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A weak end to the weekend…

Posted on: June 27, 2015

Hiya and howdy Widdershinners.  It’s the weekend and as usual we will be surveying some of the weird and wacky.  But if I may…

If you would indulge me five sentences to make a serious point, it would be greatly appreciated by this quickly petrifying lump of verbosity.  Thank you.Flag at half mast

An exercise I’ve always found enlightening is this one:  Tell me how you spend your time and I can tell you who you are.  During the last week:

The Democratic Party celebrated 6.5 million Americans continuing to have access to health care, celebrated the continued protection of Americans from housing discrimination, and celebrated the human dignity of same-sex families.

The Republican Party fretted about if, when, and how to remove a symbol of immoral and ignoble segregation haunting state capitols.

Yeah, that really happened.


Now to the nonsense you have come to expect from me on the weekends.  Many thanks to the compilers of such mishegas.


CowBeware the Cow

What did we do before we became laboratory monkeys responding to click baiting?  I’ll tell you what we ought to have been doing – fearing cows more than bears, fearing high school sports more than terrorists, fearing Disney World more than alligators, and fearing bad handwriting more than Ebola.  Hard to believe, but each of these fears are real and lethal, but if you see a Guernsey in a football helmet signing autographs at Epcot – be afraid, very afraid.


How Noble Can He Be

In the course of a Medicare fraud investigation, it was learned that a Dallas-area doctor Noble U. Ezukanma, 56, billed the government for 205 hours’ work in one day. It was October 16, 2012.  Now, how much work did you get done that day?


Book Review

Washington Post blog entry briefly reviewed the new edition of Routledge International Handbook of Ignorance Studies.  The reviewer’s conclusion: “The realm of ignorance is so vast that no one volume can fully cover it.” Agreed.


Step Away from that Turkey-basterTurkey baster

The law of turkey-baster insemination took a turn in Virginia in April when mother Joyce Bruce was unable to keep sperm-provider Robert Boardwine out of her son’s life. Bruce relied on a state statute that seemed to allow her sole parenthood if the pregnancy was based on assisted-reproduction medical technology. However, the Court of Appeals of Virginia declared that a “kitchen implement” is not “medical technology” and, considering Boardwine’s genuine interest in fatherhood, ruled that he was entitled to joint custody and visitation rights.  No word on the fate of the turkey-baster, but just in case, don’t buy one at a yard sale.


tennessee logoSome Trademarks and Logo Updates

Not that Tennessee is simple or anything, but after nine months, at a cost of $46,000, here is what was created.  Created is too grand a term, here is what the Post Office suggests as Tennessee’s postal abbreviation plopped in a red square sitting on a blue line.  Critics were underwhelmed.  The consultants countered with, “We were aiming for simple.”  They got what they paid for because it was so simple, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected it.


In January 1976, NBC Television unveiled a stylized red-and-blue trapezoidal ‘N’. NBC paid a design firm close to $1 million (in 1976 nbc_logodollars) to develop the artwork, but within days NBC learned that the Nebraska Educational Television Network had been using an almost identical logo for half a year.  Two differences:  (1) NETV’s logo was entirely red; and (2) NETV had only paid $100 for the design.  NETV’s lawyers were soon in contact with NBC over the issue of trademark infringement.  The result was that NBC agreed to pay NETV over $555,000 for the rights to the design, as well as $25,000 so that NETV could create itself a new logo.   “Ding, ding, dong” – we thought you should know.


whitesboroNo, Whitesboro, New York, is not celebrating the throttling of Native Americans or at least that is the story.  This scene is said to have taken place in 1784, when a Judge Hugh White, the founder of the village, engaged in a “friendly wrestling match” with a local Oneida Indian.  This seal has been redesigned, but it still looks like a white guy choking an Indian.  An epic fail in redesign, but Little Bighorn pretty much evened it up.wildcats


In 1986, the University of Kentucky debuted a new logo for the Wildcats. Eight years later, eight years, not 8 hours, 8 weeks, or 8 months, but EIGHT years later there were complaints that the Wildcat’s rolled tongue looked too much like a penis.   The logo was redesigned as a testament to the empowerment of sex education.


