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Posted on: September 2, 2015

The rule in debating public policy is, “If you are explaining, you are losing.”  Be advised, this is a “losing post.”Understanding

Everyone is busy.  We only have so much time.  IMHO, we all use shorthand to communicate.  If the time available doesn’t afford a thorough explanation, it is understanding that is shortchanged.  There are plenty of examples.

These days when someone says “voting rights,” top of the mind automatically associates voter identification laws.  In reality, voting rights also refers to extended voting hours, absentee balloting issues, registration, weekend voting, and a host of other topics that have been subsumed into “voting rights”.

The same is true for Planned Parenthood.  Top of the mind associates the organization with abortion when that is barely three percent of the services it provides to women, most notably poor women without a secondary source of reproductive health care.

Acorn, community organizing, election finance, Obamacare, entitlements are all topics that are shorthand capstones for massively intricate webs of complexity.

Shut your face, know your placeWe “libruls” often unwittingly fall into this ruse.  It is not a sin of commission, but one of convenience.  Unwittingly, we are assisting those who are enemies of progressive issues.  This shorthand vocabulary is about to go into overdrive as we wend our way into 2016.

An issue that is sure to be saddled by this abbreviated understanding is the Black Lives Matter movement.  Originally, the BLM movement was and still is a concerted effort to draw attention to the killing of young men of color, but BLM is much more.  Its purpose is to draw attention to institutionalized prejudice, to de facto bigotry, to unprecedented incarceration rates, to overly aggressive policing and tactics in disadvantaged neighborhoods, to looking beyond the mere economic effects of discrimination, to rebuilding neighborhoods and voting empowerment.  While I don’t understand the BLM strategy of attacking those sympathetic with its policy positions, those decisions seem to be local ones and the overall motivations seem to be pure.

The simplistic rejoinder of, “All lives matter,” while true, is a backhanded effort to undermine the effort by subtly implying racist overtones.  BLM has not once implied that one set of lives is superior to another.  It is those who seek to impugn BLM who conflate the two slogans – and everyone readily overlooks those six words, with four of the words being the same, are merely slogans.Life is worth

These facts are dismissed and overlooked.  Why?  BLM is a tangible reminder of a truth that scares the bejesus out of a dwindling white majority power structure.  That truth is declaring war upon demographics is like declaring war on gravity.  In the end, gravity will win and any success in beating it back is only temporary.

This delegitimizing of BLM has risen to a fever pitch with the senseless killing of two police officers in the last few days.  The usual suspects who fan the fires of fear and resentment are behind these efforts – Fox, Breitbart, Limbaugh, Hannity.

There is something that bedevils me and it is this:  How neither side of this argument seems to understand there is no monopoly on grief?  There is plenty of grief for the getting.  The killing of young black men inspires grief just as does the killing of police officers visits horrible suffering on their families.  Victims are equally dead and there is no “who hurts worse” or “who grieves better” scorecards.

To fan the fires of resentment and fear, these murders have already taken on a shorthand vocabulary.  For instance, Breitbart only refers to “black on white” crimes as race murders, while “white on black” crime is given short shrift as random acts of derangement.

This thinly veiled bigotry is at the heart of the “Summer of Trump.”  The “stuttering triple P” poll found:

Our new poll finds that Trump is benefiting from a GOP electorate that thinks Barack Obama is a Muslim and was born in another country, and that immigrant children should be deported. 66% of Trump’s supporters believe that Obama is a Muslim… 61% think Obama was not born in the United States… and 63% want to amend the Constitution to eliminate birthright citizenship.

Trump’s beliefs represent the consensus among the GOP electorate. 51% overall want to eliminate birthright citizenship. 54% think President Obama is a Muslim. And only 29% grant that President Obama was born in the United States.

MLKInstitutionalized bigotry will always be buttressed by the very institutions hosting the prejudice.  What we know from decades of research is that unless change is affected at the granular level, through outreach like BLM in cooperation with police departments and cities, there will be no significant improvement.  Everyone should be encouraged to put their shoulder to the plow.  As we have seen this summer, broken people break things and hurt people will hurt people.

Aspiring to such an elementary understanding isn’t on par with Johnson’s Great Society, but it sure would go a long way in making the society we have a much better one.

Your thoughts on any subject are welcomed and encouraged.


