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Forgetting amnesia…

Posted on: August 14, 2015

Amnesia is one of the most popular plot devices in fiction.  It can wipe away history in a couple of paragraphs – clean, convenient, and efficient.  Jason Bourne or the Drew Barrymore character in 50 First Dates provided an entertaining catalyst for manipulating the story line. Oblivion

The limitation of amnesia is that it doesn’t erase the memories of everyone.  In real life, the impact of amnesia and brainwashing can lead to disastrous results.  Just ask Tania, the urban guerrilla, who was first known as Patty Hearst before her unfortunate forced conscription in the Symbionese Liberation Army.

Our friend Jeb! seems to be suffering from a rather colossal case of amnesia.  Tuesday night at the Reagan Library (where better to be kissed by the amnesia fairy) Jeb! decided to go full monty on the Iraq War and ISIS.  Given the severity of the amnesia, it appears Jeb! might be gunning for an endorsement deal from Aricept or Namenda because he doesn’t seem to be at all hindered by reality brought to you by the capital letter ‘R’.

Bush Reagan LibraryThe whole premise of Jeb!’s speech — that brother Dubya’s war strategy was brilliant, while Obama’s foreign policy created the Islamic State — is so convoluted it defies logic.  That is, it defies logic unless you season it with a heaping helping of amnesia.

First of all, The Islamic State is the successor organization to al-Qaida’s Iraqi affiliate, which formed shortly after the U.S. invasion in 2003.  The very same invasion we were lied into through an orchestrated symphony of deception by that great conductor of such things Dick “Rotmymanhoodoff” Cheney.

Furthermore, Jeb!’s account of the withdrawal as a “case of blind haste” omitted the fact that it was brother Dubya who had set the withdrawal date of 2011 in an agreement he signed in 2008 with the Iranian muppet, Nouri al-Maliki.  By 2011 it wasn’t like we had just gotten there, we had been in Iraq since May 2003 – 2003 when flip phones were the rage and Bruce Jenner was best known for being an Olympian.   Bush meh

When Obama and Hillary took office in 2009 they had few, if any, good options.  In the simplest terms, if a railroad engineer causes a train wreck, you don’t blame the folks who come afterward to fix the tracks.  Jeb! in his decidedly finite wisdom wants to blame the track-fixers instead of the reckless, errant engineer.

ISIS grew from the terrorist faction al-Qaida in Iraq.  And where did AQI come from you ask?  AQI simply didn’t exist before the 2003 U.S. invasion.  In addition, the ill-advised disbanding of the Iraqi military in 2003 led to a fracturing of the country which eventually fomented into former Sunni members of the military forming insurgent groups later coalescing into ISIS.

So Jeb!’s attempt at rehabilitating the failed Bush legacy of perhaps a half million lives lost and a wasted Two Trillion Dollars is quite a heavy lift.  In explaining such amnesia inspired endeavors, Dean Koontz wrote, “When my wits fail me, I resort to self-deception.”  He presciently wrote those words in a book entitled Brother Odd, so in the case of the Bush boys, I have three thoughts:

Oh brother1. Odd is a comparative term, so I have no idea which Bush boy is “odder”;

2. I have absolutely no idea which one could be characterized as having “wits”; and

3. Self-deception seems to be a well-worn, time-honored Bush family tradition.


Take the conversation in any direction you might like and don’t forget to have a great weekend.



36 Responses to "Forgetting amnesia…"

This is so perfect, Prolix.

I actually woke up this morning thinking about Jeb! Not a good thing. I’ve been trying to make some sense out of who ( and what ) Jeb! is. Annie and I were discussing on another blog last night that we thought Jeb! was a boring and not too bright guy. But his record as governor in Florida shows that he was a crafty and ruthless despot. ( It would be great if Chat could chime in here with her opinion. ) How to put “boring and not too bright” guy together with a “crafty and ruthless despot” and “historical revisionist” who is trying to redeem the family honor while running a really lousy campaign? Who/What do you get? The enigma that is Jeb!

The rich WASPy “born to rule” American clans like the Bushes are similar to British nobility. They are odd. Take the Mitford family. Please. It’s probably some inbreeding thing combined with a total lack of connection to the real world that creates these bizarre human beings. They should not be allowed to take over the reins of power. They will ride the country into a ditch and then stumble back to the family castle mumbling something about good old Nanny and chatting up house plants.

