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From the inception…

Posted on: September 17, 2015

Inception is on just about everyone’s list of top ten movies that you must watch at least twice to understand.  All told that would be about five hours worth of viewing confusion to produce this premise:  Reality is a relative concept.

Inception is about a guy named Cobb and his team of con artists.  Their con is to construct a false reality and manipulate it in order to confuse and deceive their “mark”.  They use dreams within dreams to accomplish their deceit.  The mind is the scene of the crime.  Like I said, you need to see it at least twice.

Then there are a couple of songs by Carole King (a personal fave rave) that happened to occupy both sides on the same record back before music arrived over the intertubz via trained electrons.  One song is It’s Too Late:

Stayed in bed all morning just to pass the time
There’s something wrong here, there can be no denying
One of us is changing, or maybe we’ve stopped trying

And it’s too late, baby, now it’s too late
Though we really did try to make it
Something inside has died and I can’t hide
And I just can’t fake it

And then there’s the flip side of that record, I Feel the Earth Move:Carole King

I feel the earth move under my feet
I feel the sky tumbling down, tumbling down
I feel my heart start to trembling
Whenever you’re around

Oh, darling, when you’re near me
And you tenderly call my name
I know that my emotions
Are something I just can’t tame


Here’s where I’m going with this:  If the three of them, the movie and the two songs had a baby, it would be last night’s Republican debate.

There’s no doubt reality was a relative concept last night.  It was all about the enticement of Republican primary voters toward a hard, hard right veering of the clown car.  Something has died within the Republican Party, not the least of which is the semblance of a moral compass, but the emotional appeal of whatever is going on just can’t be tamed.  There is no denying it.

I won’t begin to dissect the three hours, really five hours if you count the 6:00 baby debate with the four pre-operative Golden Girls, but here are a few examples:

  1. A candidate for President of these United States pretty much said, “The Supreme Court can’t be the boss of me.” Let that sink in for a minute – a candidate for President says he will blow off the Supreme Court.

Repub Debate

  1. It was the “ice bucket challenge” of who can “out neocon” or be the “neoconiest”.  It went something like this:  “I can start a war here” – “Well, I’ll see your war and raise you unilateral air strikes” – “I’ll see your war and air strikes, and raise you a military build-up unprecedented in the history of mankind.”  I always love it when the candidates talk about bombing people back to the Stone Age – a time when tablets were slightly less technical than the ones we use today.
  1. Then there was all the talk about insulting appearances. Really, that did happen – who said what about whom and whether or not it was justified.  This is only going to get worse as we get closer to the 8th grade dance.
  1. And the coup de grace was the Jesus Sharia Law that seemed generally acceptable to everyone. If Jesus was the theocrat in the change to theocratic rule everyone seemed to be down with that, but everyone still seemed to have a problem with a ‘Murican Ayatollah.

There were plenty of sideshows like Gentle Ben Carson’s incessant blinking of messages via his tele-eyelids, all the drive-by shushing of candidates by other candidates, bickering about who was the “more badder” business person, and the copious amounts of collateral ejaculate let fly for “all the candidates who are better than that mean, old witch Hillary” produced by that sperm whale calling himself Hugh Hewitt (or as Forrest Trump calls him – Yoooooouge!)

Raygun is the one on the left ...

Raygun is the one on the left …

The one constant was all the love, nothin’ but love, for Raygun and Kim Davis.  When Raygun decides he’s had enough of the dirt napping thing, I’m sure there will be a remake of Bedtime for Bonzo co-starring the inimitable “not lovin’ the little gay boys and girls” Ms. Davis.

I just can’t do the debate justice.  Y’all need to help capture the true flavor of what happened last night in Simi Valley.  What made an impression on you and/or what scars led you into the nearest plastic surgeon’s office?

Take us to any place, to any issue, you might feel compelled to explore.


78 Responses to "From the inception…"

I was wondering if any republicans are embarrassed by last nights debate, so I googled, but couldn’t find anything. Although I laughed at a lot of the antics from the clips I watched, have to admit I’m a little embarrassed for the countrys honor.

I did think it was fitting that the most moronic debate ever was held at Raygun’s library. Will the next one be even more moronic? I bet it can.

Great post, Prolix. I know its hard to write eloquently about “stupid”, but you came up with that brilliant comparison of Inception and the Carole King songs!

Vox says that Trump lost. I don’t know, I think they all lost.

Oh, Hillary was on Jimmy Fallon last night and she was brilliant. I had tears in my eyes and laker & I were applauding at the end. I thought it was her best tv guest appearance. I will look for the youtubes.

I thought Fallon did a great Trump!

Annie, thanks much. That’s the best laugh I’ve had in days.

