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Activist Monday: Fighters

Posted on: July 13, 2015

GLEN, NEW HAMPSHIRE — Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at an organizing event at a private home July 4, 2015 in Glen, New Hampshire. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images) | Darren McCollester via Getty Images

Good Monday, all! I am back from vacay and, unfortunately, am sporting a fractured foot along with my tan. (I twisted my foot on Friday night while in Aruba, went to the emergency room on July 4th, and came home in a cast.) At this point, I’m in a boot, and require no surgery, so I feel very fortunate.

But enough about me: this is about Hillary and her new economic agenda. Details are light right now, but given Our Girl’s recent coming-out party staged on hallowed Rooseveltian ground, I am quite encouraged by what I’m reading.

After months of running on broad themes backed by little in the way of actual policy proposals, Hillary Rodham Clinton will announce Monday what aides call a far-reaching plan to restructure the economy to move more of the nation’s wealth to middle- and low-wage earners.


Amid concerns by progressives that Clinton, who represented New York in the U.S. Senate and has deep political ties to the financial industry, would be reluctant to interfere with the business of investment firms, the candidate will promise to do exactly that.

(ahem…dear “progressives…”)

(but I digress…continuing on…)

In the more narrowly crafted proposals that follow the speech, Clinton will target what the campaign calls a mind-set of “quarterly capitalism” on Wall Street and elsewhere — emphasizing making a quick return with little regard for how it is being generated — that she says has pushed the economy too far away from creating things of real value.

Specific taxes and shareholder engagement rules Clinton will later propose would redeploy capital toward more durable sources of economic growth, such as research and development and infrastructure, her advisors say.

Clinton will argue as the campaign heats up that Wall Street in particular is failing the middle class by not keeping its focus on those investments that help generate jobs and upward mobility within companies. Economists who worked on the plan say she will target “excessive risk taking” and churning of investments, as well as what Democrats argue are loopholes in the tax code that reward such behavior.

Yes, Hillary will be focusing on both the middle class AND the poor in her economic agenda. I doubt that we Widdershins will find much to criticize in her approach, when we see more of the details; but will mainstream America agree? According to recent polling data, signs point to yes.

Asked, for example, whether the government should do more to address the growing income gap between the very rich and everyone else, Americans supported more government action by 57% to 39% in a recent CBS/New York Times poll. Even larger majorities favored a hike in the minimum wage — which all the current GOP candidates oppose — plus higher taxes on millionaires and government-mandated paid family leave.

I believe I may have said this once or twice before: in my opinion, Americans vote with their pocketbooks, unless they are terrified or misled into doing otherwise. I think this is just one of many reasons why Hillary is clearly going to win in 2016. Well, that and the fact that GOP has swung hopelessly to the right on far too many issues. They have been hoisted on their own petard at this point, and have empowered the most extreme elements of their Party to have a very strong influence on all the positions their national politicos take.

And speaking of this, I would like to re-state that TW is not an echo chamber and we may have opinions that differ from each other on many topics. On the topic of the Confederate flag, I am with this proud South Carolina Republican who is a defendant of Jefferson Davis. I think she says everything I would want to say, and much more credibly. I dub her also a Fighter.

This is an open thread.


37 Responses to "Activist Monday: Fighters"

Goodness, Mad. Which little foot bone did you fracture?
Re: Rep. Horne, friends in SC tell me that she did happen to mention being a descendant of JD a number of times while campaigning, This should prove to be interesting.

Thanks Chat, it was my dominant foot. Pseudo-Jones fracture – I am sure you know what that is. 😊

Ugh, thanks for correcting my typo there – descendant of Jefferson Davis, not defendant! I have no doubt she mentioned that during the campaign. In this context, she brought it up to rebut several other Reps who were disagreeing with taking the flag down, and using heritage as one of their reasons.

I do. It;s an avulsion fracture of the 5th metatarsal styloid, proximal (closest to the foot itself) usually caused by twisting the foot while stepping up or down, and are sadly generally on the dominant foot. Consider yourself fortunate – they generally heal well with conservative therapy. Some foot fractures can take up to a year to heal.
SC elections should be entertaining to follow for a while.

@3, I love it when you talk all medical.

Great post, MB. Glad to have you back. Sorry about the fractured foot.

Hillary’s speech on the economy at The New School this morning was excellent. It’s available on C-SPAN’s website for anyone who missed it. I highly recommend watching.

@4:I shall whisper sweet pathogens and sequelae into your pinna…………

It’s possible to honor our heritage while disagreeing with our ancestors’ actions or beliefs. I’m a descendent of Elbridge Gerry. Among other things, he signed the Declaration of Independence, advocated for the Bill of Rights, was Governor of Massachusetts, and James Madison’s Vice President. But unfortunately, he is also the reason why redistricting is called “gerrymandering”. I’m proud to be his descendent but I certainly don’t support gerrymandering.

@4&6: LOL. Get an ER room, you two!

