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Happy Fourth of July Weekend Widdershins!

Posted on: July 3, 2015

mix-of-differenr-colors fireworksGood day Widdershins!  Well this weekend is when we celebrate the birth of our nation and then go out in the heat and pig out on ribs, barbequed chicken, potato salad, barbeque beans, corn on the cob and of course apple pie and ice cream.  I’m sure you will be washing it all down with glasses of iced cold tea either southern sweet tea (which sets my teeth on edge!) or “normal” tea, or perhaps some good lemonade.  After darkness falls, lots of us will probably gather somewhere to watch some fireworks displays.

And we have some other things to celebrate on this anniversary of the birth of the nation; Americans don’t have to worry about losing the subsidies for their health care if they have enrolled in an A.C.A. plan and also all Americans now have the right to marry the person they love no matter their gender.  Personally I’m ecstatic about the first one and I don’t see anything on the horizon where the second is going to come into play.

So with all of this in mind, let’s listen to some patriotic music, shall we? (And I will have a funny to throw in after the musical interlude!)

This one doesn’t necessarily come to mind for the 4th but George M. Cohan certainly wrote some patriotic songs and at least in this one the protagonist does do something to the Brits!

This one (another Cohan song) is heard often on the 4th and what better way to hear it than from the U.S. Military Academy (Army) Band.

Next is an Irving Berlin song sung by Kate Smith which is certainly in the patriotic category.  As a little aside, there used to be a restaurant and bar on St. Charles Ave. in Nola called Flamingos.  The building was painted in lime green and pink  While it truthfully wasn’t a gay bar it was certainly festive, they had an eclectic juke box and this song was on there.  And the more mimosas or separators I drank the more frequently I went back to let Kate sing some more.  LOL!

What would a musical 4th of July be without “The Stars and Stripes Forever”.  This one is performed by the Marine Corps Band, also known as “The President’s Own”.  Sorry, it’s not the Pops and there are no cannon or fireworks going off, the fireworks at the top will have to do.

A long time back either TBS or TNT would run the musical 1776 each fourth of July I believe it was.  I used to watch it whenever they ran it because I just enjoyed the movie so here are a couple of clips from the movie.

And of course “The Egg” scene with Franklin, Adams and Jefferson

I’m not fond of video clips where someone has recorded something playing on their teevee but this was the only one of “Mr. Adams” that I could find.

* * * *

On Sarah Palin’s you-have-to-pay-to-watch-me show, (to the tune of $99 bucks a year!) the incredible intelligence of Palin was there for all to behold as she held forth on the solution for the drought in California.

“You might ask, though, why don’t they just fix the infrastructure problem, why don’t they just build more reservoirs and plants? After all, California is a coastal state. It’s got a whole ocean right there, water all around ya.” (bolding/italics mine)

Damn!  Why didn’t someone in Cali think of that!  Just…build…more…reservoirs!  There it is…so simple.  In fact it’s so simple she forgot about what’s supposed to go in the reservoirs, the w-a-t-e-r! You see Sarah, if there is no rainfall or snowfall there’s nothing to go into the reservoirs.  You can build all of them you want but damnit, they just don’t fill themselves up.  Reservoirs are just funny that way. And as far as the Pacific is concerned, she thinks the enviros in Cali are stopping the state from making use of the Pacific.  But if she had done some research instead of shooting from the lip she would have found:

According to this SF Gate story published in February (that’s a few month before Palin recorded this video message) 17 desalination plants are already in the planning stages in California.

However, the plants cost anywhere from $150 million to $1 billion apiece, which will surely eat up a large chunk of the state’s projected $4.2 billion surplus very quickly.

So no, environmentalists and the Left have not been stopping the state from building desalination plants, they just simply cannot be built overnight.

Can’t be built fast and they do require a lot of energy to run the desalinization process.

And to think…people wanted her a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  😢

Okay Widdershins, this is an open post.  If you drop by leave a comment as to how your 4th holiday is going.  And if you’re going to be out and about be careful and please drive carefully and defensively. This thread is w i d e  open.


