively joyful at his departure.

All this makes sense. Boehner was not even close to being a liberal, but he was viewed by Democrats overall as a Republican they could work with — which is just what infuriated the right.

Also from Vox:

This morning, House Speaker John Boehner announced he’d resign from Congress. And here’s how the Value Voters Summit in Washington, DC — a gathering of conservative Christian activists — greeted the news, according to Steve Peoples of the Associated Press:

And to prove a central tenet of the Grand Old Party, here’s the announcement at the Values Voter Summit by the youngest of the Super Mario Brothers, Marco Rubio.

Apparently, their celebrated values don’t include loyalty, allegiance, faithfulness, obedience, adherence, homage, devotion, steadfastness, staunchness, trueheartedness, dependability, reliability, trustworthiness, duty, dedication, or commitment.  They do demonstrate some world-class consistency and it is said that consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds; ergo, neo-cons are exceedingly pea brained.


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51 Responses to "Don’t cry for me, Aquavite…"

I was shocked when I got on the computer and saw the news. And never fear Widdershins readers: he may be “resigning” but he’s retiring. With the years he’s had in Congress he will have a handsome retirement check. He entered Congress in 1990 so he’s had 25 years there.

From that clip: “I’m not here to bash anyone, but let me slip the knife in while his back is turned.”

Disgusting and so was the applause from the *valueless voters*. 👿

This only makes it worse:

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-Jefferson, who holds the No. 3 House leadership post, is expected to run for House Majority Leader, the No. 2 post.

LOL! Marco asked how, when the country sends a Repub majority to Congress, yadda, yadda….Marco, ya got the Repub majority because the state leges gerrymandered the districts! You know this and so do informed voters! Sheesh!

Prolix, well said. Agree completely with your list of what the nutters “values” do not consist of. These people are hateful and stupid, they make us Hillary supporters and the Bernbots look like a big happy family by comparison.

Hopefully the crazies will destroy their own party and we can have some years of a democratic government, and turn things around for everyone.

Apparently, Piyush announced it and his audience roared with approval. What sleazy people.

Meanwhile, the best candidate for President since FDR comes up with another zinger:

“There is no Planet B”.

Slightly longer version from an article by HRC on Pope Francis, in of all places, the National Catholic Reporter :

“But in spite of the strongest possible scientific consensus about what climate change means for our environment, economy, health, and future, there are still some who deny the facts. They’re intent on obstructing progress.

We can’t let them win this fight. We have no choice. There is no Planet B.”

Just her vote her in already!

I wonder if Boehner had an epiphany during the Pope’s speech and decided then and there he was done being a leader of these horrible people?

Pat, great quote!

annie@6: Just Piyush’s lame attempt at trying to be relevant. He always seems to do a “Me too…me too!!”. 😯

Fredster@10, exactly! He is so pathetic.

Pat@7: I love it, there is no planet B.

annie@11: And meanwhile it seems that the budget that Piyush and cronies just passed in July is already more than $100 million out of whack. The Div. of Administration sent out notices to all of the state universities to “be prudent” in their spending. That means that when they start cutting, higher ed will take the brunt of it…as usual. It’s always education and health care that get the cuts.

@3, well, at least Steve Scalise can count on the racist, bigoted KKK vote and he won’t even have to buy a new sheet. It is somewhat ironic that he would be Majority Leader for the Republicans given his beliefs:

@5, Annie, I’m finding it beyond belief that all these Republicans are saying that Boehner did this for the good of the party. It might have been good for the party at the expense of the country. Had he pulled down his big boy pants and said to the RWNJs, “Suck on this turnip,” he would have had to work with Nancy Pelosi and compromised — moving the country forward.

People keep forgetting, and it makes me crazy — we would have an immigration policy if Boehner had just called the bipartisan bill that had passed the Senate. That alone would have taken immigration off the burner and with it, Donald Trump could have stayed home with his juicer.

@7, Pat that is perfect — Planet B.

You are also exactly right — no one more qualified has ever run for President than Hillary.

