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Posted on: August 28, 2015

Mr. Prolix here.  Sorry, but I’ve watched one too many Trump press conferences.  I now refer to myself in the third person with a gender-based honorific – you know, just in case by mistake I tune into an episode of I am Cait.spitting llama

Mr. Prolix likes to think of himself as a reasonably calm, sane human.  That is, until Mr. Prolix hears the teevee conservodroids say, “Hillary’s e-mail scandal is just like David Petraeus’ and he was charged with a crime.”

It is at this point Mr. Prolix’s head explodes.  Mr. Prolix then goes into apoplectic fits spitting at the teevee machine like a hyper-salivating llama.  It is quite the scene, a headless zombie llama spitting like a possessed pitching machine – Mr. Prolix must remember to take selfies.

Hillary and PetraeusPetraeus vs. Hillary…

Here’s the deal:  Comparing what Petraeus did to Hillary’s situation is the equivalent of comparing Mt. Everest to an anthill you see between cracks in the sidewalk. There is no comparison.  Even mentioning them in the same breath wouldn’t pass a breathalyzer test.  Let’s visit the Al Gore certified “inconvenient truth”.

First, David Petraeus was Director of the Central Freaking Intelligence Agency – the CIA.  Second, he had been engaged in a conscious scheme to leave his “sweet nothings emails” in a draft folder in a “dummy e-mail” account to avoid any possible detection.

And here’s the big difference – purple pill popping Petraeus, in furtherance of having his dolphin polished and what should have been a career ending forfeiture of his $220,000 a year pension, did this:

Petraeus and BroadwellThe FBI began investigating Petraeus after Paula Broadwell (aforementioned dolphin polisher) sent threatening e-mails to Jill Kelley, a Florida woman who knew Petraeus from his days in Tampa. Kelley, unaware of the sender’s identity, called the FBI. The bureau later traced the messages to Broadwell and uncovered explicit e-mails between her and Petraeus in an e-mail account both frequented without ever transmitting emails, but leaving draft messages in a folder.

Agents also learned that Broadwell was in possession of classified documents, triggering an investigation of how she obtained them.

The FBI searched Petraeus’s house in April 2013 and found books containing a trove of classified information in an unlocked drawer in his study. The books contained top-secret information that the Justice Department said could cause “exceptionally grave damage” to national security if disclosed.

That information included code words for secret intelligence programs, identities of covert officers, war strategy and deliberative discussions with the National Security Council.  (Emphasis my own.)

Sometimes even double entendres are too easy...

Sometimes even double entendres are too easy…

Petraeus took classified and highly sensitive information from secure locations.  He put it in notebooks, took it home, and left it unguarded.  And here’s the important part, he freely traded that information to someone who set out to seduce him for personal gain.  Did Mr. Prolix mention Petraeus was the Director of the freaking CIA at the time?  The CIA!

The F.B.I. was none too happy about the two-year probationary sentence Petraeus worked out with prosecutors, but those were the wages of his sin.

Now, Mr. Prolix reminds you:  When you hear the likes of Joe Scrotumborough or Sean Banality compare these two situations, don’t turn into a hyper-salivating llama like Mr. Prolix, just remember the Petraeus situation was centered on “hand to glans combat”.

The 14th Amendment and Little Bitty Babies

Okay, my third-person Trump fever has passed.Repeal the 14th

Trump has focused a great deal of white supremacist angst toward the threat presented by colicky, free-pooping babies.  Before I delve into a couple of points about the 14th Amendment, allow me, in the strongest possible terms, recommend an excellent piece of long-form journalism.  The essay is in The New Yorker about the beer-goggled allure white nationalists have with Forrest Trump.  If you have some free time, please take the time to read it.

Now, back to regular programming.

The 14th Amendment was passed after the Civil War to bring citizenship to freed slaves.  It provides in part:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

Trump continues to insist there are “some of the greatest legal minds in the country” who opine that birthright citizenship is not absolute.  Stripping away the Trumpiness hyperbole, there are some legal minds advancing such thoughts, but like Yeti sightings, they are rare things.  In fact, those who hold such views freely admit they are a miniscule minority.

