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Posted on: September 11, 2015

I finished my light post for the weekend, was ready to close out then noticed the date.  The light post will go up tomorrow, but first today needs to be observed.  Fourteen years have passed, and yet we still remember.

I don’t think that anyone has forgotten where they were, or what they were doing when the planes hit their various targets.  We all sat open-mouthed, tearful, and anxious as the enormity of the situation became clear.  It’s not easy to recognize that you are living through an historic event.  09/11 ended a feeling of national satisfaction, and no such feeling has returned.  Prosperity for the many has gone, hopefulness has gone, and a sense of a better tomorrow is a luxury that few can afford.  We are not the same people, plain and simple.

Fourteen years have passed, and it’s as clear as yesterday to me.  We suffered tremendous losses that day, and even more to follow.  The ensuing decade brought a war that never should have happened, and medical deaths from illnesses brought on by rescue efforts.  The cancer deaths have piled up, and may yet rival the actual number of casualties sustained on the 11th itself.  We also lost a great deal of innocence that day, as well as considerable amounts of discernment,  The manipulation of the American psyche was painful to watch, and even more painful to recall.  The ensuing uproar drove divisions in our nation reminiscent of the Vietnam Era, and they do not appear to be healing with the same rapidity.  This is concerning, and I see no end in sight.

I don’t know anyone who died that day, and yet I know many of them only too well.  EMS workers of all stripes are the people who run straight into danger rather than away from it, and these are men and women that I have known all my life.  Their sacrifice was noble, yet expected.  The reason that police and fire are well-compensated is because they place their lives on the line on an ongoing basis.  72 police officers and 373 firefighters died on 09/11.  Civilian casualties ran much higher – 2,135 from the attacks alone.  In the years that followed the attacks, medical examiners have concluded that 1,140 people who were in lower Manhattan as well as more than 1.400 rescue workers have died from the effects of toxins produced by the event.  The actual number of total casualties may not be known for years.

I know that my sense of well-being has never been the same.  I had no direct loss, yet the weight of other’s losses still sits heavily on me.  Every ER nurse and MD that I know wishes that they were in New York that day.  That was the Worst Case Scenario that we train for all of our professional lives.  I’m uncertain that any of us could have done something magical, but there is a sense of peace that envelops you when you try to help, and at least temporarily allows you to forget the enormity of the situation.

This is a day for remembrance.  If you light a candle, light one for the victims.  If you are given to prayer, say one for all of us.

This is an open thread.


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Nothing to add: thoughtful, beautiful and sorrowful, chatblu.

Wow — beautifully written and tragically felt. Catharsis is good for the soul. Thanks for this.

I remember that I was working in OCC at the time. At that time we had no teevee or anything else in the area. One our specialists had to go over to Systems Engineering and came back and said he heard something about a plane going into a bldg in New York but didn’t know if the announcer was joking or what. As time went on we realized it was true, not a joke. The govt decided to secure federal facilities and folks could go home if they wished. I saw no point in that.

We did have a systems engineer who was at a training session in San Francisco. The sessions ended of course and then he got stuck out there because of no flights going out. I believe he either was finally able to rent a car or else he was able to take the train to L.A. and from there to New Orleans. I know it was a mess for him trying to arrange anything at all.

Koji the Akita goes to Audubon Park for the first time. He saw ducks and swans!


Chat, you are so right that the country has never been the same since that tragic day.

One of the reasons I can never understand the media trying to take down Hillary, is that the 90s was a great decade. Why wouldn’t people want to try to get a little of that magic back, besides the huge historical event of having our first woman president. I remember Bill’s theme song was “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow” Well, W destroyed our “tomorrow” in every conceivable way.

This is amusing. I must say Jerry Brown is the best governor ever:

Uppity has a great post up.

@10: Yep, it’s a good one.

Chat, for some reason WordPress isn’t allowing me to “Like” your post. So just for the record, I’m officially liking it in narrative, as opposed to, avatar form. My avatar apologizes for any inconvenience his agoraphobia may have caused.

Prolix@12: did you check with your avatar to see if it has any religious objections to liking posts? It could be that the avatar is taking a stand here or something.

