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Back from the dead: It’s weekend light fare!

Posted on: August 1, 2015

wacko criminal lineup(complete with the same Bourbon St lineup!)

Good day to you Widdershins!

Yes Fredster is back with some of his odd, funny or just weird items he has culled from the internet and bookmarked.  Now one or two of these may be repeats.  I got sort of sloppy with deleting things.  If so, just pretend you haven’t read it before.

Lee Vern Cook was a good friend

In fact he was such a good friend that he brought his friend in the I.C.U. some crack cocaine so they could smoke it together.  There’s just nothing like sharing with your bestest bud is there?  However there was a tiny, itsy-bitsy problem.  You see, his friend was in the I.C.U. and was receiving oxygen through a mask and…

Cook is accused of visiting a bed-ridden friend in the North Okaloosa Medical Center Intensive Care Unit, bringing with him crack cocaine, a pipe from which to smoke the drug and a firearm. The two smoked the cocaine together from a homemade device, police say, but the patient wore an oxygen mask and the flame from lighting the pipe mixed with the gas to rapidly cause a fire.

Yeah, an open flame and a flammable gas are not two things that mix together well.

he was arrested on multiple charges, including arson, five counts of possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

And the friend didn’t do so well either.

Burn damage was limited to bed linens, the patient’s gown and the oxygen mask itself. The patient suffered injuries and was transferred to a burn unit, but the hospital was not evacuated. Cook suffered burns to his hands and was evaluated before being taken to jail.

I’m hoping the patient wasn’t wearing the oxygen mask at the time, but ya know…odds are he probably was.

I don’t know what it is…

But there just seems to be something with Waffle House restaurants and Georgia and strange behavior.  I’ve documented that here and here.  And yet, here we go again.

Emanuel Williams worked at a Waffle House in Macon Georgia.  It was apparently a slow day around lunch time (?) and they weren’t busy.  (Seriously?  Not busy at lunch time?  I mean W.H. does have other items besides waffles.)   So anyway

Williams and a female coworker were the only employees in the eatery Monday when Williams announced that he was preparing to pleasure himself. The woman, who said she was on the phone at the time, told deputies that she did not take Williams seriously.

Apparently she didn’t take him seriously because she stayed on the phone continuing her conversation.  This was not a good decision.

Upon finishing her call, the woman “walked over to the suspect to see if he really was jacking his peen, and he was,” an investigator reported. The woman said that she began recording Williams with her phone because she “knew no one would believe her” when she later recounted the incident.

“She stated that as she was recording him, she was telling him the whole time that she was recording him and that he was a pervert,” a deputy noted. “She stated that he responded by saying he wasn’t a pervert he was just a freak.”

Well I for one am so glad that Emmanuel cleared up that thing with the difference between pervert and freak.  But wait because the pervert thing may uh, come up again.

The coworker told investigators that when she told Williams that he should not be surprised if the video began circulating, he “stated that he didn’t care.” The woman said that Williams “continued on until he masturbated,” adding that she told him she hopes he washes his hands.”

And that will most likely end my patronage of the local Waffle House.  Sure, those late night/early a.m. hunger pangs have led me to the local W.H for a 3 egg omelet with some scattered and smothered hash browns at times, but I’m figuring that the woman was a waitress and that would make Emmanuel…the cook(?)  Eep!   But yes, there’s still more

Williams, pictured at right[no I didn’t put the photo in here], is on the Bibb County sex offenders list due to a 1999 rape conviction for which the convicted felon served nearly a decade in state prison.

So when the co-worker’s video ended up on Facebook, a tv station picked up the story and from there it went to the police who recognized him.  The police wanted him on charges of public indecency and violating his probation.  They also issued a warrant for Violation of Sex Offender Registry for failing to disclose his employment at Waffle House to law enforcement officials.

Sigh.  I just don’t know about Waffle House anymore or whether it’s just Waffle Houses in Georgia.  I mean, from trying to rob one with a pitchfork to “engaging in the sex act” in a pickup truck at another, my 3 a.m. hunger pangs may just have to be satisfied with a p.b. and j.  😳

Creepy photographs!

