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Activist Monday: Hillary Unleashed

Posted on: July 27, 2015

Attribution: Reuters

Can I just tell you I am LOVING Our Girl these days? It’s wonderful watching her feel free to tell it like it is. Unlike in 2008, the Party is behind her, and she knows it. This time around, it’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The stiff, overly cautious persona she was forced to project has disappeared like der Jebinator’s famous exclamation point.

Take the issue of gender. In 2008, it should have been central to her campaign. But at the time, she was hampered by a barrage of sexism coming from a place she least expected it – her own Party – which played right into Barack Obama’s hands. And, had he been white, that tactic wouldn’t have been nearly as effective (a fact which she pointed out, correctly, and was called a r*cist for it).

Now, she feels no compunction about pointing out the blindingly obvious.

Hillary Clinton is touting her potential to make history as the nation’s first female president as “one of the merits” behind her campaign.

She played up her gender during a stop in West Columbia, South Carolina on Thursday. When a man told Clinton that his 10-year-old daughter told him, “You guys have had it long enough,” Clinton seized the moment.

“Clearly, I’m not asking people to vote for me simply because I’m a woman. I’m asking people to vote for me on the merits,” Clinton said.

Then she directly addressed gender, adding: “I think one of the merits is I am a woman. And I can bring those views and perspectives to the White House.”

Well, duh?! Of course a different perspective and views are needed. Do we really think things are going well after almost eight years of the “most progressive President evah”? Thanks to our moronic wars of choice in Afghanistan and Iraq (which Obama, of course, continued), we have so much hatred against us in the Muslim world that terrorist groups like ISIS are on the rise. The toppling of Iraq’s Sunni government gave Iran so much power that we have been forced to negotiate a nuclear deal with that country, which has hardly proved reliable on this issue in the past. And Obama’s embrace of Austerity has done nothing but hurt the U.S. and global economy (although he’s made a few feebly encouraging pronouncements recently, there hasn’t been any substantive change to support them – like, perhaps, investing in infrastructure and job creation, raising taxes on the wealthy…etc..) I could go on and on, but I think you get my point.

Republicans, on the other hand, jumped on Hillary’s statement like a pack of elephants on a bag of peanuts. Mitch McConnell was one of them.

The Senate’s top Republican said Monday the “gender card alone” won’t be enough to propel Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton to the White House.

“I don’t think arguing ‘vote for me because I’m a woman’ is enough,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said while sizing up next year’s presidential race during a speech in his home state of Kentucky. “You may recall my election last year. The gender card alone is not enough.”In 2014, McConnell’s Democratic challenger, Alison Lundergan Grimes, claimed the longtime Republican incumbent was insensitive on gender issues such as pay equity. McConnell trounced Grimes in the election, capitalizing on President Barack Obama’s deep unpopularity in Kentucky.

McConnell said Monday there are millions of Americans who “would love to have a woman president.”

“The question is, a woman president to do what?” he said. “And I think inevitably, Hillary Clinton’s campaign will be four more years of the last eight.”

The interesting and important thing that McConnell said was that there are millions of “Americans” who would love to have a woman President. Not millions of Democrats…millions of Americans. He knows d*mn well that Republican women will vote for her, and he’s trying his jowly, pasty-faced, Rovian best to prevent that from happening.

But sadly for him and his fellow (pun most definitely intended) Republicans, his Party is showing its true colors a little too clearly now. With its racist, sexist, gun-toting Tea Party crazoids in full flower supporting the Donald’s high-profile train wreck of a candidacy, it’s hard to see how any Republican can beat her. Even the National Review, that bastion of conservative insanity, can see the inevitable, citing five reasons she will be the winner. Read it if you dare – if you get past the virulence and hatred, it’s actually pretty astute.

Yes, my friends, Hillary’s telling the truth and not giving a cr*p. I love it, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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50 Responses to "Activist Monday: Hillary Unleashed"

As for Mitch McConnell:

And for HRC herself:

Mitch McConnell said, “The gender card won’t be enough.”

I would hasten to remind old MM that the inter-species “trans-turtle” card was enough for him to crawl from under his reptilian liar and attack Grimes, not on her abilities or policies, but on her conjured intimate political kinship to Bronco Bama. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Very uplifting post, MB, just the thing for a Monday!