Prolix, I am no longer sorry that the boys’ band concert ran overtime. They saved me from watching hours of derivative drivel. Seabiscuit is nowhere in sight.

Prolix once again you did a great piece here. Sadly there was nothing in that entire debate that could be considered, as Elaine Benes said, “spongeworthy”.

Hillary did great on Fallon’s show last night. She’s not as at ease as Bill when it comes to these things (most of the time) but I’m not expecting to see Bill’s clone when I watch her.

chat, Prolix and I were hoping that Laker maybe got into the debate and we were hoping he’d fire up old A.F. one and wipe out the entire bunch right there on the teevee.

I think it’s time to “dig up” the old Onion digging up Reagan clip and put it in again.

I’m brain dead from last night’s Zombie Apocalypse. I can’t remember anything about it except a vague image of Carly Fiorina trying to breathe life back into the Cold War and make Stalin walk again.

Hillary is supposed to be on CNN with Wolf Blitzer today at 5pm ET.

Hillary was very charming and funny on Jimmy Fallon last night. They seem to have a good rapport.

Carly is being dubbed the great communicator because of the way she said some of her (canned) lines. But the problem is she’s said it so often that naturally the lines come out in a fluid and “commanding” (?)manner.

@17: Yes. Apparently they’ve met before and I think she was comfortable with him.

You can get a lot of mileage out of the late night shows.

@20: True Dat.

I saw the Wolf is Blitzed piece. She was very good and there weren’t any real gotcha moments.

Check out the Pundit for his take on the debate.

@22: Oh, that was good. A must-read.

Rude Pundit was good. He sounded drained.

Cute ad about the debate from Hillary’s people:

@25: Brava, Clinton people!:

Rude Pundit is a better man than me. I couldn’t take it and had to bail. But he does call ’em as he sees ’em.

@25: Oh that was a good one.

Short review of Morning Schmoe:

Joe: The Donald tickled my grundle with a peacock feather last night and told me I had a purdy mouth.

Mika: I am now saying words, words, words, now I’m going to smile my shite grinning smile as I’m about to say words, words, words. Giggle, giggle, word word. (Stare the Nancy Raygun stare at Joe.)

Joe: When I was in Congress, words, words, words, loved me some Dubya, but not as much as I am lovin’ me some Donald.

Mika: More words, words, words, Hillary said something six months ago that I want to act as if she said yesterday because I have words, words, words to say and smiles to smirk proving my intelligence is a close second to a sea jelly that has no brain, absolutely no organ within its little body that even pretends to be a brain. Words, words, being second to the jelly is good, right?

Joe: Donald is so dreamy, more dreamy than Dubya, me likey dreamy menz who need me to make them look relevant.

Mika: Words, words, Hillary bad, words, words, smirk, smirk (glancing love peek at Joe).

Joe: 1994 was great, but not as great as Donald. Donald, Donald, Donald, you dirty bird, why don’t you call more often?

Mika: Small words, words, words, disappointment stare at Joe.

And scene.

As far as I can tell, the only time Carly Fiorina wasn’t lying was when her painted Kabuki lips were frozen into a permanent phlegmatic purse that would make Fendi envious.

Give her credit, to get away with a craptastic story of secretary to CEO for so long is admirable especially since her father was the Dean of the Duke Law School, Deputy Attorney General for Nixon and then on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for 35 years. Yeah, a real rags to riches story if the rags you were starting with were Dior gowns.

From the get-go I didn’t like her — even before she started spontaneously crapping on Hillary — this woman is pathological.

Okay, I see the wordy kid who is always talking to himself with his hand up. Let’s see what his question is:

Can someone tell me, in 250 words or less, why any of those preacher screechers, who were absolutely, positively convinced that Katrina, a weather event, was caused by the non-Jesus loving little gay boyz and girlz in New “Sodom” Orleans, have not said a word about the disastrous flash flooding in Polygamy-ville, Utah, that killed twelve?

Please feel free to include the words hypocrites and hypocrisy in your answer. Also, include a reasonable hypothesis why and how random anal seepage like these preacher screechers seem to get such press coverage?

I’m waiting impatiently for answers.

I’d like an explanation for why those who spread the word of the man who preached love and forgiveness can spew such intolerant hatred in His name.

@31: I believe Carly has trademarked that “Secretary to CEO” line. What a joke. She is indeed a daughter of privilege, although she apparently did some temp secretarial work for Kelly Services during the summer while going to Stanford for her B.A. After getting her M.B.A., she moved straight into a management training position at AT&T.