Okay, for this one you’ll have to go the site, to check out 16 of the creepiest photographs ever taken.  Some of them aren’t that bad, but others, yikes!  😱  (check the one with the sheep!)

And Finally:  They take their privacy seriously
in Kentucky

So William Meredith was at his home in Hillview Ky, outside of Louisville, when he sees a drone appear in his neighbor’s yard and it drops down where the neighbor has a canopy in his yard.  Meredith decided he wasn’t going to do anything about it unless it came over his property.  Well…the next thing he knows the drone is hovering over his yard where he has two teenaged daughters who had been sunbathing.

Merideth told WRDB: “Well, I came out and it was down by the neighbor’s house, about 10 feet off the ground, looking under their canopy that they’ve got under their back yard. I went and got my shotgun and I said, ‘I’m not going to do anything unless it’s directly over my property.'”

And then it allegedly was.

And then he decided to do something about it.  He shot it with his shotgun.

Merideth explained: “I didn’t shoot across the road, I didn’t shoot across my neighbor’s fences, I shot directly into the air.”

He says that shortly after the shooting, he received a visit from four men who claimed to be responsible for the drone, who explained that Merideth owed $1,800.

Merideth says he stood his ground: “I had my 40mm Glock on me and they started toward me and I told them, ‘If you cross my sidewalk, there’s gonna be another shooting.'”

There appears not to have been another shooting. However, Merideth was arrested for wanton endangerment and criminal mischief. There is, apparently, a local ordinance that says you can’t shoot a gun off in the city, but the police charged him under a Kentucky Revised Statute.

For his part, Merideth says he will sue the drone’s owners. He told WRDB: “You know, when you’re in your own property, within a six-foot privacy fence, you have the expectation of privacy. We don’t know if he was looking at the girls. We don’t know if he was looking for something to steal. To me, it was the same as trespassing.”

These things are getting annoying and in California they even hampered the firefighting effort of combating the forest fires there.

Some youtube clips for your amusement
and enjoyment

You know that thing about grumpy old men yelling “Get off my lawn!” ?  Well here’s one of a grumpy old prince (who’s married to Liz, HRH) and he drops an F-bomb.

Well, he is indeed old, in his 90s and it was noisy in there with Prince William and the some of the other old coots flapping their jaws.  Maybe he just wanted to go back to the Palace and take a nap.

Okay here’s one where Jerry Springer should have gone along with the reporter covering the story because it’s a story he’s all to familiar with.  It involved a house fire (deliberately set?), a married couple, and a cousin.  Oh and it appears this one happened north of the Mason-Dixon line.  😆

This last one is a cute video of a baby elephant being bothered by some pesky swallows and being none too happy about it.

Okay Widdershins that’s all I have today.  This is an open thread so take the discussion wherever you wish to do so.


27 Responses to "Back from the dead: It’s weekend light fare!"

I really don’t think you should be too hard on Lee Vern, he’s just a good ole boy who did “thunk I.C.U.” meant “Intensive Crack Unit” and he was just doing his small part to help.

And maybe I’m just slow, but what is the big deal about the Waffle House story? Have you been in a WH at 3:00 a.m.? That kinda thing is almost expected to just get a seat at the counter and there is no telling what you have to do to get a booth.

And my boy Billy Meredith, what he probably didn’t admit to is that after “he done went and ‘kilt’ that thar drone bird outta season, he tried to flour it up and fry it.” Trouble was, the plastic turned all runny.

Hope everyone has a great weekend — thanks Fredster for finding these stories.

Prolix, you have a point about the W.H. at 3 a.m. That’s why I usually phone in my order to pick it up and leave. Although, it is fun to watch the meth addicts trying to eat something. with their teeth being in the shape they’re in. However, I would have to agree with the other employee in the story and indeed hope that Emmanuel did wash his hands after his “gratifying” moment. 😯

Oh and I have no problem with Billy Meredith and his actions with the drone. Perhaps we’ll have to look at the idea of “air rights” over our property the way that folks do in New York City.

