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Fairly imbalanced…

Posted on: July 23, 2015

Being someone who can’t allow a canine to continue a respite undisturbed, I wanted to follow-up on yesterday’s post concerning the business model of conservative media.  Best explained, it’s an amalgamated business model combining shampoo directions with recipe instructions for meringue.  Beat to a hard frothy peak and repeat.Pew Study

Some interesting data points jumped out at me while reading the year-long study by the Pew Foundation on the news consumption habits of liberals and conservatives.  As I indicated yesterday, people who are consistently liberal consume news through a variety of sources – there is no one primary source.  Conversely, people who are consistently conservative consume their news from one big pot of Fox goo – they don’t look beyond the catchphrase “fair, balanced, and unafraid.”

There’s also another difference.  As a rule, liberals are more trusting.  Liberals trust more than distrust where conservatives see distrust as the lifeblood of their existence.  Imagine what that feels like – the negativity of distrust permeating the way you see the world and more importantly, coloring the way in which you interact with the world.  It seems as if the research regarding the larger, fear-inducing amygdala of conservatives is consistent with the business model that is the pot-o-gold of Fox News.

Given that the teevee remote controls of conservatives ostensibly limit viewing to Fox only, a little examination of what they might be seeing on their “trusted news source” is in order.  For instance, from May 1st to June 30th of this year, there were 141 appearances by the various sixteen Republican presidential candidates.  In June alone, there were 73 appearances by candidates.

As consumers of the news, we have become so anesthetized to the incestuous nature of Fox and Republican politics we simply just don’t pay attention any more.  Well, here’s a fact that should get everyone’s knickers in a bunch:  There are sixteen declared candidates for the Republican nomination.  Of those sixteen, how many have been on the payroll of Fox?  Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Four of the sixteen – Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, and John Kasich have cashed regular paychecks from Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes.  Taxing my higher mathematical skills, that is twenty-five percent of those vying for the Republican nomination have also been paid employees of Fox News.

If you add the regular Monday gig Donald Trump had on “Fox and Fiends,” about one-third of the candidates for the Republican nomination have had regular opportunities to proselytize on Fox.  In other words, Fox News has been the Father Flanagan for the Boy’s Town of wayward and unemployed Republican misfits.

Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and others have a sweet business model given the way conservatives consume news.  Their dedicated audience is a guaranteed advertising stream which brings us to a simple question – why would they ever change?

And the answer is:  They won’t.  Right here, today, I’m making a prediction.  Remember where you heard it first.

For women...November 9th, 2016, will be a miraculous day.  It will be the day after the election.  It will be a transformative day.  It will be a day heralding more immediate changes than the Reformation.  For conservatives, it will give meaning to the marketing term, “new and improved”.

With just a “wave of a magic penis,” on November 9th, 2016, millions of bigots will be transformed into rabid, chauvinistic sexists.  It will be a day of transition like no other led by the likes of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh – both trusted sources of the fairly imbalanced philosophy.

One last thought – a more interesting race might be among those who will again get Fox contracts?  You can bet that battle will be hard-fought.  The countdown has begun.

Your thoughts and comments on any subject are encouraged and welcomed.



26 Responses to "Fairly imbalanced…"

Prolix wrote: “With just a ‘wave of a magic penis,’ on November 9th, 2016, millions of bigots will be transformed into rabid, chauvinistic sexists.”

Brilliantly insightful, as always. I would be willing to bet that is exactly what happens.

@1, (blushing) thanks.

If there is anything a conservative hates more than the policies and ideals of liberals, it is dwindling profits. The conservo-industrial complex will have to wake-up Wednesday morning after the election and relocate their hate. It isn’t too big a job given that it is three inches deep and a mile wide — sorta like the Platte River — you can’t go much of anywhere on it.

Prolix said: a more interesting race might be among those who will again get Fox contracts?

I know La’s gov, Piyush, will be trying really hard to get one of those gigs. Barring the election of one of the Repubs, lil Booby has no chance of getting any type of administration appointment so he’ll be shopping his resume’ out there.

As Bob Mann said in a post:

So, back to Bobby Jindal? What will happen to him once his presidential hopes end sometime after the Iowa caucuses or the South Carolina primary?
Who knows?

Two things, however, we know for sure: Jindal’s long-term future does not involve living in or near Louisiana.

And he will make a very good living.

And that last part is the part that makes me physically ill.

‘wave of a magic penis,’

Oh I want one!!! Of course I’m getting to a point in life where I’d probably say “meh” 😳

@3, There are so many of the “sweet 16” who are running for their next act. I saw something yesterday that went something like this:

Today was the first day of the Kasich campaign to become president of Ohio State.