@13, I gave my avatar an appropriate accommodation with my shoe up its arse. Of course many of the twisted thumpers wanted to watch. It consisted of a line of shoe sniffing freaks wearing Huckabuck buttons. Instead of praying five times a day, they alternatively take off a sock or a shoe and point themselves at the nearest Foot Locker or Payless.

I always forget about those like buttons. Are they tied to facebook?

@14: LOL! Well it seems to be that you’ve provided a suitable accommodation. You may have to threaten court action if the avatar doesn’t change its attitude.

annie, it should just be tied to your avatar. If it’s not grayed out or anything click on it and see what happens.

Did I tell you guys about my brother-in-law falling off the 3rd floor of a construction site? He’s still in the trauma center but is showing progress, he is starting to swallow, but still has to have the feeding tube, is moving his hands to commands, can speak a little and answer commands. His pelvis is healing the way they had hoped also. They play music for him all the time and he taps his foot and sings a little (he is a guitar player). We are all amazed.

annie@17: Yes, you had told us. That is just great news! That definitely sounds like he’s making good progress.

@17, that’s good news about his progress. It’s good that he’s keeping a positive attitude and outlook.

@12: Thanks. Sorry that your avatar just doesn’t want to come out and play.

I’m a pinhead; therefore, consistency is fairly important to me. For the past six months, we have been deluged with stories, many of which were false, about email and the terrible, horrible, no good person Hillary is because of the methodology she used to “cull” out the dross of four years worth of email.

On Wednesday, the State and Justice Departments formally said, in court documents, everything Hillary did was legal, permitted, and most importantly, expected of any government employee.

Here are two relevant paragraphs:

The Obama administration told a federal court Wednesday that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was within her legal rights to use of her own email account, to take messages with her when she left office and to be the one deciding which of those messages are government records that should be returned.

In the most complete legal defense of Mrs. Clinton, Justice Department lawyers insisted they not only have no obligation, but no power, to go back and demand the former top diplomat turn over any documents she hasn’t already given — and neither, they said, can the court order that.

Here is the link to the Washington Times, an uber-conservative paper who found themselves actually running an article.

Now all of that for this one question: How many news items or teevee pieces have you seen setting out a complete, utter defense and exoneration of Hillary’s actions?

Let me help you: ZE-f’ing-RO

@21, yes, I am so sick of it. They’re going after her aides also…”Judicial Watch” and another rethug attack group, doing FOIAs going after all their emails. I wonder why the democrats can’t do the same thing, and use FOIA to go after them?

@22, the Dems could use FOIA, but it is like everything else with the Dems, they are too busy holding one another’s units and singing some version of Kumbaya. For the past six and a half years we have been living some kind of Boy Scout jamboree without the sex. Dems always retreat first, never fight, and mutter something about “getting along” while the Repubs are eating their faces off.

Finally, in the last couple of months the Dems have finally come to the realization that the Repubs don’t like them, will never like them, and will try any and everything to make their emasculation the feature attraction at the Testicle Festival.

@23, so sad, but true. Prolix you sound like Uppity, and I hope you’re right that the dems finally get it.

I can’t think of another word that works any better than to say I’m just gobsmacked that lil Kim and her attorneys are gonna try it again.

@24, I am humbled and unworthy to be mentioned in the same sentence as Ms. Uppity.

@Prolix, Ms Uppity has high standards, but you are indeed worthy.

Well I think I’m going to watch that movie Uppity was talking about with the Akita.

@25, here’s the recipe:

Mix equal parts Zealotry and Bigotry — add a dash of Hubris and Gullibility. Stir until light and frothy.

Take the mixture and “half bake” it in a too small baking dish until it spills out over the edges causing your oven to catch fire then engulfing your entire house in a conflagration.

Stand back and say to anyone who will listen, “Look at what I have wrought, I am well-pleased for I am indeed the oppressor and the oppressed, villain and victim.”

Prolix@29: As the old saying goes: You just said a cotton-pickin’ mouthful.

Prolix @23: Okay, it’s official; I am a bad person.
I laughed my head off at “some kind of Boy Scout jamboree without the sex.”

New thread up at 1 pm.

@23: Yikes. The grandmonsters go to Jambos. I shall spare their parents your analogy for obvious reasons.

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