If the guy with the drone wasn’t doing anything wrong, why doesn’t he show the actual video the drone was recording? All I’ve seen is the flight pattern.

GAgal: Good point! I believe the FAA or another government entity is going to have to issue some regs. on these things.

Oh my…now this is interesting. Will he or won’t he?

I was gratified to see that some Dems are feeling the same way I do about the far left part of the party.

“I want to elect Democrats. I don’t want a litmus test from the left,” which he says “these progressive darlings” like Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren are imposing.

@6, if Biden runs, Jeb! will be president and they will be drilling and fracking every wormhole, molehill, and anthill even if it has already been drilled or fracked. There will be another round of disastrous tax cuts to the rich to fuel the idiotic notion enough is ever enough for the one percent. And every charlatan and their dog will have a for profit charter school where an entire generation will be lost to some comic book version of science and history crapped out of the butts of some Texan cowboys and cowgirls whose world view was formed 3,500 years ago by the ten commandments.

So Hillary is “too calculating, too cautious, too controlled.” He’s right about one thing-Joe Biden is not cautious or controlled at all. I don’t mean that as a compliment.

Prolix@7: And don’t forget that Yeb ¡ will also have Neil in there somewhere supplying schoolbooks and “learning materials” for the charter schools.

GAgal@8: And after all of the shite she and Bill have been through, could anyone blame her? She knows that her every thought, action and word will be parsed to no end!

Good political movie getting ready to start on TCM: Advise and Consent.

@9, yes Yeb! will continue the third Bush family enterprise — first, politics, second, war, and third, educational testing for learning minimums that turn out to be maximums or better put, testing to confirm we have condemned a generation to Texas-sized ignorance based on the great school book scam.

Funny, how men are never said to be “too cold, too cautious, too calculating.” They are called “brilliantly strategic” instead.

P.S., so glad you’re back Fredster! I would have shot that d*mned drone down too. What right do people have to fly over private property and spy on other people? These drones are completely out of control.

mb@14: Isn’t it amazing how that only applies to women?
And as I said, being cautious? Is that possibly because she knows that everything she says will be take apart and dissected?

@15: And yes this stuff with the drones is getting out of control. As Mr. Meredith said, he has two teen-aged daughters who were sunbathing earlier. Was the guy controlling the drone doing pervy things? Who knows? I’d have shot also. And what scares me more is the folks who are flying them around airliners. If one ever causes a plane to crash, the authorities will have to charge the drone operator with murder if there are any deaths as a result.

One of the things I love about nola is that while White Linen Night in the arts district may be, as a friend of mine once said “piss-elegant’, it’s going to be followed shortly by Dirty Linen Night in the Quarter, kinda poking fun at the Uptown brethren.


Well, she sure wasn’t cautious at the Urban League. She cut the legs out from under old Jebya and his campaign started howling.

Ga6thDem said: She cut the legs out from under old Jebya and his campaign started howling.

Well I’ll just sit down and cry for Yeb right now.

That’ whole “cautious” bullsh*t is so 2008. Of course an Obama bundler would come up with that as an excuse to be a sexist *sshat. He didn’t back Hillary in 2008, why would he back her now? Better to pick a man who, by the way, is not running, because he has that all-important scrap of flesh between his legs…

because he has that all-important scrap of flesh between his legs…

Ouch! 😯

I used to live in Macon and I know where that Waffle House is. I’ve never been there as it is on the other side of town from where I lived.

There’s a joke here in Ga where you give someone directions and you tell them that what they’re looking for is on the exit with the Waffle House. It’s a joke because every exit seems to have a Waffle House.

Ga6thDem said: It’s a joke because every exit seems to have a Waffle House.

Strategic planning on the part of Waffle House. 😉

Funny bits, Fredster! Sorry I couldn’t make it on the weekend, was gone most of it.

I agree with you & MB about the drone. I hope the guy that shot it doesn’t have to pay for it or get in any trouble. People should not have to put up with drones spying on them. Outrageous.

hey annie: Not to worry…it’s okay to have a life. 😉

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