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Birds of a feather…

Posted on: July 9, 2015

For your Thursday entertainment and to spur a little conversation, I thought a little interactivity might be in order given the wall-to-ego cartoonwall coverage of all things “the Donald”.  Never has there been so much time covering so much drivel since the thirteen part mini-series on the great Kardashian butt cheek feud.

If you are so inclined, match the quote with the author.  Here are the quotes:

  1. You only lie when you are afraid. I never lie because I don’t fear anyone.

  2. When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal.  The point is that you can’t be too greedy.  Anyone who thinks my story is anywhere near over is sadly mistaken.

  3. Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.

  4. I am being frank about myself in the book. I tell of my first mistake on page 850.  The nice thing about being a celebrity is that, if you bore people, they think it’s their fault.

  5. I never said half the things I said. If the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be.

  6. Now I know why tigers eat their young. I have built my organization upon fear.

  7. Yeah, I’m obnoxious, yeah, I cut people off, yeah, I’m rude. I’m a sensationalist.  I’m a big mouth.  I get attention.  That’s one of the downsides of being famous is that folks pay far more attention to you than they should.

  8. People react to fear, not love.

  9. I have made good judgments in the past. I have made good judgments in the future.  I deserve respect for the things I did not do.

  10. There’s a sucker born every minute.

Here are the little teapots who have spouted these words:teapot

  1. Al Capone
  2. Adolf Hitler
  3. Richard Nixon
  4. John Gotti
  5. Dan Quayle
  6. Yogi Berra
  7. Donald J. Trump
  8. P.T. Barnum
  9. Bill O’Reilly
  10. Henry Kissinger

The answers after the turn.

Here are the answers:ego quote

  1. 4 John Gotti
  2. 7 Donald J. Trump
  3. 2 Adolf Hitler
  4. 10 Henry Kissinger
  5. 6 Yogi Berra
  6. 1 Al Capone
  7. 9 Bill O’Reilly
  8. 3 Richard Nixon
  9. 5 Dan Quayle
  10. 8 P.T. Barnum

Two data points indicate a trend.

Ten data points are fairly conclusive as to the neighborhood and who lives there.

Have a great day and take the conversation in any direction you might want.


37 Responses to "Birds of a feather…"

That was fun! I got 7 out of 10 right. I mixed up the Gotti, Kissinger, and O’Reilly quotes.

What’s it all about, Alfie? What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

@1, mixing up Kissinger, O’Reilly, and Gotti is understandable — one is just like the other.

I was tempted to say the Donald for all of them but I knew the sucker one was Barnum.

I did not do so well. I got 5 out of 10. Is there a curve? 😉

As a coda to yesterday’s post concerning the professional victims club, this story is occupying the extra space in the pea brains of those hypnotically addicted to Faux News:

If you sully yourselves by clicking on it, you’ll see all the regulars — Alliance Defending Freedom, Family Research Council, and of course, the king of victims, Todd Starnes the host of Fox News & Commentary, heard on hundreds of radio stations. His latest book is “God Less America: Real Stories From the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values.”

Melissa Klein, the lady who believes her baking is a religious act, said, “What a time to be an American. It’s a hard time – our freedoms are challenged – but what a time to be able to stand and have courage and say, ‘I have a moment in time where I can be a voice for that.’”

“They definitely messed with the wrong Christians!”

Too much time spent snorting fondant in my opinion.

@3, yes, there is a curve.

Collecting the quotes last night it occurred to me that the whole lot of these people are driven by ego which means they live in fear. What a sad existence! And the media is eaten up with sultan of the gold phallus — pitiful.

I immediately knew the quotes from P.T. Barnum, Yogi Berra, and Dan Quayle ( he’s really from Arizona, not Indiana! ) . The others I had to ponder and then just guess.

@4: Some people have sprinkles for brains.

@4: I’m not going to go there but this one makes me want to say (as Jessica said on Suits the other night) “I’m gonna slap the taste right out of your mouth”.

“our freedoms are challenged”. Really? The act of baking and selling a cake is not a challenge to your “freedoms” lady.

@5: I’m not a Yankee fan ( it’s the Cincinnati Reds for me ) but I liked Yogi Berra. Was he a bad guy?

Beata@9: I never thought he was, but I don’t know a lot about him.

@7 LOL

@8, slap the taste outta your mouth — I’m gonna use that one — good one.

Can you believe these people? What? Are the display cases altars upon which the sacraments of cupcakes and donuts are offered?

These people wouldn’t and couldn’t come up with this stuff. They are being fed by the Alliance and the FRC. They are paid characters — well paid characters — the best jobs they will ever have.

@9, no Yogi wasn’t a bad guy and I should have been more specific on the ego-driven comment above. I just used Yogi because his quotes are so good, like: “I really didn’t say everything I said.”

Prolx@12: Have you ever watched Suits? Jessica is head of the firm now (after some maneuvering) and the firm hires nothing but Harvard grads. Jessica is an African-American woman and when she delivered that line (no offense) she had a little bit of that head move in there too. I told an A.A. woman friend of mine about that and she just cracked up…said she’d seen the show a couple of times and said “Jessica don’t take no shit.”. I agreed totally.