Have you seen this, peons? It’s so “not yesterday” for Carly:

@33, I’m just spitballin’ here, but could it be that preaching love and forgiveness doesn’t afford them the lavishly outrageous lifestyles and attention that screeching does? Just sayin’.

@34, she just seems angry and mean to me. She gratuitously attacks. Goes out of her way to attack for no apparent reason. In the animal kingdom, those types of animals are rogue and aberrations. They have little place in a world governed by relationships based upon respect.

Feeding her anger is a Sisyphean task because extinguishing that desire will, most likely, unalterably change her. Therefore, her battle is one of continued existence and survival.

Why am I so philosophical today? We will return to our normal silliness now.

In one of her better angel moments, Carly is caught on mic making fun of Barbara Boxer’s hair during their race for the Senate:

Emily’s List parody of Carly:

@38, lovin’ that. I remembered when she hissed and spit at Boxer’s hair, but I’d never seen the Emily’s List parody. Thanks that is great.

Even the partisan rats are abandoning the MSNBC canoe. Axelrude, the guy who is proof you need to be really lucky when you are Good Housekeeping certified unsmart, said this on his transition to CNN:

Was the Obama guru suggesting that MSNBC didn’t want his expertise? “I just think they had a different approach to the election,” said Axelrod, who stressed over and over that he was grateful to MSNBC and enjoyed his experience there. That said: “I think that I did not want to be simply a surrogate for the Democratic Party.” So is MSNBC a partisan outfit? “I think that’s the nature of it,” he responded.

Dear David, say hello to minute 14 of your 15 minutes of fame, the meter is about to run out.

From one of the stories about Wednesday night:

Four years ago, when Trump led the “birther” movement, President Obama called him a “carnival barker.” Conservatives have embraced that view; Jindal last week called Trump a “carnival act.”

Trump has done something Obama could not due in almost seven years — Trump has brought liberals and conservatives together in a common agreement he is a particularly irritating hangnail.

Politico took on Nasty Carly’s challenge & asked a bunch of Dems to name Hillary’s accomplishments:

@37, She made fun of Boxer’s hair?!? Wow. Carly’s was so chic. Notice how different she looks now compared to then. She looks like she lost a lot of weight and had a ton of plastic surgery. I also kept wondering why she didn’t have lipstick on, as she has a dark area on her lower lip, and why she didn’t pull down her top which was really scrunchy up top. Sorry to be catty, but she opened that box.

@38, hilarious! We love us our Barbara Boxer here in Cali-land. Can’t believe that nasty woman thought she could beat her.

Prolix, you and Fredster need to cut out the morning schmuck for your own good. Why listen to those half wits when you could be sleeping and dreaming about pleasant things?

@45, Annie, you are so, so right. I have done pretty good this week. Not looked at them all week until this morning. I awoke at 4:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep and temptation got the best of me.

I’ve got a quest though — I want to know why Mika hates Hillary with such a passion. Mika is such a vapid, nouveau riche dilettante typically she hasn’t the focus to direct any actual emotion beyond bobbleheading Schmoe.

There has to be a back story. I’m thinking her dad wanted to break into government again to re-up him on the speaking circuit and Bubba said, “Not on my watch.” It has to be something that petty and festering.

I’m like a yapping terrier when it comes to something like this — I won’t stop until I figure it out. It’ll make a great post.

Prolix@30: At the end you forgot “pouty vixen smile” for Meeka. 😉

annie: I think it’s a combination of: it’s like the wreck on the highway you cannot avoid looking at and second, my hours are so fubar’d (you know that from how late/early I’m on here with you) that as I’m lying down for sleep I think “maybe I’ll catch some of the news” combined with “what outrage will he pull today?”. Plus then just watching Meeka try to form the semblance of a sentence of her own. As Prolix pointed out, it’s difficult for her apparently.

I know her last “book” got 5 reviews by readers and 3 of them were terrible and I saw she’s going to do one of her empowering women things again in three cities. I hope they fail as miserably as she does at representing what women should be, cuz she ain’t it.

Prolix, as uppity commented about meeka, had it not been for “daddy” she would probably be a hostess somewhere pouring coffee.

I have to go back and look at all of the posted videos now.

@46, your theory about Mika hating Hillary sounds good. It seems likely it has to do with her father.

@49, LOL! Yep, she’s pretty bad. It seems like no one gets a job based on their merit anymore. All the actresses, actors, models, newsdummies, its all who know nowadays. Really sad. We all lose.

@49, Meeka (like the spelling Fredster) has been fired from each and every job she has ever had. She couldn’t even hold a job on the late, late, late night crew at either CBS or ABC. I’m going to find the genesis of her hatred. It is so irrational and unfocused it can’t have a basis in the real world. It has to be something that has festered for years.

