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Oompa Loompa logic…

Posted on: July 1, 2015

Morning Widdershinners!  Wow, where to start?  So much swirling in the news it’s like trying to coronate the King of Flatulence after a soup bean feast.  There’s been good news for libruls – upholding the ACA, upholding the redrawing of congressional districts by citizen panels, upholding the prohibitions against housing discrimination, and of course, bringing equality to marriage.  Not just gay...

There was even cause for celebration amongst conservatives by the end of the week.  First, there was the news that states can continue experimenting with ways to kill people while they look for a suitable drug to keep the occupancy rate of death chambers reasonably high.  Then, as if that wasn’t enough, there was word that industry smokestacks can continue to belch out lethal mercury, sulfur dioxide, and other poisons into the air we breathe.  No expert am I, but it seems there’s a great opportunity for some synergy in these two bits of news.

So instead of dwelling on the news, let’s “reflesh” some history this morning.  I say “reflesh” since time has a way of stripping away the meat of events and leaving us with nothing more than sketchy skeletons of things past.  And when I say the past, I mean forever, like the past thirty-five years.  The wisdom of Mark Twain, “Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please,” seems to have been turned on its head over the last thirty-five years.  Facts have become afterthoughts replaced with gossamer fairy tales spun from the selective recall of pie-eyed partisans who ride unicorns and trade credit default derivatives.

reaganrushmoreBefore every public building, every airport, every road, and all currency bear the name or likeness of Ronald Reagan, we should remind ourselves of some wickedly pesky facts.  Little reminders of the era like the Iran-Contra scandal, the squandering of $130 Billion to bail out politically connected savings and loans in what was, relatively speaking, a bigger bailout than George W. Bush’s TARP, the weakening of the EPA, across the board deregulation, mind-bending increases in defense spending, “welfare queens and young bucks”, ketchup as a vegetable, and most importantly, deficits fueled by tax cuts under the guise of the trickle down economics fantasy – the ultimate political slogan masquerading as an economic theory.

It is this era where the groundwork was laid for the gutting of the middle class with flat or receding wages while the one-percenters embarked on a thirty-five year bonanza – the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Gilded Age.

To bring this written séance of things past full circle to the events of the last week, there’s an ambulatory herpetic reminder of the Scalia hands upReagan era – none other than one, Antonin Scalia.  Just like a drug resistant strain of herpes, since 1986 Scalia has been a recurring reminder of the folly of the Reagan era.

Scalia was appointed to the seat of William Rehnquist when Rehnquist was elevated to Chief Justice.  Scalia, a disciple of Robert Bork who was barred from the Supreme Court by a bipartisan coalition of Democrats and Republicans, believes in originalism.  In the mid-1970s, like worthless toadstools after a spring rain, originalism sprang from the fertile minds of Bork, Scalia, and a handful of others – all enterprising conservatives hawking a solution in search of a problem.  Virtually unheard of before the mid-1970s, originalism is Scalia’s preferred method of circular reasoning.

go back to the constitutionThe best way to describe originalism is this:  Words forever have the meanings they had at the time of their effectuation.  Per Scalia’s thinking, the words of the Constitution mean today what a reasonable person believed they meant in 1788.  Conveniently, with no one still around from 1788 it is Scalia, as a robed lexicographer, who gets to determine what that reasonable meaning was and is.  Like so many things from the Reagan era, when the practical effect of the logic is weighed, you discover a corpulent thumb on the scales.

To lay bear the folly of Scalia’s beliefs, so prevalent and political in last week’s opinions, here’s a little exercise to disprove his theory that words are fixed, unchanging purveyors of the concepts they represent.  Read this paragraph:trust me

Stringz of letterz r efforts to express meaningful propositions in an intelligible whey. To succeed does not require the youse of any rite series of words and, in fact, a sntnce fll of gibberish cn B prfctly comprehensible and meaningful 2 an intelligent reader. To understand a phrse or paragraf or an entire txt rekwires the use of human understanding and contextual infrmation not just a dctionry.

Since Marbury v. Madison established judicial review in 1803, words have been nothing more than guideposts pointing the way toward understanding.  As intelligent readers, you grasped the meaning of the “paragraf” above and you know words have no traction outside contextual and experiential understanding.  The learning here is a simple one:  Words have consequences whether they are lessening discrimination, promoting equality or unfortunately, approving a smorgasbord of execution drugs.


Oompa LoompaThirty years is a long time to suffer the foolishness of such gibberish and jiggery-pokery from a Supreme Court Justice.  So the next time you see a Reagan monument, make sure you’re reminded of his gift that just keeps on giving – an Oompa Loompa in a black robe answering to the name Antonin.

Have a great day and your opinions on any subject are encouraged and will be appreciated.



25 Responses to "Oompa Loompa logic…"

Lots of good stuff here Prolix! I’ll be back in a bit.

Love the cartoon with the guy trying to open carry into heaven!

Interesting that Joe Biden is doing better than Bernie in the polls. Hillary is on top, of course.

Hillary has raised 45 million in the first quarter (a record). 91% was from donors giving $100 dollars or less.

From the back to the future piece:

These restrictions were put in place in the 1930s by political leaders who had just experienced a terrible financial crisis, and were trying to prevent another. But by 1980 the memory of the Depression had faded. Government, declared Reagan, is the problem, not the solution; the magic of the marketplace must be set free. And so the precautionary rules were scrapped.

