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Lazy Weekend Music: National Tequila Day

Posted on: July 24, 2015

Happy National Tequila Day, Widdershins!  Considering everyone’s life lately, could this have come at a better time?  I think not.

Tequila is not my drink of choice, but sometime there’s just nothing like a Margarita.  Cold, tart, salty, slushy – just perfect on a hot summer’s day, or about 9 months of the year down here in SoFLA.  For the purists, there’s the traditional shot of tequila with a slice of lime after licking some salt off the back of your hand.  For those who prefer a sweet drink, there’s the Tequila Sunrise , and for fans of the bittersweet in life, hoist a Salty Perro or two.  At any rate, there’s something for every palate – assuming that you like tequila, of course.

There are also an amazing number of songs that reference tequila.  I easily found 100 or so.  Of course, many of them are en español, but there are still plenty of them in English.  So, hoist a glass of whatever’s handy and drink a toast to National Tequila Day – and to a better week ahead.  List your songs below, as well as your thoughts about whatever comes to mind.

This is a seriously open thread.

(1) Ten Rounds With Jose Cuerva – Tracy Byrd

(2) Straight Tequila Night – John Anderson

(3) Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffett and Alan Jackson

(4) Tequila! – The Champs

(5) Tequila – The Pretenders


54 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: National Tequila Day"

Well you mentioned it so I’ll put it in here.

I have no idea what any of it means but here it is.

How ’bout The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra? (Don’t ask)

An article about the murderer in Lafayette LA.

How the hell did he ever get another gun? He had already been committed one time.

Here’s another article about one of the victims. She was a musician and graphic artist.

This is an article about how Piyush’s *visibility* might help his Prez run.

Check the comments. Not many, if any, thought he was there for a touchy/feely with the victims.

This is a story about tequila and me. We have not always gotten along, but on occasion there have been evenings we have been quite enamored of one another.

As a young man, late 20s, I discovered Tequila Slammers — truly the devil’s juice. What you do is take copious amounts of tequila, pour it into a good quality, sturdy glass with a flat bottom, add lime squeezings, club soda, cover the whole shooting match with your hand and a napkin, and then slap that bad boy on the bar with just enough force that the whole thing fizzes and bubbles up. Then you down it in one fell swoop. I guess it is a science experiment as much as anything.

Partaking in Tequila Slammers have a very poor rating from the Insurance Institute of America. Here’s why in my experience. One year, again late 20s, I was on holiday on Grand Traverse Bay with friends ranging in age from their 80s down to toddlers who happened to be grandchildren. One evening I was coaxed into preparing Tequila Slammers for everyone of legal age — they won’t work in baby bottles. I sampled liberally as I mixologized. I became somewhat invisible or at least I thought I was.

There was always a bonfire every night for those in the peninsula’s neighborhood. My mixology duties made me late. Upon completion of my duties (responsibility first) I began running down the peninsula to the bonfire. Once I got up a good head of steam I proceeded to run a little too close to a twin dually pick-em-truck’s trailer hitch. A strong trailer hitch. A trailer hitch built to last. A trailer hitch that did not give one centimeter. Said trailer hitch caught me mid-shin, but courtesy of the Tequila Slammers, I barely broke stride. Then I woke up the next morning.

Conservatively speaking, there was a knot on my leg slightly larger than the state of Iowa. It was huge, ugly, and quite angry. Long story short, I spent large amounts of time with my sports doc who was on retainer given my lack of coordination in all things athletic and my love of Tequila Slammers. Having a lack of coordination did not stop me from athletics in much the same way Tequila Slammers continued to make me invisible on occasion.

@10, the penultimate paragraph from the article:

“This is Jindal’s moment. He’s had a couple of these things handed to him. Now this shooting. These are softballs — get these right and you might be rising.”

That is about as disgusting a political calculation as I have ever heard. Soullessness is the only word that comes to mind. Well, that’s not true — several other profane words come to mind.

@Prolix: On those Tequila Slammers…lessons learned the hard way, yadda, yadda, yadda. I had some experiences with tequila in college but nothing like yours. You win on that one Prolix.

@12: Watching the streaming news from nola at 5 central time, they showed Piyush landing in the chopper again in Lafayette. Landed in the parking lot of the theater, walked to the theater and laid some flowers at the door, went inside and came out. Then he and the *entourage* headed toward the microphones…just in time to get the feed ready to send to the networks of course. 🙄

Here’s something good to know: If you inadvertently butt-dial someone you cannot have an expectation of privacy with the butt-dialed phone call.