96 Responses to "A greater society…"

Wonderful post! Have you heard that Elizabeth Haselbeck actually asked when the BLM movement would be classified as a hate group??

Kim, so great to see you!

Yes, I saw that. There was also a comedian (extremely unfunny) who was on one of the Fox shows and called BLM a “criminal organization.” O’Reilly has also vowed to take on BLM,

I truly wonder if these folks allow mirrors in their homes because denial seems a way of life for them.

Here’s a link to the unfunny human who probably starves as a comedian.

Maddow covered that PPP poll and had some interesting graphics. I find it so hard to believe that these Repub voters thought Cruz was born in the U.S. especially after all the hubbub about his Canadian birth.

The graphic is too big to embed here so I’ll just post a link:

I’ll be damned! It took the link and did an embed and shrank it. Go figuah!

Well let’s just see if that works again:

@me above: Well isn’t that special! That’s good to know that apparently WP will shrink the graphic!

Hey Kim! Nice to see you here. 🙂

Prolix, I feel that one thing that hurt the BLM group was the shout down of Sanders in Seattle. Naturally it got lots of air play. I think I said something previously like “you can’t effect a lot of change when you don’t let people have a chance to speak”.

Okay some folks go way too far in enjoying their favorite college football team.

Getting a little late there Joe, to test the waters.

@7, I agree Fredster. I just don’t understand their strategy and I think these local groups will hurt the overall effort. From what I’ve read and seen in terms of interviews, all of these “questionable” tactics come from locals looking for publicity.

@8, there’s some pathology there.

@9, and the Tony goes to…I still think all of this Biden mishegas is theater. He’s too smart a politician to think he can be successful. All of these polls that are causing the talking heads to go googlie-eyed and get tingly-toed, show Hillary having an insurmountable advantage. Of course, that doesn’t go with breathlessness.

@10: if that’s the case someone needs to have a sit-down with the locals.

@11: You should have seen the rest of the apt!

@12: I’ve also read that she and the staff have been working the superdelegates too. She learned a lesson from 2008.

@14, those people ain’t right. I think the bathroom sends the whole motif over the top or better yet, down the crapper.

@15: I agree totally. That’s way overboard.

@9 Fredster, the first comment at your Biden link: “Real Democrats are voting for Bernie!” How ironic. That’s not the first time I’ve heard that.

GAgal: The Berniebots are everywhere. 😦

@17 and 18, do y’all think the Bernbots are a coordinated effort like the Obots were?

Prolix the thought has crossed my mind.

I’ll tell you who has gotten into it with some of them and that’s SophieCT and Uppity and it’s been on twitter.

I believe the Berniebots are small potatoes compared to what those two dealt with in the Obots in ’08.

@20, given the name, I’d think Berniebots would be nicer since Socialists would be expected to have pretty good party manners.

@8: That’s a rather bilious shade of gold.

The bernouts are flooding the blogs everywhere with their nonsense. It’s the same Obama upper class whites males from 2008.

@22: Well, ya know…photos online. May or may not be true color.

Point taken, and hope springs eternal.

@23, GA, I don’t wander too far from these parts, are they as nasty as the Obots were?

Chat, the “gold” in LSU gold has always looked more yellow to me anyway.

@25 and 27, Chat, Fredster, you’ll both be hearten to know U.K. spent $120 million to:

1. Make the stadium smaller; and

2. Make it a much nicer place in which to lose or putting a positive spin on it, making it a much nicer venue in which visiting teams can enjoying winning.

@19 Prolix, I believe it’s a coordinated effort of the Obot turned Bbot faction, but not Bernie’s campaign, unlike the Obama campaign. Bernie has said he will run a “clean” campaign and I believe him. The O campaign encouraged their vile behavior. When they’re not calling her a corporatist or blaming her for Bill’s policies, they just say – after what Obama did to us, there’s no way in hell I’m going to give Hillary a chance to screw me over.

When I read “Real Democrats are voting for Bernie” it makes no sense. Is this person so ignorant that they don’t know Bernie has never been a Democrat? He has never lifted a finger to help the Democratic party and why the insiders will not have anything to do with him – as well they shouldn’t. I’ve also noticed Bbots don’t call themselves Democrats. They are “those of us on the left”. So the “Real Democrats” comments (to me) means they don’t know what they’re talking about or it’s just a plain old troll.

