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Lazy Weekend: Widdershins goes to the movies

Posted on: August 15, 2015

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Good Saturday to everyone!  It’s certainly been an interesting week with all that has been happening in the political sphere.  What with The Donald and his diarrhea of the mouth, Jeb Bush demonstrating that you’re never too young to have a senior moment, Marco Rubio stamping his little feet about “freedom fighters, and the like.  So what I thought we might do is to take a look at politics from the entertainment point of view.  Now, I do not mean entertainment by Congress being in session (they aren’t), but rather entertainment involving politics in movies, or “cinema” if you prefer.  Doing a fairly quick google search I was able to come up with more than twenty movies that could be considered connected to “politics”.  You don’t have to limit yourself to American politics, nor even this century.

So take a look at my selections and comment on them if you wish to or better still add to the list in the comments.  Enjoy yourselves, this is a completely open thread.

I think we’re all familiar with this first clip.  Definitely one of the best political films made.

I told you that you don’t have to confine yourself to this country or even this century.

Now we don’t have to be totally serious in considering political movies as this clip shows.

Sometimes we’ve had movies that show some of the inner workings of our government and most of the time it’s not pleasant as this movie from the 1960s shows.  This movie was taken from the novel of the same name and I’m willing to bet it was required reading in DC at the time.

This next one may not be the greatest movie evah, but I certainly got some laughs out of it because of how close to the truth it came, and I’ll add the description of the movie here:

A suicidally disillusioned liberal politician puts a contract out on himself and takes the opportunity to be bluntly honest with his voters by affecting the rhythms and speech of hip-hop music and culture.

This next clip falls into the conspiracy theory genre and was made in 1972 also starring Warren Beaty.

Lastly, with things being the way they are, what list of political movies would leave this one out.
Warning:  the clip does include some foul language and sexism, it includes Billy Bob Thornton.

Okay Widdershins, put your thinking caps on for just a little while and see what you can come up with.  Remember we’re using the term politics very loosely.  You could have the politics of race, gender, sexuality or anything else you can think of.  Hope you have fun with it!

As I wrote up in the post, it’s a completely open thread.

And lastly, Happy Birthday Mother Dear.  Still missing you.





48 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: Widdershins goes to the movies"

Fredster, your collection is indeed impressive. I’ve watched almost all of them, but here’s one I think is pure political gold.

One of my favorite political movies is John Ford’s “The Last Hurrah” ( 1958 ) based on the fine novel by Edwin O’Connor.

Happy Birthday to your mother, Fredster. xo

Here Beata and Chat are putting up some high brow intellectual movies and I basically suggest a fart film. Zach Galifianakis is hilarious in just about everything.

He was doing this one-man show and the skit was about him being a scientist who had created a time travel machine (it was just a big cardboard box with magic marker drawings). His major discovery, the time travel machine, could only take you back 10-minutes.

So about an hour of the show consisted of Zach pretending to press some buttons, him going into the cardboard box, some lights flashing, and him coming out ten minutes earlier where he went about pressing some buttons, going into the cardboard box, some lights flashing, and him coming out ten minutes earlier where he would do it all over again, because he was caught in a 10-minute time loop because he had used an antique parking meter in the design.

I know it is stupid, but I find it hilarious.

Frankly, I love “Wag the Dog”. I could not find a clip of my favorite scene which depicts the mythical unit with leopard skin on the cammies marching in with the casket,
The whole movie predicted the Bush admin to a “tee”.
Nothing highbrow there – just pure if predictive fun.

OT: Hillary triumphed at Friday’s Iowa Wing Ding event. Politico reports that “Clinton won the crowd with a mix of tough talk and unforced humor that scored laughs”.

A big thank you to SophieCT at Uppity’s for this link:

Prolix@1&10: “The Campaign” movie looks hilarious. I almost died laughing from watching that trailer. Thanks for posting it!

Prolix that was funny, and after watching it, I think I did see that once. Just some big guffaws in there.

Beata@12: Yay for Hillary! And yes, thanks Sophie!

Here’s another one that I’ve seen quite a few times.

This is another good one concerning Americans and the politics of another country.

I always confuse “The Best Man” with “Advise and Consent.”
It doesn’t help that Henry Fonda is in both.
Both are terrific movies!

SweetSue@19: And don’t forget he was in Fail Safe also!

The tv listing for the E channel: “I am Cait”, followed by “He’s Just Not That Into You”. Seriously…I kid you not.

@11, I really liked “Wag the Dog” too.

