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Lazy Weekend: Hurray! It’s Weasel Stomping Day.

Posted on: September 12, 2015

Are y’all ready?  I love a good holiday, especially one with no fixed date that can be celebrated at will.  Weasel Stomping Day seems to fit that criteria nicely, and does not involve shopping, putting up a tree, production of a festive repast, or most of the other trappings of the more pedestrian holidays.  All you really require is a sturdy pair of boots, a Viking helmet, and some mayonnaise for the lawn (or reasonable equivalent if you are a lawn-free city dweller), and you are good to go.  We are totally surrounded by weasels these days, and it’s just not pretty.

As a non-violent animal lover, I am not suggesting that we stomp on actual weasels as suggested by holiday father Weird Al Yankovic, but rather as a metaphorical beat down of weasels cleverly disguised as actual humans.  You know who they are – they posture away on television and in print on a daily basis.  Now, tell me that you would not like to lace your boots, adjust your Viking helmet and jump up and down – metaphorically, of course – on any number of weasels of the human persuasion.  You know that you’ll feel much, much better after a through stomp or two.

I will go ahead and offer my candidates for a hearty weasel stomping while you check around the house for your WSD gear.  When you are suited up and ready, please post your weasels or anything else that you might like. Be sure to sing along with the little ditty at the top of the post.  If this goes well, we might make it a recurring holiday such as “I Told Ya So Day” became, here in the Land of the Widdershins.

Stomp on, Widdershins.

(1) Kim Davis.       Do I really need to say why she is my prima candidate?  The woman who found Jesus after multiple marriages and commissions of adultery?  Good thing that her clerk was but a wretch at the time of her applications.

(2)  Morning Joe.    The entire bloody cast.  To listen to them, one would think that Hillary Clinton were guilty of treason.  Y’all are absolutely disgusting, and I will never ever watch a single minute of your program again.

(3) Andrea Mitchell.  Her latest interview with Hillary beat everything that I have ever seen.  She should remember Madeline Albright’s admonition regarding special places in hell………

(4) Republicans in Congress.  At least the ones that plan to cry “Shutdown!” again.  Enough, already.

(5) Donald Trump.   Because he needs it.  Desperately.

(6) NYT Editorial Staff.   You know who you are.  Trumpeting headlines about Hillary that you then manage to point out in an “oh, by the way, it really is not illegal” on a page buried deep in the back and well below the fold.  You suck.

This is an open thread


74 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: Hurray! It’s Weasel Stomping Day."

Maureen Down because…well because.

Piyush Jindal for the many things he should have done as governor; like expanding Medicaid in the state, accepting the Fed. grant for creating a rail link between nola and Baton Rouge and so many others. And he also deserves stomping for thinking he had a chance to run as a viable Prez candidate. He’s been absent more than present in the state and of course the taxpayers pick up the tab for this state police security whenever he travels. Perhaps we should make him pay that back before he’s weasel-stomped.

I must say, my day got a bit brighter considering stomping these metaphorical weasels. Your list is near perfect. Off the top of my Viking helmet, I can only think of two additions for a schmear of mayo and a fit of Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance, stomping.

While Kim Davis is indeed stomp-worthy, I would add Matt Staver and his wife-unit Anita. Staver is head of Liberty Counsel and Anita is the President. Blaming Kim Davis without indicting the Stavers is like blaming the dogs for Michael Vick’s behavior — the dogs didn’t know better.

The Stavers enjoy several scams, not just bashing LGBTQ people, although that is the major part of their existence. They haul in handsome salaries by way of their fundraising and book sales where they bilk isolated social security recipients into forking over sometimes 30 times the cost of a book. What’s more — the Stavers’ little hate organization is totally, completely, 100% tax exempt — so in the vernacular — giddy up.

Here’s a link to some of the highlights of Liberty Counsel and the Staver household, but to be helpful, here’s one quote:

Laws aimed at preventing anti-LGBT bias motivated crimes “trample the free exercise of religion,” according to Mat Staver. “Pedophiles find refuge in this so-called hate crimes bill, while veterans and grandmas are left to fend for themselves.”

