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Activist Monday: Hillary Finally Gets It

Posted on: September 14, 2015

Goooooood Monday everyone! And a good one it is in HillaryLand, as Our Girl both gets good news, and finally “gets it” with regard to those d*mned emails everyone has been so exercised about.

First, the good news: Hillary didn’t do anything wrong. No surprises there. She’s been at this too long to make a stupid mistake. Still, it’s nice to see that at least SOME of the media is covering the story factually.

Clinton asserts that she had the right under government rules to decide which emails were private and to delete them. This week’s filing puts the Justice Department’s approval on Clinton’s claim.

“There is no question that former Secretary Clinton had authority to delete personal emails without agency supervision — she appropriately could have done so even if she were working on a government server,” attorneys from the Justice Department’s civil division wrote.

Judicial Watch had requested a court order from the judge to ensure that Clinton’s emails were being preserved. But the Justice Department said there was no need for such an order given that Clinton had the right to delete personal emails and that those messages are not subject to the public records law.

The government said Judicial Watch had presented no evidence to suggest Clinton had mistakenly or intentionally deleted government records instead of personal emails, and said “government agencies are not required to take steps to recover deleted material based on unfounded speculation that responsive information had been deleted.”

So yeah, “Judicial Watch,” a standard pack of right-wing attack dogs rabid with hatred of all creatures labeled with a “D,” is completely full of sh*t.

That’s the “good news” part. Now, here’s the part where Hillary gets it. FINALLY.

A day after again declining to apologize for her use of a private e-mail system while she was secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton told an interviewer Tuesday that the arrangement was a mistake and that she is “sorry” for it.

“As I look back at it now, even though it was allowed, I should have used two accounts. That was a mistake. I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility,” Clinton said in an interview with ABC News.

As I continue at my first “big girl” job and learn more and more about leadership, I think something I’m realizing more and more is that people expect leaders not only to be accountable, but responsible as well. While it’s more than clear that nothing Hillary did was technically wrong, those of us in the private sector are always taught that personal and business email accounts really should not be mixed. Too many problems can result from this type of mixture, including unintentional leaks of confidential or restricted data resulting in millions of dollars in damage. If this is true for a lower-to-mid-level manager at a tech firm such as yours truly, imagine how much more true it should be for someone in a very high position of responsibility in the government, dealing with classified materials and making critical national security decisions on a daily basis.

Hillary should have acknowledged this on Day 1, because in general, We the People want our leaders to be capable of learning and growth. (NOTE: This generalization does not apply to supporters of George W. “I can’t think of any mistakes I’ve made” Bush, Dick “Waterboarding is a no-brainer” Cheney, or Donald “Our political leaders are all stupid” Trump.) Ahem. In any case, we wish our leaders could be perfect, but know that they can’t be; so the least they can do is acknowledge their mistakes, show that they won’t do it again, and become better people because of their trials and tribulations. That’s the great American success story writ large, isn’t it? Rising high, falling low, then rising again?

When I first started leading teams and projects, with very little training or experience in the matter, I thought, “If I want to be respected and I want people to do what I tell them to, I’d better be strong, forceful, and flawless.” Welp…that wasn’t the way to go. I soon learned, both from coaching and from experience, that a touch of humility – perhaps more than a touch – goes a lot farther with people you’re leading and managing than attempting to show how a-mah-zing you are does. It was tough and painful to lose my addiction to my idea of leadership as a granite-like and impenetrable projection of perfection, but I did, and have flourished both personally and professionally as a result.

Hillary’s initial stance on the email issue amounted to somewhat of a defensive crouch, which I can completely understand because – let’s face it – she was being attacked by yet another group of nutjobs intent on bringing her down over something that seemed minor to her at the time. It’s been 20 years of this, so, “Same Sh*t, Different Day,” she must have thought. However, her handling of the “scandal” showed that she didn’t understand that the perception of what she had done was far more important than the reality; and for perception’s sake, she needed to show her humanity and frailty in order for people to forgive her transgressions, legal or otherwise. While both men and women are expected to know when to take responsibility and accountability for their mistakes, I believe this is especially true of Hillary, whose character is constantly under attack for being arrogant and entitled (both of which accusations are completely false, but whatevah).

I think Our Girl has done what she needs to do in order to make this go away. I just hope she understands that the next time she makes a mistake (which she will), she should accept responsibility and move on. It’s what real leaders do, even when it hurts.

This is an open thread.