More on the Hillary – McConnell dustup from the HillaryMen:

On Facebook, Laura Bassett asked Hillary if she’d heard McConnell’s remarks and how to respond. And then Hillary pulled out the lightsaber:

“Wow. If that’s what he said, Mitch McConnell really doesn’t get it. There is a gender card being played in this campaign. It’s played every time Republicans vote against giving women equal pay, deny families access to affordable child care or family leave, refuse to let women make decisions about their health or have access to free contraception. These aren’t just women’s issues, they are economic issues that drive growth and affect all Americans. Anyone who doesn’t get that doesn’t understand what our lives are like.”

They also have a couple of great posts about the NYT false article about Hillary and her emails.

I love this from the N.R. article:

In addition, many low-information voters will pull the Clinton lever because they have been led to believe that a Republican alternative is far more dangerous than letting Bill and Hill back in the White House.

Oh gurl!! (the author) It’s not just “low-information” voters who believe that, it’s anyone with half a brain. All you have to do is to compare their agendas and records. Same goes for the House and Senate.

Oh and btw…is there a consensus definition of “low-information” voter or is that in the eye of the writer/speaker?

Thanks for that link annie. I’ll admit to a bit of confusion over the email/classifications/classified kerfuffle. It’s probably because I’m perhaps a low-information voter.

I’ll admit to a bit of confusion over the I.G./emails kerfuffle. I did read this article where the guy seems to indicate the entire thing is hooey because the issue of emails being classified came up after the fact, that the thing came up when reviewing the emails for FOIA releases or something.

Maybe I need a “high-information” voter to ‘splain it to me.


Beata posted this new video of Hillary’s next door, and I’m sure she would have done so here also, but it is so inspiring I thought I’d do it for her. But full credit to Beata <3:

Annie, that is so amazing and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing it!! Hubby and I just watched it and were in tears.

Not for nothing, those three songs are on my playlist.
Girl Power!

Of course using Night on Bald Mountain really helped.

Hahaha! Nice one, Fredster!

Stand up for Reality…I just love it.

@12: They are all great songs.

@15 – great theme song for Bush after election day 2016 😀

Is it okay if I say everything right now gives me an anxiety attack? The thought of Trump being the front runner. Or any of those GOP candidates actually winning. I mean, how bad is it, when Jeb BUSH is the only one that doesn’t scare me to the point of tears?? Hillary has to win, right? But she didn’t last time and she should have, hell its how we all came to know each other.

mb@17: tee-hee!

@TheRealKim: I think Trump is going to crash and burn at some point. He’ll make some lame attempt at a joke or something else and it will finally be over the line. If he pouts and decides to run 3rd party well that’s good for us.

when Jeb BUSH is the only one that doesn’t scare me to the point of tears?? H

Ask anyone who lived in Florida when he was guv, how awful Yeb ¡ was, esp, if you were a state employee.

My son says Jeb! scares him the most, and I think I agree with him. Agree with Fredster that Trump is a useful tool to divide the repubs.

annie: I was trying to do an inverted exclamation point for YEB and couldn’t get it to work right.

And then there was this little thing he did nothing about.

And by taking a pass, he allowed a particularly offensive provision to become law.

This provision required any woman who wanted to put her child up for adoption, but who didn’t know who the father was, to take out an ad in a local newspaper listing her name and description, as well as the name and description of each possible father and the locations where the baby could have been conceived.

In other words, women had to broadcast her sexual histories to, well, pretty much everybody before attempting to find stable homes for her children.

The law’s sponsor, state Senator Walter Campbell, said the provision was designed to keep “potential biological fathers from coming back and taking children out of adoptive parents’ hands.” And the law didn’t include an exception for women who became pregnant because of rape.

Wow. That is truly contemptible. Jeb! was a horrible governor.

Love the idea of the inverted exclamation point! There’s some key on my mac that lets you use all those extra marks but I have been too lazy to look for it.

@22 and 23, Fredster please figure out how to do the inverted exclamation point. Jeb! just calls out for it. And have you heard him say: Wakamole? When I heard him say Wakamole (and that is the probably the proper pronunciation) I knew he was going to have some major problems with the 20% of angry Tea Partied “I got mine sorry about your luck” underbelly of the Repub party. Those voters won’t be “double dipping” in the Jeb! wakamole.

I had looked up a couple of different ways to do the inverted thing, some esp. for Word and others that said they worked in Windows, but then I couldn’t get them to work on the blog. I guess I was getting fixated on it for some reason. 😆

He scares me the least, compared to Cruz, Walker, Rubio, Huckabee and Trump. But I suppose I know the least about him.

Prolix: the inverted exclamation point is in there in my comment at 20 but just looks like an upside down lower case i. I think part of it is the font that’s used with this particular wordpress theme.

