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Robbing banks and other business models…

Posted on: July 29, 2015

By now you have probably heard about Mike Huckabee’s shamelessly disgusting comments invoking the Holocaust to prove he’s up to the job of “presidenting”.   Then there’s Ted Cruz belching a verbal diarrhea by declaring Obama, and by guilty association the U.S., as Witches of McBeththe foremost sponsors of state terrorism.  Rounding out the field and proving it’s never too early to declare demagoguery as a career choice, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton declared John Kerry a modern-day Pontius Pilate.  Maybe Cotton can ask his pen pal the Ayatollah for advice on how to handle such matters.

And I haven’t even gotten to Donald Trump.  I could go on, but why go to the trouble?  The downward spiral in which Republicans find themselves is the pull of the great porcelain bowl of politics where dead goldfish and human waste are celebrated with one final kerplunk.

You are asking, as am I, “Why would anyone with political walking around sense act so incurably deranged?”  The vapid teevee bobble heads lay the blame to the “Trumping down” of political rhetoric.  There are others who claim it is merely a gambit to get on next week’s Fox debate stage.  Finally, there are those who pull on their black pajamas while watching for the matching helicopter to complete their ensemble and declare the incendiary commenters “truth-tellers”. Just plain lazy, lazy, lazy – so lazy is this lack of analysis, it’s like the mosquito that starved to death stranded at a blood bank.

Chart Republican IdeologyThe real truth about this flame-throwing is simple and can be explained in one question:  Why do bank robbers rob banks?  Because that is where the money is.

The Republicans are infecting the 20-30% of their base with this poisonous rhetoric because that is where the sure-fire voters are.  The angrier you are and the more fearful you are, the likelier you are to vote, donate, or volunteer as per a Pew Foundation Study.

Every politician has a choice between the rhetoric of Column A and Column B.  Column A is a conversation about two divergent, but well-meaning philosophies.  Column B is an apocalyptic confrontation of biblical proportions between good and evil – virtue and sin.  Column B will get you more donations, more press, more social media buzz, more volunteers, and most importantly, more votes.

While I believe there is a certain amount of “Trumping down” of the political discourse – the true reason we are witnessing these sandpaper tongues is fear of being culled from the herd.  If you want to blend in with zebras, you have to make sure your stripes are going in the right direction.  You have to fear the same fears and be angry about the same anger-making issues.  If there isn’t anything that causes fear or anger, you have to conjure them up like so many distempered unicorns.Ideological Silos

What is alarming for the “Sweet 16” is this little fact:  Trump maintains a double-digit lead among voters who identify as very conservative, somewhat conservative and with the Tea Party. Scott Walker is his nearest competitor in most of those metrics.  If you want to rob some votes, you go to where the votes are and that would be those attracted to the foul-smelling stench of the carrion wafting from Trump.

When I was consulting it was relatively simple to check the health of virtually any organization by asking the management team two questions:  How do you spend your time and do you spend it with your high performers or with the lower performing problem causers?  Poor managers spend about 80% of their time with the lowest performing 20% of trouble-makers.  This bottom 20% are the loudest, most vocal, and by far the most destructive force within any organization.  They curse any organization to a never-ending cycle of ever declining mediocrity.

Welcome to the modern-day GOP.  After declaring their problems solved by a post-election autopsy in 2013, just like the Walking Dead, you can’t keep a good zombie down.

Fox DebateNot for a minute do I believe ding-dong Donald will be the Republican nominee.  What I do believe with conviction is that this rhetorical Mariana Trench tour is damaging to the political process especially given the hackney-eyed congressional districts.  Fifty of these gerrymandered, radical know-nothings have hijacked Congress for five years now.  I don’t want to see the same knuckle-dragging fanatics sabotage President Hillary’s first term.

The brilliance of Prince Reince of Priebus was to winnow down the primary field and streamline the process.  So what did he do?  He outsourced those chores to Fox News.  Fox then arbitrarily placed a cut-off at ten participants to be determined by national polling.  As luck and conniving minds would have it, to “Viagracize flaccid poll numbers” ads would need to be run on the sole news source for three-quarters of conservative voters.  Roger Ailes has again proved “being unafraid of being fairly imbalanced” is a great business model.

I hope your day is a good one and please take this conversation in any direction you might like to explore.


26 Responses to "Robbing banks and other business models…"

Wow! That WaPo article had enough info in there to occupy yourself for hours! Thanks for that link Prolix.

I used to ask “how low can you go?” in regard to the repubs but apparently the pit is indeed bottomless.

I have a friend who is as Republican Red as you can get. There are very few things we agree about politically, yet we are pretty good friends. In fact, when mom passed, I called him at his job to tell him and a short time later I was completely shocked to see him walk into her room at the n.h. He had also brought me a notepad and pen because he knew I would have to take some notes of things when I went later to the funeral home. Too bad our politicians can’t act the same way.

The study from the Pew Foundation is really fascinating. It doesn’t break much new ground, but it is certainly confirmatory research on long-held beliefs.