76 Responses to "Activist Monday: Hillary Finally Gets It"

i disagree she shouldn’t have to apologize.
she did nothing wrong. next they will demand she apologize for breathing. But I wonder where did she find her staff? she always end up picking the people who don’t care for her, she did in 2008 and she is doing it again.

@1: Some of her staff would benefit from a good weasel stomping.

ownaa: I think her staff, or some of them, tried to explain the situation to her but she just didn’t want to give in on the issue. I think someone finally explained to her that this wasn’t going to go away until she *apologized*. Recall that this thing was originally set up by Bill and at the time she was probably told, or she thought, it would be easier just to go with what she was familiar with.

I also don’t think the issue is going away. This morning on morning schmoe (why do I continue to watch this? It’s like a car wreck), the gang of whatever-number were just all atwitter at Joe Biden’s possible run and one of the talking heads, (John Heilemann) was just jumping up and down because a big money backer of Hillary’s had a meeting with Biden! Oh Yay! Now did he know what was said at this meeting? No, of course not. But in this discussion they had to bring up Hillary and the WaPo article about the server not being wiped and of course the F.B.I. (!). Never mind what the Justice Dept. said. So no, this isn’t going away.

MB, you are exactly right about the demands of leadership. This is from one of my PowerPoint presentations on leadership:

Leaders are vulnerable; they let you see their soft underbelly.

Even on the merits where Hillary clearly didn’t do anything wrong with her decision on the server, perception becomes reality and in politics, it is all perception.

Something I’ve thought is true for a long time is that Hillary has had to be armored for nearly all of her adult life. Emotionally armored, professionally armored, publicly armored, and she has been the armor for her family. Through that armoring she has gathered overly protective people around her. They aren’t serving her well by being over secretive and isolationist when it comes to the public and the press.

The email deal was ultimately about being in control based upon what overly protective people were telling her. She needs some new folks who aren’t so “bunkered”.

That is why she shouldn’t have apologized. It doesn’t matter to them whether there is an issue or not they just to beat on her. On the bright side if that all they are focusing on it means on merits there are none. I just hope she hire more competent people. I still remember from 2008 the one who watching 5 seasons of Gray Anatomy during super Tusedy.

Prolix, totally agree with your comments above. She’s been the warrior for the family.

@3: Anita Hill, Anita Hill, Anita Hill. Now he can click his heels together three times and go back to the Land of the Giant Banking Centers.

Well, I have to wonder if Obama’s people and her are not a good mix. maybe she should get back Mark Penn. We all know that obama’s people are not good at fighting back about anything.

As far as Morning Joe goes, they are going to be talking about this forever because it’s what their freeper base wants to hear.

Oh, and then there’s Bernie who goes to Liberty University and calls the founding fathers racists.

@9: And today, one of the talking heads was a columnist or writer for The Washington Examiner! Oh really??? 😯 From the wiki:

When Anschutz started the Examiner in its daily newspaper format, he envisioned creating a conservative competitor to The Washington Post. According to Politico, “When it came to the editorial page, Anschutz’s instructions were explicit — he ‘wanted nothing but conservative columns and conservative op-ed writers,’ said one former employee.” The Examiner’s writers include Byron York, Michael Barone, and David Freddoso.

Prolix, have you ever heard of this group: Langer Research Associates? Know anything about them?

Oh my chat, it’s our turn for the Verne and Gary “I don’t know what I’m talking about” football broadcast.

@12, Fredster, from their site, it looks like they only spun themselves off and together in 2010. By that time I was taking care of my parents and out of the loop in the industry. From the affiliations, it appears the principle, Gary Langer, is reputable and respected from his Board service and connections.

@9 and 11, GA and Fredster, I’ve been posting on the MSNBC site that “since Chris Licht left MJ, the show has gone to pot. If they don’t get someone who can tell Schmoe to shut up with his pablum, the show is doomed. Without Licht, it is the deranged running the asylum.”

So far not much response because everyone always seems to be focused on the trees of controversial issues instead of the forest of the show taking a hard right in philosophy.

@7, Chat, might I add to Anita Hill, Anita Hill, Anita Hill — Neil Kinnock, Neil Kinnock, Neil Kinnock, but for different reasons?

The Repubs are pulling the McCaskill play what delivered up the perennial fool Todd Akin and his rape prescription. Biden is infinitely beatable — his mouth alone is an albatross as large as a pterodactyl with a thyroid problem.

