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Hillary Clinton is Ashley Madison…

Posted on: August 20, 2015

A Mobius Strip is a surface with one continuous side formed by joining the ends of a rectangular strip after twisting one end through 180°.  There is no beginning or no end to a Mobius Strip.  It is seamless.  It is an eternal loop.

Hillary Clinton’s relationship with the media is a Mobius Strip.Mobius Strip

The media uses certain words to describe Hillary.  Here is a list put together by Men for Hillary juxtaposed with words used to describe men:

  • A male candidate is smart, while Hillary is “calculating, scheming, crafty, manipulative.”
  • A male candidate values privacy, while Hillary is “secretive, suspicious, paranoid, uncommunicative.”
  • A male candidate takes strong positions, while Hillary is “polarizing, divisive, alienating.”
  • A male candidate deserves the benefit of the doubt, while Hillary is “untrustworthy, corrupt, deceitful, dishonest, unethical.”
  • A male candidate is an achiever while Hillary is “over-ambitious, will do or say anything to win.”
  • A male candidate is diplomatic while Hillary is “inauthentic, disingenuous, fake, unlikable, insincere.”

Words like these are repeatedly used in articles or like Maureen Dowd, in opinion pieces by those who have long-held grudges.  For twenty-five years this has been normal in coverage of Hillary.

This is how it climbs onto the Mobius Strip.  After incessantly using words like calculating, scheming, crafty, manipulative, etc. – then the media outlets poll voter attitudes.  In a self-fulfilling prophesy, the question is phrased this way:  I’m going to read you a list of words, please tell me whether or not you believe these words describe Hillary Clinton?  Of course, voters will describe Hillary according to the words they have repeatedly heard the media use.

Hillary in Las VegasIt doesn’t stop there.  In the next news cycle, the media then begins to ask questions about Hillary being described by these words.

Next, the media follows up with, “Why does the electorate see Hillary by these characteristic words?”

And then there’s the consummate hat trick to bring this Mobius Strip back to its start:  The media then begins asking questions about why they are asking the questions – questions about questions.  It goes something like this:  Many people are asking the question why people are questioning Hillary’s honesty.  A perfect self-sustaining Mobius Strip loop.

A great example was Tuesday’s Las Vegas press conference.  Ed Henry, of Fox Screws (where else), interrupted Hillary repeatedly.  He was antagonistic and petulant.

Then, of course, there was an analysis of that Las Vegas press conference which proves the underlying thesis of this post.  Here are five criticisms of Hillary contained in that Washington Post analysis:

  1. She sounds like a lawyer. News flash, she is a lawyer.
  2. She casts the whole thing as normal and every day. There are people who are paid to come to work each day in the federal government and question the security classification of communication.  It is normal.  It happens every single day.
  3. She’s dismissive. It isn’t very authentic to pour out empathetic vibes to someone who is deserving of dismissiveness like Ed Henry, especially if that person is on a mission from Roger Ailes to take Hillary down in a single presser.  The author of the article actually says, “Hillary has seen this type of thing a billion times before.”  Now honestly, how could she be anything but dismissive of something she has seen a billion times before?
  4. She’s sarcastic. The author says, “People like sarcasm in their politicians.”  I guess Hillary is the exception to the author’s own rule.
  5. She’s wrong. This criticism has to do with who is asking the questions about the e-mail issue and Hillary said, “Nobody talks to me about it other than you guys.”  The reporter then concludes he doesn’t know who talks to Hillary about what on every second of every day, but that doesn’t stop him from declaring someone must be talking to Hillary about the issue.  In other words, the author asserts, “I don’t know who talks to Hillary or what they talk about, but that doesn’t stop me from concluding she’s being talked to about the e-mails.” Ashley Madison

So what is the title of this post about?  Given the constant media mash-up, I figure it goes something like this:

Hillary’s e-mail equals technology.  Hillary is deceitful and therefore, she is covering up something and must be cheating.  The Ashley Madison issue is about technology and covering up cheating.  In the Mobius Strip that is the media, ergo, Hillary Clinton is Ashley Madison – it’s all about cheating through technology and the woman who enables it.  I expect the headline soon.

Take this conversation in any direction you might like.