@14, he is an odious animal — I’m not sure he can be classified as human on any level. I find it interesting while over a quarter of Louisiana’s children are living in poverty with all that entails, he still finds room in the budget for a helicopter to whisk him to and fro microphones.

Prolix, what’s even more odious is the fact that the taxpayers of Louisiana have to pay the cost of his security detail of state troopers when he travels out of state…whether on state business or his pathetic hopeless presidential campaign.

Of course this is the guy who, a couple of years ago, thought it was perfectly fine to discontinue hospice care for the terminally ill who were on medicaid. I mean, they’re dying right? No need to worry about trying to make them as comfortable as possible. 👿

I think I”m gonna bring Chloe out for a little while in my gravatar so she can visit.

On Maddow just now, she said that Houser the shooter in Lafayette bought his pistol at a pawn shop in Alabama. Even after he had been involuntarily committed to a mental facility. SMH

I’m a lightweight when it comes to drinking, and rarely touch tequila–gives me stomach pains. So there’s a national day for everything now, wasn’t yesterday hot dog day or something? Party on! Enjoyed the posted songs and now I can’t get the Champ’s “Tequila” out of my head. Laker and I can play Tequila Sunrise on guitar btw.

Just when you think Jindal can’t sink any lower.


“I think he’s the No. 1 dumpster fire in the country right now.” – Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) on Donald Trump.

Yes annie yesterday was Nat’l Hot Dog day and I had a cute graphic for it….go check it out.

That’s a perfect description of Trump Prolix. LOL!

There’s a hot competition for #1 dumpster fire…….

@26: So many choices there.

Bobby Jindal says gun control conversation should wait.

Why of course he says that. Completely understandable.

@23, hilarious!
@24, I saw it, it was very cute!

I saw part of Jindal’s statement about the shooting. He looked insincere, fake, and uninformed. What a tool.

I admit I have been reading Trump’s verbal vomit lately, he is the ultimate “accident” you can’t help looking at, but I am as flummoxed as ever as to his appeal. I remember when his skanky book, Art of the Deal came out and that was when we first heard of him, and hubbie looked at the book. I never liked him, he always made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. My long time neighbor had a crush on him for years and I could never get it.

Fredster, glad to see your cute Chloe gravatar back.

@29: I never did “get” Trump either and I never read his book.

re: Piyush…when those articles posed on he was catching hell left and right and deservedly so. Like Brownback, Walker and Christie, he has practically ruined a state. And basically, no one believes a word he says anymore.

I see those sick f*cks from Westboro church (?) have said they are going to show up for the funerals in Lafayette. I hope Piyush can at least do something to stop them. 👿

Crazy former congressman Allen West and Ted Nugent show up to place flowers at the theater in Lafayette. Bastards!

Fredster, it’s nice to see Chloe again! Such a sweetie.

I’m not a drinker. I’ve never had tequila in my life. Never had elderberry wine either but I like this song. I was in elementary school when it was released. I remember bopping around to it.

Beata@34: She was my sweetie. I’ve got her pic on my computer and on my phone. I still miss the funny stuff she did and the stunts she could pull at times.

Fredster, have you thought about getting another dog?

Nugent and Allen West. What a pair of creeps.

I like this piece by the Onion. Not as funny as most of their stuff, but has a lot of truth to it:

annie, it’s something I have on the back burner. My situation right now just isn’t where I can get a pupper. However, when I’m in a better situation I’ve got friends who will start looking along with me at doxie rescue sites and folks that they know. I’m really in a quandary about looking for either another smooth mini like Chloe or maybe a long-haired dox. The long hairs are supposed to be a bit more laid back than the others. That could be a good thing. 😉

@37: Oh yeah there’s a lot of truth in there. Other than to act as obsequious as possible with a lot of yes sir’s or yes ma’am. I think I would just try to cower in the seat and hand over everything they want (but meanwhile trying to keep the cellphone hidden, but recording!).

I don’t know how concerned to be about this article about the AFL-CIO and its endorsement. It’s still way early.

@40, not to be a hard-nosed pragmatist here, but with union membership less than 12% what alternative does the AFL-CIO have — maybe Scott Walker whose whole platform is about busting unions. Or maybe Ted Cruz who wants to turn the country into a right-to-work nation. Or maybe just about any of the other Republicans who have sworn allegiance to the Heritage Foundation and have rushed into the warm and welcoming embrace of the Kochtopus. Good luck with that.