Prolix thanks for the info at 14. You always have to wonder about some of these groups and how they might want to skew the numbers or the type of respondents they look at.

@15: Good luck with getting a sensible reply to your comments over there. I doubt you’ll get much other than incoherent babbling.

@16: Feeling badly for someone who lost their child, while a noble sentiment, is no reason to vote for them for Prez. Nor is it a reason to run for that office. If he’s the nominee, the Repubs will tear him apart.

@17, Fredster, what really matters is: (1) How they weight the sample to achieve the representative nature of the particular electorate; and (2) Where they get their sample?

On (1) the weighting of a sample is the secret sauce. Each statistician weights according to their reading of the data from the election they want to replicate. The sample size and the top line type of data isn’t really very important in the grand scheme of things. Important yes in terms of a representative sample, but it is much more important who the poll is engineered to capture. For instance, voter turnout in terms of men, women, young, old, Dem, Repub, socioeconomic profiles, etc.

On (2), where the pollster gets its sample is also important. There are companies who specialize and provide sample to pollsters. You order up the sample based upon the weighting and depending on the cost, you can get 10, 20, 50, 100 potential calls for each person in the particular demographic. For a national sample of 1,000, it is considered acceptable to start with a sample of 10,000 to 20,000 potentials.

There are industry and professional standards, but like any profession, there are good and bad operators. Realistically, the higher the profile, the higher the standards, but there are an awful lot of “tab houses” out there.

@19, I don’t want to seem less than sympathetic to the loss of one’s child, but when there are only two people in the room during a deathbed conversation with your child, you DO NOT, repeat DO NOT, recount that conversation to a reporter for a self-serving piece. To call that bad form is the understatement of the year — that is about as bush league and cravenly vile, repugnant, abhorrent, loathsome (pick the synonym) as you can possibly get.

@21: How about tacky? I’m good with that synonym.

@22, We have a winner!

Prolix, thanks for that info at 20 and could not agree more with y’all at 21 and 22. I’ll through in another, odious.

Okay, to be honest, I’m watching MNF, but in switching over to MSNBC and CNN, why are both of these networks carrying Trump running his mouth at some location? Why are they giving him the free publicity?

@24, odious is good, in fact, I almost went with it in the list.

@25, I couldn’t watch Forrest Trump. I’m now surfing among MNF, ANW, and anything else that catches my eye.

Go, Fowlcans!

Trump is a reliable source of cringe-worthy sound bytes. That’s why the media loves him. Gotta feed that 24-hour news beast!

Let me clarify what I meant by “go away.” I meant that Joe and Jane America will stop worrying about it. If you go by the media, no accusation or fauxrage leveled at the Clintons ever goes away. As Prolix pointed out, CDS is a hell of a money-maker.

MB: I can only hope that J & J Amurica will stop worrying about it. The problem is (imho) that they lap up everything the media churns out.

@27: No dirty birds. ∅

Just using an Atlanta-esque accent……..

So Ari Melber was covering for Maddow tonight and they showed Sanders at Liberty Univ. Comments were made about the large crowds. Indeed the arena was filled, but does anyone know if that was one of those required convocation things like when Cruz was there? That could explain so much. Just sayin’.

@32, Fredster, yes, it was the regular Monday baby Jesus pep rally. They also made space available for the sinning Sanders supporters (notice the alliteration there).

Bernie being there is a sign of the apocalypse — Prophet Justin told his Beliebers that a Jew would come from the Northeast and would be known because he was in all those “Back to the Future” movies.

Thanks Prolix. Isn’t it odd that they failed to pass along that one little item of information.

sinning Sanders supporters

Bernie’s backup group perhaps?

John Heilemann was spouting off again on O’Donnell’s show about the Biden meeting with Robert Wolf. He was saying that if Wolf met with Biden that means Obama gave his okay for Biden to run since Wolf was a big bundler for Obama.

Yet over here, that wasn’t the impression these folks got about the meeting. Oh my…who to believe?

@35, in the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is King. These reporters wouldn’t dare report the two met, and Biden was told by Wolf, my bundlers and me are committed to Hillary and there is no way we can be shaken loose.

Not an interesting story, but it is just as plausible as any of their conjecture.

Prolix@36: Exactly. Heilemann is just filling in the blanks with his own suppositions.

@37, Heilemann is the Larry Flynt of political porn — if it sells, give ’em what they want and I’ll sell it to them in any form they want it.

@38: Hahahahahahaaaa!

Hey annie, I think USC/Stanford is going to be on regular tv, I think on ABC.