These people wouldn’t and couldn’t come up with this stuff. They are being fed by the Alliance and the FRC.

Well too bad the Alliance and the FRC didn’t bother to explain public accommodation laws to them.

I posted this over at Uppity’s. It’s Hillary in Iowa talking about how she will rebuild the Democratic Party:

Water thief and conservative poster boy who masqueraded as an actor agrees to pay for his watery sins:

@14: What channel is it on, Fredster? I’m so not cool, my favorite TV series is the old Perry Mason show. I did watch Maron on IFC recently. Never again.

@14, I’ve watched “Suits” on occasion, but the one guy, the sniveling a**wipe guy, reminds me too much of a person with whom I had to work once. He acted the same, he even looked like him — couldn’t trust him as far as you could lever him down a hill — despicable waste of skin — I can’t bring myself to watch “Suits” because of that.

@17: Higgins would still be very disappointed in Thomas.

Beata: It’s on USA.

Prolix, you mean Louis (buck teeth that were supposed to be fixed) I believe.

@21: I’ll give it a try. Is it the type of series you have to watch from the beginning to understand it?

@20, yes Higgins would be most disappointed and Robin would probably kick him out.

@21, yes, Louis — the character could not be more like the despicable waste of otherwise good skin. Same sniveling, slimy, two-faced, back biting characteristics.

Oops, Beata, sorry. I ran a friend to do an errand.

Here’s the premise: There’s a law firm in New Yawk that handles very high-end clients and it’s a requirement that all associates must be Harvard Law grads. So they hire this young guy who has an incredible photographic memory, only he’s never graduated from law school, much less Harvard. One partner, his mentor, finds out and they keep it a secret because he’s doing such good work. Finally Jessica finds out about it and she helps in the deception so she’s caught up in it too.

This past season Louis, finds out about it and to keep him quiet, Harvey the mentor and Jessica offer Louis a named partner offer. He was already a partner but now his name is on the wall.

And Prolix is right, Louis is one big turd. He’s very insecure and will screw over and attack anyone he thinks is against him. There have been a few occasions when you could see a good person buried down in there somewhere but he doesn’t let that guy out very often.

Not to get off on a teevee tangent, but I’ve been watching that new program “Mr. Robot” and I think it is terrific. The main character, a computer nerd type, Elliott, is somewhere on the spectrum, just a hair off from Asperger’s. He’s the Egyptian from “Night at the Museum” who played King Tut. He’s extraordinary in this.

Christian Slater is Mr. Robot who is leading an undercover computer cabal to take down the one percent. He’s going to erase all, or almost all, consumer debt. He calls it the greatest redistribution of wealth in history. There’s several sub-plots, but the main plot revolves around Elliott being recruited by Mr. Robot. Elliott is sorta a super-hero type who “outs” bad people by hacking their computers and protects those who are his friends.

Check it out if out if you like pure modern drama.

@26: Oh I’ve been watching it too! I’m trying to get into it. Watching the 1st two episodes I thought Elliott *looked* like a Mr. Robot. Of course you say Asperger’s and I immediately think of Boston Legal. 🙂

who is leading an undercover computer cabal to take down the one percent. He’s going to erase all, or almost all, consumer debt.

And after yesterday’s NYSE glitch or hiccup or whatever and the UAL thing, I wondered if Mr. Robot was indeed out there launching a few trial balloons.

Here’s an interesting little tidbit from Ma Jones about the music the CIA used to torture detainees. The list included the Barney & Friends theme song and the jingle from the Meow Mix commercials.

I can see where hearing those two over and over would make you confess to just about anything.

Here’s a 10 minute loop of Meow Mix and youtube also had a 5 hour one. Yikes! 😯

Good article on the horrible Gloria Borger and how she always goes after Hillary:

Who knew the support that Hillary would get from HuffPo abd Kos?

@29 & 30, how could you get worse than CNN? I guess you could be Fox, but that would mean you aren’t a news organization any longer.

Does it annoy you as much as it does me that everything, I mean everything, is breaking news on CNN? “BREAKING NEWS: This just in, Wolf farted, audio in 2 minutes. We would share the video, but Wolf is just standing there.”

Rarely do I go for the catty, bitchy cheap shot thing (at least not on this blog), irl, yeah. But anyway,
I saw this when googling Ms. Borger.

Prolix@30: Yeah on the Breaking News thing. Tiresome.

Now, here’s an idea for the “kangaroo scrotum toupeed” Donald Trump. I read the part of the kangaroo and Trump somewhere yesterday and I can’t remember where, but I digress.

Here’s the idea: Given that Jose Andres has said he’s backing out of the Trump D.C. Hotel and won’t do business with Trump, I think Trump should approach Melissa and Aaron Klein about opening a restaurant. They are the couple who won’t bake a cake because it interferes with their religion.

We are a helpful lot here at the TW.

@35: And catering to the one percenters the name of the place could be “Let them eat cake”.

LOL @ religious cake people opening a restaurant for Trump.

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