Therefore, I humbly submit the Stavers for inclusion.

All listed candidates are indeed perfect additions to the WWSL (Widdershins Weasel Stomping List). Stomp on!

@3: I don’t even know wtf half of that meant.

Laws aimed at preventing anti-LGBT bias motivated crimes “trample the free exercise of religion

So someone’s religion allows them to commit hate crimes? Is that what he’s saying???

“Pedophiles find refuge in this so-called hate crimes bill, while veterans and grandmas are left to fend for themselves.”

While I’m not in favor of pedophiles, I don’t know what one has to do with the other.

Yes, those folks are indeed stomp worthy.

I feel badly for you chat. Your dawgs are on CBS with the tongue-tied duo calling the game. I’ll probably have to mute it. Not only tongue-tied, but Gary what-his-name screws up so many things when he opens his mouth.

Not that they need any bolstering in their stomp-worthiness, but here’s a new piece from HillaryMen on the NYT and its willful prejudice against Hillary.

Prolix, you can bet we won’t hear a peep from the morning crew on MSNBC. There won’t be a word from schmoe or meeka.

Add to stomp list: Vern and Gary, blind SEC refs!

The gumps are all excited that they are leading Middles Tennessee State U. The dynasty rolls on!!

@10 THANK YOU for the Vern and Gary stomp! I’m watching Arky and Toledo (?) and when I switch to your game, seriously, I have to mute it.

Remember, blind refs can be a help if they’re on your side. 😉

Do you happen to recall the last pro-GA blind ref??

@13: Uh…no. But it could happen!

Great post Chat! Love the list! Agree with the add-ons. The Stavers sound like truly evil people

Can you believe they want to shut down the government again?

Oh, I saw a funny article title, “Apparently Rick Perry was running for President.” Good one!

Oh, I also read someplace (I think Jezebel) that Kim Davis has filed an appeal on the judges order for the clerks to issue marriage licenses. She wants it stopped since she doesn’t approve it. She’s getting a bit of a god complex.

@15: Yeah and his smart glasses didn’t help him either. LOL!

Come on, Annie. You must have some potential weasels for the list. Check around with hubby and Laker – all comers are fair game.
I know that I have been liberated by the WSD concept. If someone annoys me, I will smile and mentally lace up my boots, don my Viking helmet, and get to it rather than argue the point. It should be fun – annoying people in line? Coworkers? Rude sales clerks? Officious officials? Weasel stomp ’em, baby!

@16, Annie, what Kim Davis and her slithering lawyers are doing is laying the predicate for Monday morning. Here’s how I think it will go:

1. She can’t be seen as allowing the licenses to be issued, otherwise, her martyrdom goes rancidly stale;

2. Her appeal isn’t likely to be heard for a couple or three days before the Sixth Circuit, therefore, in the hair-brained argument of her shysters, she shouldn’t be jailed because her issue is on appeal;

3. Her appeal is a big old floatie in the porcelain Super Bowl of atrocious legal arguments — there isn’t even a legal argument there — it is fundraising talking points for the Protestant sharia-beliebers; and

4. In terms of fundraising, you don’t look a gift, befrocked Apostolic in the mouth. This is a whole new round of fundraising because they will beat this poor dead horse all the way to the Supreme Court again. Cha ching…

Did y’all notice that Rick Perry’s concession speech was given to a group called Eagle Forum whose founder is Phyllis Schafly? He even called her out and thanked her. Weasle, weasel.

@Gagal: Stomp, stomp.

Okay, well Okie and Tenn are done so I can watch LSU.

Allons les Tigres!

Stoopid refs! Malachi caught that ball!

AH, yes. I’m familiar with blind refs………….

@25: It was the “incontrovertible evidence” clause. 🙄

Chat, is that Timmeh on the UK/SC game?

When “incontrovertible evidence” is presented to a blind official, can they hear it?
I believe that it might just be.

Oh my. Geaux Big Bleu!

me@26: Apparently that was Jesse. Man, don’t ever let him and Timmeh call a game together; the screeching sounds would drive you nuts.