Hahaha, I love it when Chat goes medical too. She is always right…That’s exactly what my doctor told me. 😊

Beats, great point, and I’ll see if I can find Hillary’s speech. I am excited to her a real Democrat talk about the economy, with (I hope) a minimum of neoliberal Chicago blah blah about the “free market” ruling all.

@7: I certainly do not concur with many of my ancestor’s beliefs – just ask my parents {even though you would require a Ouija board to do so)! That said, they were all good people, although people of a different time. It’s not practical to judge them by 21st century standards.

@9: Wear your contraption and keep it propped up.

: Wear your contraption and keep it propped up.
That’s what I tell my husband all the time.

Sweet Sue@12: LOL!

and we may have opinions that differ from each other on many topics.

True Dat. But our northern brethren need to be aware of their own shall we say “frailties”.

Wanted to add this one too. I had read it and forgot where I bookmarked it.

Hillary outlines her economic plan in a clearly-written chart:

Beata@15: Looks good to me.

New essay from “Hillary Men” on her economic speech:

@17: Oh I forget to check that site. 😦

Beata, you are on fire with those links! Sweet Sue, that was hilarious. 😀

Joseph Stiglitz is my favorite contemporary economist,. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see him so involved in Hillary’s economic agenda.

Fredster..The article you linked to support your argument proves that the South seceded to keep slavery legal The Confederate flag is a symbol of.that secession. How can you get around acknowledging that?

As for.the North pretending we didn’t have slaves and Lincoln was an abolitionist.saint, I would hope we at TW are well-informed enough to avoid making these types of mistakes. I am quite sure I didn’t make any such claims in my post. In any case, I am fine with taking a critical look at my own heritage, but I don’t really see relates to the question at hand.

Sorry to have been AWOL today. Big, bad weather. Storms, raging flash floods, no electricity, half a foot of water in my basement, and the next county over has one confirmed death and 11 people missing in flash floods. We now have electricity and the water has receded out of the basement courtesy of a heroic emergency plumber.

So, MB, thanks for this post. Hillary coined “gig economy” today. I think it is the first time someone has named the entrepreneurials of Uber, Angie’s List, etc. If she didn’t coin the phrase, she is the first to put it into major circulation.

As for you Chat — whisper away. Beata, I called and all the ERs are currently busy, but they are taking reservations once the floods are over. I do believe I spied Noah float by earlier today.

@12, Sweet Sue LOL!.

MB: From the WaPo piece:

a historic landscape blurred by generations of distortions.

South seceded to keep slavery legal But slavery was legal., both in the North and the South.

Further, from the article:

at its outset, the war for Lincoln was explicitly about union — until it became expedient to make it about emancipation.

There were several points in linking to the WaPo article but I think this were key:

we would do well to consider that, aside from the color of some of the players’ skins, there is little that is black and white about our terrible Civil War and the enduring legacy with which we must still wrestle.

As for the gothamist article, i wasn’t aware of how much wealth was generated through either the sale of slaves there or from their work.

I am fine with taking a critical look at my own heritage, but I don’t really see relates to the question at hand.

But I thought your family were from MD originally. It was a slave state and a border state.

Prolix@21: I saw y’all were getting some bad weather, but didn’t realize it was that bad.

@23, there’s another line of severe weather coming through just now. Flash flooding until tomorrow morning.

@24: Oh my. I think one of those lines may clip the NE part of Alabama, but won’t affect us in the central part. We could use some of it to break up the heat.

Flash flooding until tomorrow morning.

Be careful there. Remember “turn around, don’t drown.”.

Oh well, have to get my stuff together for the doc tomorrow, well today. This will probably be my last visit with him as he’s retiring at the end of the month. He has been a good doctor both for my mom and me. 😦

Hopefully, Prolix has paddled out the other side of the flooding.

@27: I certainly hope Prolix and his family are okay.

We have had flash flooding here, too. A young man was killed after being swept up in flood waters. He was on his way to check on his grandmother to be sure she was safe when he was drowned. Very sad.

Be safe, everyone. I’m off tomorrow driving my stepmother around again.

@27 and 28 — here’s the dealio — safe and auditioning for AquaMan. This is basically unbelievable and if I read what I’m about to type, I would think “liar, liar, pants on fire,” but this is the truth so help me Widdershins.

So, the day opened with talking with the insurance company. Very nice people. I was directed to Serv-Pro. Talked with them and set up appointment. Very nice people. Serv-Pro came, cut into walls, set up about a dozen or so industrial fans (they have to run for four days), they wheeled in a humidifier that looks the size needed for the Pentagon, and they started the treatment for mold abatement, etc. Nice, nice people.

They left to drive back to their offices that are about 65 miles from here. They had been gone about 45 minutes to an hour. And then…

And then, electricity went off and the sky opened up with a massive catheter bag of rain. It was unbelievable how hard it rained and given that the ground is saturated to the consistency of Jello on an August afternoon — the basement again filled to a point much deeper than yesterday’s wading pool. You could do laps today.