52 Responses to "Hillary Clinton is Ashley Madison…"

thank god there is someone with decency and courage to address the NV . Everyone just either coward or succumbed to the press narrative. I watched it and in my opinion she did very well. Then when I listen to the mouth pieces I wondered did we watch the same thing? As for the reporters at some point when kept repeat himself she said do you even listen to what i just said? And I think that sums it up no one in the press is going to listen to any facts or reason they will keep dispensing their vile and get payed for it.

@1, Ownaa, you are definitely right. I saw the press conference as well and she did fine. The technical aspects are tricky, but there is no reason Hillary should be an IT person. Ed Henry was rude and unprofessional. Of course, no one called him on it.

Great post, Prolix, as always. Love the Mablus Strip illustration. I don’t know who Ashley Madison is though.

Annie, that just goes to prove what a good person you are! Ashley Madison, a fictional person, is the website for married people to have an affair.

Josh Duggar, the 1st of 19 in the Duggar litter, had two paid accounts.

There is even a paid membership where they will guarantee, guarantee mind you, that you will have an affair within three months or your money back. I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

The Ashley Madison site was hacked and now all the folks who paid to have their names and information wiped (an extra fee) are now having their names and information released. Oopsie!

Excellent post my friend and I love the comparison.

Speaking of the hack, there are gonna be more lies and fibs like this coming out soon:

Louisiana GOP executive director Jason Doré said Thursday that his name is on a list of accounts released as part of the Ashley Madison cheating website hack because the site was used for “opposition research.”

Hey Jason, tell your wife that. 😆

@1: Hello ownaa! Welcome to our little part of the blogging world.

@5, so Jason’s story is that he was a paid Ashley Madison member because of opposition research. My question would be, “Is he doing the research or is the research being done of him?”

Prolix@7: LOL! I didn’t even take a moment to read the entire article so I’ve got to go back to it for further “research”. Now we know that if it had been David Vitter’s name on there it would have been for diaper research. Hahahahahahahahaaaaa!

Here’s what Jason said:

The director of the statewide Republican Party said via text message that an account was created under his name and his former personal credit card billing address in connection with the work of his law firm, Doré Jeansonne. He declined to say who he was using the account for.

“As the state’s leading opposition research firm, our law office routinely searches public records, online databases and websites of all types to provide clients with comprehensive reports,” Doré said via text message. “Our utilization of this site was for standard opposition research. Unfortunately, it ended up being a waste of money and time.”

Really? His personal credit card for business for the firm?

Unfortunately, it ended up being a waste of money and time.

Translation: He didn’t hook up? 😉

“Yor cheatin’ heart…” If the image is too big I’ll just put in the link.

Graph: Dollars spent on Ashley Madison per capita.

@9, ole Jason must be a real dog if he didn’t hook up because if you pay enough money, Shrek could even hook up.

Prolix@11: LOL!

I also wonder if he sought reimbursement from the firm for his personal c.c. charges since it was for oppo research?

@Prolix, but I wonder if Jabba could hook up?

@10, Alabama state motto:

We don’t screw around, we keep adultery at home where it belongs.

— or —

Alabama, where adultery is an art form.

— or —

It’s no coincidence that both Alabama and adultery both start with an “A”.

I could go on…

@13, that’s not Jabba, that’s Rush Limbaugh before make-up.

@14 and 15: LOL! And it could be that big ole script red A.

Good one on Rush!

How about this one:

Alabama: We put adultery in the heart of the Bible Belt.

LOL! You guys are on a roll!

Waving hello to ownaa!

@18: Excellent.

Roll Adulterers Roll!

@20, LOL!

I just stole another twitter pic I’m gonna put here in a minute.

Josh Duggar, sorta keeping it in the family.

@23, if anything Josh Duggar has gained some self-awareness, or at least claims increased self-awareness, by saying, “I have been the biggest hypocrite ever.”

Yes, that would be about right.

@10, 14, 16, and 18: Inquiring minds want to know, is it coincidence that Donnie J. Trump is having an event in Alabama that might just be the biggest campaign event of the year. It is going to be held in a football stadium.

So that brings me to another Alabama state motto:

Alabama: The state where marriage is Trumped by adultery and football.