Oh my, Rude Pundit is on a roll again, this time with Dr. Carson.

You know, just because someone knows how to crack open a skull and mess around with the creamy middle doesn’t mean he should be making policy on immigration

@42: That was a great read. Yglesias always has good articles and this one cuts to the bone on Yeb! ‘s b.s.

@42, Chat, excellent read. I think Vox does a good job with relatively complex subjects and breaking them down.

One thing on Yeb!’s claims — and none of the writers ever seem to want to delve into this area, but after 9/11 Bush, Rove, and Paulson gutted the white collar enforcement division of the FBI. They transferred out over 500 agents to work on, wait for it, terrorism.

Let’s unpack that — Bush, et al. took 500 CPAs and lawyers engaged in white collar crime, just so happened they were already investigating the derivatives market, took those 500 white collar investigators and sent them out looking for Americanized Osamas.

If those agents had continued their investigation, undoubtedly the derivatives market would never have reached the critical levels it reached, somewhere over $500 Trillion with a “T”, and saved the country from the crash in 2008. All the evidence was there, it wasn’t exactly rocket science — all it needed were some CPAs and lawyers to do the job they were hired to do.

Prolix@44: Oh well, just one of those minor tidbits of history that will probably never see the light of day. I’m just sooo sure that those FBI CPAs and lawyers did a great job on the terrorist front. 🙄

Thanks Bushes!!

@45: Surely it’s all a matter of national security.

@46: Of course you’re right! How silly of me. And besides I could have had a V-8! ! (doink)

@48: I like Joan Walsh and she’s been on a number of the MSNBC tawk shows but I bet that stops now. 👿

I hope the entire thing just blows up in the face of the media.

Good lord even Joan Walsh says she “might be doomed”. Darn, I’m so sick of this I could scream. For whatever reason the press wants Biden and keeps moving his “date” to announce out. Biden can’t win a general election. Obama’s numbers are not good enough for him to win since he was VP. The only one that I think can win in 2016 is Hillary. She’s got no ties to Obama’s economic policies. And Bernie being a self described socialist would lose to even Trump. The press in this country sucks. They are determined to take Hillary down. It’s like 2008 all over again and you know what? If Biden or Sanders are nominated I’m sitting home. Sanders does not even seriously consider women’s issues and he had no foreign policy on his website. And Biden? Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas and everything else. Don’t run Joe.

Ga6th@50: I am beginning to lean strongly your way.

The repubs will tear Biden apart and let’s face it: is he the nominee for the typical middle-class to lower econ class person? NO! He represented the state that is the corporate home to just about every major credit card out there. He’ll represent them, not us.

@50 & 51, I’m witcha both — Biden and Sanders are both losers either of which would be Reince Priebus’ dream. Can you imagine what the Supremes would look like after Jeb!, Rubio, or Kasich got through with it?

Everyone is invited!

We will be live blogging the debate tomorrow evening.

Festivities will begin about a quarter of 8:00 EDT unless you are around earlier for the undercard.

Tell your friends. Feed the cat before you come because we will be here late.

@53: Oh that sounds great! Should we include alcohol?

@52: I think the next time I get something from the Dems where they want some $$$s, I’m going to return it with a strong suggestion that they put the word out to all the talking heads representing the party on teevee that those talking heads stand up and push back on this email bullsh!t.

Reince Priebus’ dream

It would be his wet dream! 😆

@55, but the thoughts of that made me feel icky and needing an industrial supply of sanitizer.

@56: I know…but it was there so I just took it. I sowwy. 😦

@57, it’s not the first time I’ve felt icky and come to think of it, not the first time I’ve needed an industrial supply of sanitizer.

@58: Political commenting…it’s an icky business.

Awww, poor lil Kim. Unlucky in love and apparently also in the courts…yet again.

“First of all, Clinton only won the women’s vote narrowly in 2008, besting Barack Obama by just 2 percent.”

I totally doubt those numbers, but whatever.

If the spineless mass of jellyfish that is the majority of American voters, i.e. women, can’t vote for the only candidate that has ever even seen them, they deserve what they get. And so does the (librul, “progressive”, green, earth-caring whatevers) mass of the electrolate that keeps sending half of the population of this earth into “women’s issues”.

If anyone is close to NashVegas, here’s something just short of impacted bowels for entertainment value:

NASHVILLE, TENN. — The husband of Kim Davis — the Kentucky county clerk who went to jail for her refusal to issue marriage licenses — will be part of a Thursday rally in Nashville organized by the Tennessee Pastors Network.

