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Lazy Weekend Music: Out of the Darkness

Posted on: September 4, 2015

Finally!  The Dark Times are over – it’s time for some football.

I’ve been away for a while due to a plethora of problems.  I finally got my stepmother off to Reno, but I’m still trying to get her home emptied and closed up.  Then I had an epic case of hives that just would not quit (stress+heat+histamine=miserable case of hives), but that’s pretty well cleared up.  Anyhow, my troubles are subsiding as my joy rises.

Tomorrow my beloved Classic City Canines play the first game of the new season, featuring a whole lot of people who I have never heard of, or at least not very often.  It’s another year in college football, and anticipation runs deep and wide through Athens, Georgia. I’ve hoisted my Bulldogs football flag, thus annoying my Gator neighbors.  I have buffed up my large backyard UGA statue with a fresh coat of paint and turned him in the general direction of Sanford Stadium.  I have cleaned thoroughly behind my couch so that I can take refuge when the game ditches.  I have laid in multiple libations and fished out my favorite pizza menu. My game shirt is clean, and I am as good to go as I know how to be.  So until I must leave you at noon tomorrow, let’s post songs of redemption, joy, and football and victory – or whatever else that you may see fit – in this wide open thread.

(1) Coming Out of the Dark – Gloria Estefan

(2) The Boys of Fall – Kenny Chesney

(3) Are You Ready for Some Football? – Hank Williams, Jr.

(4) We Will Rock You – Queen

(5) Last Game of the Season (Blind Man in the Bleachers)- David Geddes

(6) Dropkick Me, Jesus – Bobby Bare

Bonus dedication to Fredster -my friend, co-blogger, and SEC football aficionado extraordinaire:

(7) Colonel Reb Is Cryin’ – Chris Vernon

31 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Out of the Darkness"

Colonel Reb may have been crying but the Bayou Bengals are ecstatic over Coach O, or Coach Oeaux.

A little bit of everyone’s teams.

Good to see you, Beata.

oooh, love Van the Man!

Hubs just found out that if we want to watch the Trojans, we have to buy some special channel that belongs to the PAC 10. Really sick of this unending greed in sports. As far as I’m concerned, they can stuff it, but I don’t know what hubs and laker (who are fans) will want to do. For the 2nd year in a row, 75% of the millions of Los Angeles Dodgers fans, have not been able to watch the Dodgers on tv. Its really weird, after having had it been the background soundtrack to summer all my life. I think all the fans should do a total boycott, don’t go to games, don’t buy any stuff, etc.

annie@13: That sounds very much like the SEC network and the Longhorn network. On Charter here, I think the SEC network is included which kinda makes sense; B’ham is the SEC headquarters. It sounds like y’all may have to subscribe to a sports package of some type. If I wanted to watch the NFL network that’s what I’d have to do. Sorry it’s not worth it to me.

annie, check this out:
I was looking at the schedule and some games are going to be on ESPN. You can put in a zip where it says “Get PAC 12 Networks.

Here’s a full schedule of the games and what networks they’ll be on.

I get both the SEC and NFL channels with my cable package, but if I were to want Big 10, I would have to purchase it.

Chat, congrats on the win. Hubbie says he enjoyed them beating the patsy. He’s going to enjoy USC playing a patsy tonight. Whatever that means. 🙂

Ooops, meant to say Hubbie hopes you enjoyed the Dawgs beating the patsy. He talks really fast.

I’ll take my W’s any way they come along.

I get both the SEC and NFL channels with my cable package, but if I were to want Big 10, I would have to purchase it.

Didn’t you say once you took a sports package add on to get the NFL channel?

My internet is crawling again and besides, I just saw the players run between the two lines of the band so the game is getting ready to start. If the internet speed gets better I’ll be back later.

I’m watching the TAMU Gaggies.


I didn’t know this:

They called off the remainder of the ULM Georgia game today with almost the whole fourth quarter to play

@22, LOL Hubbie says “ditto that!”

Well they cancelled the LSU game and my internet is still just crawling along.

Later y’all.

@23: At one time it was an extra $5/mo for NFL. Now it comes free, as does the SEC channel with the “enhanced” package.

@29: Ah okay. It’s still an added thing here with the sports pkg. Because of that I’m not that interested.

Comcast needs to do something positive every so often.

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