Carry Me HomeTheir reasoning goes something like this:

Some scholars argue the 14th Amendment allows birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants but does not require it. Therefore, Congress would be able to pass legislation without the need for a Constitutional amendment.

Peter Schuck, one of the leading scholars who has endorsed this position said, “I would say that our view on the constitutional issue is decidedly the minority view.”

The focus of the argument rests upon the words “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” to receive citizenship at birth.  If there is no mutual consent for citizenship, Congress could pass legislation limiting birthright citizenship or so the argument goes.

That is the gist of the argument.  Without belaboring it, I don’t find this issue very interesting.  The intrigue is in the subterfuge surrounding this issue.  The zeal with which some of the candidates have taken to this issue indicates there are more than just babies anchoring this all too focused interest.

If the 14th Amendment were to be repealed or amended in a significant way, let’s look at some of the things that would be either extinguished or significantly altered.  Here’s a partial list:

Abortion, Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Immigration, Contraceptive Rights, Marriage Equality, Fair Housing, Non-discrimination in Education, Parental Rights, Child Visitation Rights, Rights of the Incarcerated, Medicare, Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program, Obamacare, Right to Public Accommodations, Sexual Discrimination, Employment Discrimination, Racial Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, Pregnancy Discrimination, Hate Crimes Legislation, Condemnation Rights, Land Ownership Rights, Zoning Rights, Forfeiture Rights, Federal Medical Leave Act, to name just a few.Pilgrims

From this list you can see almost all of the red meat issues for the fringiest of the fringe Right.  Is there any wonder why some of the candidates have so tightly embraced reforming the 14th Amendment?  Embraced it in a bear hug that would kill an elephant?  And let there be no doubt, it will effectively euthanize the Republican Party.

Things are not always as they seem.  Such is the case with this 14th Amendment imbroglio.


Any and all subjects await your comments and observations.



58 Responses to "It’s ‘uge!"

Hilarious post, Prolix! Love it! I feel like my head will explode when I hear these idiots compare Hillary’s email silliness with Petraeus’ digusting and dangerous crimes. Actually, I think what Petraeus did was both ridiculous and dangerous, if that’s possible.

We have a long road ahead with the Hillary bashers, I’m afraid. I looked at Politico today and noticed that they changed their comment section to facebook, so commenters have to use their real names, so I looked at the comments on the piece about Biden probably not running and the comment section didn’t have the usual frothing at the mouth, revolting, anti-Hillary comments that they usually have. I’m not into facebook, but I have to admit it was refreshing. I don’t comment on any sites but this one and Uppity’s, but I can’t help glancing at comments after I read an article.

Agree that this 14th amendment thing is really bringing out the ugly. I remember when I went to Hong Kong with the parents in the late 80s, they wanted to visit a Chinese Christian church, so we went for a Sunday service and we were amazed that there were no young or middle-aged men there, just a few old men. They told us that Hong Kong families were sending their young men to colleges in Canada, Australia and the U.S. so they could establish themselves in these countries, start a business, and then bring the families over before Hong Kong went back to China in 1997. The middle aged men were doing the same thing, or just starting a business. They didn’t want to live under Communist China. It was very interesting. Hubbie has a friend in L.A. who did that. He goes back to Hong Kong to visit family and friends once a year, and brings us interesting gifts. I loved Hong Kong, and hope to go back someday.

Prolix, I guess our Southern friends are suffering from the scary weather. I hope they’re staying safe. We are having a heat wave here in SoCal. Its like an oven outside.

@1, Annie, I agree with you. I’m not into facebook either. I just don’t use it and have never used it. I guess I could sign up in order to comment on some of these articles.

I have sworn off MSNBC in the morning since they have made an editorial decision to try and cannibalize the hard core newsies who patronize Fox and CNN. What they have succeeded in doing is creating yet another forum for uninformed zealots to seek reinforcement for their half-baked notions.

