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Activist Monday: Question Time…

Posted on: August 3, 2015

Good Monday, all! I am positively plotzing with excitement today, as this week we’ll see the very first Republican debates of the 2016 election season! Ah, I can just smell that odeur de Wingnut in the air….that peculiar mixture of religious insanity, cheap hucksterism, rage against everyone who isn’t male, white and Christian, and heartless, ravening greed! And lest you think you will be cheated out of listening to, and watching, all those exuding that intoxicating scent, fear not! On Thursday, August 6, there will be not just one, but two Republican debates, including the full multitude of wackadoodles currently pretending to be Presidential material. Rejoice!!

Perhaps I shouldn’t be quite so thrilled, since no less an expert than Newt Gingrich seems to feel things may not go so well. Oh noooooo…..

“There is more downside than upside for most candidates, and the first goal is to try not to self-destruct,” said former House speaker Newt Gingrich, who ran for the GOP nomination in 2012.

“You don’t want to get in a situation where you knock yourself out,” Gingrich said. “The candidates ought to figure out what their message is for the American people rather than worrying too much about the back-and-forth with others.”

But the presence of Trump, who has in recent days attacked former Florida governor Jeb Bush, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Texas governor Rick Perry, makes calculations more difficult. Every candidate will have a strategy for making a memorable impression. “Every candidate has to have a Trump strategy” as well, said an experienced GOP operative.

Hahaha! Oh my goodness…I can hardly contain my anticipation. We’ll get two hours of blooper reel out of this, and months, years of satire! I truly wish I could be in the audience so I could make sure to help them crash and burn with some questions that would make them show their true stinky colors, like, for example:

  1. How many troops are you prepared to deploy to stop women from having abortions?
  2. If a conflict arises between the Constitution and the Bible, which one would you obey?
  3. Should we use nukes to bomb Iran?
  4. Was Barack Obama born in America?
  5. Is Hillary Clinton a member of the KKK?

What about you? What questions would you ask them if you could? Post them in the comments. Have fun!

This is an open thread. [In this video, you’ll see some more burning questions that could stump the Goopers.]


33 Responses to "Activist Monday: Question Time…"

I can’t wait — this is likely to be the most watched debate in history — great fun like watching ten chimps on a stage — which, by the way, would be more intellectually stimulating.

Here’s a question: In the unlikely event you defeat Donald J. Trump as the Republican nominee, will you commit to giving him a prime time speaking spot at the convention?

Don’t forget that we get a warm-up tonight on CSPAN from N.H.

August 3, 2015
“Voters First” Republican Forum
7pm ET – (2 hours)
Aired On: C-SPAN (Live Stream)
Location: St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH
Moderator(s): Jack Heath
Rules: Candidates appear separately answering questions
Candidates: Bush, Rubio, Cruz, Graham, Paul, Perry, Christie, Fiorina, Kasich, Walker, Santorum, Pataki, Jindal, Carson (Trump, Huckabee declined invitation)

Oh I might ask if they were Prez, what would they do about the A.C.A. ?
Would they accept that it is now established law or would they support legislation to do away with it.

I might want to ask lil booby what cabinet position he had in mind for Phil Robertson.

Great questions, keep ‘m coming!

Off topic, but I’m so sick of lazy reporters trying to offset the train wreck that is the Republican FUBAR by picking up and running with the Maureen “Hillary Hater” Dowd story about Biden. Not a whiff of anyone on the record about it, but it is an angle to foster an impossibly false tale of moral equivalency between the two parties.

Then you have the NYT running the Hillary Hater Dowd column to get back at its own mistakes over the front page email fiasco article. Of course the NYT is smarting from being taken to the woodshed by Hillary’s campaign.

Of course, the hidden agenda is just what Karl Rove, Roger Ailes, and the Brothers Koch want to have happen — erode the inevitability of Hillary’s candidacy and enhance the meme of a lack of trustworthiness.

Here’s an article from “Men for Hillary” that details the sexism and Rovian witchcraft at work courtesy of the Hillary Hater.

Hey mb: I wanted to add hillarymen on the right but where should I add it, under activism?

Yes, I really like the hillarymen. We’re looking forward to fun debate night. Planning cocktails and good food. Also, its Stewart’s last nite, so I’m glad there’s something really funny to counteract the sad.

Prolix, love your Q @1 about Trump. Does anyone know what time the debate starts? I assume its on Fox?

I saw that wapo has an article today that says that nyt has still not corrected its erroneous Hillary story.

Here’s the article. It’s not that interesting, really. (So why am I posting the link? Just because I mentioned it I guess)

Okay, Hillary Men is over there under activism.

annie@8: I had thought about doing the drinking game for the Repub debates Thurs, but hell, we’d probably be taking gulps out of the liquor bottle after the 1st or 2nd question.