44 Responses to "Happy Fourth of July Weekend Widdershins!"

LOL! I love the title of this article: Dump on Trump or lose our votes.

This is from the article linked above:

“Sadly, it hurts the party with Hispanic voters. It’s a level of idiocy I haven’t seen in a long time.”

Nice selection of music, Fredster. I especially enjoy the Berlin and Cohan songs.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. It is pleasantly cool here. My boyfriend and I are going to sit out on the porch tonight and watch the lightning bugs. The yard is full of them. Tomorrow night we will watch the fireworks. Sunday, we will watch the corn grow ( take that, Prolix! ) .

@4, Beata, translated that means on Sunday you will be going outside with your eyes open and looking in any direction. Enjoy! Sounds cobilicious.

@1, today when asked to criticize Trump, the Cuban Canadian said, “I will not participate in Republican on Republican violence.”

Thanks Beata. Enjoy your 4th weekend. Send some of the cool this way please. I’m debating whether to actually go get some brisket tomorrow or not. $20/lb makes me cringe even though it is good. I may decide instead to get a patriotic pizza. LOL!

@5: Ah Teddy boy. Just keep on reciting Ronnie’s rule there.

Oh boy, this sounds like fun to me!

2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney will be hosting two rival Republican presidential contenders at a holiday sleepover Friday evening.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will both be staying over at Romney’s property in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, an aide to Romney confirmed.

@4: Actually there are no cornfields anywhere near me. Just green hills and valleys. I do like to travel north and see the cornfields though. They are very peaceful.

Beata said: Just green hills and valleys

Sounds very serene.

Oh my. Now NASCAR has dumped Trump. 😯

OMFG! The biggest piece of shit article I’ve seen in awhile by the “fauxgressives”.

Cute old songs, Fredster. Well, I hope you all have a pleasant 4th. Wish you could all be here, they set off the fireworks on the hill across the street and we just sit out front. I make homemade ice cream and lots of other good stuff.

@11, hilarious! Who will dump him next, I wonder.

Also, I loved how Sweet Sue thought I wrote that Trump would get us all “naked” instead of nuked.

@8, I hope Marco sleeps warmly because you know Christie will hog all the covers. Marco will undoubtedly have footed PJs while I see Christie as more of a long night shirt kind of guy. If they are both nice, they might get to ride Rafalca tomorrow, well, at least Marco might get a ride.

annie: Sounds like y’all had an enjoyable time and I love the idea of the homemade ice cream. Yum!

@15: Hey! “Naked and nuked”. Could be a theme or slogan, no?

Prolix I just had to use the eye bleach after the vision of Christie in his nightshirt. 😯

Hahahaha! “Notorious RBG”.

@18: Love this video! I posted it over at Skydancing and gave you credit, Fredster. I bet the Uppityites would enjoy it, too.

Happy 4th, everyone. That includes you, Prolix. Have some corn today and think of me.

Thanks for all the music, Fredster, and Happy Fourth to everybody!
I love James Cagney so much. Watch “Yankee Doodle Dandy” and then watch “White Heat” or “Public Enemy.” What talent and charisma!!
It broke my heart to find out that Cagney was a lifetime Republican; Barbara Stanwyck was too. Sob.

@18, ah, for once a good hip hop song!

Annie@13: That sounds like a lovely way to spend the holiday.

I remember as a child helping my mother make ice cream using an old hand-cranked machine. It took forever but the ice cream was delicious.

Thanks for the comments on Notorious RBG. I was just laughing like crazy when they got to the Scalia part.

Sweet Sue, TCM ran a few of Cagney’s movies yesterday.

And now today, right now they’re running the musical of 1776. Yay!

(sigh) We’re under a flash flood watch here until tomorrow and have gotten a ton of rain already so I may just have to stay in and have my patriotic pizza instead of any bbq. 😦

Cagney was an excellent dancer. You can often see the influence of Irish step dancing on his style. It’s in the way he holds his upper body.