@2, what is incredibly ironic — as if any of the right-wing fringers appreciated irony — is if there is something that makes the American experience truly “exceptional” it is birthright citizenship under the 14th Amendment.

I guess under the fringers’ concept of exceptionalism, America is exceptional except for those with excessive pigmentation.

@3, It’s been nice here in the Ohio Valley today except for the pollens and whatever else it is in the air that is causing me to cough my “exploding llama head off” — this summer has been awful in terms of allergies.

Dubya had the audacity to go to New Orleans today. Honestly! Really!

Wonder if he took the Arabian Horse Show party planner who was masquerading as FEMA director with him? Heck of a job Brownie!

annie, this Southerner is here finally!

Prolix, this is a very good and needed post! I had forgotten the worst of the particulars with the Petraeus case. Anyone that wants to try to link the two issues as similar is both a fool and an idiot. And why none of the guest talking heads haven’t brought that out is beyond me. One of my fondest wishes is that one day a guest head will actually argue with Schmo over something, let him start his yelling and tantrum-throwing and then the guest gets up, unhooks the mic and walks off. I would pay to see that. Not a lot, but I would pay to see it.

I have a facebook account but really don’t use it for much. I got it because some of my friends had it so I wanted to join them. I rarely use it for anything.

Prolix@5: Those links you had on the 14th amendment issue were truly scary! Nazi or swastika coffee mugs? And that’s what’s being drawn to Trump? Jeebus! 😯

@7: Yep Dubya was there. No Brownie though, I don’t believe. I actually saw on Maddow last night that he wrote a piece or something titled “Don’t Blame Me” or something similar.

Now this below could truly be referred to as “deez nuts”.


LOL, chat! Now they are taking about landfall in Ft. Meyers!!

@8, what I wish would happen is similar to your wish. I wish some guest would just say to him, one time, “Just because you get louder doesn’t mean you are more correct.”

Anytime someone challenges him, he attacks and raises his voice. Everyone gets cowed and backs down. Just once, I wish someone would cut his legs out from under him.

@10, that New Yorkerarticle, well-written and impeccably researched says essentially what we have all felt for a long time about the fringers and the Tea Party. They are walking zombies full of unfocused anger who see the world as a zero sum game. If it wasn’t for hate they wouldn’t have any emotions at all.

Donald Trump is a perfect representative of every person who has ever called in to CSPAN.

@15: I get that some of these folks feel that the political class, i.e. our elected offishuls aren’t representing *us* in their actions in in Congress, the state house or wherever. Hell, I don’t believe they are looking out for the average person out here. But joining an organizatioin that’s on a list of hate groups isn’t any way to correct things.

They’re showing Trump live on MSNBC now. He sounds like a comedian in the Catskills. 🙄

From Maddow last night. I’m not saying a word.

And thanks Prolix for the llama pic! 🙂

Great piece by Bob Mann on his site and then the complete article is on Salon.

@17, here’s the circle of idiocy — these people are angry because government doesn’t work, government doesn’t work because Republicans got together at the Caucus Room steakhouse on the night of Obama’s inauguration to make sure it didn’t work, and to cover their strategy, the Republicans had to tell these same angry people government doesn’t work because the outrageous stuff they were promising didn’t and couldn’t happen. Each step along the way was publicized 24/7 by Fox and talk radio.

The absolute definition of the snake that swallowed its head.

@22, that is a good article. Thanks for sharing it.

@21: Good point.

Prolix I really enjoy reading Bob’s pieces. I would say that anyone who takes his journo classes at the Manship school is very fortunate.

He’s an unabashed democrat and makes no apologies for it. The reason I say that is because he also writes for the Times-Pic and if you’re to the left you get all kinds of grief there.

Jeffrey Toobin did a great take down of the email nonsense in the New Yorker and saying that Petraeus was the same as Hillary. Pretty much it’s bunk. The media was hyping it because they want it to be a “horse race” Anyway, the last two days the GOP has been in full meltdown mode about Hillary talking about comparing the GOP’s treatment of women to the nutty Muslims and then talking about how they want to load up Hispanics in the boxcars. I’ll be glad when it’s time to vote and we’re talking about winning states because the media obviously is bored to death right now and wants to talk about nonsense.

