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Jiffy Lube, Clark Kent, and Kim Davis…

Posted on: September 9, 2015

What can I say?  On behalf of all Kentuckians, young and old, Christian and sinner, large and small, shod and unshod alike, I’m sorry. Davis arms up

Kentucky might be the only place where free-range religious freedom means practicing government sanctioned discriminatory bigotry.  I can say without fear of contradiction, it is the only place where iconic civil rights heroes and heroines are compared to someone trying her dead level best to bend back the arc of justice.  I guess that is the uncommon wealth of Kentucky.

Yesterday’s carnival atmosphere was synonymous with what this spectacle has become — an argument about how a hot dog vendor does her job.  If you buy a hot dog at a ballpark, the decision on whether or not you are going to get that hot dog shouldn’t rest with your choice of condiment.  In the Kim Davis ballpark, only if you use ketchup AND mustard, do you get a hot dog.  In her world, if you are a ketchup or mustard only lover, you must do without even though it’s her job to sell hot dogs.  The accommodation isn’t about enabling her self-imposed preferences, it is about finding someone else to sell the hot dogs.

Now ratchet up this lame analogy to something as fundamentally important as with whom you want to build a life.  At that point the senselessness of yesterday’s kabuki theater becomes apparent.  The irony is, we didn’t buy a ticket to their show.  It’s all well and good if the performers perform to their heart’s content, we celebrate their right to do so, but it doesn’t make us theater patrons.  The rest of us have a right to pass on their show and proudly proclaim, “Nothing of value to us, let’s move along.”

I always strive to leave you, my Widdershin friends, with something to think about.

So riddle me this:  How did Kim Davis, with the Jiffy Lube speed of Clark Kent in a phone booth, unbraid her hair in the time it took to walk out of the jail and to climb on the stage?  Could it be that Huckabuck helped?  And if he did, do you think he could be lucky number five for Ms. Davis or just auditioning for a job at Great Clips if this presidenting thing doesn’t work out?

Coming out jail with Huckabuck and her Christian shyster...

Coming out of jail with Huckabuck and her Christian rent-a-shyster…

Davis hand up

Seconds later…inquiring minds want to know, how did she do it? Was it a Moses-esque miraculous parting of the braid?



















This is a wide-open barn door of threads.  Have at it and most importantly, enjoy your Wednesday!



42 Responses to "Jiffy Lube, Clark Kent, and Kim Davis…"

Prolix, if you have to shoulder the blame for the Kentucky nutters, then I’ll have to do the same for Hollywood! We can’t go there. God, this has been a truly bullshitty story. Hopefully, we can forget about her tomorrow. As for her hair: I think she must have gone back in and changed tops and brushed out her hair before she went out to face her fans. You notice the aqua shirts look slightly different. Maybe her hillbilly hubbie brought her a can of dry shampoo and a brush and a barrette. She’s gotta keep that pioneer woman look she’s been rockin’. That’s her moneymaker.

Love the hot dog illustration!

The only other thing I can think of to say about this is, God forbid that clown Huckster showing up at the NAMM Show again in January. That could get ugly if I can’t properly distract lakerwade from seeing him in time.
me: “look over there! Some guy is carrying the Brad Whitley Custom Les Paul!”
laker: “where, where?”
me: “This way! Hurry!” as I pull him off in the opposite direction of Huckster.

@1, Noam Chomsky said something like, “Due to the infinite nature of the English language, there is no end to the things you’ll say or think about in your lifetime.”

Thinking about Kim Davis’ “moneymaker” is an example of something I would never, ever have thought about. Chomsky was right.

Hillbilly Hubbie seemed proud rockin’ his overalls and straw hat. All I can say is, “Giddy up.”

@2, Huckabuck, Huckaboob, Huckster — he is such a fraud. He might as well promise unicorns covered in $1,000 bills for all his buddies. He really has dive bombed to new lows. All those years with the “Fox and Fiends” seem to have taken a toll.

