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Morning Widdershins: All the Running that You Can Do

Posted on: June 29, 2015

Good morning, Widdershins.  I have been conspicuous by my absence of late, and I wish that I could say that things are all better.  Family issues have taken up much of my time, and will likely continue to do so until early August.  I will be around as much as possible until that time.

My congratulations to he Rainbow Widdershins.  Obergefell v. Hodges is the judicial equivalent of Loving v. Virginia and Roe v. Wade.  The ruling more or less applies the Full Faith and Credit of one state’s decision to another.  Now, stand back and watch for the ensuing fallout.

As a nation, we do not accept change easily or well.  The African-American march to equality really began in 1941 when President Roosevelt issued Executive Order Number 8802 which accepted African Americans into job training programs, forbade discrimination, and created the Fair Employment Practices Committee.  The military itself remained segregated until President Truman issued Executive Order Number 9981 in 1948:

It is hereby declared to be the policy of the President that there shall be equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed services without regard to race, color, religion or national origin. This policy shall be put into effect as rapidly as possible, having due regard to the time required to effectuate any necessary changes without impairing efficiency or morale.

“Due time” took some time to effect, and Secretary of the Army Kenneth Claiborne Royall was a casualty.  Truman relieved him in 1949 for his refusal to comply.  Actually, it took until 1954 to completely desegregate the military.  Housing, schools, and the last all-black units disappeared in 1954, the same year that Brown v. The Board was handed down by SCOTUS.  Subsequently, the de jure segregaion of the Southern schools was struck down over the next decade, but as de facto segregation was not covered by the decision, the Northern schools took well into the Seventies to fully desegregate.  Four decades later, what do we have to show for it?  This:

NEW YORK — The nation’s most segregated schools aren’t in the deep south — they’re in New York, according to a report released Tuesday by the University of California, Los Angeles’ Civil Rights Project.

That means that in 2009, black and Latino students in New York “had the highest concentration in intensely-segregated public schools,” in which white students made up less than 10 percent of enrollment and “the lowest exposure to white students,” wrote John Kucsera, a UCLA researcher, and Gary Orfield, a UCLA professor and the project’s director. “For several decades, the state has been more segregated for blacks than any Southern state, though the South has a much higher percent of African American students,” the authors wrote. The report, “New York State’s Extreme School Segregation,” looked at 60 years of data up to 2010, from various demographics and other research.

There’s also a high level of “double segregation,” Orfield said in an interview, as students are increasingly isolated not only by race, but also by income: the typical black or Latino student in New York state attends a school with twice as many low-income students as their white peers. That concentration of poverty brings schools disadvantages that mixed-income schools often lack: health issues, mobile populations, entrenched violence and teachers who come from the least selective training programs. “They don’t train kids to work in a society that’s diverse by race and class,” he said. “There’s a systematically unequal set of demands on those schools.”

At least it’s not “double secret segregation”.  Not now, anyhow.

As for the women’s movement, we have also made great strides.  From the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920,  to Griswald v. Connecticut in 1965, to Roe v. Wade in 1973, we have come a long way, baby.  We have gone from being “quota’ed” into flagship universities to being the majority on campus at a number of them.  We are now free to apply to professional schools with impunity.  The only problem is that the last ten years has been a steady erosion of our hard-earned rights, and the ability to control our reproductive systems is the basis of our ability to do many other things.  Seems as though we are marching backwards into time, and I’m growing more and more uncomfortable with things.  I remember the days when BCP were as illegal as abortions, and the world was not a better place for this.  I also remember the pitifully few women physicians being pushed int0 pediatrics and obstetrics, and women who chose the law as a career being offered employment as secretaries rather than as attorneys.  These are not warm, fuzzy trips down memory lane.

So, my gay friends, enjoy the days.  You have scored one hell of a big win here with the SCOTUS decision, and it seems that corporate America has your back as well as evidenced by the response to the Indiana mess.  But if you blink, you may find it all slipping away.

This is an open thread.

18 Responses to "Morning Widdershins: All the Running that You Can Do"

I remember the days when BCP were as illegal as abortions

Took me a few minutes to realize what that was.

Heh..wanna open your mouth some more Donald?

Trump responded to NBC Monday, saying he’d “probably” sue the network, according to Mediaite and Fox.

Oh go ahead. They have more money than you have.

@2 Let the games begin.

Chat, your cautionary thoughts are well-placed and exactly on point. The recognition of marriage being a constitutional right isn’t a heavy lift, since the concept has been around since 1978, it just hadn’t been applied to same-sex couples.

You are exactly right that the heavy lifting is to come. Housing and employment will require statutory additions and that means Congress. These things aren’t going to happen for years or at least not until there is redistricting.

Proliix said: These things aren’t going to happen for years or at least not until there is redistricting.

Which needs to be taken out of the hands of the state legislatures!

@5, agreed wholeheartedly. There was a sleeper SCOTUS case announced today. It said voters can push a state to redistrict via an independent, apolitical voters’ commission. It upheld the Arizona commission. There’s hope.

Prolix@6: I just caught something about that. I’d love to see that happen nationwide.

A young Indian-American (booby hates those hyphenated folks!) from Louisiana shares her thoughts about Piyush.

Hmmm…… the “hyphenated-American”. All inclusive, all descriptive. I like it.

My wish is that all your family matters conclude happily, chatblu.

Thank you, Sue. Your support is much appreciated.

Chat, I’m sorry for your troubles. Best wishes to you and your family.

Thirty days and counting.

chat@13: Bye Felicia!

You betcha.

Chat, enjoyed your post. My family sends you their very best wishes that your situation will work out the way you want it to. We’ll miss you and look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks. Take care! xo

Oh my goodness! Rude Pundit has a good one on Ayn Rand, uh Rand Paul and who he hangs out with.

@17, unfortunately, it will take more than even Cliven Bundy to sink what is essentially the Paul family business. Ron and Rand are nothing more than 21st century hucksters with a mailing list of adoring and gullible contributors.

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