I don’t think Biden is going to run. What is in it for him? He can take a third loss in his run for the presidency?

@26, you are absolutely right, it is nonsense. Petraeus, as part of the plea deal, acknowledged he knew the documents were classified and that Broadwell was not cleared to have access to the classified documents. Any comparison to Hillary is just plain wrong.

Ga6th: Totally agree about Biden. The Republicans would tear him apart if he were the nominee.

For those who are following the county clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses even in the face of losing in front of the Sixth Circuit — here’s a line from an editorial that is even more amazing than the clerk having been married 4 times:

Davis was elected last November to succeed her mother after working for her mother in the clerk’s office for 27 years. Davis now employs her son in the office.

It’s astounding that in almost three decades on the public payroll, Davis never sorted out the roles of government and religion under the U.S. Constitution that she swore to uphold.

Read more here:

Prolix@28: Are divorce actions or proceedings in Ky public records? It would be amusing to do a request for copies of those three divorces and read about her prior marriages. Guess she doesn’t follow the Bible on that divorce thing.

Oh hell, now she’s appealing to the Supreme Court. And guess who got the emergency petition? Elena Kagan. Heh.

I liked the article at 28 about Kentucky clerk. Comments were also good, like this one:

“Religious convictions seem to hold no concern for her with her 3 previous marriages.”

and this funny one from some guy in New Zealand:

“Would Liberty Counsel defend a Muslim clerk who refused to issue drivers licenses to women based on religious beliefs?”

@30, omg, this woman has a lot of gall. She says her “conscience won’t let her approve these marriages.” No one is asking you to “approve” them. You just have to issue the license.

I hope Kagan denies it immediately.

@34: I think that’s a given since Kagan was in the majority on the gay marriage issue.

Davis says she won’t resign yet she won’t do her job. From what I read, the only way to get rid of her is if she’s impeached but that has to be in the Ky Senate and it’s Republican so that ain’t gonna happen. I don’t know if recall petitions are allowed in Ky but I doubt that will happen either.

I read they can toss her in jail and fine her, but I think she would enjoy going to jail, which would enhance her martyr status with the rightwingnuts. So she should be impeached of course, but I read that a lot of the reps there support her. I think the judge should fine her 10 grand a day. She’s costing the taxpayers there lots of $. Of course the nutters would just start one of those gofundme accounts to pay her fines. This is a circus sideshow.

I hope the 4 couples that are suing her stick to their guns.

This is interesting:

Hungary is building a fence, Italians don’t want anymore refugees, Greece can’t afford them, Germany set a shelter on fire. It looks like Europe has it much worse with immigrants than we have.

About Joe Biden. I’ve said since Maureen Dowd first started this that Joe will not run. The man is a shell of his former self, he is grieving so deeply. On the phone with the DNC the other day he could not say the words “heart and soul” without his voice quaking. The media and his buddies at the draft Joe Biden site (cause we hate Hillary) need to shut up and realize he is in no shape emotionally to do this. At this point, it’s down right cruel and they should be called on it.

GAgal, I said that when this Biden thing first started. Burying a child is completely devastating. It’s so unnatural that its debilitating. When my step son died a few years ago, we all cried everyday for the first year, my husband several times a day. We’re tough people and were united in forging ahead and giving lakerwade the best life we could give him, but we were definitely not 100%. We look back at the first couple years as lost years. I cannot imagine why anyone would think it is a good idea for him to run. His wife is the wise one here. Biden has had a long career, and he should stay busy. But not as president.

Sorry y’all, I disappeared to have something to eat, and got involved with something on the tube.

Yes annie, they could throw Davis in jail and fine her but it would be like the pizza place in Indiana and the conservonuts would flock to her in droves and start a fund for her. Can you imagine Piyush and Mike Huckabee giving her even more attention than she’s getting now? Puhleeze!!

For some encouraging news about how the media pile-on *hasn’t* affected HRC’s polling strength:

Sorry, meant to give credit to Falstaff at for that link.