I love the meme all over the Internet with the cashier telling the customer, “Sorry I am catholic, so you’ll have to get your condoms at. Register 7, but since she’s Jewish, you’ll have to go on down to Register 9 to buy the ham. Now y’all have nice day and thank you for shopping here!”

It’s disgusting, but I love that republicans are flocking to this imbecile, because I read somewhere she’s a democrat.

@5, I love that. I will use that the next time someone tries to tell me it is no big deal to accommodate people.

@6, Kim, she is a Democrat, but in eastern Kentucky, although it votes strong Republican in federal elections, almost all local politicians are Democrats. Go figure — it’s one of those things like no teeth that makes the place special.

Getting ready for the dentist. I’ll see y’all after I get back.

Love the post Prolix and you have nothing to apologize for.

@8, good luck with the dentist and thanks for the Esquire link I included in the post.

This is the explanation from HillaryMen on the apology:

Hillary chose to apologize for her decision to use a private email account at the State Department. We have blasted her detractors for demanding an apology from her while letting Donald Trump skate free despite his egregious comments about the military, minorities and women. Our position on the over-hyped email issue remains the same. At the same time, we respect Hillary’s decision. We will not second guess her or her campaign.

Trusting a leader means trusting their decisions. Hillary has been dominant on the national stage for decades and knows how, when and where to pick her battles. Few politicians understand the long war better than Hillary. She is fighting on multiple fronts; the forces arrayed against her are formidable and she has to choose how best to take them on.

When the email story fades, Hillary’s opponents will come back at her with something new. Facts don’t matter to them. Stopping Hillary is their singular objective.

Actually, Prolix, you have to just wade bravely into the meme. I revel in the Flori-duh stuff, as you know. Of course, the fact that I am actually a Georgia girl living deep in the heart of enemy territory makes that easier, but you just have to roll with it and find whatever humor that may exist beneath the crust,
Also, the state of Flori-duh thanks the uncommonwealth for taking us out of the spotlight for this week.

@11, yeah, but Kentucky doesn’t have a virtuoso performer/singer named after it — I do believe it’s called Flo Rida envy. It takes a special talent to have a top ten list of best songs with only seven songs on it.

We’re a special kinda crazy down here. Maybe the heat, maybe the mildew, maybe the Bermuda Triangle effect? I just go with it.

Welp, a crown is in order for one tooth and most likely with a post to go with it. We decided to schedule it for next week instead of starting today. I may “treat” myself and have an order of the nitrous to go with it. 🙂 This was the important thing so I’ll do the checkup and cleaning after this. I’m thinking he’ll want to do the deep cleaning which is always fun.

Prolix I loved that Esquire article, especially with the photo of the flag with “Got AIDS yet?”. Yes that’s truly a Christian thought there. 👿

I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog comments. 😉

@10: From that Hillary Men article:

Trusting a leader means trusting their decisions. Hillary has been dominant on the national stage for decades and knows how, when and where to pick her battles. Few politicians understand the long war better than Hillary.

Probably no truer words have been written or spoken about her.

Go figure — it’s one of those things like no teeth that makes the place special

And it makes for those charming smiles.

@13, Chat, I always say, “Soar with your strengths!”

@14, I can’t figure out why they haven’t developed a “nitrous-to-go” for home use — I know I’d stay at home more.

@18 Prolix I couldn’t agree more.

Yesterday, that great Canadian Cuban, Ted Cruz, was in deep Appalachia celebrating and visiting with Kim Davis, her husband doing his best Pa Kettle impression, and other criminals in the Carter County jail.

Today, Ted Cruz was with Orangonald Trump and Sarah Palin at the Tea Party Iranian hootenanny in DC. I wonder if Cruz missed yesterday’s level of intellectual stimulation?

