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You know you are having a bad day when Flo Rida, the guy who won American Idol last year, a HGTV Property Brother (I don’t know them apart), Emmitt Smith, and Macy’s all dump you in the same day.  If Donald Trump was a country song, it would surely have the words, “If it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all.”Donald Trump

But for Democrats he’s a godsend.  He’s the best thing since toupees and the marketing of slightly discolored irregular bronzer.  I’d say he’s golden, but that would mean I’m colorblind – he’s just plain old orange.  Making “the Donald” the face of the Republican Party is a face not even a mother could love, but it is a face Democrats will secretly adore.

Come to find out old Donny-boy was nothing more than the Best Boys and Grips on The Apprentice – he was just hired help.  Come to find out, the article he keeps citing as evidence of “illegal drug-dealing Mexican rapists” says nothing close to what he’s alleging.  The article does detail a human rights nightmare, young Central American girls being raped during their long pilgrimages toward America, but the article doesn’t even hint at the fact those committing the rapes are then immigrating to the U.S.  One of the authors of the article says she isn’t sure Trump has even read it.

There are those who will say, “Well, that’s just Donald and you know how Donald is.”  Well no, I don’t.  No, I don’t know how Donald is because I would never imagine a person so willfully vile could be so willfully ignorant and vice versa.

Here’s the real take away for me:  Ideas and accusations like Trump’s aren’t formed sua sponte – they are the product of repetitious reinforcement.  Simply put, it is my bet Trump’s hackney-eyed world view is consistent with the visions held by those he considers peers.  How else would his craziness be so practiced?  You don’t get to be really cray cray without others along for the ride.Pappy

Undoubtedly, sitting around the Billionaires Boys’ Club, they come to feel far superior about themselves by sipping on their Pappy Van Winkles, smoking their Arturo Fuentes while sitting in their fine Corinthian Leather wingbacks (baby seal hides were momentarily unavailable) and regaling one another about those lesser than they.

In these days after Citizen United, I can’t think of any greater threat to democracy.  When I see Trump, I see the possible repeal of Citizen United.  I hope I’m not alone — maybe we’ll have a little luck of the orange.

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