TheRealKim@26: I had a friend in state govt in FL back then and he certainly put the screws to state employees there. But let’s face it, there are no good choices in that group.

@27, good try — it probably is a saving grace for me in that I wouldn’t be able to remember how to do it and then I would get all frustrated.

@26, the Repub field is a choice between chiggers, blood-sucking ticks, and incessantly buzzing mosquitoes. One is just as annoying as the other and completely useless to the general well-being of humankind.

Great, great news — I hope this is the first of many such local initiatives:

And the best news: It was unanimous! Suck it NRA!

@28: Except for police and fire. Their pensions went through the roof, and the law was written to stick the municipalities with the bill. In my town, 56 cents of every dollar goes to police and fire pensions, thanks to Jeb.

chat@32, well I meant employees who work directly for the state, not like fire and police. My friend in West Palm had her health insurance premiums go through the roof after Jeb was elected.

Prolix@31: My Glock 19 comes standard with a 15 round clip. I think you can get it with a 10 round clip but not sure.

@33: Oh dear Lord! 😯

Well, it seems that some kind of internal polling must have come out bad for the GOP since they seem to have unleashed the dogs on Hillary the last few days. First they got the NYT to do a fake headline, then another thing and now they’ve pulled Linda Tripp out of the dustbin of history to make a pronouncement. I do know that a new Pew poll came out and the GOP dropped 7 points to the point where 2/3 of the country detests them.

Jeb is perfectly awful but he doesn’t scare me as a candidate. Donald is a stronger candidate that Jeb because at least he has a base of support. No one likes Jeb it seems except the fundraisers for the GOP. Oh, he sounds good on paper because he comes from a swing state but the real Jeb is nowhere near the hype. The moron let a scarlet letter pass in Florida, he’s the one that sent the state troopers to meddle in a family dispute, it took him four days and numerous times to answer a softball question about Iraq and then the other day he tells people we need to eliminate Medicare.

Kim!! Don’t worry, my friend. Deep breaths and positive thinking!

Chat – just wow. That picture….did they blend her face with Ann Coulter’s or something?

I agree, Ga6th. They are terrified of her. It’s delicious.

@33, unbelievable — where do they go from here? Where is there to go?

@33. Lordy that person is saying that Obama is a member of the KKK too and does he not realize that the KKK calls itself a Christian organization?

@39 the only place left for them to go is the mental hospital. Too bad there aren’t any left anymore so he’ll be left for the rest of us to just proclaim as insane.

Ga6th@40: Piyush either closed or contracted out the mental hospitals in La. And then the food contractor for one of the hospitals so screwed the budget that they were giving the patients one hot dog and some corn (I think) and calling that a meal for them.

@33, good god! What a lunatic. Ga6th, you’re right about them unloading on Hillary. What did Linda Tripp do?

Do you remember Linda Tripp annie, monica’s best bud?

Aw Gawd, here ya go. One Linda Tripp article from The New York Post and then a second, fuller article from that bastion of British journalism, The Daily Mail.

Not to be bitchy or catty or anything, but take a look at Tripp’s photo in the Mail piece. She’s slimmed down and definitely had some work done and also, how the hell does a federal civil servant end up owning a $3 million house and farm? Civil servant retirement benefits aren’t that generous!

Hillary’s narrative is that the Thugs are stuck in the past. Apparently they’re set on proving it by unearthing ethically challenged 90’s artifacts like La Tripp. Dear Thugs..did you ever think that millions of 2016 voters weren’t alive during the first Clinton Presidency???

@37 and 44 — dragging out Linda Tripp is the type of thing that just drives me nuts — I can’t see straight it makes me so angry. The way I have shut down friends and acquaintances over the “moral outrages” of the Clinton years I ask this simple question:

In front of St. Peter begging admission at the Pearly Gates, would you rather have had extramarital sex or killed a half-million people based upon what you knew was a lie?

Once you can honestly answer that one, a conversation can ensue.

@46-good one, Prolix!
Fredster, Tripp is rich because Clinton bashing pays very well.

Re the “article” in the Daily Fail. Boy, they’re pulling out all the stops, aren’t they?
It took me five minutes to remember who Kathleen Willey was.
The GOP must be crapping its pants.

Excellent point MB!

Great retort there Prolix. That doesn’t even leave room for an “uhhh” there. 😉

Sue I completely missed that with Wiley while reading all of Miz Tripp’s rantings.

@46, Excellent!

@47, Sue, so true, I always thought she was paid off. I think the whole thing was a setup, Lewinsky’s role included.

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