@29, that is helpful — thanks. I just don’t go on other sites much, but when I do I see exactly what you are talking about. These bots seem to just parrot the talking points — telling about their depth of understanding of lack thereof.

@28: They made the stadium *smaller* ?? 😯

Hell, LSU just expanded Tiger Stadium last year to over 100k.

Wasn’t there a game when U.K. beat LSU at Commonwealth Stadium? Just checked, and yes it was in 2007.

@30: Which is why I too stay away from sites I don’t know. It’s just better to stay around what I know.

Great post, Prolix. This is exactly why I did Toxic Meme posts and reference guides back in the day. We can’t let them win the shorthand war.

I am much more of a Socialist than a Democrat, but I prefer Hillary to Bernie and always will. She knows that the only way to effect real Change™ is to elevate women to equality. Bernie doesn’t care about this. He is another Obama….he talks a lot and says some good things, but what has he accomplished for this country, or the world?

Go anywhere in the world, and you will find women whom Hillary has helped. That’s Democratic and Socialist enough for me.

Prolix told us so.


Go anywhere in the world, and you will find women whom Hillary has helped.

Well said MB.

This was published at about noon today on Vox:

Fox News says Black Lives Matter incites violence. Critics said the same of MLK.

@33, MB said, “Go anywhere in the world, and you will find women whom Hillary has helped.” Perfect quote.

That’s one reason of about a thousand to support Hillary because when you help women you help their families making the world a better place for their children.

Robert Kennedy told his brother during a tense White House meeting, “Negroes are now just antagonistic and mad and they’re going to be mad at everything. You can’t talk to them. My friends all say [even] the Negro maids and servants are getting antagonistic.”

Whatcha gonna do, huh?


@34, this article was today. It says the Chinese stock free fall tells us more about the government than it does their stock market. The real problem and the one we have been discussing here at TW is that the Chinese government has no available good option. Their economic juggernaut has turned out to be a jalopy fueled by a bubble and then towed by policies resembling a “push-me-pull-me” because their is no discernible clear direction.

If you hear Lassie barking, “There’s trouble down at the new Chinese mill.”

@38, Fredster, when I read that it stuck with me too. It is a line right out of “The Butler”.

Repub candidates (some of them) to Kim Davis: “Shutup and do your job.”

@40: Or “The Help”.

Good Lord Prolix! Just a bit ago I saw on Lawrence O’Donnell that some guy who worked at State for Hillary will go before a committee tomorrow and plead the 5th. He’s the one who setup the email server.

Then later on in the show O’Donnell had on Casey Davis, the bicycling court clerk. Talk about making an impression! And not in a good way either.

@43, the State Dept. guy taking the 5th isn’t a big deal. Gowdy’s committee is a witch hunt and anyone who testifies runs the risk of being caught up in the quagmire. From a legal fee standpoint alone, taking the 5th is the smart thing to do.

Casey Davis is a piece of work. I’m pretty sure he has an extra chromosome for seeking publicity.

From a legal fee standpoint alone, taking the 5th is the smart thing to do.

I know, I know…smh. But I also know all of the talking heads are going to be in hog heaven with the “what’s he hiding” crap. 👿

Poor Casey started getting really defensive when O’Donnell asked him if he had read the Constitution or understood about Federal law over state law; he didn’t say supremacy clause. Casey was quick to spout back that he knew his 1st Amendment rights and he, by God, followed the Kentucky Constitution. So there!

My suggestion to Casey is to keep riding his bike, but north. And when he gets to the banks of the Ohio keep going.

Oh well, I’m gonna call it a night or morning. I have to get ready for all of that SEC football this weekend.

I decided I needed to see the WaPo article on this staffer thing and then there’s a HuffPo article also.

Also, it looks like he’s gotten himself a good attorney.

Kim Davis in jail.

Her deputy clerks have fifteen minutes to decide whether or not they will comply with his Order to issue licenses or they get to join Davis in jail.

Have you seen anything about the decision of her deputies?

From the link below:

Faced with the threat of jail, five deputies of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis told a federal judge Thursday that they will comply with his order to issue marriage licenses starting Friday morning.

The only holdout was deputy clerk Nathan Davis, who is the son of Kim Davis.