Remember the dozen or so fans — they float nicely thank you very much. The big, mega-daddy humidifier — not so much of a floater.

So another evening of sweetly caressing a wet-vac while acquiring a bad case of dishwater feet (or whatever the equivalent is).

I will try and post something tomorrow, but it will most likely be lame — in keeping with my usual efforts.

Hope everyone is safe and dry.

Hopefully ServPro made it back safely so that they can come back to your house(boat) soon. Stay safe.
It has rained here for precisely 1/2 hour in the past three weeks. Hot, hot, hot.

Thanks Prolix for the update. Sending you thoughts of the Sahara in August. Chat, hope things settle with your stepmother soon and your leg is better.

Fredster, sorry not to respond earlier. I do want to correct the point about my family. My ancestors were in Europe during the Civil War, not Maryland.

As to the rest of your points, you did not answer my question. Slavery was not going to be legal in the Union, which is why the South seceded. You can argue that it was ancillary to Lincoln if you want to, but it was not ancillary to the South. Again, the article you linked makes that argument quite conclusively. The Confederate flag symbolizes secession and slavery.

So again I ask: how do you get around what the flag symbolizes, and argue that the victims of slavery and racism don’t have a right to be offended by its display?

I think It’s time for Southerners to look at this symbol with a more empathetic eye, and understand how it feels when other Americans, especially African-Americans, see it. I don’t think it’s too much to ask after 150 years. That is the only point Rep Horne made, and that is the only point I’m making.

@32: Actually, the Corwin Amendment (1861) would have made slavery legal for all times, had passed Congress and was in the process of ratification when the South seceded despite its passage.

I would not be at all surprised if you had never heard of this amendment before, because it is rarely addressed. Forgive me if I tend to believe that it just no longer fits the narrative.

While we are absolutely aware that the flag has different meanings to different people, this Southerner believes that the time has come for an honest and open discussion of slavery, Jim Crow both de jure and de facto, and the necessity of viewing these matters as an American problem rather than a Southern problem. Indeed, in many ways desegregation has lapsed back to pre-1970’s levels in some states, both North and South. Banning symbols is un-American and a violation of the First Amendment, and I am somewhat taken aback by the venomous writings of some really liberal journalists who wish to see the Battle Flag banned as a hate symbol. Do we do that here, in America?

Chat, I appreciate your posting this information. I have never heard of this Amendment, as you correctly guessed. 😊 However, it is not the given reason for the South’s secession.

In terms of banning symbols, there are efforts underway to force the Redskins to rebrand themselves, which have met with mixed judicial success. However, I don’t agree the flag should be banned legally. I am not sure it’s good form for.a government building or institution to display it, though. I am glad it was taken down in SC.

As for having honest conversations about slavery, I agree with you there as well. For example, you and I have talked about Reconstruction and its devastating effect on the South. This was something I learned about in school a while ago, though. I hope kids are still learning about it. From the discussions I am reading online, I think both sides have a ways to go to try to understand the other’s point of view, and that many Southerners are completely unaware of how the symbol affects others who don’t share their opinion of the Civil War.

I saw in the Post a couple of days ago that the two most segregated cities in America are both in the North: Baltimore and Chicago. (Maryland is one of those “mixed” states that had both Union and Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Culturally, it is more Northern than Southern in my opinion,.) I wish Obama had used his political capital to have an open discussion about this topic, as well as institutionalized racism and the true history of our Civil War. Unfortunately it did not happen. Maybe this conversation about the flag is an opportunity in disguise.

I was reasonably certain that you had never heard of Corwin, yet there is written proof that, far from banning slavery, Congress was prepared to codify it Congress wanted to preserve the Union, and I understand why – we had fought two wars with Mother England within the past century, and another would have been devastating. All of that is reasonable, and perfectly understandable.
Reconstruction is a painful part of our past., Many towns in Georgia still bear the fire marks of Sherman’s March, so the scabs just never heal. I hope that honest discourse is possible.
No, not all Southerners are unaware of the impact that the Battle Flag has on others. But, as all poodles are dogs yet all dogs are not poodles, not all Southerners are racist nor all racists Southerners.
Maryland indeed fought both ways, despite being a slave state. There were two Maryland 1st Brigades until Gettysburg, when the Confederate 1st joined Pickett’s Charge and were all killed, including their dog Sally.(Either Mort Kuntzler or Don Troiani did a beautiful portrait of them charging up the hill with the dog running alongside.) Interestingly, the tailor to the Confederate Army lived in Baltimore; delivery of finished products must have been dicey at best. Maryland is more “Northified” these days. It was a Southern state in my youth, and was actually one of the last states to desegregate. In fact, UM was one of – if not the – last Division I football program to sign an AA player.
This is a golden opportunity if it is utilized properly, and (wait for it – )with malice toward none.
PS – I vote that the Washington team rebrand themselves as the “Gridlocks”.

Fredster has no internet due to ongoing storms,

The Gridlocks!! Perfection!! 😊

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