Further evidence of the above premise — and this is a quote! When Trump was asked if he would pick up the phone and “pick Sarah Palin’s brain” — now get that — someone would honestly say I want to seek out, on purpose, Sarah Palin’s opinion on an issue beyond moose turds and reading materials. Trump said:

I would love that because she really is somebody that knows what’s happening, and she’s a special person. She’s really a special person. And I think people know that… she’s got a following that’s unbelievable. I still have people saying, “Oh, get Sarah’s support, get Sarah’s support!” No matter where I go, everybody loves her.

@2: What I liked about the survey was the sample size of 25k. That’s big!

@3: OMG! What would there be to pick? Jeebus, his campaign is turning into a vaudeville act.

And I think this is actually a true statement:

she’s got a following….that’s unbelievable

The GOP has a severe problem. They have created a Frankenstein from Fox News and talk radio. For someone like the Donald to come out and say the things he has said he could easily get that story from listening to those. Anyway, I seriously wonder how much of this stuff Trump actually believes or if he’s really on a serious “fleece the rubes” mission. Someone like Huckabee you know he believes the nonsense that he’s spewing.

@6, you are exactly right — the media arm of the GOP wingers did create this monster, now they have to try and tame it. Trouble is, they can’t.

You ask a great question: How much of this tripe do they actually believe? I’ve often wondered the exact same thing. One thing I have always found worrisome — the Sheldon Adelsons of the world seem to have the same type of crazy world views based upon nothing but internet chatter and pre-existing prejudices. People like these uninformed, bad motives people have to have someone to talk to — I’ve always thought they just talk to one another and that’s how we got the Heritage Foundation and Americans for Prosperity.

My proposal for curing the fear based voters is simple. They just need to.relax and feel the love, man. I say we lock them up in dome stadiums and spray them with Ecstasy. Give them food, water, bathroom facilities, beds and AC. Don’t let them out for a week. Best case scenario, they come out smiling, relaxed and able to think clearly enough to vote for Hillary. Worst case scenario, they all kill.each other. It’s a win win. 😉

But seriously…I think most of the 2016 candidates don’t believe the insanity they’re spewing. As for Trump and Palin, I’ll bet he doesn’t actually know who she is. His spiel about her sounded like corporate doublespeak to me….something you say when you haven’t done your homework, but are put on the spot to comment.

mb said: something you say when you haven’t done your homework, but are put on the spot to comment.

I hope so.

Prolix, meant to add that the Macbeth graphic was hilarious! Love it.

@8, MB said:

As for Trump and Palin, I’ll bet he doesn’t actually know who she is.

Remember, they had the great pizza summit for the media back in 2011. They shared a couple of slices and Trump ended up eating with a knife and fork.

Here’s the take from Jon Stewart:

@10, if you go shopping at Google Images, you can find good deals if you look long enough.

Prolix, another super fine post! I’m getting numb from all the conservative craziness. I heard that another repub, one I’ve never heard of, joined the circus today. I have no idea how many repubs are now running. I’m burned out now, but expect to revive again in time for the debates, which should be a hoot.

@13, thanks so much Annie. You are always so generous and kind in your praise, I appreciate it.

Just think, and I can’t wait, it is just one week, a mere seven days, until the Cirque de Clowns debate. I heard a great line today, it went something like this:

For those preparing for the Republican debate it’s like preparing for a NASCAR race when you know one of the drivers is going to be rip roaring drunk.

@annie: Another one joined the circus today? Good Lord, this thing is becoming a freak show!

I love the analogy with NASCAR! Has Fox kept the same platform as they previously stated with the cutoff? I thought I saw something about there being a second one for the, uh, losers.

Apparently there’s going to be an afternoon tea for those who didn’t make the cut.

@15, yes, there is going to be a kids’ table for the “also limping” — Fox decided today to include those who weren’t even scoring 1% in the polls — in other words, everyone gets a ribbon and a trophy for just participating.

@17: I’d say lil Piyush has already won more than just a ribbon and trophy.

I’d love to know how he did it since he’s only had one private-sector job, working for McKinsey and Co. since he got out of college. The rest of his, uh, career, he’s been in either state or federal government positions.

Welp, I think I’m calling it a morning.

Showbiz I miss that Stewart episode?!! Brilliant!

I am quite sure the Donald is capable of forgetting a 30 minute meeting , four years ago, with a woman he isn’t sleeping with. But say he does remember, is it that surprising that the same wackos who love her still, find him appealing?

@18, having no private sector experience is quite prevalent in the cast of thousands for the Repub nomination. I don’t think Scott Walker has ever done anything other than public sector. Chris Christie had a little private sector experience, but it was just a stint in between gubment jobs.

@19, MB said, “30 minute meeting, four years ago, with a woman he isn’t sleeping with.”

LOL — most excellent point.

If you built a Venn diagram of the Palin posse and the Trumpeters, there would be nothing but overlap and it would look like one big Zero — quite appropriate considering.

Do you people ever sleep? LOL.

Here’s a good new video from SEIU, which I believe is Chat’s union. In it, a union member discusses the importance of early childhood education in the lives of her three children. She is shown speaking with Hillary.

New post upstairs.

Beata asked: Do you people ever sleep? LOL.

We work in shifts. 😉

@24: It appears so!

We are heading up to Door County, Wisconsin for a vacation where it should be a lot cooler than it is here. See you all in a few weeks! xo

@Beata: Have a great time!

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