LOL! Lots of hilarious comments, pics, and opposition research on this most excellent post. Thanks, Widdershins!

Humor is going to be absolutely necessary to get us through this long election, so keep it up. Gloom and doom is demoralizing.

Bear with my antihistamine fog for one more day, Widdershins, and I’ll get up a light weekend post for tomorrow,

Take care, Chat. Hope you feel better soon.

Dr. Ben Carson really shines in that highlight video. As a GOP presidential candidate, he makes a great pediatric neurosurgeon.

@29, That is hilarious! I’m loving it. In many ways, it makes more sense than the real debate. I got about as much out of the lip reading as I did the debate.

@30, thinking of Ben Carson as POTUS makes me ask the question: If Ben Carson needed neurosurgery, would he opt for a surgeon who had never spent one day as a neurosurgeon, who had last studied surgery in the most general sense probably as an 8th grader, and would be forced to have 535 people in the operating room with him during the surgery.

Just sayin’.

Prolix@25: The head of the state G.O.P. is right proud that Donnie is bringing his show to Mobile. And the reason for Kasich, Carson and Trump all rolling through here is because the state moved their primary up. I guess maybe someone thought those 9 electoral votes were in play? 😯

Despite my best of intentions, I did glimpse Morning Schmo. I was so disgusted I pulled the covers up over my head and shut everything down.

@34, what a coincidence — I watched a few minutes and became so incensed that I turned to CNN and then CBS.

Schmo insists on continuing his lying about the emails — he is deliberately misstating what the federal reg says. And then Mika has gone full-blown giggling Fox blonde as long as she can diss Hillary.

Mika actually pulled a Gretchen Carlson this morning — playing dumb and pleading with the big strong man Schmo to answer her leading, Hillary dissing question. Sickening.

I think I am off Morning Schmo for the duration.

Had to go run two quick errands. I was sitting here reading and heard the claps of thunder so got myself in gear to get things done.

@35: Exactly on the lying sack of shite and his sidekick.

Out of curiosity I went to amazon to check that last book that she wrote. She had a total of 5 reviews and 3 of them were not complimentary. Thanks for mentioning CBS. I often forget that the *legacy* networks have morning news shows.

Now I have to watch Beata’s clip above.

Beata, that clip was absolutely hysterical!! I made sure I pushed my beverage out of the way so I wouldn’t be taking a sip and spewing it all over the computer screen. That’s really one of the better bad lip reading clips I’ve seen.

A headline from

Man encounters ‘aggressive’ alligator in Bayou St. John

Really? Is there any other kind?
I don’t know of any alligators that are in the petting zoo.

H/t to BB over at Skydancing for this link from The Hill on Hillary and the email stuff. But oh, stay away from the comments. They’re nasty.

Hey it worked! 🙂

@40, I saw that earlier today. Effective!

Is anyone watching the “Bama Bubba Trump” hootenanny?

If any of these commentators were clever, they would start calling him, “Forrest Trump”!

Prolix@42: Nah, I couldn’t do it. I’m sure there will be plenty on the news tonight. Love the Forrest Trump.

Check email when you have a chance P.

I like CNN’s early morning show New Day. They come across more as reporters than pundits. They don’t interrupt their guests or each other. They seem to have actual information in their hand and will call out the BS.

I read an article about how the producer runs things differently than other shows. For instance, if an interview is really getting to the nitty gritty, they will hear “keep going” in their earpiece. He’s more interested in context than running out of time.

@GAgal: Thanks! I’ll have to check that out.

GOP operatives posing as Hillary supporters at her campaign offices

@46: Typical sleazy Repubs.

@44, thanks for that information. It makes me feel better that there is at least one person who believes context and policy are not antiquated notions.

@44: Thanks, GAgal. I’ll make a note to watch that show. I’ve totally sworn off Morning Schmuck and Mika.

Beata@49: Perhaps we all need to form a support group or something. 😉

Oh boy! Bama will be seeing Teddy boy, Scott “wall-eyed” Walker and Yeb! in the next few days.

Apparently a number of the southern states are holding what’s being called the SEC primary. They’ve moved their primary dates up.

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