Bunning initially ordered Davis to remain in jail until she agrees to comply with his Aug. 12 order, but he later held another hearing to see if she would agree to allow her deputies to issue licenses in exchange for being released.

However, attorneys for Davis said she would rather stay in jail than cooperate.

This train wreck is being driven by the Liberty Counsel cretins.

A must read for Hillary fans or for any supporter of women:

Who Needs Fox? NY Times and Morning Joe Battle for Title of Chief Hillary Basher

From the very well-written article:

The New York Times has taken the lead, but they are not alone.

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski use their Morning Joe platform on MSNBC to malign Hillary and mangle her public image. The show has become a cesspool of Hillary-bashing rivaling the fetid swamps of fringe rightwing Clinton haters.


5 of 6 deputies chose, albeit some reluctantly, to issue licenses. The solitary holdout is Kim Davis’ son Nathan.

@51: Bless Peter Daou and Tom Watson for calling out Schmoe, his crew and his bobble-headed sidekick Mika. In her own way she’s no better than Megyn Kelly.

And don’t forget Schmoe kept bring up the David Petraeus thing comparing Clinton’s email server to his situation.

I wish I was well versed enough in social media to get a meme started with #JoeScarborough #deadintern. Grrrrr!!!


Rand Paul is retarded.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul called the court order a “huge mistake” on CNN Thursday.

“It’s seen as the federal government is going to come in with bully force, here even with police power and incarcerate people who disagree,” he said. “I think it’s absurd to put someone in jail for exercising their religious liberty.”

Rand, go read this.

@56, let’s see how fast the worm would turn if, say, a Quaker decided he/she wouldn’t issue a concealed carry permit. Or how about an animal rights activist getting elected and refusing to issue hunting and fishing licenses?

Rand Paul is not a smart man. He is a doctor, but he doesn’t have good instincts for strategy or judgment. If Rand Paul thought it would get him above 1% in a national poll he would fellate a baboon while giving a hand job to an horny giraffe.

Well, I hope the all the couples who want to get married can get their licenses tomorrow morning. I wonder if the clerks will sign their own name, or use a stamp with Davis’ name? That would be funny.

Normally, I would be glad to see her in jail, but I think she will score a big payday out of this, either from some right wing PAC, or some rich repub. She said in court that people were raising money for her. Meanwhile, think of all the tax $ she has caused to be wasted with this ridiculous stunt. All of the court costs, and now the cost of her sitting in jail, where she’ll probably be pampered.

It’s a win for the gay community, but I don’t think it’ll cost her much in the way of inconvenience and she’ll come out richer in the end. Good thing I believe in karma.

Prolix, I really like that circle diagram thing at the top of your post.

Oh, and I love the post also!

@57: Yeow I need the eye bleach!! That’s almost Rude Pundit worthy. 😉

And I know that comparing 4-time Kim to Wallace at the school door is not an exact comparison, the idea is the same.

And I saw that Huckabuck is on his way to the Commonwealth to help out Kim. Maybe he can ride a bike with Casey.

@annie: From that article:

According to Politico, the most newsworthy “insight” from the thousands of Clinton emails released this month was that the former secretary of state expressed “interest” that a famous U.S. general was possibly eyeing a White House run. How did Politico gauge Clinton’s “interest”? How did Politico conclude she “sounded intrigued”? A friend emailed Clinton some information in 2010 and she typed back a five-word response.

That’s it.

And that’s one of the reasons I don”t fool with Tiger Beat on the Potomac.

Oh boy! Three, count ’em THREE games on tonight: Da Saints, UNC/S Carolina, WKY/Vandy. Actually 4 if you add in Michigan and Utah. (meh)

@58, you are exactly right. It is just a fundraising exercise for Liberty Counsel to pay their six-figure salaries. Here’s something written about it in the Ky. Trial Court Review about what this whole circus has done to the other folks who work in that courthouse.

Shannon Ragland, of the Kentucky Trial Court Review. “Her conduct has terrorized not just her staff but everyone that works in the courthouse. And all for a foolish mission aided by out-of-state charlatan lawyers trying to raise money for their ‘religious liberty’ mission.”

I believe in karma too — it does find its way home.

And thanks about the post.

@61, Fredster, you have me reading the Rude Pundit and he’s rubbing off on me.