Prolix, I believe Señor Cruz might have been there looking for metal porch gliders. The problem was that Huckabuck got there early and loaded up on them. That’s why the Huckabuck staffer would not let Cruz on the stage. Then Cruz was so frustrated over it he was going up on people’s porches in Grayson trying to steal them. After that he was escorted out of the commonwealth. Now, it could be that he headed up to see Trump on the off chance that Trump might have had an inside source for those gliders. And he may have wanted to check with Sarah to see if she had a spare one because she uses her glider to sit on her porch and glide when she looks at Russia.

(Never try to edit your comment in a hurry, you can make things worse!)

@21: OMG, is that where they all got off to?

@21, LOL, Sarah using her glider to spy on Russia.

From the video of today’s event, it seems as if Sarah’s screech has gone up a couple of octaves. I’m sure there are dogs out in Idaho whose ears are bleeding tonight.

@23: Could it be she’s been so bereft of attention lately that she thinks shrieking will her get some attention?

I saw some of the event on Chris Hayes’ show before i switched it over to Dr. Strangelove. I’d rather see Peter Sellers do his Fuehrer schtick.

@24, well let’s see, when your Fox contract gets axed, then your pay teevee dealio gets 86’ed, and then your subscription internet peep-for-pay is shuttered, a failed half-term and a Veep fiasco will only take you so far. Apparently, not far enough to get to a voice coach.

@26: Oh hells-bells, I didn’t realize the teevee show and the net thingie had gotten shut down. Considering that she’s such a “christian” could it be a sign from the Almighty? I mean sometimes you don’t need a lightning bolt.

@27, well not to worry, her legions of tens of fans will be able to get all her wisdom and Russian troop movement updates from her Facebook page.

I did not sleep well last night/early a.m. so I am going off for a brief snooze and then go pick up my script for amoxycillin. Yes chat, I talked him into it. 😉

@30: Bravo!

@30: And didn’t make it to pick them up because the skies just opened up here. There’s always tomorrow to start them. And because of the open skies, I slept past the closing time. LOL!

I’m not a code pink fan, but this is really funny. A young women held up a protest sign at a Darth Cheney event, and some idiot tries to snatch it from her, thrashing around like a lunatic. She held on though and he finally gave up. She gave a good little interview also:

annie, I saw part of that. I’ll check out the article.

annie, that was a good article. Man, she wasn’t letting go of that banner!!

@34, yes, love that she didn’t let go and made that Cheney supporter look like an idiot.

I may be in and out and today & tomorrow. I have a ton of stuff I just need to sit down and do. All kinds of paperwork nonsense. So I’ll be here but not as much as usual and then of course Saturday there’s football. LOL

Fredster, sorry to hear about your upcoming dental work. Hope you enjoy some good football this weekend. Take care. xoxo

The discovery in South Africa of Homo Naledi proved to be a very bad day for the pterodactyl tamers of the Barnum and Bailey Bible Beliebers.

Given the description of the H. Naledi of being “small-brained creatures” and “pinheaded” drew immediate comparisons to its direct descendant Forrest Trump.

In response, the Creationist Museum issued a statement saying, “Given the obvious similarities between the two proves there is no such thing as evolution.”

Go figure.

@38, Good lord! That is funny!

@39, the only thing that makes it really funny is how close to truth it is.

Forrest Trump is a loathsomely odious thing. Let’s hope he wins the Republican nomination. I’m sure he’s keeping his non-opposable thumbs crossed.

@38: Splutter!!! Guffaw!!

I had to take a break from the paperwork.

Thanks for your well wishes Beata. I knew this was coming because I had a root canal done on that tooth a year and half/two years ago and talked the dentist into just doing a filling in it at the time. I should have gone back sooner to get this done.

Oh GAWD! I should have stayed off line until I got all my stuff done.

Okay, WHO other than the chattering class in DC and New York have called the email story a scandal? Really James Hohmann? The *scandal* is only in your mind and those of similarly odious “reporters”.

Guess what James? You and others of your ilk will bring Hillary Clinton down. 👿

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