@24: Very sorry about your weather, Fredster. That sucks. I hope you enjoy your patriotic pizza anyway. Maybe watch the Capital Fourth concert on PBS or Macy’s fireworks on NBC, too?

@Beata: I guess it’s just my choice not to get out in the mess, but there are a few dips and such on the way to the bbq place and I would be really irritated if I had to do a turn around and don’t drown thing.
Speaking of Cagney I think I just saw that TCM is running Yankee Doodle Dandy later on tonight. That’ll be a good one to watch and munch on the pizza.

Hehe. the Republicans being unable to stand up to Trump is going to cause them a ton of problems. The truth is what Trump is saying is what you hear from Republicans around here all the time.

Ga6th: That’s their problem and the ugly truth.

We had a break in our rainy mess so I made a dash to the bbq place. 🙂 It was great. (burp)

@19, as to reminiscing about CORN, I’m having trouble COBbling together my EARly thoughts about salutations and such. While HUSKie, they remain the adventuresome whimsy of a STALKer. I’m sure there’s a NIBLET or two of glad tidings within my FIELD of consciousness, although if careless, I’m sure I would cause a ROW. As for my 4th MEAL, it was heavy in STARCH and SYRUP, but I particularly liked the BREAD. It was a veritable CORNucopia.

So happy 4th everyone particularly my Hoosier friends.

@28, Ga6th, I fear more Repubs than they would like to admit are saying and thinking the same things — that segment of the GOP will become known as the TRUMPpets.

Sorry, after my reply to Beata, my tiny little brain is stuck on making CORNball comments.

@29, Fredster, what critter crawled into the BBQ sauce for your epicurean pleasures this evening?

Beata, thanks for the clip, I’ve never seen that movie.
You’re right, when I saw Cagney dance in “Yankee Doodle Dandy”, the first thing I thought was “clogging.”
What a talent.

Beata, my machine is electric, but its still the old fashioned kind that you do the ice and rock salt with, and I still make my mom’s old vanilla ice cream recipe that she made when we were growing up, where you scald the cream and slowly add it to the beaten egg yolks, etc. Quite a bit of work.

Fredster, hope you had a nice night and had a decent meal. Wish I could give you our leftovers. I actually just gave a cheesecake to some people who walked past my front door. I live in a townhouse, and there’s a tiny front yard and then a sidewalk and these two young people walked past, the woman was carrying a tray of jello shots (!) and the guy was carrying a bag, and I was fretting about ending up with too many desserts, and laker & I were out there folding up the chairs we had all sat on to watch the fireworks, so I looked at them and said “do you guys want a cheesecake?” They said “sure” and so I’m happy I got rid of it without wasting it. I’m neurotic, I know.

Cagney was amazing.

Enjoying the KY vs IN wrangle. One of my step moms was from KY but now lives in IN.

@Prolix: It was brisket. Moooo.

annie said: I was fretting about ending up with too many desserts,

Yeah, that’s an awful thing isn’t it? I doubt it would happen when I’m around 😉

@36: Yeah, I just wanna sit back and watch. 😆

@annie, I also got a slice of lemon meringue pie but that’s probably gonna be for tomorrow. Just still too stuffed.

Don’t know if this is the *real* Donald or not. If so, what a putz.

Just in!!! Exclusive video of yesterday’s Prolix family reunion:

@41, just like Mark Twain said, “I want to be in Kentucky when I die because everything there happens 20 years after it happens anywhere else.” That time dimension explains the mullets and clothes, for those wearing clothes, of being about 20 years too late.

For clarification though I do have to take exception, here in KY there has been an aggressive anti-smoking campaign aimed at “taxidermied deer” — it has worked too, 100% of the deer hanging from walls died from causes other than smoking.

it has worked too, 100% of the deer hanging from walls died from causes other than smoking.

ROTFL!!! 😝

@42: LOL, Prolix. Clever as always. You’re a good sport. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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