@28: We play Sakerlina next week. God help us, he will be loaded for bear. Just retire, already, for the love of God!

@29: Check out the picture. The refs did not consider this to be “holding”:

@31, UK and Sakerlina equals 50% of the SEC’s unranked teams. If UK can stumble onto a W, then I’m more than sure Georgia can.

Prolix, that was not a stumble. That was a well-designed and executed game plan.

Les better figure something out, he’s letting Miss St get the momentum back.

@33: I have always had a sneaking suspicion that the OBC sacrifices a littler of baby weasels the week before he plays us. No matter how crappy his team, he will exploit any weakness that we have. His name in Athens is synonymous with Voldemort.
The Big Blue looked damn good tonight.

I will never forget this one against the OBC. The look on his face was priceless.

Yep. He just had to laugh.

Congrats, Fredster. I’m exhausted from watching the 4th Q.

@38: Oh he had no choice. That one fooled everyone.

Thanks chat and congrats to the dawgs also. Forgot to say that earlier. LSU should have never let MS ST get that close.

h/t to Upps for a tweet about this.

If you run Joe, expect to be reminded about this.

Stellar post Chat – brava! CDS is such an ugly disease and repugnant beyond measure. I really needed to read this post and these comments – MSM denizens have gone insane, again! A pox on all the tiny brainless parasites.

{{{Boo!}}} Good to see you again.

With the dawn of a new day, I have another stomp-worthy candidate — Peggy Noonan. You always know it is Noonan because her every sentence contains the words “Reagan and me”. You would think she had to move her nose whenever he became flatulent.

What makes her particularly stomp-worthy is her schtick where she is so straining and pearl-clutching trying to call up the deepest, most insightful, nugget of wisdom from the reaches of her hell condemned soul, she then opens her mouth and out comes the equivalent of “ya want fries with that”.

She strains to produce the most innocuous comments known to humankind and then smugly grins as if she is the reincarnation of the Oracle of Delphi. It doesn’t help that she believes Hillary could best serve the country by taking up residence on an ice floe in the Arctic Sea.

Excellent choice. She’s all that, plus a bag of chips.

Nice group of weasels! I heartily concur that they are all most stomp-worthy. Chat, I’m so happy that you are healthy and your family drama has calmed down.

Prolix, I like that Hillary Men post. I’ll have more on that topic tomorrow.

I forgot to add my own candidate for weasel-stomping: Joe Biden. Just STFU already. You’re not running, and you have no chance of winning. The apex of your career has occurred and it was more than you deserved. Just step aside, you bloviating, self-important *ssh0l3.

Things are slowly beginning to normalize. It’s not completely over, but things have improved significantly.

And here’s another group that is stomp worthy. This trio from WaPo. Of course they write this cr@p because the article has over 6k comments and comments = clicks on the website and Jeff Bezos sure knows about clicks on websites. 👿

Of course the writers wait until waaay down in the article to mention the Justice Dept. ‘s arguments on Clinton’s behalf and that they defended her practices as being allowed. That wouldn’t fit the narrative they wanted.

@43: Hey Boo! (waves)

@52: Love the Wonkette!

@48: Hey, Mad, do you have a Viking helmet left from your opera singing days?

Okay, let’s try this again. I have my spear and magic helmet.

Excellent. You’re all set for the holiday, whenever it may occur.
But keep in mind – weasels, not rabbits.

@52 & 53, the Wonkette piece on the Peggington Bare Nothin’ is great, but I don’t think I’ve laughed so much at anything on the intertubz more than those comments. They are rip-roaring hilarious! Thanks Fredster.

Being the ever helpful and loquacious windbag, here’s a sample:

Out of charity, should we try to crowd source enough money to help Pegs hire someone who has worked with human hair in the past.