@29, Socal, you think that’s bad?
My Mother had a crush on Donald Trump!
Why, Mom, why?
I think it was the rosebud lips.

@42, LOL!

I think Trump is doing wonders for the Democratic Party. Keep going, Donnie! Maybe soon you can compare Hillary to Hitler, the way Huckabee just did to Obama.

I was chatting with some Repub friends at grandson’s Eagle Scout event yesterday. They are horrified. One glumly predicted a Democratic landslide, and said that we would win it all if we didn;t defeat ourselves. True, true, true.

@45 – Absolutely, Chat!

We won’t defeat ourselves. Bernie is a nice little distraction for the anybody-but-Hillary crowd, but realistically he doesn’t have the stature or experience to be a good President. I think most people know that. And the “progressives” will definitely vote for her. They have no actual belief system – they’re Democratic cheerleaders, and they certainly won’t stay home. 🙂

Prolix@41: It’s probably the publicity part of the endorsement that counts, whether union membership is low or not. That’s my guess. And as far as the endorsement well there’s Bernie and O’Malley, on the Dem side correct?

And the “progressives” will definitely vote for her.

Wait! What? I thought they were the left side of the party…the ones that don’t believe Hillary is left enough…the Bernie acolytes if you will.

I’m seeing some things where they say they may sit home if HRC is the nominee.

@47, for the first time since the 1950s there might very well be a calculation on whether or not to kowtow to the unions from a political point of view. No matter who the ultimate conservo-droid is, be it Bush, Walker, or Rubio — they are all, to a one, right-to-workers. Strategically, if the unions are playing hard to get from a democratic standpoint, that somewhat neuters the conservo-droid argument as to whether or not Hillary is in the pocket of unions. So she might be willing to issue one, big meh over their tantrum.

The real issue from a union point of view should be the Supreme Court. Next term the Court is going to most likely invalidate, what is in essence, closed union shops. A Republican presidency will be, what is effectively, the end of unions and with it, the best hope of reinvigorating the middle class.

Prolix@49: Oh thanks for the info. I wasn’t aware of that court case coming up.

@42, rosebud lips! LOL!

Fredster, I’ve heard that about the long hairs from a friend who has one. I’ve known a couple of the short hairs that were pretty hyper.

Laker has been home all day (for some reason) and has been on a long political rant. He said some funny things about Jeb! and Trump. I wish I would have written them down. I thought, wow–I have a Prolix Jr!

annie@51: Oh man, Chloe could go nuts at times. She had terrible separation anxiety. If I had to take mom for a doc’s appointment or to go for blood work, Chloe knew when mom was getting ready for that. Then, when I came in, but especially when I got the wheelchair out she would start crying and sound like she was being beaten to death. It didn’t matter if we left the tv on, or the radio or anything like that. That didn’t matter. And oh would she get even while we were gone. We got back one time, I opened up the door for mom (Chloe meanwhile crying her head off in the background) and when mom walked into the kitchen, she started with the screaming at Chloe because she had knocked over the kitchen trash can and there was trash and garbage strewn all over the kitchen and into the dining room! I saw it and I started screaming! So the next time I thought I was being smart by putting 2 bricks in the can underneath the bag. HA! She still got it knocked over!!. Finally I had to get to the point of putting the can up on the counter where there was NO way she could get to it. 😆

You’ll have to remember to jot some things down the next time Laker goes on a rant. Love to them!!

Fredster, we learned in 2008 that the “progressives” did not like Hillary due to a) sexism and b) giant crushes on Obama. Neither of these factors had anything to do with core political beliefs, as we found out once Obama was elected and failed to keep any of his promises, yet they neither held his feet to the fire, nor withdrew their support in 2012.

There is no real left.of the Democratic Party. All of us liberals vote Democratic in general because the Repubs are so awful, and it’s not as though we have a viable third party, like in many European countries. But if there were a “left”, the “progressives” wouldn’t be it. Once again, they are looking for alternatives to Hillary due to sexism and man-crushes, not due to any preferred policy positions. Once Hillary becomes.the nominee, they’ll all fall in line.

As for the unions, that story isn’t even a story. “May delay endorsement” is weaseling to the nth degree. In other words, she’s getting the endorsement, they just don’t know when.

BTW….Hillary’s poll numbers against Bush in the general show her winning by 48%. Not winning 48% of the vote, mind you…that’s 74% to 26%. So forgive me if I’m not.all that nervous right now. 😊

Neither of these factors had anything to do with core political beliefs,

I’m so confused!! SOB!! ;-(

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