It just won’t do.

@1, couldn’t have said it better. I’ve often thought of these legacy families as radial tires — often over-inflated and it takes just a little blemish anywhere on the thing and it is terminally out of balance.

Knowing a little something about running campaigns, this is what I believe is happening with Senor Jeb! The polling of the pitchfork and torch carriers of the amped-up fringe Right are unwilling to go along with another Bush because everyone is just plain war weary. So Jeb! has to give them something to hate more than a Bush — answer, Hillary and she is a twofer.

Foist the problem off on Hillary which implicates the scary Kenyan by association and two, it demonstrates Jeb! has the chops to fling some chimpanzee feces of his own. Win/win and call it good.

You are absolutely right — these castle dwellers are Downton Abbey without the taste, but haunted by an acerbic Nana who can carve the Christmas goose with her tongue.

As we say around these parts, something is bad wrong — when I comment my comments go directly into spam. To get them out, I have to unspam them and then approve them since they have been put in timeout moderation.

Chat/Fredster/MB — any ideas on why I have electronic cooties?

Now this is rich: Today Marco Rubio is promising to offer inaugural tickets to the world’s dissidents for his 2017 swearing in.

No word yet where all the American dissidents to Rubio’s election will be that day.

@4: Drawing up the invitation list this soon shows the organizational skills sorely needed for an event planner. Have the caterers and flower arrangers been chosen yet?

And this is even richer:

“James O’Keefe, known for targeting liberal groups and Democratic politicians, says he is now the one being targeted — by the Department of Homeland Security. It all started in August 2014 when O’Keefe donned green fatigues and an Osama bin Laden costume and sneaked across the U.S. border to Mexico and then back into Texas … Ever since, O’Keefe says, he has been stopped and questioned at length by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers each of the five times he has tried to reenter the U.S.”

TRANSLATED: O’Keefe is whining about Homeland Security doing what he demands they do to everyone else other than him. And BTW, isn’t playing dress-up a sure fire telltale on latent developmental deficiencies.

@5, event planning might be in his future — that or carnival rides given his preternaturally large Dumbo-esque ears. On a windy day the man is a flight risk.

I am having the hardest time figuring out the amnesia of some of our old buddies from The Confluence. Quite a few have full fledged conservative tea partiers. It is mind boggling. Just wondering how this happens.

@8, Kim, I wonder about the exact same thing. How can folks have a 180 degree turn on their views without the benefit of pharmaceuticals and/or lobotomies? And it’s not like they have a touch of the Tea Party, they are full-fledged powdered wig wearers.

@3: Sorry, not the foggiest.
@4: I can account for the whereabouts of at least one.
@8: It is amazing, isn’t it? Devolution at its finest,

Prolix, thanks for writing about this. It really bugged me, when we heard about Jeb!’s speech. Hubs was saying if he gets to be prez, we could retire in another country, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he screws everything up so much we lost our pension and ss. I wish the Bush’s would just go away.

Marco Rubio planning who he will invite to his inauguration?!?! What a weirdo. The repubs have nothing to offer but weirdos and maniacs.

There were other former “Hillary” sites that were taken over by teapubs, like that pink site, or John Smarts. I think a lot of them were repubs all along, what did we used to call them, “concern trolls”? I read years ago that the repubs have a huge internet organization and that they pay people to comment online. Its a weird world.

@10, devolution is a good word for it.

@12, for some of the comments I’ve seen on those troll sites, I wonder how much an hour of just brain stem activity is worth? You get nothing beyond that.

Annie, are you ready for Bruce Lee, the wonder El Nino? When is Bruce coming to visit? And more importantly, how long will he stay? Long enough to fill up the reservoirs?

I’m here, I’m here! I know everyone is thrilled about that. 😉

When I started up the laptop it just hung on the “starting Windows” thang and I had to shut it off. When I restarted it, Windows wanted to try to repair something, what, I don’t know. It did that twice and then finally booted normally. I didn’t get a chance to look at the log.

