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Activist Monday: A Night to Remember

Posted on: August 10, 2015

Well, 152 comments later, it seems we all thought the Republican debate last Thursday was quite memorable. Here’s my take on the top five moments:

5: Rand Paul’s hair. It looked like a Jherri-curled Brillo pad. Not a good look for a pasty white man from Texas. Actually, not a good look for anyone.

4: Megyn Kelly’s Bitchy Resting Face. Whether asking der Jebinator whether he was, like, really, truly, totally pro-life, talking about terra terra terra, or attacking the Donald because, well, he’s the Donald, Megyn’s BRF never moved. This is how you know she is a serious news anchor…well, that, and her proclivity for posing in skintight spandex.

Ask me about ISIS!!!

3. Dr. Ben Carson. Who? Oh yes, the token African-American dude. The Republican Party certainly knows how to find physicians who can’t heal themselves! Incoherent and batsh*t bonkers, this man’s tax plan is to take 10% from everyone. Period! “If you make $10, you pay $1,” he said. Really? If you make $10 a year, you’re dead from starvation, you idiot. Perhaps you could find a more realistic example to use? Oh wait, I forgot. Reality has a liberal bias.

2. Governor Mike Hackabee. When asked what he would do to stop ISIS, the Hackster said that he would be honest enough to say the words “Islamic extremism,” unlike Obama. So let me get this straight: your plan to stop terrorism is to yell “Islamic extremism” a few times? What will you do then, O Great One – click your heels three times and wake up in Kansas in black and white? What is this, government by incantation?

1. Of course – The Donald. It’s hard to pick one part of his guffaw-mixed-with-vomit-inducing performance, so I guess I’ll just paraphrase some of his arguments.

“I’ve given money to Democrats even though I’m actually a Republican. Why? Because I know when I call, they’ll be there for me. Which is what is wrong with the system. Hey, Hillary Clinton came to my wedding! Also, I’ve never gone bankrupt – I’m worth $6 billion, which I got by gaming the system, which this time I think is great. Or maybe I don’t. Who cares? Our politicians are stupid, especially – I mean, except – the people on this stage. I used to be a liberal, but I’ve evolved into an orangutan. I hate everyone and will very likely cause World War 3. Vote for meeee!”

What were your favorite moments? This is an open thread.


33 Responses to "Activist Monday: A Night to Remember"

All your moments were perfect. The only one I would add is where Jeb! said he was, “Leading from the license plate” on abortion.

Oh, and I thought it was pretty special that at least two of the candidates went all the way to the tippy-tip of the right on the political spectrum and then jumped off. Rubio and Walker declaring a problem pregnancy resulting in the death of the woman was A-okay with them — you know, wages of sin and all that. Now, that was special and par for the course of the bat-crap crazies they landed amongst after jumping.

I completely agree, Prolix! There were so many horrors choose from, how could we only pick five? I think even Megyn Kelly was shocked when she heard some of the things Da Boyz were saying about rape, incest and abortion. She probably just smoked a few $100 bills and forgot about it.

The other signature Fox move was the question at the end of the debate coming from Megyn: Heard from God about your candidacy? Did He/She leave a message?

Oh gawd there were just so many moments…we need a two minute highlight clip, or maybe 5?

And yep, those rape and incest comments are really going to go over well with the womenz.

Prolix@3: Perhaps I was still heaving into the bag when Megyn axed the Gawd question so I missed it. Were there any really good responses?

@5, Nope, the question was directed to the great and grand viseur Ted Cruz, who by the way is on a southern bus tour this week. Cruz said he reads his Bible and God dials him in on a regular basis.

It’s kinda scary that when the steam runs out on Trump, people expect those Repubs to climb into the Cruz pews and start shouting amen. That my friend might be a sign of the “End Times”. Wasn’t the Antichrist supposed to be a polite Canadian?

Prolix@6: I do believe señor Cruz is supposed to be heading toward the Yellowhammer State this week if I heard the news correctly. I’m sure he’ll get a grand reception. 🙄

I also meant to say “Hey Boo Radly” ! I see you dropped by so come back and sit a spell with us whenever you feel like it.

Congress will immediately summon Hillary Clinton and hold hearings on her “guest status” at Donald Trump’s wedding. Did she accept a favor? Was she aware that this was not his first marriage – even though Congress likely has enough ex-es to field a collegiate marching band. Was her attire completely appropriate and not tailored by one of those Commie furriners? Did she take home of piece of weding cake to dream of her future residence? This could go on for years.

chat@9: I wouldn’t put it past them.

@10: someone needs to close the hatch on her looney bin.

Then how would we amuse ourselves?

@9, Brava! Nicely done.

If I may, one of the lines of inquiry will undoubtedly be: Was Hillary’s wedding pant suit made from “Benorganza”?

@10, why isn’t Michele Bachmann trolling gay bars lacing drinks with saltpeter? Isn’t that her life’s calling?

@7, wonder how those good Amurican Bamians will take to a Canadian Cuban? You think they will confuse him with bacon that can be rolled and smoked?

Also, it seems there are more important things for Bamians to work themselves up over.

As you can see by the number of comments this has stirred things up between the Gumps and the Barners.

@13: Thank you kindly. “Benorganza” is the fabric of the season.
@16: Is it asking too much to have Cruz, the guy born in Canada (the 51st state) win the Repub primary with the Trumpster as a 3rd party candidate? This is the stuff that dreams are made of………

chat@18: Oh how lovely that would be.

Someone on another blog said that Trump was through…finished.
I think not. I don’t believe he’s going to get the Republican nod but the man could still self-finance an independent run if he so chose. At the least he’s going to still be out there making noise and stirring up mischief.

@17: Wasn’t 2004 the year that they gave themselves a trophy? War goddam Eagle, y’all!

chat@20: I’m not sure. You know both of the Alabama teams like to do that: just give themselves trophies because…why?

I knew I remembered something about it.

chat@23: Yep, that was a messy year. I forgot about some of the stuff that happened.

Big thunderstorms moving into area so I’m going to shut it down for awhile until they pass.


@17, taking this from the article:

Athletic Director Jay Jacobs announced in May that the school had decided to claim only the 1957 and 2010 championships.

In keeping with that logic, I’ve decided to claim the covers of seven romance novels from Fabio. Watch my beautiful, flowing dung-colored hair blow in the wind and my porcine body jiggle with Jabba the Hut athleticism.

@18 and 19, the only way Trump is done is, if like Narcissus, he drowns in his own image — I guess that means Trump crawls into the teevee and becomes Max Headroom — at least he would have better hair and an excuse for disjointed stuttering.

@25 _😄
Ohhhh, Fabio!!! Remember when he was the hottest thing ever?

D*mn, I missed Boo! Can’t believe it. Come back anytime!

Fredster, stay safe!

mb@27: I told Boo to be sure to come back by and stay awhile.

That was an ugly storm that just blossomed into a big mess. It blew up from nothing. And even though I’ve got a the laptop plugged into a surge protector I don’t want to borrow trouble.

Prolix@25: You have to understand there is no rhyme nor reason to anything concerning the two SEC football teams in Bama. If they come to the conclusion that they should have won a conference/title/game, then that’s the way it is and nothing is going to change their minds.

They’re just funny that way. (snort!)

Oh my. The smart glasses must not be helping much. 😦

I miss Boo, period.

@30 – Bum, bum, bum…another one bites the dust!

@31 – Ditto!

Chat is having internet and phone issues with Comcast once again. What a lovely company. 👿

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