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Lazy Weekend: Jon, We Hardly Knew Ye

Posted on: August 8, 2015

Good Saturday, Widdershins.  Yes, I’m making a guest appearance, and I send much thanks and love to Fredster and Prolix for covering me while I was on hiatus.   I missed the companionship and the bon mots that all my friends at TW add to my life.

I’m really going to miss Jon Stewart.  In fact, I find myself getting tearful at the thought of a world without him.  Not that he is dead or in hiding – it’s just that no matter how dismal the world’s outlook may have seemed, I could always count on Jon to restore some perspective and leave me howling with laughter.  I read somewhere that he now plans to lobby Congress, the thought of which has me rubbing my hands together like a happy cricket.  Widdershins, this could just about redefine “awesome”.

In the interim, let’s celebrate sixteen years of good fun by commemorating the best of The Daily Show.  Post your favorites, or otherwise anything else that you might like to share with the class.  The floor is open.

(1) Jon Stewart vs, Fox News – “Adios, MF-ers”

(2) Aasif Mandvi – “Return of the Simplot Conspiracy”

(3) Jon Stewart – Trump Runs for President

(4) Jon Stewart – Democalypse 2016

(5) Jon Stewart – That’s What I Call Being Completely F-ing Wrong

(6) Jon Stewart – Rage Against the Rage Against the Machine


34 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: Jon, We Hardly Knew Ye"

Yep, I’m gonna miss Jon too. I have no idea how the new guy is going to do but he’s certainly gotta helluva time to take the reins.

Does anyone know whether he starts Monday or are they going to do some repeats?

Not so much as a clue.

Chat, glad to help out, but even “gladder or gladiest” to have you back. The place just seems more reputable with you in residence.

I’m fairly discerning with my fanboy crushes. Jon Stewart was close to the top of that list for me. He’s smart, well-read, and uproariously funny. One thing he did better than anyone else for me — he was emotional about the things that touched my soul — the senseless killings of children and good people just living their lives until they were ended senselessly for the vainglorious edification of gun makers and the NRA.

Jon’s indignation meter was calibrated just right for me. I will truly, truly miss him.

Trevor Noah starts Sept. 28th.

Prolix@4: You hit the mark on Jon Stewart Prolix. (and also about our chat!)

I have been going through repeated bad things with Norton Internet Security. I used to buy the automatic renewal deal until Uppity Woman told me it was a rip off and to just buy a 1 yr license each time. She was right. So the past few weeks it’s been somehow changing over to a “trial” subscription for the new product, even changing the icon on the desktop and in the status bar and then saying it’s time to buy a real subscription! Grrrrrrr because I still have time on this subscription. So then I have to uninstall the damned thing and reinstall it. Today it didn’t want to really let me do that so I had to do two system roll backs and then try to reinstall. I wanted to start throwing things! Finally got it working and I have new version of it coming next week so maybe this nonsense will stop then. 👿

I’m wondering if there will be a new Tolkien saga. Instead of loosing the kraken, it will center around loosing the Trumpken. The kraken was supposedly a sea monster so I would imagine the Trumpken is a land-dwelling monster who sneaks up on buildings and affixes its name to anything and everything all the while peeing on them turning them to a brilliant “hue of urine”.

The Trumpken is a strange creature — it has no control over its mouth or its bowels — both run incessantly excreting the same corrosive bile. Its pelt is a strange mix of kangaroo hair and trained dust bunnies.

Legend has it a knight named Prince Priebus tried to tame the Trumpken, but the Trumpken branded the Priebus a “huge, huge loser” before banishing him back to a land called Wescottsin.

Many believed in the Trumpken, but those who did also believed in Nigerian royalty experiencing temporary cash flow problems. But truth be told, the two do have similarities.

The final scenes have not yet been written for the Trumpken since neither the insanity nor the pharmaceuticals yet exist to foretell the demise if there is one.

(c) Prolix, 2015, all rights reserved for the movie treatment. It will be huge.

Wow! It will be huge. I’ll be in the frront row.

@6: Prolix is continuing in the tradition of the great Southern story tellers like Faulkner, Chopin, Welty, Williams and many others. 🙂
(He’s also watched those Jameson Irish Whiskey commercial a few times) LOL!!

Glad to see you back in your usual good form, Chat. I love this:

“I read somewhere that he now plans to lobby Congress, the thought of which has me rubbing my hands together like a happy cricket.”

God, that would be so off-the-charts amazing. Maybe he’ll run for senator. Al Franken did it.

Some day I hope to use the phrase “rubbing my hands together like a happy cricket” but I’ll give chat credit.

@annie: Wouldn’t that be amazing to see him in Congress? They wouldn’t be able to handle him. LOL!

Uh-oh. This is really not good and it was totally uncalled for. At least show some respect to the man for his age and position. 👿

@4 and 5: There’s nothing like an aged Southern women to spiff up the place?
@12: While O’Malley might well deserve that, Bernie does not.

@12: I agree sooo totally!

Prolix wanted me to add this in for a few chuckles:

“Yum, cheese — I love me some Wescottsin cheese…”

I think Gov. Walker took the advice of Ginger from Gilligan’s Island to lick your lips and teeth often when you are in formal wear as opposed to the less formal swimsuit competition. I imagine Walker is a two-piece kinda guy.

Thanks Fredster.

Prolix, not trying to be mean or snarky or anything but do you know if Walker has an issue with one of his eyes or something? They sometimes look “off” or something.

Drew Brees must have taken that advice from Ginger too!

Football tonight – HOF game between (I think ) Pittsburgh and Minnesota.

Yep, watching it…sorta. zzzzzzzzzzzz

Well, hell, it’s a football game.

Hey Chat! So good to see you back. No worries, the Dark Times are almost over. 🙂

‘Tis truly the end of an era. I wonder if Hillary will appear on the show again after Jon is gone?

@21: Thanks much. I’m still getting the aftermath cleared up, but I should be around considerably more – which actually is not difficult……

@15: He looks hammered.

@17, nope I don’t know of any problems with his eye or eyes. People have opined he might have a lazy eye.

But the thing that has caught my attention is the bald spot in the crown of his head that is about the size of a regional airport. It reminds me of that Aflac commercial.

You know the one where the duck is a hair stylist and the lady is in the chair says the duck is a horrible stylist, but pays insurance claims really quickly.

All of a sudden the duck comes to roost on the lady’s head in the big bald spot. I expect to see Walker with a duck on his head just about any day now.

He has at least two lazy eyes in that picture.

Prolix@23: Oh yeah, I know the commercial and chuckle each time I see it. Maybe he’ll get some of that spray coverup for the truly desperate and vain. LOL!

chat@24: That’s what I was really wondering.

If you like double corned beef on rye — it is the Daily Deli at Arby’s. It’s in honor of Jon Stewart. Arby’s was a good sport and rolled with the punches. Arby’s will make the sandwich for those in on the joke if you ask for it.

@26: I was kidding. He really looks hammered.

@28: Well I did think it’s possible he’s got one lazy eye.

Aha! I know what it is now. Go check this:

Prolx@27: On my way home from night classes at Tulane, many times it was a stop at Arby’s for a beef and cheddar. The reason? It was on the correct side of the road, heading home. LOL!

I do indeed recall Mortimer, and I confess to enjoying Arby’s french dip sammich.

@31: Oh those are good too!

Shouldn’t that be rubbing my legs together like a happy cricket?:)

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