But, but, but…the righties have all wanted to blame the mess on Bill Clinton and Barney Frank! 😯

The idea of supply-side in its purest form”—that tax cuts fuel economic growth that yields increased tax revenues—”was only embraced by a handful of junior Republicans, plus Jack Kemp.”

I really don’t want to give David Stockman any mercy. They all bought the bullsh!t of “supply side” and the Laffer stuff. And even with all the evidence to the contrary, they (the Repubs) still want to swear by it.

@2 & 3 — methinks all this primary-mania sweeping the press is a bit overblown. Even the Benghazi fever hasn’t taken hold on any level according to the polling. Poor, poor Issa and Gowdy — what does a small peepeed guy gotta do for a little attention?

@4, in terms of the rogue, wild, wild west nature of the corporate world during the 80s was opening the floodgates, through the tax code, of corporate mergers and acquisitions. The biggest got bigger and with every notch in their corporate belts, competition got smaller and smaller.

@5, Kemp was an early adopter of the Laffer madness. Now, just for a second, consider that — a football player who had one too many hits to the head out of Buffalo where he needed an excuse to turn his back on the work-a-day Joe and Jane Lunchbuckets is the intellectual force behind Reagan’s economic theory. Really? Really? Thirty years of hurting the average middle-class worker in order to justify wealth transfer to the top ten percent of the top 1%. Sounds like a fair swap if you are bought and don’t have to face the workers you have royally screwed.

Prolix said: Now, just for a second, consider that — a football player who had one too many hits to the head

ROTFLMAO!!! Well I guess we could say he had a reason for his ideas then; brain damage. What about the rest of them?

If you are dropped by Flo Rida, Emmitt Smith, the winner of “The Voice” last year, one of the HGTV Property Bros., and Macy’s all in one day — a normal human might think, :Perhaps I might need to consider my words more carefully.” Not Trump — they are all losers in his bazaaro world.

All I can say is, “God speed Donald!” You are making it easier by the hour to finally have a woman Preznit named Hillary.

I grabbed this one last nite and guess this is as good a place as any to place it.

@10: He’ll have the lawyers lined up for days!

Got this in an email. It’s a good video.

Okay, pardon my language but this little fucker is gonna wait until every last damned door is slammed in his face in his opposition.

Gov. Bobby Jindal has said a ruling by the 5th Circuit would require officials across the state to begin extending marriage rights to same-sex couples, but issued a one-sentence statement after the ruling that state agencies would wait for U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman to enter a final judgment.

The 5th Circuit gave Feldman until July 17 to enter a final judgment reversing his January ruling the upheld Louisiana’s gay marriage ban.

“Our agencies will follow the Louisiana Constitution until the District Court orders us otherwise,” the governor’s statement read.

The district judge (Feldman) has no choice but to go along and the little turd knows it!

@11 & 12 — being a Trekkie, I can see Roddenberry actually creating an episode like the “Let that be Your Last Battlefield” episode where Faux was the central character of oppression.

Great, great Hillary video.

@14, okay, after the same sex marriage dealio is over, Piyush will have to streak or be caught in a Bourbon Street strip club to merit any attention.

@16: I just saw on Maddow that in a Quinnipiac poll in Iowa he was up to…3%!

to merit any attention

or as Edwin Edwards said, be caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy. The live boy thing would be sooo rich. 😆

@17, trouble is he would prefer the dead girl.

@18: Probably and he’s still have trouble getting her to go along. 😉

Great post & I love the Star Trek gag and the Hillary vid! Nice reading material guys!

I am pleased to say that during the 80s, even though I was fairly young, I saw what the Reagan admin was doing to America, selling out the middle and working class to the corporations and the rich. I said so to everyone in my orbit, and half the time they thought I was a dumb mouthy girl. But I saw the drastic changes in the working world. I worked for 3 companies that were taken over by those horrible fing corp raiders. In my area, where it used to take one income for a family of 4 to live a solid middle class income, it now takes three incomes.

Fredster, I think you should put that Hillary vid on @ Uppity’s.

annie@21: I can do that. It’s actually something I got in my email so Sophie or Imust may have it also. I’ll check later and if they don’t have it I’ll put it over there.

annie@20: Yeah I was just starting to work for the Feds in the 80s and man I can tell you Raygun hated Federal employees. (Hell that was seen when he fired the air traffic controllers) But it was always something with him with Fed. employees…whether it was no c.o.l.a. raises for a couple of years, or maybe 1% and your health benefits costs went up higher than that or changing stuff with the retirement plans.

I HATED what he did to the ATC’ers. What a bloody fool. If there is any job in the world where you want the employees to be top of the line and on top of their game, its Air Traffic Controllers. They have one of the most stressful jobs in the world and they deserve to be well paid, plenty of time off, and good medical. I read long before Reagan that they age faster, get ulcers earlier than any other job. Who in their right mind wants ATC’s to be overworked, ill, and underpaid?

annie@24: I think that was his signal that “we can bust unions”. Well hell yeah when they’re Federal employees! And then he changed the retirement and for some people they actually came out better but I’m sure that was not Ronnie’s intention. 😈

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