@prolix and annie: I’m also hoping for a bit of butt biting karma in this.

Gotta admit that even with the potty mouth, rude pundit is good.

@61, Huckaboob is just the type of guy who would blow Kim Davis’ apostolic skirt up. His blimp levels of hot air would be needed because Kim’s is a particularly long skirt.

Maybe the two of them can strip down to their modest undies, do one another’s hair and have pillow fights in her cell.

If someone at the jail had a really wicked sense of humor, they would make Kim Davis’ inmate number #6969.

@66, maybe this says something about my boring existence, but I find myself looking forward to his posts.

@68: Oh hell I love reading him also.

Should we add him to the blogroll?

MB, you around? Can we add Rude Pundit?

@67: LOL! BTW, did they ever report where she’s being held? Is there a facility in Ashland? Wherever it is, they better check her Bible. She might have a big ole file in there. 😛

Piyush thinks lil Kim would be protected by La. law if she denied licenses in La.

Then several lawyers and legal folks bitch-slapped him for saying something stoopid.

Published 23 minutes ago:

The Truth of “Black Lives Matter”

@70, they are holding her at the regional facility in Grayson. Don’t know the size of the waiting room, but if all her ex-hubbies show up, they will need to restock the beef jerky in the vending machines.

@73: Snort!!

If she’s at the county detention center, they’ve disabled the inmate lookup. 😆

@72: Good piece there.

@74, It is the Carter County Detention Center. They don’t have a peek-a-boo inmate lookup, but they have a list and she’s on it:

Ah…I looked at Grayson and Leitchfield and then the BOP site.

And Rude boy has written about Huckaboob and lil Kim.

Well we got a peek-a-boo here.

@71, good article. There was a funny comment from someone saying lil booby was a thuggee.

I think the comparison to Wallace is apt, but not the comparisons to MLK (from the nutters).

@77, ROFL!

@79: That’s funny about the thuggee thing because when he had his guv’s swearing in and when he did his Prez announcement he or his staff put the word out that he didn’t want anyone dressed in a sari or any other Indian garb.

@81, wow! Shame on him, crapping on his own heritage.

@72, yes, that was a good piece.

@82: Oh exactly. It’s why he started going by Bobby and also converted from Hinduism

Quandary: It’s after 8 here..I need to fix something for dinner but I’m also feeling the tug of Hypnos or Morpheus saying “take a snooze”. I think Hypnos is winning. 😉

Ok, have a nice nap. Later you can tell me what you think about the NFL/Brady thing.

Fredster – you can add Rude Pundit. I like him.

Did you guys see that Hillary met with Black Lives Matter in private? This is more than any of the other candidates have done. They were not impressed, of course. Gawd forbid.

I think these guys are pretty much *ssh0l3s, but they’re saying things that need to be said. More power to them. Obama blew them off for 8 years and did nothing about systemic r*cism, or gun control. No wonder they’re pissed off.

annie@85: I think, in comparison to what happened to the Saints and the coach, Brady skated. Of course Sean Peyton, as a coach couldn’t do much since he’s not considered a player but “management”.

@mb: I saw that Hillary met with them but had not seen the Wolf-is-blitzed report. She told them exactly how the world worked and they didn’t like the answer. Too bad, so sad.

The Rude Pundit has been added to the blogroll. 🙂

Oh ye gads! Hillary is going to do a sit-down with Mrs. Alan Greenspan. Sigh. I guess she’s got to start somewhere.

@90, hopefully Andrea won’t get caught in that stuttering skip she gets when she has to think without a script. If she does, the interview will be one interminably long question.

I hope someone watched it so they can tell us about how it went. I have no interest in seeing A.M.

okay. I watched it. What do you want to know?

Well, how did it go? Was A.M. civil (I would hope)? Did she harp incessantly on the email server?

She did harp incessantly on the email thing. I think it was the first 10 minutes and I was ready to turn the TV off. Anyway since she got to ask all the questions she wanted to ask about it maybe she will finally shut up about it. I guess there’s an advantage to going with a bottom feeder like Mitchell at the beginning. You can work your way up the food chain in interviews.

Ga6th: Thanks for the reply. I went to grab something to eat.

Maybe Hillary can just start saying “Asked and answered”.

Now they need to tell the MSNBC morning crew to stfu also.

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