Police Blotter

George CarlinPerpetrators or “perps” as Barney Fife and Rudy Giuliani would call them, are frequently on the run.  While on the run, they unintentionally reveal their whereabouts because of their need to show off on social media.  Christopher Wallace (not that Chris Wallace) reached legendary status as the “Show-Off King in the Land of the Stupid” with this demonstration.  Wallace was being sought in connection with a burglary, so he went to his home in Fairfield, Maine — and promptly posted on Snapchat that that’s where he was. Police arrived and during their search happened to notice a brand-new Snapchat post from Wallace.  Wallace conveniently wrote that the police were in his home right then searching for him, but that he was ever so cunningly hiding in a cabinet.  The police promptly opened the cabinet wherein Wallace in an incredulous tone asked, “How’d you find me?”


That’s a wrap for the day my friends.  Have a great weekend and all your opinions are highly encouraged on any subject you deem worthy.



32 Responses to "A weak end to the weekend…"

Ah Prolix…so many to choose from here. I dearly love turkey baster stories since the discovery of their alternative usage. 😉
However, the book review and the Wildcat issue are right up there also.

The Carlin graphic is frightening. 😯

Well speaking of the stoopid…

Very funny stories! Did you guys see that a black woman climbed up that flagpole on the ground of the state capitol in SC and took down the Confederate flag? She was arrested right after of course, but it was awesome!

@2, cnn has become so irrelevant. I haven’t watched it in years, but am still amazed when I hear about their stupid commentary.

@1, Fredster, I had no idea there was such a thing as the Routledge International Handbook of Ignorance Studies. I could write for that book.

Hey, how do you get pictures into comments?

@3, Annie, I saw that. Awesome sauce. Since this whole issue has picked up steam, there has been a spate of vandalism in Lexington. Of course there are loads of monuments and statues to Civil War generals. They are now sporting spray painted words of various slogans.

The big thing around here is the statue of Jefferson Davis in the state capitol. Of course, the big statue in the middle of the rotunda is Abe Lincoln, but Jefferson Davis is also in a corner.

There is a small state park around Jefferson Davis’ birth place with a 351 foot obelisk. Not much else there except a gift shop. It is down in a little town in far west Kentucky. The thing that is notable is that the state park operation there is managed by an African American man. He freely talks about how people are pretty much amazed he is the manager/ranger at a Jeff Davis memorial.

Prolix@5: Sorry for the delay. We had a nasty storm pass through so I shut things down.

If you want to put a tweet into a comment, all you do is look for the 3 dots, … below the tweet and click it. It will give you a choice and you click on embed tweet. It then pops up the code and you simply copy it there and paste it over here.

If you want to put in an image or photo, the way I do it is to go into the admin stuff and click on comments. Since we don’t have nested comments you can just look at a comment and click “reply” and then a new box opens up that has tools just like the composition thing has when creating a post. You’ll see a button for “img” and when you click that it pops up a new small window and you put in the url of the picture/image you want to add and that’s about it!

I’m “replying” to my message so I can put in this image of Donald Trump as a pinata. LOL!

And here’s the article about that.

From the cows article:

Most fatal attacks on humans by cattle are deliberate, either by territorial bulls trampling and goring farmers or mothers protecting their calves. Other times, people are simply accidentally crushed.

Frat boyz trying cow tipping?

@8, which one is which?

@7, thanks for that. I’ll have to practice to become comfortable enough to try it, but thanks. That kind of stuff just leaves me all glassy-eyed.

@10: Hahahahahaaaa! Which one spills out candy when it’s busted open?

@9, I had no idea Disney World was so dangerous.

Prolix, the good thing is that if you mess something up, you can always just delete it. And, you can always go here for some step-by-step answers.

@12, it’s the hair that’s throwing me off, they both look so Trumpish.

@14, yes, I have become quite adept at the various and sundry ways in which to erase my epic failures.

@15: His long lost twin?

@16: If we could just do that with so many things in real life! 😯

@18, Amen to that!

Okay, it’s my bet that heads are going to explode all over Faux tomorrow. It is going to be a revisiting of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds without the heartwarming, endearing parts.

Here’s the challenge: How many times will the words “activist court” be muttered before noon?

And the tiebreaker: How many times will “Tony the Scaley” be lauded as the only Justice who understands the Constitution and is our last best hope of saving the Republic?

@19: It is going to be a revisiting of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds without the heartwarming, endearing parts.

