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Lazy Weekend Music: Weathering the Weather

Posted on: July 17, 2015

Good weekend to all, Widdershins.  Next week I’ll be back to my former spotty attendance as my efforts to relocate my stepmother will escalate.  Further, events of the past several weeks have been draining for all concerned.  If that isn’t good enough, almost all of us are laboring under climate-driven disasters of some sort and/or type, ranging from underwater to bone-dry.   Not to mention, my fellow posters are not in good shape. Mad is stomping around on a broken foot,  Prolix is trying to wring the excess water out of his, and Fredster trying not to trip over his in the ongoing blackout.  We need a break, and we need it now.

There are literally hundreds of songs that involve weather patterns.  Snow, rain, sleet, ice, winds, sun – they’re all out there.  Choose your favorites and post them here, along with anything and everything else that you choose to bring forward.

This is an open thread.

(1) Hot, Hot, Hot – Buster Poindexter

(2) Shelter From the Storm – Bob Dylan

(3) Heatwave – Martha and the Vandellas

(4) Crying in the Rain – The Everly Brothers

(5) Have You Ever Seen the Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival




33 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Weathering the Weather"

Well, it’s another day and what’s another day without Flash Flooding? It’s like bacon and eggs, Thelma and Louise, search and seizure — it’s a day and flooding.

My mac-daddy generator is all prepped and primed for the power to go out. My man card is punched and validated for at least six months.

Hope everyone has a safe and great weekend.

I hope you grounded that generator Prolix. Of course the thing with new toys like this one is that you hope something happens so you get to try it out. 😯

More heavy rain here last night. I’ve never seen anything like it. It just keeps coming.

Nothing says “Cheer the fuck up, you old sots!” like James Joyce.


@3, Beata said, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

I’ve figured it out. Or I think I’ve figured it out. It’s a publicity stunt for the “Ark Encounter” up in Williamsburg, KY. It is the theme park where they will have a wooden ark, supposedly in Biblical dimensions, filled with animals. It’s a bookend project to go with the Creation Museum where they have dioramas of Pebbles and Bambam riding Dino from the docu-dramedy “The Flintstones”.

Since it has rained for at least 40 days and nights, I figure this is either marketing or a subtle threat until they receive their tax credits from the state. There’s been a lawsuit since in addition to major road improvements and other infrastructure improvements they want state sanctioned tax credits. Trouble is, to get hired at the Ark theme park you have to sign-on as a “Protestant-variety evangelical” who believes science is Satan at work in a laboratory and who believes “ain’t no big thang with a little bigoting.” Of course, there is an on-site baptismal font at the employment office.

Mystery solved as “to the rains on Main causing a strain and lots of pain.”

In the event anyone wants to plan an upcoming vacay and conversion — they will have a baptismal available for 50% off parking.

Arkland may count on me to double – nay, triple – my previous donation.

@6, for such a christian group, they sure do hire some vicious attack lawyers. I’m sure they get them from the “Ark of the Covetous College” Liberty University where “Sigma Sigma Stigmata” is the most popular fraternity. Sororities are for harlots and future “pillars of salt”.

LOL, Prolix. It least you are maintaining your sense of humor.

This fine Saturday, we are having a brief respite from the rain ( although flooding continues ) until it starts up again with a bangerooney on Sunday. Today will be 95 unrainy degrees with the humidity causing it to feel like 110 head-esploding degrees. Yay! It feels like hell.

The thunder outside tells me that we have swapped weather patterns today, Beata.

Hello Widdershins! No rain here, just hotter than Hades with temps in the high 90s and heat index well over 100.

Coming out of the doc’s office the other day, it was so hot and miserable with the heat waves beating back up from the black asphalt, I thought I was just going to melt into a big ole blob of fat and grease before I made it to the truck.

There is a blocking High over a big chunk of the south so that’s stopping any rain from forming here.

Beata@4: I almost spit out my tea reading your comment there. 😆

From my nola gal Irma Thomas.

Ohhhkay…we’ve had lots about rain but maybe something about heat and dry perhaps?

awright we’re back to the rain again.

Oh my, how could I forget this one.

@10: Yesterday was like an oven. We were out doing some errands. The grocery store was the last stop. The car was nice and cool but inside the store it was hot and stuffy. We got to the bread aisle where I proceeded to pass out. Yes, I fainted right in the front of the English muffins ( admit it, haven’t we all done that at some point in our lives? ) . My boyfriend took me out to the air-conditioned car and gave me some bottled water. I was okay but I really hope never to experience anything like that again. Today, I’ve been pretty out-of-it, sleeping a lot.

Beata, with all of this heat we’ve had and I’m sure, a/c units running like crazy I’m just hoping it doesn’t strain our not-so-state-of-the-art power system.

Now, I *do* have to give it you…passing out in front of the English muffins! I hope at least they were the Thomas English muffins and not the store brand. 😆

@20, Beata, sorry you had that bad experience. Glad you are feeling better. I’ve come to believe there are very few things a good nap won’t make better. Same thing goes for a bottle of Glenfiddich, but not in that order. I always say, “Drink now, you can nap after and will probably have to.”

The healing propensities of Glenfiddich should not be underestimated. Feel better, Beata, and stay hydrated.

@20 & 23 — since scotch in all its iterations causes thirst and dehydration, I add just a splash of soda and drink lots more. After I have a couple dozen, this logic makes perfect sense to me. Who says a dog chasing its tail isn’t having fun?

I’ve come to believe there are very few things a good nap won’t make better.

I completely agree with your opinion sir.

As for the benefits of scotch with or w/out soda, I cannot speak since I don’t drink that particular beverage. It’s Maker’s Mark for me when I do imbibe.

Beata, I fainted once from heat exhaustion. I was stuck in a terrible traffic jam, it was in the 100s. I finally got to the store I wanted to go to, walked in and fainted. I woke up and lots of people were all around me.

Well, hubbie says it rained a lot today in L.A. Meanwhile, I am here at my mom’s place on the Puget Sound, its almost midnite and we have the fans going its so warm. It’s a crazy summer.

annie@26: Yeah but it must be pretty there on the Sound.

Socalannie, you got rain! How wonderful. We are having typical July/August weather in NY, 95 and 1000% humidity. I feel both fortunate and guilty that we aren’t either flooded, or in the midst of a drought. Although misery like that does give one an excuse to drink single-malt scotch. This is my current fave. The 18-year-old tastes like warm gold.

Here’s a weather song for all of you.

The 18-year-old tastes like warm gold.

And I bet it has a price to match. 😉

I just never developed a taste for Scotch. My loss I suppose.

We’re actually better off – 92 degrees and 80% humidity.
Aberlour is fine stuff.

It’s time to get right with Jebus, people.

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