@14: So Prolix was that tongue in cheek or were you commenting on the fact that Dukie boy couldn’t get elected these days because now it takes a more nuanced bigot and racist like Scalise to get elected? 😉

Oh and from the youtube, once Rubio loses his Prez bid at least he won’t be in national politics for awhile. Since he isn’t or can’t run for his Senate seat at the same time, I’m guessing he’ll take a job with one of the fundie organizations.

@17, Scalise said he agreed with David Duke, but Duke couldn’t get elected these days. In other words, it’s the voters who are keeping the good kind of ideas of Scalise from being implemented. Undoubtedly, Scalise will probably be Majority Leader — think about that, someone who espouses David Duke is the number two Republican in the House of Representatives. Is there no possible shame for these people?

@18, that’s scary.

Prolix, thanks for this great post on great theatah! The Repubs just keep on giving, don’t they?

During Regan’s first candidacy, one of my friends had become engaged to a Frenchman while au-pairing in Paris. While they were working towards their degrees in their own countries and waiting for their graduations to converge, his letters usually included some variation of the phrase “The cowboy actor?! The cowboy actor???” This current lunatic slate of Republican candidates has that same unreal quality.

@9, Socal et al: innit, though? Snappy enough for a bumper sticker. But it has to be credited to Hillary, so as to gently remind Bernie’s supporters how very much there is to lose if Clinton does not win the presidency (after having of course won the primary).

Prolix, annie beat me to it. It’s frightening.

Plus, he’s incredibly stupid. When the David Duke stuff became public there was pressure on him to attend the 50th anniversary of the Selma March. Instead, he attended a conference at Sea Island Ga hosted by the American Enterprise Institute, and said “meh, I’ll go to Selma next year”. (banging head on desk)

Prolix said: think about that, someone who espouses David Duke is the number two Republican in the House of Representatives.

Is there no possible shame for these people?

Sigh, it would be up to his fellow Republithugs to not select him, but I don’t hold much hope for that.

This should be posted on a Madamab feminist post, but since she’s occupied with gainful employment and this -is- an open thread:

Biden: Abortion is always wrong

from that article: “It has been. It has been hard, in one sense, because I’m prepared to accept de fide doctrine on a whole range of issues as a Catholic, even though, as you know, Aquinas argued about, in Summa Theologica, about human life and being, when it occurs,” Biden said.

Oh, the Aquinas who was devoutly convinced, in 1200-something that women were “damaged males”? When the target of his bigotry were every bit as silenced then as they are now in his organization? That Aquinas?

And his laws should be ruling half the human race today?

Speaking of racist republicans, lookit what Jeb! said today:

Jeb Bush Says He’ll Offer Black Voters More Than Just ‘Free Stuff’

Please let this be his 47% moment, and then he goes away. Oh, and the first comment in the thread is awesome:

“Wanda Magee · Director, Network Management at Large Healthcare Company

I don’t means no harm but my ancestors are the only people that provided “free Stuff” to this country by the way of free labor… Jeb we still waiting on our 40 acres and a mule.”

@24, time for the vice president to go mourn his son with his family and leave liberal politics to actual liberals. His famewhoring around is getting really embarrassing.

@26 Long past time.

How long can he continue to wring morality out of equivocation? His star turn was installing Clarence Thomas, and it’s been done and gone these past two and a half decades.

@20, thanks Pat. This would be great theater if someone was so outrageously creative or on LSD to think of it. You can’t make this stuff up.

@19, Annie, there doesn’t seem to be a whit of embarrassment about any of this. The fact that a pack of rabid RWNJs ran Boehner out of town so that they can now have a Speaker who has passed two pieces (that’s two whole pieces) of legislation and a David Duke fanboy as their leadership.

The two things Kevin McCarthy has passed: (1) Renaming a post office and it took several tries; and (2) Renaming some flight school after Neil Armstrong. I imagine both were heavy lifts given McCarthy’s earthworm-like qualities such as his mentality and his ability to chew off certain parts of his body and have them regenerate.

@23, Isn’t Scalise just a click away from being “Steve King crazy”?

@26 & 27: Way past time! Something that always bothered me — anyone with walking around sense ought to have known Clarence Thomas was lying like an old Olan Mills rug. But Biden, counting votes, decided to put that womanz, Anita Hill, on trial instead. His craven cowardice allowed him to play dolphin shiner under the desk with Arlen Specter and Orrin Hatch — now there’s two stellar examples of profiles in courage.