@12, Great news about Hillary and the Hawkeyes — now that is a great band name.

@18, “All the Kings Men” in all its reincarnations is great.

@21, you need to send that to Jimmy Kimmel — Jimmy Fallon couldn’t use it because “E” is also a Comcast channel.

@21: Lololololololol!!

Prolix, I’ll see if I can do a screen grab of that. I’m willing to bet that Kimmel would have a field day with it.

I had not heard this previously. Good news for Hillary!

There’s a long list of endorsements for Hillary! For the rest of the Democratic candidates, not so much. But Jesse Ventura is backing Bernie Sanders, so there’s that.,_2016#Hillary_Clinton

I feel kind of sorry for Lincoln Chafee who has no endorsements at all. Sniff. He seems like a rather good old chap but not Presidential material.

Beata@27: Big list! I hope she doesn’t mention the Larry Flynt endorsement too much. Just sayin’.

@28: Oh that was soo my crying into my bourbon song after some romantic disaster of one type or another.

I agree with you about Chafee though. But on the bright side, he can afford to cry in his champagne.

Lincoln Chafee Net Worth: American politician and 74th Governor of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee has a net worth of $60 million.

@30: In retrospect, I should not have posted that song. I was being silly but it really is one depressing tune. Don’t listen to it.

I had no idea Chafee was that wealthy! He can buy himself A LOT of champagne.

Beata@32: Oh not to worry. I had several of those crying in your liquor songs back then. In my youth I was a hopeless romantic. Now, I’m just…hopeless (?) 😆

@26, the Harkin Steak Fry is big doin’s in Iowa. The number of steaks they bbq is astounding — so many that the cows start running away from home months before.

I remembered Hillary and I think the Big Dawg were there last year. These “ego events” are really important to the politicians who need approval above anything else. It’s like your third grade birthday party, if someone didn’t attend you were crushed and never really got over it.

The number of steaks they bbq is astounding — so many that the cows start running away from home months before.

Well said Jedi Master.

It’s like your third grade birthday party, if someone didn’t attend you were crushed and never really got over it.

And if they showed up but brought a crappy present, you marked them for life. 😉

Speaking of Star Wars things, check this out.

Imagine…a huge Wookie going up in flames.

@37, if it is anything like the “Burning Man” there are many smaller and more meticulously rolled things that are lit before hand.

When I was in third grade, my dog threw up at my birthday party. Everyone went home early.

True story.

Trump arriving at the Iowa State Fair:

Trump stepped out of his helicopter like a Palm Beach mogul, sporting a navy blazer and breezy cream slacks, a red cap with his “Make America Great Again” slogan, French cuff links and buffed white dress shoes, which would be challenged moments later when the Trump entourage walked through a pile of horse dung.

Trump certainly is “walking his talk.”

I was wondering if Trump would arrange to have TRUMP stamped on the sides of Holsteins and a helicopter carved out of butter.

Now, that is a vision……

I can’t show laker that burning wookie thing. He’s a total Star Wars geek and loves Chewbacca.

Loved seeing the list of endorsements. Why should any dems endorse Bernie when he has purposely set himself apart from them, like he’s better than they are or something.

I’m noticing that “bernpo” is constantly shilling for Bernie. No impartiality there. They are playing up that stupid email story to the hilt, and making it look like he’s the most popular politician ever born. I’m disgusted that Arianna is such a traitor to women and using her huge forum to diss Hillary.

Well annie, you could show him the site about the krewe itself:

Oh Beata, that’s awful, but funny in retrospect, I would think.

Prolix, it’s gonna take a long time to get that vision of Trump out of my head.

Alright…enough!! I’m getting sick and effin’ tired of the stuff about the email server.

From the article:

Both Clinton and a lawyer for the company that has been handling the server since 2013 have said there is no trace of any files on the drive.

But technology experts say that there can be ways to revive deleted e-mails.

Joseph Lorenzo Hall, the chief technologist for the Center for Democracy and Technology, said some ways of deleting information from a server are more thorough than others. A quick deletion may erase data from the table of contents in a server, but the data itself could remain deep in the system.

Experts typically use a more thorough but time-consuming way to erase the data, using software to write over the files with gibberish. The Department of Defense and the NSA recommend writing over data multiple times to ensure it is fully obscured.

Yeah, that thorough thing they’re talking about is to write binary ones and zeroes on the drive. It’s not a big secret. I don’t know about now, but previously the govt. standard was to write over three times to slick the disk.

@chat: I saw that. He was a good leader in the civil rights movement.

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