Prolix, they are a tough crowd over there at Wonkette. I’m partial to this one:

A half-finished letter congratulating the Shah of Iran on his return to the Peacock Throne still hung there on yellowed paper, fluttering above the carbon.
She cried out for Manuel, and her loyal servant appeared from the shadows. He looked like he had lost weight. Perhaps he was doing Paul Ryan’s workout program, RX something. That reminded her why she summoned her faithful brown servant. She needed another case of Nyquil, two cases of Bombay Gin, a six month supply of pseudoephedrine and Valium, and three cases of vodka. And close the drapes, there was some light from that black president’s solar power filtering in.

Hunter S. Thompson lives!

Ohhhh! I like this over at Wonkette. Now we need the Viking helmet.

Thanks for the howdys – I read here – just have limited energy. This thread is getting better and better! MSM sucks on a daily basis – same old, same old.

Tomorrow when Kim Davis shuffles into work, she will be protected by the Oath Keepers. Remember the group that sucked on Cliven Bundy’s crusty old six-shooter out in Nevada — well, they are on their way to KY to keep that infidel conservative federal Judge from jailing Head & Shoulders model and part-time clerk Kim Davis.

The KY connection is a sheriff from a bumf’ing “head of nowhere up against nothing” county best known for getting national media for telling the federal government, with its tanks and thermonuclear weapons, that it wasn’t the boss of him. He took this well-reasoned stance because of the Afro-Kenyan’s plan to take away all the guns.

In any event, tomorrow ought be interesting. The Staver-bots (see their stomp-worthiness above) have appropriately teased the national media into full blown arousal. All the better for this quarter’s fundraising. Cha-ching, cha-ching.

Prolix@60: What say the federal Marshals Service if they get an order to go arrest the harlot?

Prolix, do we know yet if hubby #4 will be there in his overalls?

@61, and I quote from the Oath Keepers (Creepers would be a better term):

Although the group had originally intended to picket outside the home of the judge who held Davis in contempt, he said, they had changed their plan when she was released on Tuesday.

Rhodes (the Moe of the Oath Keepers three stooges) said that the Rowan County sheriff should have blocked U.S. Marshals from detaining Davis, but since neither the sheriff nor the state’s governor will do their “job” and “intercede” on behalf of Davis, the Oath Keepers will have to do it instead. “As far as we’re concerned, this is not over,” he said, “and this judge needs to be put on notice that his behavior is not going to be accepted and we’ll be there to stop it and intercede ourselves if we have to. If the sheriff, who should be interceding, is not going to do his job and the governor is not going to do the governor’s job of interceding, then we’ll do it.

I rest my case for the mass incarceration of ambulatory navel lint masquerading as excusable idiots.

@63: Oh, dear.

@63: Well there’s nothing like threatening a federal judge is there?

A comment from over at C&L:

These militant separatists threatening federal officials should be locked up until their trials for sedition.

UPDATE from over at Right Wing watch:

UPDATE: Rhodes reports that Davis, through her Liberty Counsel attorneys, has declined Oath Keepers’ offer and he has ordered members of his group to “stand down.” –

Now they just need to go back to their bunkers.

@67, “stand down” connotes they walk up right, does it not? I fear that might be a few chromosomes and some lice grooming too far.

Prolix, I just hope this will take things down a few notches.

Wow. I just read Bernie’s Wikipedia page and learned something I never knew. When Bernie ran for senate in 2005/2006 he and the Democratic party had an agreement that he would run as a Democrat and if he won, he would decline the nomination so he could run as an Independent (which he did) thus knocking any D out of the race. Chuck Schumer endorsed him and let anyone who might run against him know they would not have backing (financial or otherwise) from the party. He was endorsed by Reid, Dean (no surprise there) and Obama campaigned for him in 2006.

If anyone wants to read it, scroll down to US Senate Elections.

The WaPo story on Hillary’s server not being “wiped” is sporting 7,556 comments. I hope the trolls have worker’s comp coverage because they will have carpal tunnel from waxing prolific.

@72: disgusting, isn’t it? I don’t even want to see the comments. I didn’t bother with them when I read the article. Had a sneaking suspicion as to how they would go.

Bernie is this year’s Howard Dean. The boutique, yuppie candidate who cannot seem to rally more than one ethnic group/

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