Meeka is the milk carton picture for self-help flapdoodle where entitlement is the Xanax prescription for anxiety and self-worth issues.

Annie, what’s Laker up to? Tell him hello and I wish he had found the keys to the plane Wednesday night.

But Meeka’s arms are so toned! I admire the way she can wear sleeveless dresses on-air even during the dead of winter when the wind chill is 20 below zero outside. Do you think arms like those just happen, people? No, they require countless hours of working out at the club! That takes real talent!

So Edward R. Murrow, eat your heart out. You may have had journalistic chops but you could only dream of arms like Meeka’s.

Perhaps she’s drinking multiple cups of “tea” and isn’t capable of much more than what she’s doing. Bless her heart.

He loved that running gag you guys had going! In fact, he was flattered. He’s busy with school filming projects: acting, broadcasting, editing, learning audio, which is pretty hard. He says he’s one of the few actors that shows up off-book, so I’m glad my pounding that into him during his Shakespeare years paid off.

@54: From lifting gallon bottles of Sky Vodka.

ooops, meant @56 to answer @53.

@57, haha! Good one!

@54, nicely done Beata — LOL.

@57, LOL Fredster.

@56, tell Laker we want reviews of all his shows. Showing up off-book is impressive! That is commitment!

Oh annie, me too on the airplane thing. He could have whacked ’em with a wing, or revved those engines and just sucked ’em up in there and be done with the lot of them. 😆

@61: definitely what Prolix said and yes impressive about being able to be off-book!

Did y’all hear the quip from schmoe in that vid clip: “Hide the vodka from mommy.”. Oops.

@64, eww, that quote is creepy. Typical of those two.

Here’s a funny tidbit. The lovely Kim Davis is in the news again. Not content to obey the judge and just let her subordinate issue the marriage licenses, she has altered the licenses, taking off her name and the county name, and is making the clerk, Brian Mason type Notary Public next to his name instead of county clerk, his real title. She also ordered him to only initial instead of signing his signature as is usual.

Brian Masons attorney filed something with the judge today, and the ACLU did also, wondering if the new form is legal. You can see the difference in the forms here:

Apparently, there is a KY state law that says all county marriages licenses have to be uniform. Here are more details:

Fredster, I think I might be in moderation.

Another point regarding my comment @65 about Brian Mason, is that when you look at the enlarged pic of the marriage licenses, it says Notary Public next to his name, but he doesn’t sign it and you don’t see a notary stamp. Weird.

@65, Just like Joyce Mitchell springing Matt and Sweat, Annie you are free from the comments dungeon. You can just call me Joylix.

@65, Annie, you’re right about uniformity. The ACLU has solid ground for challenging repulsive Repunzel Davis’ actions. It is nothing more than positioning for fundraising. It hasn’t gotten lots of national media, but hubs Davis appeared at a marriage hootenanny in Nashville. Nashville, a city where the good clean-livin’ country stars, are faithfully married until the end of the wedding reception.

@67, you have a good eye for detail. What Repulzel is doing is trying to position her office completely outside the process of selling a marriage license. Assistant clerks can do anything in the office related to issuing licenses so she wants to take any mention of her office, like turning her assistants into Notaries as opposed to assistants.

The failure to sign is a real issue. It must be signed. KY isn’t a “seal” state so a seal isn’t required.

Have you all seen this? It cracked me up.

@65: Welp, if she’s forcing him to nullify or make the licenses void then off to jail with the bitch once again.

I’m at the point with her that if someone lopped off her head I would not care in the least.

Forgot: It’s a damned shame that Brian Mason has to hire an attorney. Maybe he needs to have a gofundme page.

oops I see that Bunning appointed an attorney for each of the deputy clerks.

@71, the appointed attorneys are paid through the court. Being it is a civil rights case, there is a process for application to the Court for the payment of all the fees as long as they are reasonable.

@70, Beata, that is good. Those Funny or Die folks must really need Vitamin D since they eat so many mushrooms. I’m sure that is why they are eating them and it is so cute they call them schrooms.

Beata, that was funny!!

Sometimes you just don’t have to say anything. From today:

And after clarifying that he does not consider himself the symbolic head of the GOP or of the conservative movement, Limbaugh actually said, “I really thought that there was a lot of conservatism. There was a time I thought I was watching 11 Rush Limbaughs last night.”

@69, “KY isn’t a “seal” state so a seal isn’t required.” You mean a notary doesn’t stamp the document and write his cert # and sign it?

@76, a Notary signs attesting the signatures of the signatories as completed in her/his presence and affixes her/his Expiration Date, but does not have to actually “seal” the document meaning that contraption that embosses the document.


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