Wish there was an emoticon for “guffaw”!

So many shows on there that I’d hate to hazard a guess. 25-30 at least!

FWIW, lil booby says the Looziana can’t start doling out the marriage licenses yet because:

He said he had to wait on rulings from lower courts before getting into specifics about what might change in Louisiana.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans and the Louisiana Supreme Court currently are considering cases involving gay marriage. They must take the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to affirm gay marriage into account when issuing their own rulings.

I don’t know how much bullshit that is or isn’t.

Oh Lordy, it’s 10:00 p.m. Guess I need to go fix something to eat!


@20, there could be some validity if the issues are somewhat arcane and picayune, like the issuance of a new marriage license form or the additional information that might be needed or some other issue that has about as much validity as that Trump comb-over.

If it is a declaratory judgment action involving the Louisiana constitution, it might have some validity, but here’s my bet — he’s dragging his feet to make himself more attractive to the whackos of the fringe of the fringe. There’s not much to make Piyush stand out other than his cheap suits, harming the health of the state’s poorest citizens, making sure teenagers have their second and third children, and academically bankrupting the university. It’s hard to get noticed.

Prolix@22: I think Jingles is waiting on this decision but I don’t see how it matters anymore. Of course I’m not a lawyer either.

@23, from what I can piece together from the article (not very well written) it seems as though the case is a Louisiana constitutional challenge whereby the state constitution forbids gay marriage. It appears LA was one of the states to fall prey to Rove’s ploy to get out the vote in 2004.

On the very narrow issue of whether or not a state constitution can ban same sex marriage, it probably does have some validity until there’s a ruling by the three judge panel. You can bet Piyush will appeal to for an en banc panel and then to the Supremes where he most likely cert. will be denied, but he will have gotten through the debates and probably most the earlier primaries. There is no chance of success on this case because it is now a strict scrutiny case since there is a constitutional right to marry involved.

So what’s a little suffering by people who love one another being denied marriage as long as it gives Piyush a talking point? I’m sure LA’s same sex couples don’t mind taking one for Team Piyush.

Prolix said from the article (not very well written)

Ah the joys of a Newhouse newspaper. When they took it from 7 days of printing to 3 and concentrating on their online presence there was basically a massacre in the newsroom. They got rid of a lot of good people. It was fortunate that some of them got on with The Advocate in Baton Rouge which then promptly decided to publish a Nola edition They are getting ready to cut back again as they merge a lot of functions with the Alabama group.

I’m sure LA’s same sex couples don’t mind taking one for Team Piyush.

I’m betting they’d like to give him one even more. 😆

Okay I did not watch any of the news talk shows today. All I saw was an article on where Piyush said La. “doesn’t have a choice” on the marriage decision.

Just saw this mangled comment and fixed it. Oops! 😳

@26, there was an incoherent gnashing of conservative fangs on Faux News — I guess you could call them Faux Fangs. There was the ultimate conflation between constitutional and statutory interpretation by that laugh-a-millennium Brit Hume — it had just enough fact to camouflage the right wing chum that it was.

Just like Noam Chomsky says, “Over your lifetime, there are some things you won’t believe you’ve said,” well, here’s one of those, “Piyush is right!” LA doesn’t have a choice outside of a George Wallace/Orval Faubus-esque blocking of the marriage license bureau.

The new conservo-religious line is: We will fight the evil federal government on this issue. Hint for these folks, the evil federals have drones and tanks and tactical nuclear weapons so — bring it on.

Yes, I saw on Huffpo that the attorney gen of Texas issued a statement to all county clerks that they don’t have to pay attention to the new law. Texas, just goooo.

Proliix@37: I am not surprised or “We are not amused”, take your choice.

We will fight the evil federal government on this issue. Hint for these folks, the evil federals have drones and tanks and tactical nuclear weapons so — bring it on.

We’ll fight the Feds on this issue…but when we have a disaster in our state we want a national emergency declared and start firing up that Federal check-writing machine.

annie@28: Well that’s good to know because I’m sure the ACLU attorneys already have printed up the necessary forms to file a suit and will just need to add in the pertinent names at the right time.

And then there’s Teddy “not a Canadian” Cruz. He wants to pass a constitutional amendment so that the Supremes have to be elected. 😯

annie: Greece has been a mess for years now. 😦

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