The event takes place at the capitol and promises to address issues like gay marriage, immigration, terrorism, education, health care and religious liberty.

In addition to Joe Davis, the rally will include Rafael Cruz, the father of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican and presidential candidate.

Read more here:

@60, the plaintiffs’ attorneys are going to be, in Trumpese, ‘uge, ‘uge, ‘ugely rich.

@61, Hiya Pat, great to see you.

I totally agree and I want to set my hair on fire when some talking bobble head says, “Hillary’s support among women has declined.” Well, yeah, no candidate’s support is going to stay in the 70% range with other candidates coming into the race.

Prolix@62: Oh my heavens! I do hope Joe wears his bib overalls again. And I’d love the see the video of that. I would want lots of popcorn to munch while watching the freak show.

Prolix@63: Oh indeed they will be watching that meter just tick, tick, ticking away.

I agree with you also Pat. Well said.

There’s already a Bernie 2016 sticker on at least one bumper in this mostly social security aged complex. Alongside a “Love Heals” sticker. That and $2000 will get ’em a doctor and hospital visit. From talking to the folks here, it’s mostly conforming to the “Well, we just don’t trust her” put out by the media.

If my welfare weren’t linked to theirs, I’d just let them go reap all they wanted. As it is, I’ve got to fight for their best interests as well as mine. Arrrggghhhh!!!

Pat, that is just priceless with the description of the two stickers. 😆

Well, we just don’t trust her” put out by the media.

Yep, and as Joan Walsh wrote in that article, the same media it took four days to pass along the info from the Justice Dept. that Hillary was perfectly legal in her actions with the emails.

She would be perfectly justified in saying “Eff it. You want to hear about Clintons giving speeches and making millions, well I’m about to start and to hell with the rest of you. I’m going to give speeches and enjoy my granddaughter.”.

Fredster, these are the same people who don’t believe a woman should be in charge of a socket wrench. And half of them are women!

But what get their attention, and the attention of coworkers at the horrible 12+ hour shift plastics manufacturing job that I just mercifilly left is: how is anyone going to make things better?

This is where Hillary excels: seeing what people are living through, and saying exactly what she thinks it would take to make it better. This is what the media is doing their damnest to hide. Once people know that she sees their problems and how she’s going to help solve them, they’re for the most part on side.

I have to add: Hillary’s response to some Republican idiot talking about getting workers into full time jobs was spot on. She said most part time workers were already working full time hours, what they needed were good jobs and a living wage.

My (mostly women) coworkers were putting in between 60 and 80 hours, between overtime at that job and part time jobs else where, just to stay afloat and keep their kids in ostensibly middle class status.

Hillary gets it.

And half of them are women!

That’s the awful part, these women who can’t or won’t realize she’s on their side. They need to listen to or read about her mom and what she went through as a child in her early life. Hillary knows what that hard life is about. She herself may not have lived it but she experienced it through her mom.

@71: If I recall correctly, wasn’t that Republican idiot Yeb! .

Well I’m going to have to call it a night or morning. I had some office surgery done today and my pain med is starting to kick in. I should have taken it much earlier before the hurting started but was reading Hillary Men.

I really enjoyed your comments tonight Pat. Try to come by tomorrow or the debate post. I’m sure we’ll have lots of comments we can make.

Oh! I just saw this: Hillary is going to be on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tonight. I’ve got to make a note for myself so I don’t forget it.

Don’t have a TV, but I’ll be sure to follow the comments here!

Hope you (and your office!) feel better soon after that surgery, Fredster.

Add Mr. Kim Clark and Rafael Cruz to the Weasel Stomp list for when we reconvene.

I’m excited for the debate live blog. I’ll be on as soon as I can. I meet with the Philippines team at that time.

As for Joan Walsh, I think she was spot on. Her take is that the media’s predictions of.doom are based on issues that are specious and ephemeral, and of course, the media is creating a self-fulfilling prophecy as well.

I stand by my assessment that until people see Hillary debating with the other Democrats and then, with whomever the idiot Republican is, the polls are all.but worthless. The opinions out there now are largely uninformed and over-influenced by the media. When push shove, it will easy choice between Republican blockhead and Democratic rock star. Let’s remember, too, that Biden and Sanders have zero support with the DNC and thus, have zero chance of winning the nomination. So, please try not to panic. As chat would say, Keep Calm and Carry On!

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