The Repubs failed in their effort to defund Planned Parenthood. 😆

@ 8 and 11, Why don’t we do a game around the debate? I’ll compile a list of what — maybe 10 things and we take the answers for bragging rights to best understanding the “warpiness” of the Republican mind.

Now, here’s the first question I will suggest:

How long before Trump uses a superlative — best, hugest, most loved?

What kinds of questions would it be fun to watch for?

How long before any of them bring up their mom, dad, dog, growing up poor and the like?

@14, good one.

Another one: How long before one of them says Obamacare? Or Clinton? Or destructive, disastrous Democrat policies? Since their fearless leader Rush Limbaugh has forbidden them for saying Democratic, they have to say Democrat.

I understand Lady Lindsey did just that tonight in N.H. He even brought up Bill and the W.H. b.j. 🙄 Lindsey must be so “j” of Bill. 😉

Well you know at least one of them is going to bring up immigrant or immigration.

Lil Piyush has an interesting idea on immigration…

“Today, I introduced the ‘Partners in Crime’ plan to end sanctuary cities by targeting the lawless city leaders who enable them,” Jindal said Monday (August 3) through his presidential campaign. “If on their watch, an illegal immigrant breaks the law, we will count sanctuary city leaders as accomplices and force them to pay for these crimes.”

You know…probably not a good idea to bring up immigration when it was your parents who made the journey from India.

I just couldn’t watch it — I tried, but so many of them are just so creeeeeeepy. Ted Cruz looks and sounds like someone who is keeping humans locked in the basement fattening them up for next season’s skin suits.

And what is wrong with John Kasich’s posture? He looks like a question mark in a cheap suit.

Lady Lindsey is shorter than Carly Fiorina. I bet he was spittin’ nails and ready to snatch those heels right off her cloven hooves. She (Fiorina) is running for VP so she can continue her Hillary bashing. I wish someone would mention that Hewlett Packard stock lost more than half its value under her vengeful (30K people canned) watch. It was like Hewlett lost Packard.

Piyush still needs to wash his hair. Rick Perry just looks lost — maybe he isn’t used to his smart glasses yet.

Prolix: Probably best if you take something for nausea before you try to do that again.

Carly always has a ready answer when anyone mentions the debacle at H.P. I’ve heard it once or twice and it’s the same canned answer.

It’s 9ish here so I’m off to find/fix do something for dinner.


Naturally I had to check twitter before I moved from the computer…

Alright alright alright…we got us a real Repub candidate right chere.

@16 & 19: I missed whatever that was that happened tonight. Did Lady Lindsey really mention Bill’s b.j.? Amazing.

I’m still around. Sort of. We had to postpone the start of vacay until Wednesday. Feh.

@25, there was a debate in NH tonight — it was the debate the NH newspaper put together because they felt strongly, “Fox ain’t the boss of us.”

It was a disastrous mess from all the reports — too many people, too little time, people couldn’t hoot and holler, snore fest. Without Trump it was like, and you’ll get this reference, Foster Brooks showing up and playing sober.

Yes, the Lady soiled herself by discussing those things that good god-fearing southern Republicans never talk about — the unfortunate lack of personal grooming habits and dry cleaning by a certain former WH intern.

Hope you get to start your vacay without further adieu on the day of woe, otherwise known as Wednesday.

Beata: That’s a bummer. You only have one more day to wait.

Lady Lindsey repeated the “I never had sex…” blah, blah blah.

Prolix did you hear that Marist and I think one other group have said they’re going to suspend Republican Prez polling because of the way Fox is using their results?

@28, yes, Marist and I think one of the college polling groups have suspended Republican polling for the foreseeable future. Fox will announce the field tomorrow and the gate positions. Sounds like Derby day all over again. It seems as though CNN is also leaning toward a limited ten chimp format as well.

Here is Maringoff of Marist’s top ten list for not using polls. For a pollster, he makes a noble attempt at humor.

@29: Maringoff has been on Maddow’s show, I believe, twice including tonight. He does have a sense of humor about himself.

It seems as though CNN is also leaning toward a limited ten chimp format as well.

snort! 🙂

Here’s an understatement for ya:

@31: LOL. I’m so sorry I missed it. Love the game show muzak. Perfect fit.

Beata@32: At least with Christie it was only the ear and not picking his nose. 😯

Also, I think I just heard they announced the lineup for the main event Thurs. Ill try to catch it again. And Beata, even if you and the b.f. are on vacay you’ll have to try to catch at least some of the circus Thursday.

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