Then you have the two who are just in it for the family business, Bush and Paul. As we say up here in the hills, “If their dads had been turd engineers, they couldn’t have worked up a good fart.”

@5: Guffaw! That’s a good one.

Interesting, in this evening’s edition of the WaPo, they dissect this whole issue of Fox, CNN, and MSNBC regarding news consumption. MSNBC is veering away from ideology toward straight news format. A CNN-lite. Yet, another surrender from the Left.

Prolix@7: The thing is, MSNBC was never supposed to be a real “hard news” setup. The inclusion of Brian Williams to handle “breaking news” makes me wonder what he’s going to do behind a desk? If there is some earth-shattering even happening, like a natural disaster in Nepal, what is he going to do, just read some things at the desk? CNN does have more boots on the ground in other parts of the world so they won’t compete with that without using the resources of NBC News.

Also, if we’re able to lose all the iterations of Lockup, that can only be a good thing.

@8, Lockup wins its time slot. If MSNBC became the 24/7 Lockup channel, they would be doing better than they are now. It just goes to demonstrate how libruls get their news from different sources. There is a certain irony in conservatives being lazy about their news sources.

Shooting at Lafayette, LA movie theater leaves two people dead ( including gunman ) and several injured.

Lockup may win it’s ratings thing but not with me.

And naturally Beata, MSNBC makes a liar out of me on the shooting, except they don’t have a newscaster talking about it, but rather Lawrence O’Donnell. And of course there’s a difference between the broadcast and online portions, isn’t there?

This article first appeared at

Gov. Bobby JindalVerified account ‏@BobbyJindal

I’m on my way to Lafayette right now. Please say a prayer for the victims at Grand Theatre and their families.

Well, it will be fine now. And I bet he finds a way to make a comment about Obama and the libruls.

@11: It was a coincidence that I posted the story from MSNBC. They happened to have the most complete and updated news that I could find on the Lafayette shooting.

James Holmes, the shooter in the Aurora, CO theater killings, is being sentenced this week. I wonder if the Lafayette shooting was influenced by that?

@13: Beata, didn’t mean that to be off kilter or anything with the comment. I’m having some med things that are driving me nuts right now. I’m trying to figure out, with Chat’s assistance, which of 3 possibilities might be causing the issues I’m having. It would probably be impossible to see my doctor now because he’s retiring next week so everyone is trying to get in to see him before his last day. I have a new doc lined up but haven’t even had my records transferred to him yet. If I try to go see a physician it would probably be one of the doc-in-a-box folks. Not exactly a great option.

If I was snappy or snippy (any difference?) I apologize. 😦

Beata, they don’t seem to know a lot right now about the shooter except he was described as middle-aged. I was watching a streaming broadcast from one of the Lafayette stations but by then it was pretty much rehashing what had already been said.

@12, there most likely will be more injuries from Piyush trying to get in front of the teevee cameras — the most dangerous place to be is between Piyush and a camera.

He is so abysmally atrocious. His first inclination: There’s an opportunity to make this tragedy about me — giddy up.

I think I’m going to eat a little something and then take a tramadol to see if that helps prevent me from chopping my head off to ease the pain.

I’ll see y’all later.

@11, I can’t stand Lockup either. In fact, like Pavlov’s dogs when I see it come on, I’m programmed to know it is officially the weekend and to change the channel.

@16: Heh…he’s barely been around the state in the last 2 years..Iowa, NH and SC…now that’s a different story.

There’s an opportunity to make this tragedy about me — giddy up.

Oh absolutely.

@18: Don’t make me laugh; it hurts my head.

@17, hope you feel better.

Yes, feel better soon, Fredster! Enjoyed the Onion piece you linked on last post.

Prolix, you’re on a roll. Ditto Beata @ 1.

I’ve scarcely watched msnbc since dobermann suggested someone take Hillary into a room and her not come out. Occasionally, I’ll catch a snippet of Maddow if I’m clicking past.

Stewart and Wilmore have had some funny stuff about Trump.

Damn! I didn’t know Thurs. was National Hot Dog Day!

Might be heresy, but I don’t like Maddow.
She exudes a smarmy smugness that others attribute to liberals but is not true of the majority.
Jon Stewart does, too, but his is a comedy show and he’s funny.
Feel better, dear Fredster.

@25: Thanks Sweet Sue. I think first thing Monday I’m going to call the dentist and see if I can rule out any problems there.

I can tolerate Rachel most of the time. The one that gets on my very last nerve at times is Chris Hayes. I really can’t explain why.

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