Prolix@30: It’s entirely possible that Scalise’s deck is not a full one. He was above his paygrade when he got David Duke’s old state lege seat. But yes I believe he is about half nuts. Check the eyes: he got dem crazy eyes. 😉

Pat@24: Ole Joe is just wantin’ to show how smart he is and how much Catholic book learnin’ he’s got.

I do wish he would just end his Hamlet phase and either get off the pot or announce. (wasn’t that a nice way to phrase it?)

annie@25: That comment by Ms Magee was priceless! At least Yeb! didn’t say “obamaphone”. 😆

Well it is offishul: David Duke uh Scalise is running for House majority leader.

@35, Oh god. I’m praying the rethug party just implodes. I can’t believe how much more awful they are now than when I was young.

@36: Yeah, I can remember when there were some pretty decent folks on that side.

This is just my opinion but I think you can blame two people for the turn in the Repub party: Barry Goldwater and Raygun. I think Goldwater, toward the end, had some regrets on what he started.

@25 & 34, let’s for a moment consider the Bush family’s government draw. Poppy started his gubment salary in 1966 and continues to this day courtesy of his Presidential pension.

Dubya’s draw started in 1995 as gubnor of TX and continues to this day courtesy of his war-mongering, economy killing pension. And let’s not forget, Dubya, the great businessman bankrupted two companies that were bailed out by the gubment in TX and without the bailouts, we most likely would not have been subjected to him landing on an aircraft carrier wearing a codpiece.

And then there’s Yeb! — again, a two time gubment worker who is still reaping the benefits of his legislation agenda through illicit bidness deals.

Long and short of it, if I was Yeb! before I started sniping I’d be somewhat reticent about free stuff.

@35, Scalise’s slogan: White just isn’t a primary color any more!

@36 & 37, Raygun laid the foundation for every last bit of the corrupting of our economy, the tax code, and deregulation. He and harebrained Bush are responsible for outspending the industrialized world in defense spending while it sits rusting on bases and tarmacs without anyone to use the machines or fly them.

All the while there is a cottage industry of naming any and everything that doesn’t move after the guy responsible for wrecking the world economy.

Better move every 15 minutes or you’ll be named after Raygun.

Good points @38 Prolix.

@39: I’m not hopeful but as that article stated, the Repubs may not want to have Scalise front and center because it might bring up the stuff about Duke. However, I’m not real hopeful these folks can think that far ahead.

@40: They’re just trying to get even with the Dems for naming everything after JFK. 😉

@38, that is the perfect response to Jeb!
@39, LOL!
@40, I saw it during the 80s, that he was ruining the country. If I talked about it, people thought I was a fanatic. They didn’t think he was capable of changing everything. And yes, I hate that so many things are named after him, like he’s some kind of saint. It sickens me.

Peter King says the “crazies have taken over the party”:

Fareed Zakaria interviews the Big Dog Sunday and they talk about the attacks on Hillary and some other things. Bill is so right
on this stuff.

@44: Geez, if Peter King says that, that’s saying a lot!

Yikes! If you want to read something scary, check this out! 😯

Rude Pundit takes on the Boehner resignation and what it implies with the really nutzoids that are in the party.

@44, at times Peter King does have intervals of lucidity — just flashes of lucidity, but comparatively speaking, it is way beyond what the RWNJs can claim in terms of sanity.

@48, the Rude Pundit is in the business of shocking one’s system much like mistaking cyanide for mouthwash. In any event, I have to say I’ve never disagreed with his underlying premise. Strip away the f and c bombs and pretty much what you have is mainstream political thought. I do truly enjoy his shock value though — that is the 8th grade boy in me.

A good friend of mine who is a pretty famous industrial psychologist says, “Men don’t mentally mature much beyond 14 years old, they just learn how to manage it.” I’m evidence of the theory.

@50: Yep Rudy can indeed be…well rude! However, if your politcs are on the centrist/left side he is spot on.

And yeah I think I pretty much agree with your psych friend.

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