Prolix, I had the same thing happening to me at Louisiana Voice. It’s also a wp blog. Anytime I commented I never saw it. I emailed Tom, the blog owner, and he said he wasn’t sure what was happening but to just email my comments to him and he’d add them in. Tom’s busy writing a book on lil Piyush Then finally I tried a comment on a post and voila, it showed up. I’m going to send you an email with some suggestions to see what might be happening. On the bright side, at least you can unspam yourself. LOL! Then, I’ll be back to read more of what looks like a fantastic post.

Prolix, check ur email.

Jeb!’s account of the withdrawal as a “case of blind haste” omitted the fact that it was brother Dubya who had set the withdrawal date of 2011 in an agreement he signed in 2008 with the Iranian muppet, Nouri al-Maliki.

It does seem that all of the neocons forget that little fact. Poor Yeb

Prolix, from the WaPo article on Rubio:

The Florida Republican plans to make that pledge to the world’s freedom fighters as part of a sweeping speech on his Cuba and Iran policies Friday

Hmmmm…I believe one person’s “freedom fighter” could be another person’s “insurgent”, no?

Kim@8: Isn’t it amazing how much some of those folks have swung around? They could give Linda Blair from The Exorcist lessons in head swiveling.

@17, Rubio is mouthing what the conservatives are saying, “How dare you have an event in Havana without inviting dissidents, yada, yada, yada!”

I heard John Kerry asked that very question and his response, “There’s not much room and we can’t have everyone there at once. Those folks are invited later in the day.”

Of course that doesn’t satisfy the old hardliners because they won’t get the opportunity to make a scene in front of the Cuban officials. It is all about air time and extracting a pound of flesh for the cameras.

Prolix, perhaps it’s Rubio’s “Me! Look at me!” moment.

@20, I just watched some of Trump’s speech in NH. Adderall and Ritalin would be in this guy’s way — his spiel isn’t even stream of consciousness, it is just a deluge of thought snippets raining down like pee out of a boot.

He is absolutely unmercifully brutal on Jeb!

Prolix@21: I was afraid to watch. Now I’m glad.

@22, I had never heard the word logorrhea before — I might have to change my screen name.

@23, I’m trying to be better person about the use of the word “crazy”. I have found myself too often referring to people or groups as “crazy”. Now, I don’t mean that in the clinical sense of, “That person should seek counseling,” I mean it in the sense, “Boy howdy, that person is promoting a position based in beliefs that are way, way out of the mainstream and aren’t based in fact.”

But, when I talk about Donnie J. Trump, that b*stard is crazy! I mean full blown, tra-lah-lah-lah cuckoo bat crap crazy — get thee to a sanitarium crazy.

From chat’s link on word salad:

Most speeches given by Sarah Palin are an excellent example of word salad.

Prolix at least you didn’t say bat-sh!t crazy.

@27, my typing fingers are G-rated, PG if I’m frisky.

@28: Me, not so much. However, I’ll edit my comment. But we’ll still know it means, oh never mind. 😉

Awright! Yay for Nola! We’re number1, we’re number 1, we’re number 1! Uh…oops, never mind.

@30, 40.9% pest rate? Is that something like, a rat in every pot and plenty of roaches in every garage?

@31: Well, ratatouille with roach garnish?

Those pests just love that humid, warm environment. Heh…

New Orleans also placed tops in rats

I’ll say we can blame that one on the port. (looks around surreptitiously to see if anyone is gonna buy it)

Prolix, yes, we’re more than ready for rain, although it will bring a lot of problems as well, mudslides, accidents, other types of damage. I don’t think one el nino will make up for years of drought though.

Poor N’awlins!

Oh, seeing the title of this post made me remember about my aunt. She actually had real, honest-to-god amnesia in 1955. She fell off my uncles motorcycle and landed on her head and spent almost a year in an LA county hospital. She could only remember her childhood. Didn’t remember that she was married and didn’t even remember her own baby! My mom said they even had to reteach her common things she learned in school. Finally, after a year, her memory started returning, but it took a long time and not all of it. She has always suffered from neurological problems.

annie@34: Oh never fear about nola and da bugs. We have plenty of Ortho Home Defense. 😉

That’s sad about your aunt but thank goodness she got some of her memory back.

Maybe the el nino will help out some with the drought. I saw this article and some others on the Nestle bottling plant and it makes you wonder how much is truth and how much is b.s. from the CEO.

@annie: Oh and be sure to come by later today when you can. We’ll have a fun post up that I think you’ll enjoy. Done by moi of course. 😉

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