Fabulous. Thanks Pat!

GAgal and annie, I sincerely hope Biden doesn’t decide to toss his hat in the ring. As I said up above they’ll pull out all of the embarrassing stuff about him. If Hillary offers him something he should consider it or else just decide to become one of the elder statesmen of the party.

Hey Pat! {waves} That’s a new name for the blogs. Haven’t seen that one before.

I loved this when I went over to read the article on The Hill:

Issa: Biden has obligation to run if he deems Hillary unelectable

Yeah, Darrell, we know you are so concerned about the potential Democratic nominee. 🙄

Hey, Fredster!

Falstaff is one of the bloggers from the high old days of the 2008 campaign, when we had – gosh, Anglachel, Tennessee Guerilla Women, and Reclusive Leftist, just to name a few of the dearly departed. I’m so glad Madamab kept right on blogging.

Just went over to check on poor Darrell’s concerns and yeah, he’s got a good point. As a Democrat, I am so worried about Jeb!’s or Rubio’s electability, I believe Trump or Fiona -must- run. Go, Don, go!

@48: Wow, that’s a list of names from the past, indeed!

Yes, thanks for that offer Darrell but we’ll just figure this one out on our own. 😉

@30 – 36, here’s an article about the other clerk who is an absolute publicity whore of the first degree. Even Liberty Counsel won’t have anything to do with him because he’s so hungry for 15 minutes of fame. In fact, his schtick this weekend is riding a bicycle from his hometown to Paducah in far west Kentucky to protest same sex marriage. Now whatever same sex marriage has to do with bicycle riding, I have no clue.

He says he’s willing to die in opposition to same sex marriage. Of course, his sacrifice will only come after interviews on all the networks and a sit down with Barbara Walters or Oprah. I guess he will want Lance Armstrong to interview his bicycle. What a tool!

I wonder if these loons think they will make a bunch of $ in addition to fame if they just keep on breaking the law. The celebrity thing has gotten way out of control. For some reason, blogs continue to post statements from George Zimmerman about various topics. Its demented.

I saw the Verdi opera Falstaff, I guess falstaff-falstaff is a fan? Or maybe of the Merry Wives of Windsor? Cute name.

Great post, Mr. Prolix.

@51, Annie, I think that celebrity is now the dream of every little boy and girl. It is the only thing that explains why facebook and twitter feeds are filled these days with every jot and tittle of their lives.

For people like this clerk my sensibilities are more offended because they are openly and notoriously flouting the law in order to advance their personal notoriety. The solution is simple, resign.

Add to that their demand is so transparently bigoted against gay people I just find it so offensive. Their demand is that their name be taken off marriage certificates. So the depth of their protest is so shallow as to only involve their egos. They will sell licenses as long as they can pretend and tell their peers, My name’s not on the certificate so I don’t know what happens after they leave the office.”


Thanks Ms. Sue.

There’s a terrific old movie “Hold Back The Dawn” that’s about deportees, immigrants and refugees desperate to get into the US before the start of WW11.
Toward the end of the film, Rosemary DeCamp, playing a heavily pregnant European refugee (possibly Jewish) pretending to be a cleaning lady, stumbles (practically crawls) to the American Embassy at the Mexico border. Once in, she collapses on to the floor, in labor.
The smile on her face is beatific as she realizes that she’s obtained her goal and her baby is an American citizen.
Gets me misty eyed every time.

@55, I’ll watch for that movie on TCM. It’s amazing how the great movies and their messages will come back to visit years after you have seen them. Some little synapses get indelibly infected with the goodness of a movie and it never seems to go away — I love that.

Prolix@50: I loved this from that HuffPo piece

Previously, Davis had asked Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear to call for a special session of the state legislature so it can pass a new law allowing couples to purchase marriage licenses online in a process similar to obtaining a hunting or fishing license.

In July, Davis told The Lexington Herald-Leader that he had, in fact, met with Beshear, but was told to do his job or resign.

Welp, doesn’t get any simpler than that does it.

New post is up!

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